Violent past AND peaceful present

Roadmap for the Foreign Terrorist Organizations List


Violent past AND peaceful present
by Patrick Clawson

Although the Foreign Terrorist Organizations list has a set of criteria for designating groups, there is little clarity in practice about the process for revocation. Even after organizations have renounced terrorism for many years, their designations persist without a clear explanation, and are based on the assumption that historical violence indicates future potential.

A November 2007 court ruling by the UK's Proscribed Organizations Appeals Commission (POAC) ordered the British government to remove the People's Mujahedeen of Iran -- known to the U.S. government as Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) -- from its terrorist organizations list. This decision, along with a similar decision by the European Court of First Instance (a level below the European Court of Justice), and the mandatory review of the group's designation by the U.S. State Department in October 2008, provides an opportunity to evaluate how terrorist designation is assessed. According to the 2004 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Protection Act, if no designation review is conducted during a five-year period, the U.S. secretary of state must determine whether a revocation is appropriate.

The Role of Non-Terrorist Criteria
Any designation review should be based only on terrorism issues, not on the general U.S. government view of the organization in question. If the decision to designate a group is made on foreign policy considerations rather than evidence, then the list will be branded as a political instrument, thus reducing its utility as a means for encouraging other governments to take action against certain terrorist organizations. This is what happened to the list of terrorism-sponsoring states, which simply looks like a set of countries the U.S. government does not like.

In the MEK's case, its designation should not be based on the group's political stance or worries about U.S.-Iranian relations, nor should it be a reward for its reports on Iran's nuclear activities. Over the past three years, the State Department's Country Reports on Terrorism have cited no alleged MEK terrorist activity since 2001, yet have increased allegations pertaining the group's non-terrorist activities. The 2007 edition of the Reports, due out by the end of April 2008, is bound to continue this trend.

These allegations -- support for the U.S. embassy takeover in Tehran in 1979, allegiance to Islamic Marxism, suppression of Iraqi Kurds and Shiites, participation in the oil for food scandal, and the self-immolation of its supporters during protests -- are not related to the legal criteria for terrorist designation and are probably meant to discredit the MEK. These allegations are irrelevant, and some are also based on contestable evidence. This example of irrelevant information reinforces the need for the State Department to create explicit guidelines by which it moves a group from designation to revocation.

Dealing with History
History plays an important part in terrorist designation, especially when considering groups that no longer participate in violent activity. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is one such example. The PLO clearly used to be a terrorist group, but now enjoys good relations with the United States. Since the PLO complied with the 1993 Declaration of Principles and renounced terrorism, the organization was not listed on the State Department's first edition of its Foreign Terrorist Organizations list in 1997 or in President Clinton's 1995 Executive Order 12947 on Middle East terrorism. Since the reevaluation of the PLO designation preceded the creation of the State Department list and the subsequent legislation regulating the process of review, the PLO case provides little insight into how revocation would occur under the current system.

In contrast, the November 2007 POAC ruling is a more recent and relevant example of terrorist designation review. In fact, the 144-page POAC ruling addresses the historical actions of the MEK in detail. Regarding the past seven years, the POAC finds,

"Whatever the accurate characterization of the organization's activities between 1980 and 2001, the position in 2006-2007 is radically different, and has been so since 2001…The [MEK] has conducted no military activity of any kind since about August 2001, whether in Iran or elsewhere in the world…This is attributable to a deliberate decision of the [MEK] made at an extraordinary congress held in Iraq in June 2001, namely, to abandon all military action (or activities) in Iran…There is no evidence that the [MEK] has at any time since 2003 sought to re-create any form of structure that was capable of carrying out or supporting terrorist acts. There is no evidence of any attempt to "prepare" for terrorism. There is no evidence of any encouragement to others to commit acts of terrorism…. The above factors, combined with the 5 years that had since passed since the summer of 2001, demanded the conclusion that continued proscription could not be lawfully justified."

