My War with the Americans

As a result of my personal experiences, I have become completely guarded against most Americans


My War with the Americans

This begins with a personal story. For eight years now, I have been at war with a few lunatic Americans currently residing in Colorado, California, New Mexico and Kansas, who have been responsible for several years of harassment, slander, libel, stalking, interference with employment and other felonies. These individuals have all received legal warnings and orders per their ongoing activities but as my lawyers have claimed, when dealing with people who are mentally ill, deluded and incapable of understanding what the law means, you can expect them to continue their illegal activities until they land in jail or have every penny they have taken away from them.

Racism is rampant in the U.S., despite the fact that this country claims vehemently that it’s a melting pot. My above-mentioned enemies are a bunch of white Americans of either Protestant or Catholic backgrounds, and it’s unlikely that they would continue their defamation, harassment, stalking and so on if they were dealing with a born-and-bred American instead of an Iranian Muslim.

After 9/11, there was a tremendous backlash against Arab-Americans and other ethnic minorities of Middle Eastern descent. One could argue that given the tragedy of what happened and the atrocious actions of Al Qaeda, it’s only natural that Americans would feel resentment. The same racism was displayed to average Iranians living or studying in the US during the Hostage Crisis, even though the majority of these individuals were vehemently opposed to the Islamic Republic and its actions toward the US embassy officials in Tehran.

Having worked as a writer, editor, researcher and online producer for a number of news organizations in the US, I have been astonished that I have worked with so few minorities. During 20 years of employment, I have worked with only six African-Americans, two Asians, and three Indians. The significance of this fact is that the majority of top executives and editors who control the news are still white Americans.

As a result of my personal experiences, I have become completely guarded against most Americans. I find a majority of them to be liars, malicious, narrow-minded, disrespectful, rude and unaware of the cultures and traditions of other nations and religions. Although I have some solid and stable American friends who are trustworthy, decent people, most of my social circle consists of foreigners.

Before we jump to conclusions, it’s important to say that I have also worked with some American colleagues and bosses, who are kind, intelligent, worldly people who truly command respect. One can never generalize, but given what the world is today, it’s important to remain cautious and to see the majority of average Americans for what they are.

Many would argue that as Iranians who live in the US, we should be grateful for the generosity America has bestowed upon us. I am not arguing that America—the so-called great melting pot—has also allowed revolution-struck Iranians to find shelter here, but when push comes to shove, are most of us still considered “foreigners” or Iranian-Americans?

I have spoken to several Iranians and other foreigners who reside in the US, and the answer is generally the same: I am considered American as long as I don’t oppose the US government or criticize Americans. Therefore, given this sentiment, we can assume that there are conditions placed on being accepted as an American. As the great Albert Einstein once said: “Should my theory of relativity should prove correct, Germany will claim me a German and France will declare that I am a citizen of the world. Should my theory prove untrue, France will say that I am German and Germany will declare that I am a Jew.”

The older I get, the more “Iranian” I become, interestingly enough. I have an affinity for my culture, language and traditions and also those of Europe, where I was raised as a child. I date Iranian or other Middle Eastern or European men; most of my trusted friends are foreign; and I have lately become more involved with Iranian cultural organizations.

Perhaps another study twenty years from now of Iranian children born and bred in the US will provide a different result. But for now, most of us who weren’t born here, still consider ourselves Iranians and have on occasion battled racism to some degree or another, as have other ethnic minorities in the US.

As for my own personal war with these Americans in Colorado, California, New Mexico and Kansas, if the law doesn’t destroy them, then vengeance will. We are, after all, the people who have always believed “an eye for an eye….”



Dariush, there is a

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Dariush, there is a difference between constructive criticizes and speaking out because you care about a country and want to see it progress, and between bashing, where you carry hate for a country and your letting that hate get out of your system. World public opinion is way too sophisticated now and is able distinguish between the two. So save it.
Gone are the days that you would rate a country because at some point some individual said something that you didn’t like. We are talking about the U.S as whole and as nation, and when we say Americans, we mean, the majority, not every single 300 millions of them. The old trick of rating a country based on something 1, 2, 3 or 4 people said out of 300 million is childish at best. Go to any Arab country or Iran itself and see how many times you get racist remarks! You would get it so many times a day you lose counting! Also, the “supposed” answer you gave to the “supposed” Anglo guy is comical. That statement you “allegedly” told the guy is wrong in so many ways I don’t even know where to start. But let me just say this, whatever the Europeans did to Indians is not a matter that would be reversed at this or later point in history. Now you came here willingly as an immigrant to a country with 75% white population and, you are clearly saying that you are here to reverse history, or basically saying that you are here to take the Indian lands from the white people, which means the U.S gave you refuge and facilities and a place to live, but you not only bash it, but want to strike it at its core. I mean if you say that it’s “your right to say whatever you want”, you’re saying this country is great enough to guarantee those rights. Well if you say that, how can you come around and then say this country is not great and it oppresses “non white” when a moment ago you said it guarantees your right to free speech? The United States after 300-400 years of Indian European struggle is an established country, nonetheless, a great one, one of the greatest in history hands down, just like pre Islamic Iran. You saying “you’re here to assist Indians to take back their land” when you came here as in immigrant or a refugee, is simply the wrong thing to do and its being ungrateful to the country that gave you refugee and it’s also historically irreversible and unrealistic. So at best you are being ungrateful, and at worst, blind hateful to the U.S. Furthermore, it is an American value to criticize. It’s in their culture, so you can criticize this country as much as you want. I do it all the time. Americans do it more than us. I know some of us think its “bada@@” to be anti U.S, and I know you guys do it because you can! But that is what initiates clash of civilization and the majority of Iranians want to leave in peace and harmony with others, white, Native American, black, Arabs, Jews, Chinese, Indians, and others. But because of you guys, our country keeps going the wrong way. As far Iranians doing good elsewhere, Iranians are hard working people, and smart, no doubt about it, but they accomplish much more when there is lot of opportunity like it is in the U.S and they accomplish less when there is less opportunity like Japan, Gulf Countries, and Europe. The last time I checked, the most famous Iranians living abroad were people like Anousheh Ansari. Bijan, Pierre Omidyar, Rudy Bakhtiar, Christian Amanpour, Jimmy Delshad, ..are all American citizens. Name me if you can as many notable Iranian Europeans or Iranian Japanese, Or Iranian Emirati, or Iranian Candian, or…… You see where I’m going with this?


