Raising expectations

We want a better Iran, a modern Iran, a free Iran and a prosperous Iran


Raising expectations
by Farhad Kashani

Much has been said and analyzed about the reasons for the fascist Islamic regime’s survival after 30 years. There are many things yet to be said and yet to be unveiled.

The IRI’s biggest survival tools are:

One, is the fact that the IRI has a tremendously strong propaganda machine, much stronger than any Western nation’s, including the U.S. Like Khomeini himself said, the revolution was a “cultural” uprising before anything. That discredits the argument some Iranians, who don’t want to listen to the regime itself, make, that the revolution was about the injustices the U.S did towards Iran, or the Palestinian conflict, or to give Iranians freedom, or dignity, or to build our country, and things of that nature.

Using this propaganda machine, the regime has created a vast army of young Arab and Muslim human bombs who are considered a grave threat to world peace, thus, making the regime the greatest threat to world peace.

Two, is the fact that the IRI has convinced some Iranians to be happy with the “minimum”. They should be happy with “minimum” amount of democracy, “minimum” dose of individual freedom, “minimum” level of economic progress, “minimum” of openness to the world, “minimum” of International respect, and other things. Many of us claim Iran is “in good shape” just by visiting Iran and eating good Kabab in Darband and good ice cream in Shiraz! The IRI has managed to lower our standards.

However, things are changing. Iranians have waken up and are speaking up and are realizing what exactly happened to our country in the last 30 years and what will the road ahead look like.

Below I listed some of the realities the IRI has created for our beautiful country. It will take more than one generation to rebuild the damages the catastrophic IRI’s reign has caused. Below, are just some of the them:

* Iran is one, if not the biggest, violator of human rights in the world. Guardian ranks Iran as the world’s 10th worst offender of human rights. See

* Wikipedia says the following: “Ongoing legal acts of the Islamic Republic of Iran violating international human rights norms include: harsh penalties for crimes; amputation of offenders hands and feet; punishment of "victimless crimes" such as fornication, homosexuality, apostacy, poor hijab (covering of the head for women); execution of offenders under 18 years of age; restrictions on freedom of speech, and the press, including the imprisonment of journalists; unequal treatment according to religion and gender in the Islamic Republic's constitution - especially attacks on members of the Bahá'í religion. Most, if not all of these issues are also violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Many of the issues are also violations of the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, which Iran adopted via the Organization of the Islamic Conference”

* Wikipedia: “The United Nations and its human rights bodies have passed   more than 67 resolutions and decisions regarding human rights violations against Iran's religious minorities since 1980. In every year since 1984, except for 2002 where the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) tried to engage Iran into a dialogue on human rights, the UNCHR passed resolutions about human rights violations against Iran's religious minorities especially the Bahá'ís. Iran became the fourth country in the history of the United Nations to be on the agenda of the General Assembly because of its human rights violations.”

* Democracy index ranks Iran as 139 out of 167 countries in democracy ranking. See

* Worldaudit.org ranks Iran 139 out of 150 countries in overall democracy ranking. See

* Freedomhouse.org ranks Iran as 185 among 195 countries in freedom of speech. See PDF

* State of World Liberty Project, ranks Iran as 147 out of 159 countries. See

* The regime has executed hundreds of thousands of political prisoners since 1979. The 1988 political prisoners’ massacre was described as crimes against humanity by Human Rights Watch. As we speak, Iran is second behind China in total numbers of executions in the world, many for offenses such as homosexuality and believing in atheism, and Iran is the world leading’s executer of juveniles.

* Iran has imprisoned millions of its citizens since 1979 for crimes such as poor hijab. A leading IRI official said few months ago that since the recent crackdown on women with “unacceptable” hijab started, only 500,000 women were arrested in Tehran alone. The regime doesn’t even believe in the term “political prisoner”, they haven’t defined it, so according to their logic, because of lack of definition, there are no political prisoners in Iran.