Inherent in the POAC order to revoke MEK's designation -- an order the UK government is appealing -- are three principles: the organization's formal decision to renounce violence, the cessation of terrorist activity, and the five year period of peace. Perhaps the Department of State does not want to use these particular principles when re-evaluating a group's terrorist designation, but it should adopt a set of guidelines and explain them to the public. It should also explain how it applies those principles in each case; if the MEK is designated, some specific reasons should be given. Preferably, the State Department should provide a road map for what a designated group must do to be removed from the list. For the MEK, what, if anything, must it do to show it has renounced terrorism in practice as well as in theory.

While the State Department routinely reinstated MEK's designation as a terrorist group on April 8, it must do a more formal and in-depth review by October 2008. That review's decision should be based on two factors. First, the State Department should only decide if the group is or is not a terrorist group, and not bring in irrelevant information. The criteria should be used in an unbiased, professional manner, relying on evidence rather than prejudice or rumor.

Second, the decision should be based on clear set of rules regarding how the U.S. government revokes this kind of designation. At present, it seems that past terrorist activities -- no matter how old or far removed -- are susceptible to being interpreted as evidence of future potential, consequently justifying a group's continued designation. In contrast, the POAC has set forward several useful principles for evaluating an organization's violent past and peaceful present; the U.S. government should do the same.

Patrick Clawson is deputy director for research at The Washington Institute. This article was first published in Policy Watch.



The Truth

by Dariush (not verified) on

Why worry about something that will not happen.
MEK, Pahlavis, Toodei, and....has no chance for power in Iran. The only group that have a chance is a nationalist government such as Mosaddegh's or similar to that rising from people within Iran.


Congratulations! PMOI

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Mr. Majid, could you be more melodramatic? You have one of your comments deleted and you suddenly have reached this conclusion that this web site has become a free-raoming ground for the sympathizers of the PMOI?!!

What on earth are you talking about? You wnat us to believe that this and similar boards and web sites are places for Iranian Mojahedin to dish it out with others, and therefore there is a nefarious conspiracy by those in control of this site?

Are you telling us that is in some kind of inchoate crime against you and other anti-Mojahed commentators because one of your comments has been deleted because the so-called sysmpathizers of the Mojahedin have some kind of control over this board?

You seriously think those in charge of and similar web sites give a hoot about the "sensitivties" of the Mojahedin, let alone their "sympathisers" when the main proprietor of this web site, Mr. Javid, is on record that the PMOI is nothing more than a religious cult?

This type of behavior on virtual reality (usually devoid of any concerete base of reality especially when it comes to politics ala internet) tells me something about those who "hate" the most organized part of the Resistance namely, the Mojahedin and the NCRI: You guys and gals are nothing more than a bunch of juveniles (no matter what your age) and are not mature enoguh to get involved in any meaningful grown-up disucssion, let alone political discussions.

Because you ain't mature, you are involved in all kind of nagging and whining and, in your case, this laughable mode that there is a Mojahed-based "conspracy" on this web site because one of Agaha majid's comments has been deleted. Get real buddy! The only conspiracy is in your paranoid mind that is filled with "Nothingness," a term that the French Philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre has so aptly explained in his Being and Nothingness.


Congratulations ! P M O I

by Majid on

My friend PMOI:

For some reason my comment was deleted , so you have a free stage all to yourself! ENJOY

You must be in the right place and have "SYMPATHIZERS" here,  I would conclude!

You, "", just made an statement.



p.s.   Could you please define" NOTHING "  ?  


To POMI supporter!

by A honest proposition (not verified) on

Hey bud give up! YOu are barking at the wrong tree.

You wanna join a cult try Scientology! ;-)
Tom looks much better than Masoud for starters!

His wife definitely looks better than Mary!!
Tell me how long you have been exposed to their venom and I come up with some solution for you.

If you are young don't waste your life following these egotistic maniocs!

..and one last very important serious point for you:

What they oppose is separate from who they are.
Most of the people who have been sparring with you have no love lost for Mullas, including me.