Farhad Kashani

by Dariush (not verified) on

Just as you make a mistake taking the true comments from others as hateful, you are doing the same with mine. I read you story. I had a similar one.

A few years ago an Anglo told me, you foreigners come here, take our lands and .....
I told him at least we come in peace not with guns and cannons killing others as you all did and we are paying for the lands not taking by force like you all did.

In your opinion, should I have not told the truth and be nice because he was Anglo?
You say we are successful because of opportunities they have given us. In that case we should not be if we were in other parts of the world, but as you see Iranians are doing well all over the world. So the credit should go to ourselves not to them!

The reason we are suffering in Iran is as the result of division these same people create among us to take advantage of us with the help of traitors, otherwise we would be one of the best countries in the world.

In you view one shouldn't tell the truth because of his/her interest or etc, in my view one shouldn't scarify the truth because of his/her interest or etc.


Dariush, anyone who reads

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Dariush, anyone who reads your last comment will think 2 things: 1- You never lived for a day in the U.S. 2- You twist reality because you have blind anti U.S hate. In every city and county across the U.S, every time they got a road or some other kind of community service project, they resort to tax money to fund the project. I never heard (and I lived in different places in the U.S) any local or federal government fund a project from “other nations wealth”. I never heard them say we have built this school from “Iraq oil money”, rather they ask citizens if it’s OK to raise tax to build stadium or road or anything like that. You can hate the U.S, that’s fine, but even its most open-minded enemies agree that the U.S economy relies on taxation and self support. And your comment about crimes among different races is in itself extremely racist. Racism doesn’t apply to anti black or anti “non white” races only. If you make a racist comment against white people, that also makes you a racist. Furthermore, the argument that black people kill out of need and white people out of pleasure, is so wrong that I don’t even know where to start. All I can say this, according to data and statistic, crime exists in every race. Have you been to Iran or read Iranian newspaper lately? People from all walks of life from all races commit crimes for different reasons all around the world. There are white kids, also, who kill because they want drug money, or because they wanna buy the $400 Nike shoes, or simply because they saw killing is “cool” on some hip hop video. And as far as your last comment, listen, U.S is the only country that’s its people and government, both, tolerates other people coming in here and start bashing it like this. You simply can find maybe one or two other countries like that in the whole entire world. In Europe for example, the government might (And I mean might) tolerate you, but trust me, the people wont, if you’re a foreigner who came to their country and take advantage of everything it offers and then go around and bash it like that. I said to him, at least you, voluntarily or involuntarily, have the common sense our decency not to take advantage of everything the U.S has to offer and then bash it. Maybe you can be like him.


Farhad Kashani

by Dariush (not verified) on

The reason US is ahead of other countries is because, they don't set a limit on killings and destruction of other nations and races. They steal other nations wealth and bring them to US and give a tinny part of it to the people to fool them and a nice big chunk for themselves that is corporations and politicians. Of course, Americans think it is the gravity that brings the wealth here. Just as the sun rotates around America not the other way around.

I noticed this long time ago.
If a black or Hispanic man kills is because of need or stupidity, but a white man kills because of pleasure. They enjoy watching someone suffer, bleed to death or be cut in pieces. Specially other races.
Jeffry Dahmer and many more are the examples in states and Abu Ghoreib and rapes and murders of innocent people and chemical bombs around the world are another examples.

When someone says he is here, you say why are you here then. When someone says he is not here because of injustice, you say you don't deserve to be here. So make up your mind! what is it?

Not that any of these make any difference for you, but you need to start recording some times instead of playing all the times like a one way stereo.

Here are some clips from you Idles. Enjoy it!






by Nameless (not verified) on

I was hoping to engage in some decent dialogue with some smrat people, but Mr. Toofan's Zaboon completely ruined it for all.