* The IRI is one of the biggest violators of religious and ethnic minority rights in the world. According to Wikipedia: “irreligious people are not recognized and they do not have basic rights such as education, becoming member of parliament etc. The Bahá'í Faith is not recognized either and is persecuted. Non-believers — atheists, agnostics, sceptics — under Islam do not have "the right to life". Wikipedia: “80% of Iran's Jewish population left during the Islamic revolution of 1979. Jews in Iran may not hold government jobs or become army officers. They have freedom of religion, but may not proselytize. Jews have a representative in parliament; this person is legally obligated to support Iran's foreign policy and anti-Zionist position. Jews, along with other Iranian citizens, can be criminally prosecuted and subject to the death penalty for supporting Israel. After the Islamic revolution in 1979, several Jews were executed for Zionism”.

* The IRI has committed genocide against the Bahais, the same way the    Germans did against the Jews. Obviously, Bahai population were not as big in Iran as the Jews were in Europe, and Bahai extermination has been done in a lower pace than the Holocaust and with much less publicity since Iran has become a big isolated prison with limited contact to the outside world, but the background, execution and results are the same.

* The regime is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Iranians during the war with Saddam. Although Saddam pulled the trigger first, and although U.N affirmed that Iraq started the war, but the truth is it was the constant provocation of Saddam by the regime by attempting “to export its revolution to the holy country of Iraq”, that provoked madman Saddam to attack Iran. Saddam was anti “Persian”, no denying in that, he called his war “Qadesiyah”; but he did not dare to attack Iran before the revolution although Persian-pride and anti Arab sentiments among the government and in the country were much higher prior to the revolution. Even the limited amount of relative freedom of expression that was allowed briefly in 1997 and 1998, resulted in some Iranian media asking lower level IRI officials about the prolonging of the war which resulted in the death of thousands of Iranians. The “Jang jang ta piroozi” wasn’t just a slogan, it was an official policy.

* Millions of Iran’s best left the country after the regime took power. That resulted in a huge brain drain problem that the regime itself admits to now.

* The regime applies medieval religious laws to a vast extent, unlike any other country in the world. The laws are based on Sharia, which differs in many respects from the principles of Universal Declaration of Human rights.

* The regime has one of the worst freedoms of speech records in the world. Reporters Without Borders ranks Iran as 166 out of 169 countries in that category. Also it ranked Iran as one of the top 13 enemies of the Internet. Iran is one of the last few remaining countries that do not allow Satellite dishes.

* There are no political parties, as political parties are known and defined in democratic countries, in Iran.

* Khamenei is considered one of the world’s top 10 worst dictators.

Iran is viewed by world public opinion as the country with the most negative influence in the world. See

* Iranian passport falls in the last spot among passports that need Visa to travel, with 14 countries only requiring no Visas for Iranians.

* Iran is the center of inspiration and support of Islamic fundamentalism.

1- Through its Islamic revolution, Iran has inspired other religious clerics and figures in the Muslim world, Sunnis and shites alike, to rise for power, through violent means if necessary. Groups such as Hamas and Hezbullah are clearly after power in Lebanon and Palestinian, but they’re using the Israeli occupation as a tool. They call themselves “resistance groups” only, but they both participated in elections and won, and one of them just obtained veto power using intimidation and force, which means they’re not only “resistance groups”. They are clearly after creating an Islamic state, even Hamas’ charter says that. There will be no peace in the Middle East while the regime is in power. IRIs survival depends on clash of civilization that it started, between Islam and West, and on instability in the Middle East.

2- Iran initiated and inspired the “Martyrdom” culture. That culture has turned thousands of young Arab and Muslim men into human bombs. It has also introduced the “Modern Islamic Model of Society”, which is in simple terms, a country that applies Sharia laws, but uses modern tools such as Television, Radio, Computers, ..to present itself as “non-fundamentalist”.