They have to let go of Iranina people. But that does not mean you have to follow criminal, delusional, traitors like MKO leaders...

Best wishes...


To: PMOI Supporter - Our situation is different from the USA!

by hanna (not verified) on

At this stage in Iran's political development, thanks to the U.S. with the 1953 coup we cannot compare ourselves to the European countries or the USA.

The mentality of their people is not to worship leaders and create gods out of them.

Furthermore, as you can see even here in the US, the American people do not want to go back to the old political games of Washington; that's why the frenzy for the first time in US history about this presidential run; and it is specifically due to Barack Obama. As saying goes "We want Change"; and I would add 'Iran needs BIG CHANGE".

MEK has much baggage with a tainted name and reputation let alone a philosophy that is not appealing for a progressive movement; nor one that we want to connect with; the same goes for the Monarchists.

We do not want to start with groups and their leaders who are damaged goods!

Unfortunately, once you lose your reputation, integrity, and principles you cannot regain it again!



by Dariush (not verified) on

This link was attached by panahana in another posting. You shouldn't miss it specially if you are a member of MEK.
MEK is no longer for freedom and justice. It is a business and fight for power, fueled by revenge. Leave MEK before it is too late!


PMOI supporter

reply to hannah

by PMOI supporter on

So your condemning supporters of hillary clinton as well? or barack obama? how about other world leaders?

have any of them came to power without a particular group of people chanting their name and publicly expressing their support for them?

What kind of analysis are you trying to make?


That's because they have not adapted to a progressive world

by hanna (not verified) on

Those individuals which are still beating their chest for a particular leader, be it Massoud Rajavi, Maryam Rajivi, or others are still stuck in the past.

They have not been able to adapt to world where one does not worship a man or woman as their god, or master.

This is the reason why all of these groups have to be rejected. The world has changed and in order to move forward with it so must we.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We need a democratic, secular, progressive, multi-party system with no one at the helm who posseses absolute authority. We must also let go of these old groups which all come with their own baggage.

Start fresh and start new.

PMOI supporter


by PMOI supporter on

Lets have the dialogue you are refering to.


Suicide bombing patent is in Rajavi's name!

by Anonymou (not verified) on

These guys invented it. When blew themselves up
hugging some mullas!!

MEK/MKO is a terrorist organization Par Excellence!

Now if you are born yesterday, like these few
who are making noise on this site you don't know better!

Guys get a life but get some dignity first!


Rajavi has to stand trial

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

:-)) Teflaki, this anonymous is repeating the thirty-year long deream of the IRI from a to z, but the funniest part is that he or she thinks that his or her "balakhooneh" (the term used among common people like your's truly for those who are moz-ghol)is A ok, but the rest of the Mojahedin are all mental patients that are torturing each other in their struggle against this regime.

Haji anaonymous, if you are reading Massoud Khodabanedh or his wife, Ann Singelton's memoires and thus have reached these Jafangiyat about your Emam Khomeini's arch enemy, the Mojahedin, I have got news for you buddy.

If Massould Rajavi were to be tried in a duely convened court of law in any part of the democratic world, he is capable of defending himself against your regime of crime and terrorism, the IRI, for the simple reason that in any court of law that so far has tried the Mojahedin and their sympatizers, they have won big time. The latest one is when your masters in VEVAK tried to win a slander case against one Iranian website that is sysmpathetic to the Reistance. Your master got a big "dar-kooni" from the court and got lost

The Mojahedin Organization as well as the rank and file are on record: we are ready, able, and willing to stand for trial in any duely convened court of law (be it criminal or civil)to defend our acts and operations against any plaintif that the Khomeini regime could bring forth, be it this or that Ommat-e Hezbollah or ex-Mojahed turned into a VEVAK agent (very few but nevertheless is a sad and tragic transofmration that has occurred).

Now my question to you and your mullah-masters: Is Khameneahi ready to follow suit? What about Rafsanjaaaaannnni? What about that scum Khatami? What about Ahmadi Neajad? Are they read to stand trial for their innumarable crimes against our people in any duely convened court of law?