And on that note, dear moderator, it was premature for you to delete my reply to Toofan's belligerent email. My response to him was civil and very much in line with the special salutations and greetings that persian males engage with one another.

Premature reaction by moderators unfortunately take away the ground for good dialogue between people from opposite sides of the world, and their effort to enlighten themseleves.

Please don't be so trigger happy.


Toofan, First of all, I’m

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Toofan, First of all, I’m amazed that Mr. Javid published your responses. They’re full of foul mouth and personal attack (Offcourse typical of people like you). Mr. Javid censored a few of my great articles before, for way less offensive material in them! Is this a sign that site has become one-sided? Second, I’m glad that you don’t live in the U.S. It is very obvious that people like you don’t understand or appreciate, therefore, don’t deserve all the freedoms and opportunities this great country and its great citizens provide. I have said it many times to all the people with your mentality, just the fact that you live here voluntarily and bash it the way you do, contradicts your position and your credibility. Third, what do you mean by “piss on Iran”? Does freeing Azarbeijan from the hands of the Soviets and giving it back to us counts as “pissing”? When did the U.S attack Iran? That being said, we’re extremely lucky so far that the U.S hasn’t attacked Iran during the last 30 years! With this regime that we have in power, almost all the world has become our enemies. The ones who “pissed” on Iran, are Iranians themselves. During Pahlavi Iran, the monarchists, and post Pahlavi, the coalition of Islamists and Islamic Marxists. We are one of the fewest people in the world who blame responsibility on others for our own mishaps. For a country that its borders hasn’t changed, to a great extent, for close to 2500 years, and always maintained our territorial independence, its amazing how much we blame others for our problems! Fourth, I dare you to compare regimes. Which regimes do you declare to be more “crazier” than the IRI? Lets compare. Fifth, the lack of “global knowledge of its average citizens” doesn’t make a country less great. Iranians have lot of “global knowledge”, and look at their country. And there are many other examples. Sixth, it’s not the media who think the U.S is the center of the globe, rather, because of the great achievements of this country in economy, technology, science, human rights, cultural influence, military, education..and others, its actually the average people around the world who thinks of the U.S as some kind of a ultra human phenomena who has ultra human and extraordinary ability to control everything that happens in the world, and one of those people is you. That actually one of the main, if not the biggest, reasons that the U.S has become a punching bag for the rest of the world. There is this sense that the U.S or the CIA is present everywhere in our lives, therefore, fascist dictators like Khomeini and others, destroy countries and easily blame it on the U.S. Now that is not to say that the CIA doesn’t have a presence (Or actually had a much greater presence in the world during the cold war than now), but logistically and logically it was and it is, impossible for the U.S to be able to have that kind of uninterrupted and unchallenged ability to control things. Heck, during the cold war, half of the world was in the exact opposite spectrum of the U.S. When you come and live in the U.S, you find it to be a ‘country”, just like any other, with its own issues and problems, but the difference is the great achievements it has made compare to others, and that becomes more visible when you travel outside the U.S after you lived here for a while. And your education example is nonsense. Most of worlds brightest come here to join the same education system you criticize, to learn. 8 out of first 10, and close to 50 out of top 100, universities are in the U.S. Do more research before you spread your blind hatred message. Seventh, your so called “neo con” argument is also nonsense. That argument itself is very debatable, but even for the sake of conversation if we accept it, the neo con era is over. I think even the Neo Cons would say that, I’m sure why you’re not! Finally, I’m not gonna response to any of your foul mouth language against me. I’m gonna be the better person. I’m just shocked that Mr. Javid has published your responses.


"by ToofanZeGreat on Sat Jun

by Dave on

"by ToofanZeGreat on Sat Jun 07, 2008 05:42 AM CDT

Why should I respect a country that has pissed on my fatherland for over 60-70 years? "

Clearly, you don't and probably shouldn't. Just as you shouldn't try to impress all these nice people with your hatred. Better that you find something constructive to do with your time.

"You sound like a rapist that blames herself for the rape."

This idiom doesn't fit. Perhaps you actually meant to say something intelligent, perhaps you merely wanted to insult your readers. Imagine, if you will, that everyone who reads this is as smart as you. Do you want to claim that I am a terrified female who has just been violated and I can't do anything in response to that dilemma? That's not me...

"There are far more crazy regimes out there than the IRI that get full American support and money, and do not get threatened with nuclear bombing or having their citizens being fingerprinted at airports."

My friend John Gilmore is currently about one courtroom away from The Supreme Court with his case against the Airlines because they wouldn't let him fly without giving his identity papers to the airlines. However, the airlines are not part of the government. And as for the threat about nuclear bombing, I believe that was an Israeli response to Mr A (the Iranian leader) telling Israel that he would destroy them. I don't believe that threat came from America. Get your enemies straight.

"So have some dignity please. Giving <snip> is your business, not mine, they started disrespecting us long before the IRI and 1979. Read your own nations history."

This is not a good technique to use when discussing things with me. Perhaps you can explain why you are so vulgar?