Iran has one of the worst economies in the world:

* Iran ranks 78 in the world in countries with best environment for doing business. See

* Iran ranks 137 in operational risk. See

* Iran ranks 151 out of 157 in economic freedoms. See

* Iran is ranked 218 out of 224 in highest inflation rates in the world. See

* Iran is ranked the 127th in the world in highest unemployment rate. See

* Iran is ranked 131 in the world with the country with highest corruption. See

* 18% of Iranian people live under poverty line. See

In conclusion, the regime is a disaster for Iran and the world. It’s the worst government in Iran’s history, the biggest threat to world peace and the center of hatred-generating propaganda in the world. There are a few brainwashed-by- leftist media and college professors-young-Iranian-American-and-young Iranian and American-IRI-apolgists bloggers and activists, who are unable to see the truth and keep prolonging IRIs life with misguided propaganda and blind anti U.S sentiments. The generation of looking-at-reality-as-a-conspiracy, and the generation of –reality-is-not-so-simple, have absolutely bought into IRIs propaganda machines.

But reality is in front of us, and can’t be denied. We want a better Iran, a modern Iran, a free Iran and a prosperous Iran. The fight for Iran’s soul and for world peace has just started. Iran has overcome a lot of tragedy in its history. No one should doubt that Iran will be free one day, soon.


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great job!!!

by ali1 (not verified) on

This was a great piece of writing....
I would not pay attention to those who try to disrespectfuly criticize your piece- the mullahs have many tentacles, it seems
Every true vatanparast feels in his/her soul that Iran deserves better than these thugs who have murdered millions in one way or another- and if you dig deeper, there is vast evidence that the british, french and russians have had a puppeteer's role in installing these illiterate akhoonds.
I truly pray that 2008 is the last year we have to see amaamehs as heads of state for our country!
again, great job on spreading the truth!!


real enemy!? (to Mr. K)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani says: "..there is a big difference between accepting help from someone because you have a common enemy and without any expectations..."

Kashani_jAn, I don't care if you are getting paid to write for U.S neocon lobby or even AIPAC Israeli lobby; that is up to you to judge what is wrong or right. However I care when your extremist aggressive friends such as Rashidian and Jamshid start calling those who disagree with their views (or your views!) "Mozdoor", "filthy", "thugs", etc.
Some of your extremist friends, are at best newer version of monsters such ad GhaffAri, and KhalkhAli (KhakhAli 1.0.1). We have those kinds of characters among pro IRI and anti IRI camp and personally I regard them as the real enemy of Iranians irrespective of their politics.


"Two brothers, named Alai,

by Aidsiniri (not verified) on

"Two brothers, named Alai, both doctors in Islamic Iran, specializing for over the past decade in AIDS and HIV treatment and control, have both been arrested and are being held incommunicado.
... the arrests stem initially from a disclosure by the two doctors of the huge, disproportionae rate of AIDS in the holy city of Ghom, south of Tehran, specially among the students at schools for those aspiring to join the ranks of the clergy.

... ayatollahs and other senior Mullahs and regime officials apparently number among those who have contracted AIDS from the pool of infected students in Ghom and elsewhere throughout the Islamic nation."


But reality is I RAN SO FAR A way

by Sadaia_qesa on



Stop asking for hand outs No one is going to give IRAN any thing.

Iranians alone can and should shape the future of Iran.





Farhad Kashani

Fred, great analysis. You

by Farhad Kashani on

Fred, great analysis. You are a voice of reason.


Jamshid, I totally agree. It’s a sad reality. First the IRI justifiers deny there is any human rights abuse at all, then, when you provide facts, they claim “why is human rights important anyways”? And “Why wasn’t it important during the Shah time”? .Thanks for your support. Keep up the good work.


Anonym7, just a “penny”? lol. Plus, AIPAC is not my lobby. Furthermore, like I said before, there is a big difference between accepting help from someone because you have a common enemy and without any expectations, and between accepting help from someone and give your sovereignty away.


