Sanity vs Insanity

How to win the war against terror?


Sanity vs Insanity
by masoudA


Out of concern for being tagged as RACISTS, we have all developed a hang-up on speaking against even the most obvious of cultural deficiencies and diseases. This trend must stop. In 1978 the world stood almost quiet when the Saudi Arabian princess was LEGALY beheaded, for having been convicted guilty of love and lust in a country where men in their 50’s and more continuously have sex with children under the age of ten. That was the free world at its worst moments, taking the political correct (and often easy) path against this crime, failing to take a strong opposition against a faulty culture and system that governs via terror.

We must all recognize the fact that as erroneous and unproductive it is to condemn a population based on race or faith, it is quiet healthy and constructive to criticizing backward cultural practices and rituals.

We must do away with the global taboo, which has been placed on any discussions on deficiencies of inferior cultures. Whether this taboo has been self imposed out of personal fear, or government imposed out of social fears, it is now time for the world to take a strong stance. We need to stand-up to terror for the sake of future generations, and for the sake of the oppressed majority in all Moslem countries.


First and foremost let’s be clear on the fact that madness and insanity is a global problem and not limited to specific regions or cultures. However, in most places, the insane are almost always products of unfavorable environments, and never products of pre-planning and training. What we have today in the Middle East is a network which finance, plans and organizes development of insane humans for the sole purposes of engaging in terrorist acts against the general population. This process of “producing terrorists” requires a favorable social and cultural groundwork which has been provided by what has evolved as the post-Islam Arab cultures and religion.

At the end of the Second World War, led by USA, the sane and the sobered world got together and tried to make its best effort to set new international guidelines to live by. First, the United Nations was created in 1945, soon to be followed by the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” devised in 30 Articles and signed by most nations in 1948.

Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world

…… (Declaration of Human Rights – 1948).

The declaration was ratified during the UN General Assembly by vote of 48 in favor, 0 against, with 10 abstentions (all Soviet Bloc States, South Africa and Saudi Arabia). Well, much has changed since 1948. the Soviet Bloc is no longer, while South Africa has gone through major political and social changes and is well on the path towards democracy and sanity. Leaving Saudi Arabia as the only country, which has virtually remained politically, socially and culturally intact since their refusal to endorse the 30 articles. This country is the heart of Islam and the “Arab” culture, which via Islam has been disseminated all across the Middle East, southwestern Asia, northern Africa, southern Europe, and many other regions around the globe. It is important to know that civil and religious laws exercised and practiced today in Saudi Arabia are full of discrepancies and conflicts with the very basics of the 30 articles of Human Rights.

It is now time for the world to draw the line between “sanity and insanity”, between sane and insane cultures. I can’t think of a better separating line than the 30 Articles of Human Rights. Sooner or later every human on earth must choose which side of this line they stand. For the sake of sanity, and out of respect for the vital line of human rights, we must make sure our future generations are no longer exposed to terror. We must make sure no human is threatened by cultures or communities in which a small group of leaders refuse to concede a well established system which has provided them a free ride on life for generations, ruling and governing by terror.

It is also very important to fight terror, not by focusing on individuals, but on cultures, systems, and networks.


Not much needs to be said on the subject except losing this war means the end of humanity. Many amongst us tend to seek nonexistent easy solutions to most difficult of our problems. We must no longer be deceived into thinking the insane can live next to or amongst us and follow the rules of sanity. Well, there simply is no easy resolution to this problem. We are engaged in a long and unorthodox war in which “Education”, “Alienation” and “Elimination” of the insane play key roles.

It is also crucial to realize future terrorists are always children who are products of households in which there are no parental love. Therefore, humanity must reach a stage at which no child would be raised un-exposed to love.


Unlike the popular belief, most dangerous elements of Islamic terror networks are not the suicide bombers, but those who recruit and train them. Every now and then, somewhere within “sane” communities pops-out a suicidal individuals going on shooting sprees killing innocent people. These individuals are almost always products of unfavorable mental environments, and have nothing in common with the type of individuals who are recruited, trained in the Middle East to be used as suicidal terrorists. Again, contrary to popular belief, the candidates are not detected and recruited in mosques. Orphans, lost or stolen children, child survivals of natural disasters are favorite targets of recruiters. Future terrorists are later put through years of brainwashing, and mental and physical abuse. Candidates have been known to have been castrated to lose interest in family and life in general. According to local rumors, in a recent earthquake in Bam, Iran, child snatchers were present at the disaster stricken areas, long before the emergency care and assistance units arrived!

