Gulf Française

France’s red carpet into the Persian Gulf region


Gulf Française
by iranican

Ever since President Sarkozy took power in France, the French foreign policy has been undergoing a great deal of revival and revolution.  Sarkozy, who sees himself the modern-time Napoleon and savior of the French Republic, has been trying hard to re-impose France back onto the world stage as a major power and actor, and do away with his predecessor’s more laissez-faire approach.  Therefore, it is not surprising to see how the French are out to find any kind of opening and welcoming around the world, and coincidentally to exploit them in order to achieve this foreign policy objective.

Hence, when recently the rulers of United Arab Emirates, a little sheikhdom in the southern part of the Persian Gulf, gave France a green light in order to establish a military base in the ground and naval territories of that tiny country, the French President threw himself into the arms of the UAE ruler in Abu Dhabi, and signed an agreement, paving the road to France gaining a foothold in the Persian Gulf.  

It must be noted that these countries are greatly to blame for the entrance and sejour of outside powers into the region, especially those powers which had fortunately lost this colonialist attitude and habit for a long time, in this case France.  In fact, the French are way out of their league in wanting to setup shop in the Persian Gulf.  Also, the French officials, and anyone else for that matter, should know that by imposing themselves, especially militarily, on the region, they further exacerbate and complicate the already delicate balance of power and politics of the region.  

Furthermore, their presence in this region can only lead to their intervention in not only the internal matters of the countries in question, but also to that of the whole region, let alone the adjoining regions which these powers are enthusiastically eyeing (i.e. Central and Southeast Asia).

It is also interesting to understand UAE’s motives for such a move, since as part of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, it is already the host of considerable American presence in the region.  This small sheikhdom is over-investing heavily in foreign military aid, assistance, and presence, just to want to fight terrorism and naval piracy.  From the underlying connotations, one can assume that the Emirate’s leaders are eyeing their neighbor to the north, more than the al-Qaeda cells within the sheikhdom.  

What UAE is seeking out of this deal, and the ones surely to be followed, is to be able to increase her political and military leverage against Iran, with an special attention towards confronting or taking possession of the disputed Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf.  Emirate’s leaders are therefore getting ready for the future.  They know now that these islands are in tight control of the Iranian army and navy, and so if they seek to lay claim to them more vociferously, they need to garner more and more support from the West, especially in terms of military hardware.

And with the current political situation concerning Iran’s nuclear program and regional ambitions, and the possibility of any sort of confrontation in the region concerning Iran and the United States, there is little doubt that many Western powers, as well as the Arabs in the Persian Gulf, would rather see these islands in the hands of an “allied” United Arab Emirates, than an Iranian “enemy.”   

On the part of France, if Sarkozy was looking to combat al-Qaeda’s threat and extremist influence which it exerts on the French Muslim community, it would have been wiser for him to firstly turn his attention towards certain North African countries, where the Salafist movement, have been gaining considerable influence across the Muslim community residing in France.  In fact, by imposing herself into the Persian Gulf and the Middle East region, France has directly put herself on a collision course with al-Qaeda, as she will have provided more targets to this extremist group, as well as given them further excuse to single out France and her interests worldwide.



Napoleon Bona*arte (to alborzi)

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

Alborzi says, "... on the other hand he talks about a greater France, like Shah, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam... .Its just a regular illusion, he should take some pills."

With his new wife this Bonafarte currently needs to be on Viagra or some other ED treatment.


to Kashsni

by Anonymou7 (not verified) on

You don't need to ask the 'lefties' or 'apologists'. There is something called browser and there is some other thing called google.


I just have a question for

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

I just have a question for you left wing and IRI apologists Iranians: who is not a “Zionist”? And while you’re at it, explain what a “Zionist” is? Because for the least 50 years with the introduction of Islamic Marxist gibberish into the Iranian society (First day of the fall of our civilization), you have constantly bashed and trashed everyone who thinks different a “Zionist”! Shah was Zionists, Reagan as Zionist, Bakhtiar was Zionists, Carter was Zionists, Bush is Zionist, Sadat was Zionists, Saddam (At a point) was Zionists, All Gulf Ameers are Zionists, King Hussain was Zionists, Thatcher was Zionists, Clinton is Zionist, Merkel is Zionists, Sarkozy is Zionist, World News Media are Zionists, all right wingers and center leaning individuals all around the world from Philippines to U.S are Zionists………, that’s just pathetic and definitely ill intended. Explain.


Hurry up!

by Hassan Dnesh (not verified) on

... now that Khomeini is dead the Iranian men should remain hopeful when they rise from the bed in the morning with their cocks risen solid rick concrete for a better future to look forward...


Hard like stone!


As south park would say

by XerXes (not verified) on

According to Carmon from the south park, Zionist Sarkozy sucks ass.


He is just another schitzophernic

by Alborzi (not verified) on

A lot of people attribute his behavior to his religion and Zionism, its rather unlikely, he is not
particularly religious, on the other hand he talks about a greater France, like Shah, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam... .Its just a regular illusion, he should take some pills.


Sarkozy the Zionis Israeli wants Iran

by gol-dust on

What a naviev analysis! you never mentioned that he really is an israeli zionist in heart who is going after iran in order to help israel and israeli objectives! zarkozy = Zionist agenda against Iran! thats the main goal, the islands are only baits to get UAE involoved!


I would rather let an

by Fatollah (not verified) on

I would rather let an Iranian Baghal of old days to administer Frances state affairs rather than this Idiot! Gud help us!

Red Wine

Gulf Française ? Jamais !!!

by Red Wine on

 Jamais ne l'imagine ainsi.Gulf Française il se peut que c'est un rêve de Monsieur Sarkozy,Mais les français ont d'autres problèmes et pour eux ces choses n'a pas valeur.


Blame it on the Islamist Republic

by Fred (not verified) on

As far as the Persian Gulf is concerned, this otherwise poignant analysis has left out the real instigator of the current dire situation, the Islamist Republic.


Hurry up!

by Hassan Danesn (not verified) on

Sarkozy in my opinion is france's khomeine which means bad news for the economy, the youth, currency value, etc., etc. Teh good news for the iranians is the khomeini is dead but for France their khomeini the sarkozy has just begun his job at such an early each unlike his iranian equivalent