As to putting the Mojahedin in a mental hspital, you should stay in those shallow waters and do your Jigh-e Banafsh as most Hezbollahi moz-ghols do on a regular basis on this and similar we sites, but when you start swimming in these deep waters that are way beyond your Kutuleh-size brain, you could get into paradoxes that are way beyond your ability to handle.


Am I pro-IRI or monarchist?

by Mehdi on

It depends. I am pro-improvement and betterment. You prove to me what produces improvement more than something else, and that it is practical (meaning it is not just a pipe dream but actually possible to put into effect) and I support it. To me, it is relative. Will I support IRI? Well, it depends on what or who we are comparing it to. IRI compared to a destroyed Iran? Well, I support the IRI. And I don't feel guilty about it.

IRI compared to Reza Pahlavi? Well if some trustable force (definitely not the US or Israel, etc) promised me that they would put him in power "cleanly" with no, or almost no damage, I would support RP over the IRI. But there is not such force and attempting to put RP in power is not practical - no matter what I think of him. It will simply lead to more chaos and destruction.

Would I support IRI compared to the MEK? I simply believe that the MEK, with the history that they have and with the viewpoints that they have are more destructive than the incompetent IRI. IRI is incompetent and clumsy and ends up causing a lot of damage but I find the MEK dangerous. It would be a huge risk to have them in power. I am not willing to even consider that much risk for Iran. I'd rather let the slow and painful slow progress under the mullahs move forward than risk all that is left of Iran - and unlike what most propaganda machines are saying, there is A LOT left and there IS improvement occurring.

I hope that clarifies my position so you guys don't feel the urge to constantly accuse me of this and that. To kind of wrap it up, i don't really support any government. I am a fan of empowering people to a point where they don't NEED a huge government. They can just govern themselves for the most part. So whatever gets the society there faster and with lest destruction, I am for that.


Farah & Mariam; The 2008 Revolution

by Ali DC (not verified) on

We never listened and we will never listen again, so be it.

I have a key you tell me you don't like the color. Then I say your commitment to your opinion is much bigger that your commitment to save iran. Here is a key, use it to open the gates, the people of Iran , in 5 yrs., will find their own way.

Iran has been around for 3,000 yrs, let's hope the mother of iran, the God of iran, the Angle of Iran will be all loving and protective for another 25 years.

WHERE DO YOU WANT TO SEE IRAN IN 1400(2020)? That is YOUR question, the question you personally must answer no matter what the Mojahedeen have done or will do. WHAT ARE YOU WUILLING TO DO FO IRAN TODAY> is then the question. but in order not to be responsible and do the work, we, all of us, sit around and express our opinions.

Farah Pahlavi & Mariam Rajavi bring to the scene such power and purity that all iran loving hearts would hear it. Let's face it we all love iran and we all want iran to prosper. all of us. then let's put that invisible energy and connect all these little light bulbs and enlighten the region by getting rid of the evil of the islamic republic. The Theocracy of Evil.

There are no other human beings alive that could create a chance for a smooth exchange of power in Iran than these two. but you say you don't like its color.

Iran is now in the nuclear cross hairs of western powers. if Antarinejaad, the ugliest, most arrogant, antar looti mordeh, does something stupid --- like sending chemical weapons for Ghassem to Gaza, Tehran could get hit with a nuclear missile. No joke.

In order to curb the Mojahedeen, we have to bring them into a huge international agreement, so they can not go bad on the people like the other revolutions in our region have.

Nor Reza Pahlavi neither Massoud Rajavi could ever take public office in Iran.

The Government of Iran will manage the events for the next 5 years and assures a national referendum in 7 years time after the revolution of 2008.

Iran without a central government will blow up into thousands of pieces, it will shatter. Either we have a 100% disciplined, accountable government with plans, army, intelligence, capability, economic growth and national accountability dates who could kill the grizzly and manage the events until we are all set, established and then we speak of our future.