Therefore, the actual Middle Eastern terrorists are the recruiters, financiers, and the trainers, and more importantly the cultures/communities which condone and promote such transitions. The real terrorists, do not believe in God and goodness, and only use Islam and Religion as tools. Again unlike popular belief, heads of these terrorists, love life and the material world. They do not look forward to heaven and the promised virgins, and are not ready to die at all. Middle Eastern terrorists can afford to be great bluffers, simply because their operations are set-up in a way they will never have to be physically present and in harms way. Their network of terror does not require presence of the real terrorists in the trenches and front lines.

This is especially true about the one of the major power-holders within the Islamic Republic of Iran. A group of trained militia who are not Iranian at all! This militia is mostly comprised of Lebanese and Palestinian Moslems, trained in mullah financed camps which were established in Southern Lebanon years prior to the Iranian revolution. This group of Arab militia first came to Iran along with tens of Iranian leftist guerillas (also trained in Lebanon) to act as the muscle for the 1978 revolution. The Iranian leftists were quickly eliminated in a few short years after the revolution leaving the mullahs with a force of Arab missionaries who have no regard for Iran or Iranians. It was quiet predictable that this non Iranian force would later became too strong to endanger the mullahs to the point of dictating their will on most clergies. The back and forth movement, and in many cases migration of Arab militia to Iran intensified in the early years of the revolution, especially after formation of the group “Hezbollah” by the same Arab militia.

As indicated, the top clergy and officials in Iran are less afraid of the American marines than they are of the armed Arab militia who continuously grow in number. A look at the tribal Arab scarf (Kafiya) worn by Ahmadinejad, and the so called Supreme Leader Khamenei, is an indication of this fact and how the Iranian leaders illustrate their alliance with the Arabs, in an effort to safeguard themselves inside the country they supposedly rule! Furthermore, it is also important to know that the Iranian born clergy wear two colors of black and white turbans, with black turbans signifying Arab ancestry. Black turbans are worn proudly by most of the mullahs on top of the Islamic Republic hierarchy. These mullahs and their offspring have no love or sympathy for Iran or the Persian culture, and consider Iran as conquered Arab land, and Iran’s resources as confiscations. The facts above explain constant persistence of the Islamic Republic officials to address concerns of the Arab world, and their total disregard for the plights of Iranians.

Naturally, the Islamic Republic officials, and the Arab militia holding power behind them would have no hesitation to bluff and make threats against anyone, with no regards for disastrous consequences to Iran and the Iranian population. As President Bush suggested, the Iranian population can be considered as hostages in the hands of their government.


Over the centuries, Arab terror network has grown is size but not in wisdom. They have expanded their network not by proper planning and investing on bright ideas, but by unrestricted tribal influences and elimination of oppositional thoughts. The Arab terror network has undergone uncontrolled growth, and in such a way that no single person or group can make concessions they can honor, even if they wanted to.


I wish to start this section by first making sure readers fully understand what culture is, and how several cultures can co-exist within the same nations, races, tribes, ethnicities, etc. Culture is generally defined as the “Pattern of Human Activity” or as they say here in America; the “Way of Life”. Conflicting cultures can co-exist in the same country, or amongst the same race, or within any ethnical group, so long as the population follows the same civil rules. It should be noted that people of conflicting cultures can co-exist in same communities, but those of non-conflicting cultures can enjoy life together.

Hence, in a rapidly changing and globalizing world, intolerant cultures make life difficult for their followers, as well as all others. There are two dominant cultures which exist today in the Middle East, Persian and the Arab culture. My objective here is not to glorify or condemn one over another, but to make sure readers get a better understanding of the roots of the “Ways of Life” in the Middle East today, and for the world (which is hopefully no longer restricted by economical goals only) to know which culture needs to be promoted and which one must be opposed or fixed. The impacts of these two cultures can be noticed in every Middle Eastern country, within all races, ethnicities, and amongst those practicing different religions.