"As for Americans, there are many bright and upsmart (intelligent?) people living in the states like any country, my brother is married to one, but even she couldn't live there because of the stupidity and the lack of knowledge that is running over the country like a wildfire when it comes to global knowledge in the AVERAGE citizen."

She said that? Or are you putting words in her mouth. Perhaps you can explain further. Or, better yet, have her log on her and explain. Perhaps we'll get some insight into why you feel the way you do, and why you want to make all of us feel that way too.

"There is something genuinely wrong with the education system and the media in the states."

Yes, the "Liberals" have discovered that they can become "Teachers" and can lie to young people and the young people believe their lies. Does "Teacher" translate into "Mullah" in Arabic? Perhaps both countries have similar problems.

"It brainwashes people <snip> Hell, even some Iranians who have posted here which are the result of that system can be used as perfect examples, B#$# for one."

This was a personal attack and has absolutely no place in a political discussion (argument). You should never do this. (And I have no idea who Bijan is. I only know one Bijan [and a Parviz, a couple of Tahiras and a few Mustaphas.]) 8*) My friend Bijan is exceptionally bright, and married to the sweetest lady.

"People are taking my comments as hateful, its not, its the truth."

I didn't see too much hate. Clearly some ignorance, and a whole bunch of thinking that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend..." That last can get you in lots of trouble, and get you lots of "Bad Company" for pseudo friends.

"Iran lives in a stone age theocratic fascist regime that has no free press compared to the US which is true, Americans have a brainwashing mainstream media and education system which is also true, and the US is gradually moving over to a neo con inspired police state (shredding of the constitution etc..) because of such events."

I agree with the first two parts of your statement, but then you slid into fantasy land. These problems you describe are clearly caused by the "far-Left". But the "neo-cons" you speak of are "far-Right". You can't have it both ways.

"Every superpower, from the ancient Romans, to the Persians of old suffered from an arrogant view that they were the centerpiece of the world when they were at their height, they all fell, the US will too as its population is suffering from such disillusions." (delusions?)

"As an American, or as an Iranian American ass giver, you can take my comments as hateful, or as an advice."

Or as wrong.


Hum, drop out rates are

by dumbandlost (not verified) on

Hum, drop out rates are worse in Europe, the American educational system does not rely on rote memorization like many countries in the Middle East, people are beating down the doors to get in the universities and face it from your lights to your computer and cell phone, the U.S. has been the center of inovation over the last 100 years. Just do not see how stupid we are.


To all with something worthy to contribute...

by Nameless (not verified) on

I can’t recall a day of immunity from rage, sadness and the pain I feel for the unlucky masses that must endure the irresponsible and criminal actions of a few tasked with our nations leadership.

Though I am not as effective and resourceful as some, I feel a sense of responsibility to exploit the reality and the smoke screen this small group of Vikings portray as the ideal way of life for the masses to consume around the globe.

While my world is exploited under the notion of freedom and democracy, I’m shackled by the brutal candor of my Persian culture and its contrast to the political correctness of my American culture which my WASP friends so generously helped me adopt for more than ¾ of my life.

If you could only imagine how each and every day I long and shout for:

- Campaign finance reform
- Overhaul of the Electoral College process
- Term limits on all members of the House and Senate
- 5 years minimum before any member of the congress can hold a board seat at a major corporation or hold a job as a lobbyist

Though in the months ahead I may alienate some of my dear friends, I will always mourn ignorance and racism as I remain true to my principals to seek proper justice and recognition for the segment of our population worthy of high regard and care, or the innocents who may lack the education, sophistication or the voice to communicate the suffering and pain they’ve so unjustly endured at the hands of few war profiteers and their cronies passion to climb in the circules of the high society.

Rest assured this is not a conspiracy theorist poor looser left winging commi talking; this is a healthy skeptic committed to his political party’s true values and a practical man who is faithfully in love with his America and his roots.


Bijan A M and all the other

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Bijan A M and all the other guys who condemned Tara’s hateful article and her few supporters’ twisted logic: good job! Like Toofan said himself, he and like minded people are unable to understand why Iranians are a peaceful people whom do not carry any animosity for any nation of the world, including the U.S; rather they are friends of the U.S and all nations. Dariush and Toofan and Tara and people like them have been blinded by their irrational hatred for the U.S and do not want to conceive that their opinion constitutes a tiny minority among Iranians inside and outside of Iran. Toofan disrespects America and complains about not getting respect back ! And he is unable or unwilling to realize that Iranians were not looked at as criminals in the airports around the world before the establishment of the terrorism-inspiring-and-supporting- regime in Tehran in 1979. He is unable to realize or admit that everything we suffer is because of the fascist and war mongering regime in Tehran.


Warning: heavy dose of truth

by Dariush (not verified) on


David / Bijan A M / AO

by Dariush (not verified) on

I want to thank those who supported Tara without mentioning their name, because every time I compliment someone they get attacked.