Sepia, thanks for your kind words.


Mr. Madadi aziz, appreciate it. I haven’t read any of your great articles lately on this site. Looking forward to that.


Anonymous2008, thanks aziz.


Anonym9, I’m sure the official poverty numbers is much higher than what the regime says. But even what the regime says is horrifying. I agree with your points.


Mr. Rashidian, thanks for your continuous support. Looking forward to read your next great analysis.



Thanks for the laughs, Kashani

by Q on

IRI has a tremendously strong propaganda machine, much stronger than any Western nation’s, including the U.S.

Wow, big bad Iran is coming to eat your children. Can the worlds biggest powers, Israel, the strongest military in history and thousands of nuclear weapons possibly survive the Mullah onslaught?

Stay tuned, get the popcorn. It will be a thriller!

Rashidian: You have been appointed spokesman for "all honest freedom loving Iranians" ? I'm sorry I missed the announcement, was there a big after party?


More mass executions in Iran

by anonym9 (not verified) on

sorry, a bit off topic but important nontheless:

IRAN:29 hanged only in Tehran in one day!



ترافيک سنگين در

shameoniri (not verified)

ترافيک سنگين در پمپ‌ بنزين‌ها به دليل قطع برق

July 27, 2008

Link: //www.iranpressnews.com/source/043761.htm


all that applies to you (to Rashidian)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Rashidian says: "We know all that a clique of Islamist thugs on this site are doing their filthy job to prolong parasitic life of the regime because. They are all either mozdoors or convinced accomplice of the regime."

Rashidian, it is very ironic that you call those who disagree with Kashani "m*z*****" while Kashani is the one who says "If the U.S is willing to help, we will gladly accept it. ..." (see his post in your last article).
As for the word "f*l***", that word perfectly applies to those so called Iranians who advocate sanctions against their own country which will hurt the ordinary Iranians and not those who have loaded themselves and neglected the Iranian lower class(again see who advocates sanctions against Iran: //iranian.com/main/2008/where-it-hurts).
Regarding the word "thu**", I have to refer you to a third article that the writer effectively calls anyone who disagrees with him an IRI agent (see //iranian.com/main/2008/islamic-attack-democr...).
Finally, let me tell you that although I am not a Muslim and I disagree with many of IRI policies I find extremist "p*r*******" like you not any better than those corrupt khodies in IRI.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Mr. Farhad Kashani,

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Thank you for your informative and motivating piece. I am sure the list of ills the IRI has inflicted on our people can largely go on. A little part of the IRI's ugly face would convince any Iranian with the least doze of zeal and honesty to raise the fist speaking up the freedom.

However the minimalists of amullah's leftovers, the supporters of "quasi democracy", the debris of the Tudeh Party's spectrum, the ex-brothers of the insiders, the business-lumpens, the carriers of IRI's pasports...remain deaf and blind, if not accomplice. They may even use their fake names or coward avatars to eat sugar.

Do not mind, we, all honest and freedom-loving Iranians, support you and your inevitable facts you developed in your piece.

We know all that a clique of Islamist thugs on this site are doing their filthy job to prolong parasitic life of the regime because they are all either mozdoors or convinced accomplice of the regime. They are supposed to do all dirty tricks to silence any voice of Real Opposition on this site.


The price of basic

by anonym9 (not verified) on

The price of basic necessities have sky-rocketed and people can't even afford to put food on the table for their families.

People who are hungry and have children who go to bed on empty stomachs don't care about democracy; it is simply not their priority. (see Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs)

Iran is a repressed, failed, and broken society, spiritually, economically, morally, ethically, socially, and politically. A very disturbing trend.

People have lost all hope because they think the regime is too brutal to take on and there is nothing they can do; they have become resigned to defeat. And That is exactly what the regime wants; utter helpnessness and hoplessness of its citizens.

The regime has revolution-proofed itself logistically and psychologically.