One culture promotes life while the other insists on the after-life. One inscribes tolerance while the other pushes for dominance. One establishes equality of all genders, races, and faiths, while the other promotes superiority. One culture promotes celebrations and joy of life, while the other seeks mourning and suffering, in quest of the promised afterlife. One understands how human life is intertwined with all other life-forms be it animals and plants, while the other ….. well, the other has not evolved that far yet! One culture believes in creating good things, the other believes in taking. One culture was the first to devise wages for labor, while the other has yet to fully abandon slavery. One culture makes sure every child is exposed to love, the other considers love as a deterrent to roughness and toughness. One believes in ruling the hearts, the other trusts only the rule by terror. As a result of these cultural characteristics, followers of one culture are generally peaceful, insightful, and kind, while those of the other culture are generally rough, dumb, intolerant and unkind.

Influences of these two cultures can be sensed in every country in the Middle East and well beyond. It is of outmost importance for the world to recognize the long term ramifications of supporting the wrong culture, as they have been in the past couple of centuries for the sake of economical gains and securing the flow of oil. It certainly appears to many of us Iranians that to maximize and secure profits in the Middle East, certain powers in the west have preferred in the past to deal with and support those who are manipulated easier. The world has paid a grave price for that miscalculation, and will pay even more severely if that trend continues.

As indicated earlier, Persian and Arab cultures are the two most significant cultures formatting basic social cores and behavioral foundations in the Middle East today. Besides Iran, the Persian cultural influence expands onto many ex-Russian republics such as Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan as well as onto parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Afghanistan which have all been at some point major regions part of the Persian Empire. Great Middle Eastern cultures such as that of Egypt, first benefited from all what the Persian culture had to offer (when it was part of the Persian Empire, about 500 BC), only to be devastated later by the Arab cultural genocide, losing even its native language to the Islamic expansion (640-1258). Other great countries and cultures such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and many other non-Arab countries experienced the same destiny after being conquered by the Arab armies. It is crucial to understand in many ways Persian and Arab cultures are in direct contrast. While Persians are into individuality, equality, love, joy, life, and tolerance, the Arab culture promotes obedience, superiority of genders and faiths, afterlife, mourning, and intolerance. It is also important to note that the Persian Culture was in part the ideological foundation behind creation of America (*). As indicated earlier, in 1948, Saudi Arabia did not endorse the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, because many of the 30 Articles, included directives not consistent with its culture and Islam which has been the most effective tool of global expansionism of the Arab culture. It should however be noted that almost “all” inconsistencies between Islam and human rights articles, such as “Equal Social and Economical Rights for all Genders, Faiths and Races” are in fact inconsistencies not with Islam itself but with its many interpretations establishing social and civil laws in Islamic Countries.

(*) - Many of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America sought inspiration from the book Cyropaedia about life and rule of the famous Persian king Cyrus the Great, written by the Greek historian Xenophon. Thomas Jefferson had two personal copies of the book, which was a mandatory read for statesmen alongside Machiavelli’s The Prince.


It is crucial to understand the history of Arab’s occupation of Iran. What the Arabs did in Iran and other conquered territories is unlike any other territorial wars and takeovers of ancient times. For two hun dred years after the fall to the Arabs, Iranians were barred to speak their native language. A good portion of Iran’s population was either killed or shipped away as slaves to Arab territories. Arab soldiers were ordered to burn all books and destroy anything signifying the Persian civilization, in a deliberate attempt to destroy the superior Persian culture. It is important to note attack on Persian territories took place years after passing of Mohammad, since the prophet was against any aggressions on the monotheist population. For the most parts, Iranians survived the Arab attempt at cultural genocide, unlike other populations and cultures, such as those in Egypt and Syria, which are pretty much considered Arabs these days. Although the Persian culture survived, but throughout the years, governments and basic economical foundations in Iran have always been influenced by the Arabs and via the Islamic clergies. Iranian culture was well on track of revitalization in its place of birth, only to be devastated by the Islamic Revolution in 1978. A revolution with an objective to rob Iran out of its culture as well as all its resources to fund Arab expansionism.