You say, till when you should pay for something you haven't done. Have you paid anything that you are asking till when?
The question should be till when others should pay for what they haven't done to the white man till the white man is satisfied?
Is this not the fact?
You say feed love not hate. Trust me This Hip hop singer has more love than Bijan A M.
Look see what happened to those who feed love to themselves and to others. Start with Jesus all the way to Robert Kennedy, MLK and Dr. A Arian. As I said it is the action not the color of eyes or skin, it just happen that it is the white man who has and is committing most of the violations. The white man's violations of human rights not only have not decreased, it has increased over times. Just the location from North America has moved to south America and Asia and Middle East.

When I criticize the white man, I am talking about the racists, greedy, anti human, war mongers, not you in particular. You shouldn't take it personally if you are not like them.
It is like if you speak of traitors and kissers like Bijan A M as Iranian, I don't take it personally because I am not one. I will actually be happy if you talk about them.
Of course to most Americans a traitor is one who sells US not any other country. If an Iranian sells his country to west he is a good man not a traitor.

Bijan A M
He wasn't me who told you f... you. I never use foul language. You used it toward the Hip hop singer between your lines and he told you what he thinks about you. I was just a messenger. He said no matter how you color your hair blond and kiss they will always look at you as a little monkey, so he would rather to keep his dignity and pride than become like you and .......
Listen to his songs! It is good for you!
And what happened to the love that you feed yourself? Seems like it has had no effect on you. If you go and read all the comments, he was you who started attacking and saying nonsense.

I mentioned a few examples of what happened to some. The teacher who was duct taped and pulled out of lake was being investigated by FBI, I was told he had a sign in front of his house to make public aware of that and told all his friends.
Also, If you watch all the videos about Mr. Arian it shows that he and all members of his family were wire tapped for eight years prior to his false arrest and at the end of his trial all the tapes were handed to his family.
I don't have any detail of the young Arab woman found in lake a few days ago, but I do not think it was coincident.
These are not stories made up, you can go search the news.
Don't take what she says lightly. This is very serious. Of course it doesn't happen to you if you are white and are not anti war or anti racism and .....


To Anonymous Observer

by Tara ******* (not verified) on

I guess you don't know much about the ability to hack emails (very easy) or to tap phones, easily made possible by placing a gadget outside your house when you are not around.

Having dealt with Police and investigators for as long as I have, I have learned how easily these felonies can be accomplished.

Why don't you phone an investigator on your own who can explain the number of lunatics who have access to these procedures and can hack your email and view every page you view online in the process, and how a simple bug can be placed on your phone via an outside connection.

And in the meantime, why dont you forward your address and I can forward all the legal warnings and court documents issued to these abnormal freaks of nature?



La La Land!

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Ms. *******,

At first glance, your article, which I thought to be an insane portryal of an avergae Iranian life in the US, could at least be considered to perhaps have a microscopic element of reality to it. However, I just came across your comment which states that your phones have been tapped, your email hacked, etc....!!??? By whom?!!! Are you claiming that there is a vast conspiracy by a group of people in various parts of the United States to harass and abuse you, and they will go as far as "tapping your phones"?!!! Are you serious?!!!! Who are these people, the CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS? How did they come across such extraordinary powers to tap your phones and hack into your email? Are the phone company and your ISP involved in the conspiracy as well by allowing "them" access to you phone and email?

Incidentally, in the 1990's, were you a big fan of the X-Files TV series? Because I was, and I think that I have seen the episode that you describe in this article!

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

Perhaps you're right and I should've been more careful in saying exactly what I agreed with about Toofan's post.  As for reading your post carefully, you have to understand that it is difficult to do so when the post is full of such unduly harsh language.  As for "appeasing", I don't agree that I'm an appeaser but as my mother would say "That's what makes horse racing."

Todah rabah.  Laylah tovah miod.  Merci. Bonne nuit.  Motshakeram.  Shab bekheir.

Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

If you read my post closely, I was very conscious to not call you a racist or hater. I have always known you as a harsh critique of any US administration both on their foreign and domestic policies. That in itself is not bothersome, but when you come out and validate some of the slogans of the hate-mongers (to demonstrate your understanding), you begin to lose your objectivity (or at least the perception of objectivity). That’s why I say you can’t speak from both sides of your mouth and I use the word “appease” to describe it.

Having said all this, I respect you as a teacher and hope you have the patience and the objectivity to enlighten your children (students), one at a time….


Rosie T.

Bij,your French is lovely, but

by Rosie T. on

what are you TALKING about?  What hatred?  Me?   I don't hate ANYONE.  (Only myself sometimes).  LOL

And you know I ALWAYS talk out of both sides of my mouth, right and left, so both the right and the left can hear me.   LOL   That's why my friend called me a SOFT leftist.  And as I have explained over and over, it means I support MIXED economies, with nationalization of major industries and a large, thriving capitalist sector, ESPECIALLY for the "third" world. Anyway, "Communism" is passe.  It failed abysmally in in the USSR and China with their gulags and Gangs of Four and so on, and there's a big difference between today's left  and the Stalinists and Maoists of days gone by.  .