FK: The stat for population

by anonym9 (not verified) on

FK: The stat for population under poverty line was 40% in 2006. How could it have changed so drastically in one year??



by Anonymous2008 (not verified) on

Great article.....


This regime has support

by asdf (not verified) on

This regime has support among uneducated people which are the majority in Iran and the majority wins.

Ali Reza: Is that your best wish for your country??? Bunch of uneducated people to move Iran more backward than it already is???


time for Jamshid's 100 men! (fo Mr. K and Jamshid)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani says: "However, things are changing. Iranians have waken up and are speaking up and are realizing what exactly happened to our country in the last 30 years and what will the road ahead look like."

Kashani you are exaggerating as usual. However this time even Mr. Gilani who is normally with the opposition of your type realizes the depth of your exaggeration. He correctly stated "Sir, may I respectflly ask what leads you to believe that things are changing?"

Kashani_jAn, if it is so good, it is time for you to go to Iran as part of Jamshid's 100 men and "free" Iran. I wish you and Jamshid best of lock(*)!

*- lock not luck

Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

Dear Mr Kashani, thank you for your work!


Did you get permission to write ?

by mostaghel on

Farhad Kashani

Did the zio-nazis from Tel Aviv give you permission to write this? Wow, they have really become so "opn minded" ! Do they still rape 14 years old palestinain girls, or are they now moving up to older ones?


Have a nice cheesh (with Khiar on the side)



by sepia (not verified) on

one of the most complete analysis i ahve read. thank you kashani for your contribution.
i too agree, and support the idea that this REGIME has to o away. iranians need to stand up for their own country and nation. their oil is paid 10 times more than it was when they toppled the shah regime and the people are 10000 times worse off.,........
we all know how brilliant iranians are and could and would cntribute to the world better being. the question is why does not anybody do anything.
this regime is put in place so the world powers could ro you from all you got, and leave you with the least of anythin anyone can have.
why do you not understand it?!
i do hope you understand this regime is not for iran, or iranians, and or is iranian a all.
wake up iranians, and take charge.
the free world has all the constructions ready. all you need is to inroduce it to your people, implement it, even copy it and free yourselves from the hands of the evil.


Re: Farhad K.

by jamshid on

Excellent analysis. I specially agree with your view that the IRI had succeeded in lowering all standards and expectations in Iranians' minds, and trained them to accept and to be happy with the absolute minimum. This would allow just a few to be able to exploit (estesmaar) the people of Iran.

Also, Farhad, just for the sake of amusement, watch how the IRI supporters are flocking in your thread to either apologize on behalf of the IRI, or to attack you. Also note how they will try to "change the subject" by bringing up other issues such as the shah's regime or Palestinians and so on.

Their goal is to divert attention from the truths in your article, and from the sad statistics you have provided, to other irrelevant issues.


Fantasy v. Reality

by Fred on

Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies never tire of espousing the merits of Islamist ideology and its adaptability to and compatibility with democracy. It has even become a cottage industry where pseudo intellectuals and wet behind the ear PhDs make speaking tours of collage campuses performing their modern-day version of revengeful pied piper. If their claims are to be believed then assertions made in this article must be nothing but a vile attempt to sully the wholesomeness of Islamism in action and not theory. In that case, where are NIOC endowed Haji professors and their Islamist republic lobbyist comrades to defend their client against all the spurious claims made in this article?  Shouldn’t they be concentrating their efforts on defending their Islamist republic client and resisting the temptation to create an ideal Turkish model of Islamist republic la la land in their fantasies? BTW what does NIOC stand for, anything to do with oil?  


Kashani, I am ready to contribute!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani says: "Molla jaan, I wish I had that cash! But I’m sure, through collective effort, such project can be done.."

Kashani_jAn, although I wish Iranians continued success in keeping your line of politics (AIPAC/Neocon) out of Iran and prevent Iran to become an Iraqi like disaster, I don't mind contributing a penny towards your "honest" effort to "save" and "free" Iran. How can I proceed with my generous contribution?