The revolution of 2008 and managing the affairs of iran till 2013 is a major undertaking that in our time and this date, no one else could lead but these two. Mariam & Farah. The key is in creating the Declaration of Iran. a 12 point plan that not only gets rid of the mullahs but creates the future Iran. We really need to create something new or Irani boodan is in danger.


I want to ask everyone

by Mehdi on

I want to ask everyone to continue discussion here on this thread and not give up or throw slogans as much. It seems to me that the pro-MEK individuals are quite sincere, even if a bit too emotional, and I wish to hear what they have to say. I think it can be productive dialogue. Why give up on them? The MEK is also made up of human beings, and there may still be hope to reconcile differences. And that is a worthy goal to have. Don't you think?


mko sympathizer: After you are done throwing fancy slogans

by Mehdi on

Please note that you still have not answered any of my questions.

"PMOI supporter" says that "...brought international attention to the atrocities of the mollahs regime..." Well that's kind of funny because although the MEK was not the only group but it was a major force in bringing about the disasterous current situation into Iran! So essentiall what you are saying is that by your actions, Shah was destroyed and mullahs then had a chance to come in. So in a a way you brought the mullahs in power (I know, I know, you were deceived and victimized and it wasn't your fault). But then after you helped bring disaster to Iran, you then helped expose this disaster. And your "exposing?" Currently it is feeding right into the cause of neo-cons and the western imperialism. It is providing them with ammunition to convince the whole world that frying all Iranians is a good thing for the world, by portraying a false picture about Iran, Iranians, and yes, even the IRI. So, I ask again, "HOW DID THIS HELP IRAN OR IRANIANS?" How was this action and the follow-up better than what Hoveyda did for Iran?

I am afraid you REALLY have to wake up from your deep sleep to be able to answer that.


Happy Marraige!

by mko sympathizer (not verified) on

If you cross a Neo-Mossadeghollahi (Majid) with a post-9/11 Monarchist (Mehdi) you get the kind of drivel that is being published on this thread (I am not sure about others).
OK newly weds, allow me to reply to your noonsense one at a time:


First, you don't have the habit of reading things carefully do you? Because if you did read my reply, you would know that I was talking about the habits of your hero Hoveyda when I said "lie after lie." Unlike Hoveyda, you don't lie, you genuinely believe in what you say. In other words you are mesmerized by the Shah and his henchmen. Now, if you think the Shah was not a despt, you'd better think your partner Majid - he will have some stories to tell you! And as for what benefit, the MKO afforded to Iran and Iranians, it was verily the removal of the Shah and recruitng tens of thousands of Iran loving youths into the ranks of Mojahedin. The awareness of the masses to realize what the dictatorship of the Shah was doing to them, was our greatest achievement. You do not agree or even understand what I say but I can't expect anything different from a Shahollahi.


I am not worried a bit about what you did for Iran or Iranians because it is clear that you did NOTHING. All this "betrayal" nonsense is, in the words your strange partner, Mehdi, a bunch of slogan and no more).

Suleymaniehe is an educational and training camp and no more. The rest is propaganda by the Monarchists and Mossadeghollahis.

Mojahedin are here to stay. They were not a "goroohak" to be brushed aside. Just look at the fear the name mojahed instills in the hearts of you guys who prefer to have the mullahs in power in order to justify your existence as the so-called oppostion than bravely fighting them off. The number of replys on this thread and the Sepahpour-Ulrich diatribe is the evidence to the seriousness of our position and the significance of Mojahedin as a force to reckon with.


Typical tactics of the MEK!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Nothing came out of your mouth which states anything. You are just rambling on, and on!

It is typical of the MEK to accuse everyone of being an IRI agent - that too we know!

Go get a life - oh, sorry, I forgot you guys need help in order to reintegrate back in society.


To: Hojat-ol-eslam Ayatollah-ol ozma Anonymous-2

by Anonymousam (not verified) on

Please forgive our stupidity in not knowing where to get our information and our inability to distinguish propaganda from fact. May we all go to hell if we don’t see everything the way you see and don’t accept whatever you say as the absolute definition of the truth.