Understand the simple monotheist message of Islam did not withstand the deficiencies of the Arab Culture for any more than a decade. Not long after passing of the prophet, Arabs converted Islam to “Sunni Islam”, meaning “Islam based on Culture” (Sunnat). It should be noted that Mohammad’s message was received and evolved differently in different parts of the world. The version of Islam practiced today in Indonesia (the largest concentration of Moslems) is immeasurably different than what is being practiced in Saudi Arabia. Besides the differences between Sunnis and The Shiites, practice of Islam is different in Egypt, Turkey, Sudan, Syria……and Iran. In every one of these countries the faith has been tailored to cultural values and needs, which unlike Europe, are vastly different from one country to another. In relation to the war on terror however, it is of outmost importance to point out one major deficiency in the Arab culture and that is the “rule of fear”. Arabs believe terrorizing people is the easiest form to govern a population. Even within the Arab family units, fear is the dominant factor in establishing order.


Koran was first gathered edited and put together over two decades after Mohammad’s passing, by Omar and Othman (the 2nd and 3rd Caliphs of Islam). The holly book was tailored to serve Islam’s political needs and objectives of the time (Year 660) during the early expansion years of Islam. Later Othman the third Caliph of Islam (644-656) rounded up all different versions of Koran which had surfaced during Omar and set destroyed them all during a famous and historic bonfire, leaving Moslems virtually with only his version, which today is referred to as the Othmanic Koran. On one hand, Koran does include the Celestine messages of a monotheism religion providing some basic rules on personal and social conduct, addressing the Arab cultural and ethical needs of the era. But on the hand, Koran includes many versus which can be considered a handbook of direct mass brainwashing, with antagonistic messages with the objective to create individuals who are aggressively intolerant of non Islamic ideologies and lifestyles. The holly book successfully served the Caliphs, accommodating Arab expansionism during the early years of Islam.


This is a very important point which needs to be considered in all strategic planning and operations against the Moslem terror networks.


Constant struggles are underway by secular Moslems to keep religion out of social laws or to oust current Islamic decrees out of constitutions. Over the years there have been ups and downs within the Islamic renaissance, with the Islamic Revolution of Iran being one of the major drawbacks along the way of this difficult process. According to many Iranians, the Islamic revolution was instigated by financial needs and greed both from within Iran, as well as by outside entities in the west. Turkey is another population struggling in a constant tug-a-war between Islamists and seculars. It is crucial for the world not to sit aside as idle observers. Moderate Moslems must be supported in every possible way.


Imagine you are a UN representative traveling to a dictatorship in which even the dictator does not feel safe. What can you do, and who will protect you if the dictator starts disliking you? How long do you think a Moslem UN representative will last in his native country if he votes for Israel on any issue? How long a typical African UN representative can go on resisting millions of Dollars offered to them by corrupt leaders tapping into full resources of whole countries? Who will protect a secular UN representative in a Moslem country? Therefore, it is crucial to understand limitations UN and its staff face worldwide.


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programmer craig


by programmer craig on

There is a reason why there is so much hostility towards America. And
whereas people like me try to defuse that by pointing that it's the
American government and not its citizens...


Nobody actually belives that tired old line, you know. And all anybody has to do is read your comments to see that your hostility and anger is directed at the country, not the government. But then, you probably think Americans are too stupid to figure that out, right? lol.



by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

One more thing about your emaculate, wonderful American president...I'm sure the Nicaraguan's whose families were tortured and slaughtered under Somoza would rather see him burn in hell along with Somoza! That is despite how great you might think FDR was. What did he say about Somoza? "He [Somoza] might be a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch!" So much for the emaculate wonderful president interested in human rights.