In THIS case I agreed with Toofan's obsrvatons on what I would describe as a certain neo-Fascistic tendency within the Bush administration since 9/11.  ANd even bfore then, the US has had THE WORST educational system in the ENTIRE developed world.  ANd that is why MANY of my students in a public COLLEGE think Iran is Iraq or is IN Iraq and when I asked what continents the Middle East spanned, said Europe, Asia and South America.  I had an entire CLASS once who SWORE we were in the 20th century (last year).  THe other day I spoke with a LOVELY 24 year old Afro-American high school graduate, HIGHLY HIGHLY intelligent, who, when I asked him to name a country in Central America said Alaska. 

Bijan I AM a teacher and I wear no belt and I DO try to teach these college students real things.  But I can't worry about advanced politics when an entire class does not know what the word PATRIOT means.   I don't THINK they're ignorant.  I KNOW.  Would you care4 to sit in on one of my classes?

This country has the most powerful military in the WORLD and that military goes EVERYWHERE on the planet with soldiers who never heard of the country they are fighting in before, and while fighting don't know what continent they're on.   So how shall I sing the praises of this country?  Sharp? Or flat? Do you think this ignorance HELPS you or your people in Iran or even the people of Israel or anyone at all?


I don't hate this country, but I aHATE some things it does.

Bijan, save your OWN hate it for the Maoists and for Khamenei and...oh, I don't know...for Hitler, may he rest in peace.

 Bijan, THE RED SCARE IS OVER.  Really.  It is..



Bijan A M

Dariush, Toofan & Rosie….

by Bijan A M on

 Pardon my French… but F….k you all for your total blindness and submission to the evil of communism. I had promised myself not to respond to this thread any more, but hateful , racist  and stupid posts by Dariush and Toofan and “keep anti-americans happy” comments by Rosie brought my blood to such a boil that I couldn’t stay silent.

You have to be ashamed of yourselves to fill this or any other space with hatred.

Dariush,    what the hell do you want?  You keep on flashing your “Death to America” banner without making a meaningful and positive suggestion. You and the likes of you cowards (like Toofan) take shelter under the freedom that America has granted you, to just bitch and moan and demonize everything she has done, propagate hatred and racism, without doing anything constructive to make it better.

If you think majority of the Americans, or simply, members your small community are illiterate and are inferior to you and the rest of the world, why don’t you take that suicide belt off your waist and start teaching them the real knowledge. But, you know, as I suggested in my earlier post, you are so consumed by hate that you are beyond salvation. You deserve to rot in hell.

And, as for you Rosie, soft-left or hard-left, if you have the slightest belief in democracy, you can’t appease the hate-mongers by speaking from both sides of your mouth. Either make a constructive criticism, or shut-up and listen to your leader Obama. He worshipped Dariush and Toofan’s uncles (Jeramiah whright and Lois Farakhan)  for 20 years but never wore a suicide belt and acted positively to make things better.

Nuff said

Rosie T.

Toofan, Dave

by Rosie T. on

Toofan, Europe is better because they are better educated and have learned some lessons about violence from their gruesome 20th century. (see my long post below).  They also know what Persia is, Americans often think it is a cat, and Iran is Iraq. But Europe ain't perfect, and many Iranians on this site have complained that in Europe, they never feel that they are made to feel isolated from their country there..

And also MANY vocal  Americans feel exactly as you do about the current (and past) state of affairs in the U.S. To name a handfuL  Noam Chomsky.  Michael Moore.  Dennis Kucinich.  Me.

 Dave, the issue with Iran/Aryan is far more complex than that.  Both Aryan and Iran are terms which are thousands of years old. In Iran Iran has been called Iran for, well, almost forever.  Reza Shah insisted that outside of Iran, the term Persia (which is Greek in origin to refer to ALL Iran an coined by the historian Herodotus, but Iranian in origin to the province of the Pars which was the origin of the Achaemenid rulers at the time of Herodutus right after the Persian Wars) to be substituted by Iran.  It was partly, some argue, completely because of his favoring Germany during the earlier days of the Reich and WWII.  But he did that largely to counter UK and Russia who had been playing the "Great Game" with Iran for over a hundred years, trying to absorb her. He never made a formal alliance with Hitler. 

 Iran and Aryan have been Iranian loooong before Hitler misappropriated the term Aryan, which is in scholarly circles the name of ALL peoples whose ancestral heritage is Iranian in a large sense of the word--for instance, Kurds and most Pakistanis speak "Iranian" or "Aryan" languages, Indo-Iranians or Indo-Aryans are one PART of the vast migration of Indo-European tribes westward and southward from the Central Asian steppe five thousand years ago


Dariush's hope...

by Dave on

[quote]"by Dariush on

The American Indian wisdom was good advice and it works in an idealistic world, but in a world of
racism, greed and dirty politics it doesn't."[/quote]


You're feeding the wrong wolf.

It's interesting that South Africans can heal and nobody here wants to try it. Now that the "minorities" have become the majority in many states everybody still hates the 'white man." I wonder why that is? Could it be Racism?

Your words, Mr. Dariush condemn me forever for something I haven't done.



by ToofanZeGreat on

The country which wants to fingerprint me like a criminal because Im Iranian when I travel there, is not worth its name on the toilet paper that I wipe my proud Iranian ass with. And Ive never understoud this God like worship iranians abroad have for the US as many other countries in the world surpass it in living conditions, education and culture.