We have sinned if we ever doubted your interpretations and those of your revered partner in life, her holiness Soraya Sepahpour.

You are absolutely right, as an Iranian we all should give our lives to defend the IRI and our right to nuclear bombs. After all we are Iranians and are guided by the most humane, civilized and democratic government on the face of the earth. How can anyone dare to doubt our peaceful intentions. The Islamic Republic of Iran is guided by Islamic teaching which inherently means peace on earth. How could anyone doubt that.

Those criminals, I mean Israelis, US supporters, MEK,… who have the slightest doubt in your enlightening thoughts are all agents of the west and Israel and should be destroyed in the name of Allah and national interest.

Get real imam Anonymous-2, maybe they let you out of the mental institution you have been in for so many years….


Does shame means anything anymore?!

by Shamless MKO (not verified) on

MKO have sold Iran and Iranian people to the
lowest bidder so many times in their
disgraceful history that should be ashamed
of identifying themselves with such cult!!

If there is any money left from what Saddam gave you go BUY some SHAME and DIGNITY!!

PMOI supporter

REply to Majid

by PMOI supporter on

Dont you realize how insignificant you are?


5 of us MeK supporters team up and accomplish more than 100 of you who claim to be against us.

Thats why mojahedin is always ahead and will never lose


If these proportions are the reality, showing here that lets say out of 100 people 10 support mojahedin, then we are doing damn good!

thats all we need!

political movements are always comprised of less than 20% of the population.

You can sit here and whine all you want and bad mouth the MEk

but are you significant against them? NO of course not!


IF the iranian regime couldnt get rid of us for the past 28 years using millions and millions of irans wealth spent on promoting negative views and killing thousands upon thousands of mek members, using emotional and psychological warfare agaisnt us and yet we survived stronger than ever.

Then what do you think a bunch of misled iranians can accomplish against us?


ask yourself how significant you really are, if at all. . .


THINK about it.

PMOI supporter

thats all they have preached and practiced!

by PMOI supporter on

we support freedom and democracy! why would I want a facist running iran? Do you realize what your saying? So you actually beleive maryam rajavi is going to come to iran and start stoning innocent people? give me a break!


You fail to realize who the mollahs are if you compare anyone to them.

Mojahedin have never NEVER been convicted of any crimes. ONLY baseless rumors and misconceptions.


Sitting here and bad mouthing them will get you no where


Az roo bereen digeh baba !

by Majid on

I hope ALL you MEK supporters and sympathisers got the answer you were looking for.

This is a "Mosht nemoone-ye kharvaar" of Iranian community!

NOW ....... go through all comments and count on, but.......

I know one thing for sure........"shomaa az roo nemeereen" no matter in how many ways and languages from how many people you hear NO!

So.........stick around till we see your tails between your legs when you cry and say "fareeb khordeem"!

I know, I know.....we ALL are IRA supporters..........LOL


To: KillJoy who said anything about the Mullahs?

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

We don't need to be force fed information without using our own brain! I don't need to read the news coming from Iran or the propaganda that is repeated in this country to formulate my opinion.

The information is out there all you have to do is to seek it out and use your own intelligence and dot the "Is' and cross the "Ts". The picture unfolds.


Speak Of The Devil!

by Killjoy (not verified) on


You wrote:
"You really think the State Department is telling you the truth or creating their news to justify their policies. Don't forget this is the country of disinformation and propaganda."

So, should I rely on the mullahs and their supporters for finding out what the truth is? What is the truth and how do you get it? Don't tell me you have your own secret sources!!!

There are many others like you who keep talking about disinformation or misinformation in the U.S. and then rely on U.S. sources for their articles.

By the way, I was in Iran and saw how the regime terrorized people and have read or heard about regime's death squads killing Iranians inside and outside Iran. If that's not terrorism, then what is terrorism?

I know what the U.S. State Department is about, but my question is, DO YOU?