Neither are the Panamanians who had to endure Arias, nor the Hundurans who had be kicked into line by Carias Andino, nor the Cubans under Batista...all of these dictatorships were either brought into power or supported over popular, nationalist governments at the behest of the great humanitarian: FDR!
Is that enough people who would rather see him quartered than to sing his praise? But I know what people like you say...America has to act based on its national interests, never mind that in every single one of these cases the interest was not national! It was in the interest of corporations with ties to the elitist Roosevelt administration. And, when other people finally have had enough and shove a couple of airplanes down your throat, you get indignant and ask "why do they hate us?"

Well they don't hate you. They hate the fact that you think every inch of this planet is for your national interests. They hate the fact that despite your claims to high ideals, you are unwilling to put a leash on the gang of bloodsuchers in Washington. And, if you are arrogant enough to follow the leader like good little lemmings, they WILL bite back.



by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

It's my fault to take you serious! Like a tape recorder, at the right signal, you start sounding the typical junk that is programmed into the average, ignorant American. There is a reason why there is so much hostility towards America. And whereas people like me try to defuse that by pointing that it's the American government and not its citizens that are responsible for terrorizing the world, you embody the raison de etre for anti-American hostility.

Do yourself and this country a favor. De-program yourself. Read a bit of history outside of the mainstream. FDR was head and shoulder above the rest for the standards of his time. Yet, let's not make a cult of personality for him, by looking the other way at those acts of his that today would be unacceptable.

The stupid shall be punished, as a friend of mine says! It is sheer stupidity to forget history or to replace it with myth, jingoism, and patriotic nonsense.

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

The League of Nations and the UN were also
both created for the large part by American diplomacy. Yet, after the
creation of both institutions, the US government did and has all it
could to undermine them.


By "undermine" I suppose you mean that the US stands up for it's own interests, and actively opposes the interests of hostile states? That is what the UN is for. Settling grievances and promoiting state interests in a diplomatic setting, rather than on a battelfield. You think the US has a moral obligation to go along with the "majority" no matter what? The UN is not a government. The UN is a place where govrenments engage eachother diplomatically, be they friend or enemy. Why is it that so many people mistake the function of the UN?


And any peace-loving pro-democracy person should be very glad that the UN is not a governmental body, because the majority of the member states are dictatorships of one flavor or another. What would the world be like if that club of tyrants could impose it's will internationally, with a simple majority vote?


Some administrations have been less
belligerent toward UN, but overall the comments of John Bolton sum up
US attitude towards UN.


Yes, they do. If Americans got a chance to vote on UN membership, we wouldn't be members. That has shwon up in public opinion poles time after time. Most Americans are quite hostile towards the UN. Nontheless, we remain members, and we do our best.


It's true that US help draft UNDHR, but so
what? The fact IS, that if you check out the UN documents and US record
on various international treaties, it is very clear where the US
government stands.


What you just said amounts to a whole lot of nothing.


And, no I'm not anti-American. There are many positives in America,
none better exemplified than the ideals in the American constitution.
However, the policies followed by the US government are far from those


If that were actually true, you or any other aggrived party could take it up with teh Supreme Court, couldn't you? Problem is, you don't have a case. you only have rhetoric and propaganda.

Speaking of the Roosevelts, do you know who they were?


One of the most beloved Presidential couples in American history? 


Or do you
have the same attitude that the British...


I don't have any particular "attitude" about the Roosevelts. My mother was in diapers when FDR died. US history remembers them as a great man, and a great woman, who accomplished great things. You won't find many Americans in either party who would dispute that. But you are welcome to rant about them all you want, it's a free country :)


factual errors...

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

The League of Nations and the UN were also both created for the large part by American diplomacy. Yet, after the creation of both institutions, the US government did and has all it could to undermine them. Some administrations have been less belligerent toward UN, but overall the comments of John Bolton sum up US attitude towards UN. It's true that US help draft UNDHR, but so what? The fact IS, that if you check out the UN documents and US record on various international treaties, it is very clear where the US government stands.

And, no I'm not anti-American. There are many positives in America, none better exemplified than the ideals in the American constitution. However, the policies followed by the US government are far from those ideals. That is a valid criticism, at least as valid as any criticism of Islam, Middle East, Arabs, etc.