Europe is better than the US in many ways, if you feel unwelcome there, try France, the UK or the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries are also wonderfull, the Iranian community in these countries are great also, pluss the general population are more educated and informed about the world, and more tolerant towards middle-easterners, in other words, more civilized. At the end of it, travelling back to Iran from time to time and living there for a while is also great.

Yes Im generalizing, why shouldnt I? My people are starving and living under a constant threat of bombs because of the general american stupidity, hate and generalization. Its gone so far in the US that a friend of mine who lives there said quote "Wouldnt be surprised if they set up "camps" for us sooner or later.."


Hopefully for the last time

by Dariush (not verified) on

The American Indian wisdom was a good advise and it works in an idealistic world, but in a world of racism, greed and dirty politics it doesn't. I wonder if the old Indian lived long enough to see what happened to his son and his people by the white men after the old man fed the frontiers with love and food! I bet after his people were slaughtered by those same frontiers, he was scratching his head.

I am anti injustice. Want it to be war, racism or anything else. You say every one is. I sure hope so, but I see so many who are promoting war and racism.

Some of your comments are mind-boggling.

Some say this was in the past. I say that was in the past, what about today? Are they not doing the same thing today?

If they were sorry for what they did in the past, they wouldn't continue doing that today. Action is the same, the location has changed.

The links I attached relates to racism and human rights violations in US or around the world by US. If one thinks Mr. Al Arian was a single incident, that shows how close one's circle is. There has been thousands of cases toward Iranians, Arabs and others here. If you add the blacks and Latinos it will be in hundreds of thousands and if you add the world it will be in millions.

This epidemic started when one man and then a group claimed to be better than others because they were white.

Of course, it is acceptable to some only if a white man says so, like in the links, right?
At least if you want to follow a white man, follow one that has some decency! There are many of them out there. And please don't compare us with your home grown tomatoes who blow up buildings and kill innocent people.

Some have very strange logic. They say, we should thank the white men for decreasing their violence from 95% yesterday to 50% or 30% today.
They say they have given a piece of pie by white men and they will fight and defend the white men even if they are wrong. Excuse me for this, they say f.....the others.

This Hip hop singer says no f.... you. It don't matter how much you try act like them, they still will look at you like a little monkey. He says, I want my family have a good life too, but it doesn't have to be at the expense of millions of other people's lives. He says, he is not going to vote for someone because he is white or black or Latino. He must be.....

I don't agree with everything he says, but I suggest you listen to his songs without prejudice. If he is load, it is out of pain for his people not hate for all white men, but those who have hurt the innocents all over the world. Don't be fooled by his appearance. He is very smart. He may be Latino and look punk, but I have more respect for him than a bunch like Bijan A M.

Some of you keep asking personal questions. why are you here then? I have said this number of times before. Every one has his reasons and some have nothing to do with so called freedom or violence in US. One may have family and children, one may have other family members, one may have investments and businesses, one may see the need of educating Americans in some issues and many other reasons.

I am guessing next you are going to ask if I am a Latino. I answer it for you and the blue eye Americans. I am as white as an Iranian gets. Burnett with green eyes. So don't think my comments are because of your blue eyes. It is for your actions. I was raised to put humanity first and stand for truth and what is right. If this is not enough I send you my birth certificate. I don't need to hide behind Internet neither "as you said", no one can these days.

But this is not about me, it is about justice!!



by Brandon (not verified) on

Hello, I am an American, but I spent several years of my childhood living in Iran. I have a lot of respect for the Iranian culture.

I have met Iranians who have a chip on their shoulder, already, before they know anything about me.

It is a small minority. And the situation has gotten worse since 9/11, for sure. The same situation sometimes occured after the hostage crisis.

I can certainly understand where the defensiveness comes from, but I am of the opinion that some of the persecution is brought on by the attitudes of Iranians themselves.

For a large group of imigrants who came here abut 25 years ago, I think Iranians have prospered pretty well. And there are actually a lot of Iranians in media, considering the small % of total population they make up.

I also know of lots of Iranians who have prospered very well in business.

I know that many, if not most Americans are ignorant of other cultures, but most Americans are fair minded.

I just don't understand where this persecutioncould be coming from. It's certainly been less of a factor than portrayed above, amongst the Iranians I know.

Rosie T.