You can't seriously be talking about "sources" when you condemn one side and condone another. I will believe in what you and others who condemn MEK say, the moment you start condemning every act of terrorism by any individual, group or state, no matter what. Using double standards is not my piece of cake, Anonymous-2!


the only way...

by IRANdokht on

The only way the current IRI regime would get any "khoda-biyamorzi" would be to have the MEK replace them.

See what happened to Shah? so many people who were out there on the streets saying "marg-bar-shah" now say "baba khoda rahmatesh koneh oonghadr ham bad nabood"...

if the MEK takes over, IRI would have the same fate too!


I am tired of "Saal be saal dareegh az parsal"

we need democracy and secularism, not a socialist/fanatic/islamic regime.




To: PMOI Supporter you have brought attention to human rights?

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

You have brought attention to human rights abuses in Iran? That's another joke. While you have aided Saddam in killing Iranians on the one hand you are tyring to raise awareness for human rights violations in Iran? What an oxymoron!!

We have activits of our own which have provided information on these activites, unless Shirin Ebadi is part of the MEK, which I hardly think she is. As well as the Human Rights Watch!!

Furthermore, does the U.S. really give a damn about human rights in Iran? Does the U.S. really give a damn about democracy in Iran? Does the U.S. really give a damn about liberation of Iran? The answer is a big NO.

These are just further ammunitions for the U.S. to demonize Iran and throw everything on the wall and see what sticks.

If they cared about human rights, they would tell their number one ally Israel to stop the genocide and suffering of the Palestinians, the problems they have created by their illegal invasion in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Yeh, right the U.S. really cares about human rights violation in Iran? Give us a break.

However, what you have done on the other hand is provide false and fabricated information to the U.S. on Iran's nuclear program; you have been the mouth piece of Mossad and Israel going back as early as 2002. You have been pushing for sanctions against Iran; you have pressed the U.S. for invasion of Iran and interference in Iran's affairs, and lied about Iran's involvement in Iraq without absolutely no proof!!

Now this you definitely have accomplished!!


KillJoy: Sorry to kill your joy but read the article carefully!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Read the article carefully and see the source (the US State Department) with no information provided; no method of how they have arrived at their conclusion, which is typical of the U.S. and see who else is included on this list; all the countries the U.S. hates:

Syria, North Korea and Cuba!!

You really think the State Department is telling you the truth or creating their news to justify their policies. Don't forget this is the country of disinformation and propaganda.

Whenever they provide real proof and evidence rather than zippo then there is something to talk about - up until then this is just another typical US propaganda to feed the masses.

Also you should know the Daily Telegraph is not a source where one seeks real news!
IRAN remained the world's "most active" state sponsor of terrorism as it tries to build regional influence and drive the United States from the Middle East, according to a US government report.

The US State Department annual report for 2007 also called Iran the "most significant" state sponsor.

The report also listed Syria, North Korea, Cuba and Sudan as state sponsors of terrorism, which was unchanged from the previous year.


Rajavi has to stand trial...

by Anonymo (not verified) on

For being an acomplice to saddam crimes and also crime against Iranian people.

The MEK has to be dismanteled and its memebers have to be sent to rpison or mental care facilities.

It's a cult with a long history of tragedy,
opportunism, betrayal and murder!

PMOI supporter

reply to mehdi

by PMOI supporter on

"What has the MEK done that could be considered a help to our nation?
Name ONE! Don't give nonsense about "fighting tyranny." Name one. Name
who did you guys kill which helped Iran or the Iranians? Name one
specific thing you guys did that was beneficial."


Well for one, they have brought international attention to the atrocities of the mollahs regime such as stonings and torture. They are the only group that were able to smuggle out scenes of stonings from iran.

In effect, this Has put more international pressue on the mollahs regime to bring an end to such vicious acts.


haaa mojahedeen

by Abarmard on

They are good if they are not:

-a military force

-a political force

-a group

-an organization

-a team

or if they have no members or activities. Then they are free to do what they like and I think then they are good.