Farhad Kashani

Molla jaan, I wish I had

by Farhad Kashani on

Molla jaan, I wish I had that cash! But I’m sure, through collective effort, such project can be done.


Mr. Gilani, there are numerous signs. Some of them are:

-         The student movement in Iran getting more outspoken, active and organized.

-         The increasing sense of rejection by the Iranian people to the existence of the regime itself. Iranians accept nothing less than the removal of the regime. One of the mildest forms of resistance they show is a sense of “negative resistance” to inhumane laws such as Hejab.

-         The resilience of NGOs and Iranian civil society which is under tremendous crackdown by the regime, to perform and survive.

-         The tremendously growing International support for the Iranian people. NGO, human rights organizations and governments, are increasingly active and outspoken in support of Iranian people.

-         The exiled Iranian community is increasingly active and outspoken in support of Iranian people’s struggle against the regime.  



I don't understand

by Anonymous-me (not verified) on

I don't understand why human rights are such a big issue now...but when the shah was in power it wasn't that big of an issue to the US, Britain, France etc etc.

The notorious Iranian secret police, SAVAK, created under the guidance of the CIA and Israel, spread its tentacles all over the world to punish Iranian dissidents. According to a former CIA analyst on Iran, SAVAK was instructed in torture techniques by the Agency. Amnesty International summed up the situation in 1976 by noting that Iran had the "highest rate of death penalties in the world, no valid system of civilian courts and a history of torture which is beyond belief. No country in the world has a worse record in human rights than Iran."

I guess what matters with the US and other western countries is when we tell you to jump and you say how high...we can look the other way on human rights violations...however when we say jump and you say F*U human rights becomes an issue??? It doesn't make much sense to me...

Maybe the country was better off economically back then but now Iran does not have to actually depend on another country.

Arabs for years have been ruled by Kings...Look at Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Emirates, etc etc...Iran doesn't need to be ruled by a king. It just makes Iran look like we are following Arabs...

I am not saying Iran needs to be ruled by Mollahs, but the democratically elected government of Dr M Mossadegh was overthrown by the US, Britain, CIA, and various Iranian sellouts.

The Mullah regime is a result of this. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Physics applies to this also I guess....


Xerxes is here again with....

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

same old nonsense. Independent regime??? Corrupt regime with high inflation is the reality. Seriouslly are you high?? Or you are just good at making propaganda??


Are you and Mehdi Mazloom one and the same?

by KB on

The pointless, childish crap seems very simillar to the stuff Mehdi mazloom writes.


Support support support!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

The word in real estate is location location location.In politics it is support support support.Even though the late Shah had good programs for Iran's future he did not have a popular support and did not consider Iranian people.The Shah had some support among educated people which were the minority.This regime has support among uneducated people which are the majority in Iran and the majority wins.


We want all those in the title

by XerXes (not verified) on

With the Islamic Republic of Iran as the representative of the greatest modern Iranian culture and voice.
Just listen to any great Iranian leaders inside our great country to realize how democratic we are, based on our backward mentality such as LA people (who are 'suppose' to be the educated ones')
Long live our free and independent regime. And yes, we do need to make it better, but no need to bring a servant of the west to do it for us.

Mort Gilani

I Agree But

by Mort Gilani on

Dear Farhad,

You wrote

"However, things are changing. Iranians have waken up and are speaking up and are realizing what exactly happened to our country in the last 30 years and what will the road ahead look like."

 Sir, may I respectflly ask what leads you to believe that things are changing?


Molla: Indeed, Bravo, you're

by asdf (not verified) on

Molla: Indeed, Bravo, you're a true molla. All you think about is cash. And here I thought that Mola Naseredeen was just a random name you picked...

Mola Nasredeen

Brother Kashani, after reading your moving article we have...

by Mola Nasredeen on

decided to start a revolution and change this evil regime. First we need to open a satellite tv station. You got any cash on you?