Speaking of the Roosevelts, do you know who they were? Or do you have the same attitude that the British have toward Churchill, despite his well documented racist rants!? Churchill may be revered in some circles, but his famous essay about "Bad Jews and Good Jews" or his comparison of Arabs with dogs are far more telling of his racist character. Of course, it would be very unfair to put the Roosevelts in the same bin as Churchill. Far from it, they did much more good for the world. However, that does not forgive their elitism!

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

You accuse somebody else of being "factually problematic, and then say something like this!?

The US and Israel never voted for the entire document collectively.

The committe that DRAFTED the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was led by Elanor Roosevelt. You know who she was, right? If not for her efforts, there wouldn't have even been a Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Is there some kind of anti-American webiste that you guys get these propaganda talking points from, or do you just make the stuff up on the fly?



Having faith and religion is not bad

by ali reza (not verified) on

Having faith and religion is not bad.Organized religion is bad,mixture of religion and politics is bad,religious extremism is bad, religious superstitious is bad,religious wars are bad.


factually problematic!!!

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

This piece is based on a set of assumptions that are at the very least questionable. I have to admit that I did not read the whole thing in detail, because I found too many errors and half-truth in it. To start with "STOP BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT," let's remember that in Texas exist sects who practice polygamy and openly have sex with minors. And this is in a country which started from the very beginning with a constitution that guarantees democratic values. So, yes Saudis have problems, and Islam needs reform to say the least, but let's stop doing away with political correctness only when it comes to Middle East.

And as for Universal Declaration of Human Rights, check out the record carefully. The US and Israel never voted for the entire document collectively. The statement in this article is simply false. They insisted on voting on individual points in the declaration and after the fall of communism the reversed their vote on some points simply because those points were no longer needed to use as political ammo against the Soviet block. Furthermore, to this day the US government refuses to sign and/or ratify half dozen treaties calling for issues as simple as fair treatment of women at work or banning child labor.

Finally, what is terrorism/insanity? It is ABSOLUTELY terrorism to attack another country based on false evidence and public manipulation. The US and the 50 or so nations who supported its invasion of Iraq is guilty of terrorism by definition. Anything less would be hypocracy, which is abundant in the West!

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

Like you said you don't know enough. So, please don't label people any
kind of "Ism" just because they object to the killings of innocent

I think you misunderstood my comment. I meant that I don't know enough about Arab and Persian culture to comment. I know plenty about communism, being a Cold War relic and all :P



by American Wife (not verified) on

So.... you can label people with "ists" (as in Capitalists" but no one can use an "ism"... hmmm, interesting.



Programmer Craig

by farokh2000 on

Like you said you don't know enough. So, please don't label people any kind of "Ism" just because they object to the killings of innocent people.

I don't support anybody who murders for selfishness and greed, being the stupid Mullahs, criminal Israeli government or GW, etc.

If you don't know, I am sure there are enough resources you could use to educate yourself so that you don't go around labeling people with your ignorance.


such a refreshing article

by Zeynab on

We are tolerating every kind of human rights abuses in the name of " being politically correct".just existence of backward laws in Saudi Arabia is an insult to humanity and every one is turning their faces . humanity can not progress without Muslims realizing that their pump and glory is gone and they can not re build it again , it is not their turn to have the Jerusalem ,like when salahodin captured it from Christians.

programmer craig

The evils of religion and

by programmer craig on

The evils of religion and capitalism, farokh? lol. You shouldn't make your communism so obvious on an English language website. Fastest way to lose credibility. I'm just saying...


Thanks for publishing this article, Masoud. I don't know enough to either accept it or dispute it, but you certainly raised some issues I hadn't thought of before.





by American Wife (not verified) on

"here" being where?


Selfishness and greed

by farokh2000 on

Humans are selfish and greedy and do anything and everything because of this.

Religions were created to satisfy the selfishness and greed in humans and this will eventually lead to the destruction of humanity.

"One man's Terrorist is another man's Hero" is so true.

No one in the West wants to admit that the roots of "Terrorism" are right here and are caused by the greedy and selfish Capitalists, who think they need to colonize the entire World to feed their big egos.


Justice and Peace

by Ali reza (not verified) on

If we treat others as we want to be treated we would not have had a problem that we are having now.It is as simple as that.