Hmmm...from an American...Cherokee dinner...hmmm

by Rosie T. on

This whole thread is so bizarre but I thought as one of the few resident "kharejis" I should say a few words. It is interesting that I wrote a post last night that got erased before I could send it and I ended it by saying, regarding Iranians AND Americans, that every nation has within it both murderers and saints, geniuses and idiots, lunatics and lawyers, AND OFTEN WITHIN THE SAME PERSON. So I'll throw my lot in with the Cherokee elder. Now, as for the article, come on people, re-read the first paragraph. The author claims to be a professional writer but says she is beginning with a story. What story? All I see are laundry lists with names of U.S. states,felonies and psychiatric diagnoses issued by lawyers. THERE IS NO STORY and that is BIZARRE. Frankly, if it hadn't been for the unusual length of the thread, I wouldn't have bothered to read past Paragraph 1 and I have a feeling that if it weren't for the catchy title, many of you would not have either. . The rest of the article is less bizarre so I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume that the author is a reasonable here are some short stories of my own: I spoke with an young American man yesterday of 24, who had a high school diploma and he believed that the US had the finest educational system in the world but I asked him for a country in Central America and he said Alaska and I asked him where Iran was and he said in Iraq (close but no cigar). In a country with THE WORST EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN THE ENTIRE "DEVELOPED WORLD" and the strongest military, how can one expect tolerance, understanding, even decency from some of its citizens when confronted with people who are different from them? All brawn, no brains. It is a shame but it so. And as Michael Moore knows this is a VIOLENT country.  It was settled and founded on violence. And who is to blame? On the other hand, before a system of moderation was implemented on this site, I was subjected at times to an anti-Semetism so virulent that I had honestly never experienced it outside of my readings on the Third Reich. (not to mention the vicious invectives directed from Iranian to Iranian). And then there were always those people who tried to convince me that "najes" was some sort of pet name, while Iranian Jews would CRY in their articles about the humilations they endured on a daily basis in Iran. And I have been to Iranian gatherings where I felt a kind of chill, a permafrost not for being Jewish but for not being an Iranian and I thought I must be paranoiduntil a blond blue-eyed Iranian said she encountered the same thing. Other times I have been welcomed. And so....every culture, every person, embodies dark and light and that is the essence of Mazdaism.  And in Mazdaism as with the Cherokees one must choose, but in Mazdaism it is the good, the light that will ultimately prevail but...who can say for sure?


Sorkh Poost Wisdom!

by Appalled (not verified) on

One evening a Cherokee elder told his grandson about the battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between the two 'wolves' that live inside us all. One is Unhappiness. It is fear, worry, anger, jealousy, sorrow, self-pity, resentment, and inferiority. The other is Happiness. It is joy, love, hope, serenity, kindness, generosity, truth, and compassion."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."


To Varjavand

by Tara ******* (not verified) on


These people are not only responsible for interference with employment, which is frequently grounds for arrest.

They have been and are still being investigated/prosecuted for harassment, stalking, hacking emails, phone-tapping, slander and libel against me and my family by POlice and Lawyers, which are felonies.

Let me assure you that if you or your family or your children had to endure these actions for eight years by a bunch of abnormal, sick lunatics, you would hit the roof and you would be incredibly angry and seek justice to be served immediately.

These Americans are representative of the masses: they are white, middle class, college educated, and hold down jobs.



Dear Dsriush

by varjavand on

Dear Agha Dariush:


Judging from the video clips you post for us, It seems you are a staunch anti war activist. I admire you for that, who isn’t? However, as I said before, you are diverting the debate. The issue here is whether we should denounce an entire nation and preach hatred and retribution simply because of limited employment discrimination against one person?

If US society is so racist, why you and I are here for so long on our own will? Why many many more individuals like us got through a great deal of hardships and spend lots of money just to get here?


The fact that you can post all your inflammatory comments on the internet and freely express yourself indicates that the there is freedom in this country?


Good luck, Varjavand  



From Harlem Tehran

by Dariush (not verified) on

Thank you Tara.


Agha Saeed, You say people have hard time believing her story that she has been harassed in so many states because of Racism.
Is it because of millions of evidences that exist in this society and backs her claim or
Is it for the controversial issues such as Racism and violation of human rights in America that she has the courage to tackle and me and you don't?
Anyone who writes about these subjects will be criticised and harassed by white America unless he or she is white.





Rev. Jeremiah Wright whose ancestors were hung and lynched spoke about it and is being harassed by white America and yet the Kkk's still have the right to hold rallies.
His voice was too loud? sure, it should be loud, after what his people have been through.


Some say an eye for an eye is not right.
I would rather some one tell me an eye for an eye and warn me instead of a big smile and cutting my head off.

You say minorities are not free in Iran and they are here. In Iran true. In here I say only the minorities who are saying yes Sir, no sir have a limited freedom and those who don't do not.

Dr. Al Arian was charged and found not guilty from 43 charges and seven other were pending and would have been cleared, but he was tricked to accept a guilty plea to a minor charge in exchange to being deported and put this behind him. After he accepted the plea, the decision was moved from Jury to judge and Noe-Con judge put him back in jail.


In addition to a teacher who was found in a lake in Texas two months ago for practicing his freedom of speech, a young Arab woman was found two days ago.

These clips not only relates to violations of human rights in America also in the world by US.




You speak of education? Throw away your degree and learn something from this raper!



Azarin Sadegh

An eye for an eye

by Azarin Sadegh on

As I was going through the comments on this article, I remembered this famous quote:

"An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind."



To: Nameless

by sadchicagodad on

I read your last post, but didn't understand a word of it.  I had my Iranian wife take a look at it, and she didn't understand a word of what you were trying to say either.  Could you please translate your message into either English or Farsi?