Elect is not from Electronic

Elect is not from Electronic
by jamh

I read the constitution
from end to end,
not as a lawyer
or looking to find
for my own belief,
but for its simplicity
of passionate words
that strike a chord
and move you to action
instead of just
live by.

In this age of parody,
where performance
outshines substance
and words are twisted
out of their beauty,
when you torture
for your security,
when you lie
to start looting,
when you kill
for plain old money,
what words could you choose
to appeal to morality?

Just as ideals
propel nations
into existence
their opposite,
the black but shiny vacuum
that corruption creates
will surely suck them back
into history.

I invite you to enjoy
for the last time perhaps
words truly written by
we the people.



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In case it wasn't clear, a

by jamh on

In case it wasn't clear, a compliment on your reply full of wit with the perfect amount of (self?) fun.



I gather the ad didn't live

by jamh on

I gather the ad didn't live up to expectation?  If I knew you in your glorious youth, I would have said, with a hat, that you looked just like a cowboy.



go figure

by King of Kings (not verified) on

summer has gone by and
i'm still happy

never mind that today
put on my dancing shoes
left on right

so be it

you see, there was a time
in my youth
when prior to the sprouting of my
abundant outgrowth of steel gray hair

i stood
foot wise
pair on pair
left right


not of any crime(s)
mind you, but
of my

having thus no jury
of my peers
or pirs, fair maghan
to say

hey you!

yes you!

no way.

so, having been convicted
by my self
of my beliefs
here-there-two or to, i said

wait a min et!

isn't this same scrip(t)
shoe shine boy and rejaal
go along hand in hand
in congress god worthy of trust?

interlude, says my shoe.

george washington, says the left on back-ward-shoe
yes, the same i wore
the other day
on right

says, is he not the major mojo
flunky general libre mason?
funky hair do
and the pose

and just where did he get that flag?

hear hear says my shoe on the right
that, noble gentleman fair lady
(peek a boo?)
is the thing to toot!

i digress.

what do i know about poetry
hey? just a tehrooni born-poet
flunkee do nay hey say

funny this mockery of mardom salaree
and even more belly aching that
(you too!)
i've been paying to get to see this show

ticket is stamped i.r.s.

georgie boy and his gang
rich fat corporate u.s.a. share holders
(yes indeed little ones, incorporated)
from way before t parties

so this aging incompetent freemason
and his gang
wrote a scrip(t) in the city of

love, it, or, leave, it.

sure, i don't mind taking a trip
get used to it, after all these years
being a fucked up exiled jew
(jew being code word for eye rain e yan)

but i can't 'fford the ticket
and, even more dental work
don't no where to go

i'm prob'ly on a no fly list.

to boot.