1970's super-8 film montage

by Afshean Hessam



Beautiful Family

by ShamshirH (not verified) on

The girl in minute (00.22) looks somuch like the adult version of the little girl in the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire".


,,you took me back in time

by iradj (not verified) on

,,you took me back in time ,,i could even smell the air ,, my heart beats in sadness,,no word can explain it,,but everyone undrestands it ,, thanks



by shahireh (not verified) on

Fantastic choice of music


To those who are still bitter...

by Reza-San Diego (not verified) on

I would love to believe that the lady at the end of this captivating short film, cherishes the beauty of her past as long as she lives...
Many of us perhaps had similar experiences in our lives back home... (Woman or Man)
If anything, we should be Thankful for having a privilege of coming from so much depth, love & beauty...
I don't see this beautiful clip as any sign or reminder of not being Happy & Grateful now !
"Beauty Arises In The Stillness Of Your Presence..."


Interesting Q has nothing to say here!

by Anonymous3242 (not verified) on

He does not, because he is dasparvardeh IRI!

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Thank you for sharing such precious moments.

It is one of the most powerful pieces of film I have seen in a long time.


What a treat this film is!

by farrad02 on

Thanks for sharing; this is great! I especially like the final sequence of the young lady's face and hair!


Jahanshah Javid

From the filmmaker

by Jahanshah Javid on

Afshean Hessam, who created the montage, wrote in an email: Thanks so much for the link and thank you for putting it on your website. I'm so glad it's getting such good reviews. It's funny because I'm in Iran with the family in the clip and they were all very happy seeing it for the first time. The footage was shot by my father-in-law and I put them together for [my wife] Hoora for her birthday.


Volek Damet Joosh....

by ahvazi on

Chasbid, especially rooBalamesh mene karoon!


30 + years later...

by Mehran (not verified) on

30+ years later, 70+ million traumatized citizens of a nation that could have, would have and should have(maybe not).... ponder on all the "what if's".
A few, lucky to carry on who made something out of their lives, the rest remaining the could haves and should haves.
Life goes on... like it did for all the ones with aborted opporturnitites throughout history.


Salam, yes, thank you for

by n.zanincanadai on

Salam, yes, thank you for making this very early morning even more depressing. Very very depressing. I'll suffer all day... Watching images of strangers looking back at you is knowing they are watching you back, perhaps from the dead (literal or figurative). It reminds you of your own mortality. What's worse is that these strangers remind us of our own families.



by Shahin K. (not verified) on

Thanks for making my Monday morning even more depressing. It;s amazing how a video of people you don't even know can make you cry. It brought back so many great memories of my own childhood back in a distant, innocent past. Very nostalgic.


Very nice.

by sk on

Very nice! Thank you.


F revolution F war F

by PT (not verified) on

F revolution
F war
F immigration
F exile
F time
F all who want to make it happen again.

I miss my parents.
I miss my childhood friends.
I miss all that could have been.

Azarin Sadegh

to JJ: Sense of loss...

by Azarin Sadegh on

I loved the images and the music too.

This video is so moving, not only for its beautiful people, or for its beautiful music, or because of our own nostalgia. 

As I watched it, and as I realized in horror that the beautiful little girl lives in Khoramshahr or Abadan, I just couldn’t stop asking myself if she was still alive.

Have you ever seen the commercials against drunk driving and they show a kid's home video birthday party? Aren’t they the hardest to watch? Knowing that the kid has been killed by a drunk driver.

This video reminded me of those commercials. And as I easily identified myself with those kids in the video, the war and the revolution and the bombs played the role of the drunken driver.

Yes, JJ, it is our sense of loss, but not the loss of beauty or youth. It is about the loss of our childhood homes we know we would never see again.




by EDS (not verified) on

Mesmerizing. No JJ, the reason this video has such a powerful effect for many including yourself is not just the combination of super 8 with the music, rather, it is the recollection of the beautiful times before the revolution and the sad feeling that it is all gone.

If you do not believe me try this: ask 10 friends who had not experienced life before the revolution and 10 who remember those times to see this clip. Then see which is the group that is mesmerized. Who are the ones commenting here?

Your comment JJ indicates that you are over thinking it, trying to convince yourself that it must be something else when you know deep down inside what we all lost. What a loss the revolution has been!


Pesar ajab clipi... well

by yazdan (not verified) on

Pesar ajab clipi... well done. Excellent choice of music.



by 1soul (not verified) on

Can somebody tell who composed & performed this beautiful back ground music on this beautiful clip?
Thanks in advance


Those were the days !!!

by kimia on

kimia yar

Listen to this music:

Nice moving piece...


Pole sefid

by oh ahwaz (not verified) on

I loved the seen when the local Arab man with his wooden boat (balam) gave a pleasure ride with that silver bridge (pole sefid) on the back ground. Oh my god so much memories from a distant time. Videos from those days are more powerful than still photos.
Damet garm Afshean for sharing.



by KayvanAli (not verified) on

For those interested, the music is "Leila au Pays du Carrousel", by the great Tunisian musician Anouar Brahem (playing Oud on this song).
I found the synchronization between the song and these old super-8 cuts organic....

Jahanshah Javid

Perspective & nostalgia

by Jahanshah Javid on

People still fall in love, they still have beautiful children, they still dance, they still have birthday parties... At this very moment someone, somewhere in Iran is filming a couple in love, a wedding, a father and mother holding their newborn, children blowing out candles at birthday parties, dancing... and 30 years from now we'll again be saying... "oh they look so young, innocewnt, beautiful and happy."

What makes Afshin's montage so mesmerizing is the bitter-sweetness of it all. The clips show happy moments while the heart-wrenching music creates a deeply sad sense of loss. Man it's powerful! Blows you away.


Beautiful moments of life in Iran

by Aminolah (not verified) on

Thank you for sharing....Nice to see how beautiful life was in Iran was during the 70´s.


> God knows where this family is today...

by Another sad lost iranian in France (not verified) on

Yadesh bekheir. despite the fact that these people are complete strangers it seems like I lived the same scenes a long time ago.

fucking exile.

fucking exile.



by Aref-Adib on

Afshean Jaan, Bravo... Are you the baby in the Film?


So sweet, so happy, down to

by behnaz (not verified) on

So sweet, so happy, down to earth, simple and full of love and truth of the time...
Thank you.


Those were the days....

by Javad (not verified) on

This is beautiful and per other posted comments here, also brought me so many memories. Thank you for sharing such footage of your time back then. As I recall and nicely captured by this footage, mustache wearing amongst young Iranian men especially in 20s and 30s were the style of the 70s. All I can sys is, those were the days and despite all change that has occurred since then, home is where heart is. Thank again for sharing this treasure in memory lane and may you continue to love and cherish love one.


bravo afshean, bravo!

by arash s (not verified) on

bravo afshean, bravo!


Absolutely beautiful,

by PS (not verified) on

Absolutely beautiful, sentimental - simple yet severe...

Very, very nice, and many thanks for sharing!