When does it end?

How far does a candidate have to go to prove his/her loyalty?


When does it end?
by hamidbak

Obama was asked two nights ago, in the debate in Ohio, about Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement of his campaign. He replied that he denounced the endorsement. He was then asked if he had rejected it. Obama replied that he doesn’t think there is a difference in the two. Tim Russert kept pushing it, “yeah you denounced it but do you reject it?”

Obama- Well, I don’t see why I have to reject it, I have already said that I denounce it…

Russert- Yes, but you must reject it.

Hillary- Hey, hey, heyyyyyy…I’ll reject it. I’ll reject anything and everything you want me just to look good and strong. What is it I’m rejecting?

Russert- What Farrakhan has said about the Jews.

Hillary- Ohhh, if it was bad then I sure as hell would reject it without thinking.

Russert- So, Senator Obama after finally being cornered into rejecting Louis Farrakhan, will you sending him a nasty letter and calling him an ass hole?

Obama- Ahhh, mmmm, well, I don’t know if that would be necessary nor appropriate for a US senator to do.

Russert- Oh, my God, you won’t call him a nasty ass poop head? The person who said all those things about the Jews? In fact I think he may have started couple of the furnaces in Auschwitz.

Obama- I….don’t….think Farrakhan actually set any….

Hillary- Oh yeah he did. Those people helped me so much in NY…I mean I have bagels for life.

Russert- Easy toots.

Russert- Ok Mr. Obama, will you at least crap in a bag, set it on fire, put it in Farrakhan’s door step, ring the bell, and run?

Obama- Oh my Lord, no I would not.

Hillary- I’ll do it, Lord knows I could use a good BM!

Ok, maybe it didn’t happen quite like this, but what the hell? When does it end? How far does a candidate have to go to prove his/her loyalty to any special group? And yes, Israel is much of a special group as any. The guy, Farrakhan, is goofy. He’s well on the other end of normalcy, especially when it comes to saying things. But why doesn’t denouncing him and his endorsement enough when it comes to the Jewish community?

There were no questions, nor has there been any questions, in any debate, EVER about oil companies, insurance companies, Israeli lobbyists, or in fact any specific special interest groups.

No candidate has ever had it as a part of his/her thought process to ask about Israel and its nuclear capabilities. No narrator has ever brought up the questions about Palestinian treatment in the hands of occupiers in their land for over 60 years. But delay saying “reject” for more than a few seconds when it comes to a political goof ball like Farrakhan’s support for your campaign and they’re all over you.

Ever since the first Bush, if not Ragan, we’ve seen American presidents wearing the head covering, Yamaka, when they visit Israel. Will the same president wear the Muslim counter part of Yamaka, when visiting any Muslim state?

Barak Obama wore the traditional Somalian outfit when he went to that country and he is Osama’s twin brother. If he would have gone to Israel and sported a Yamaka, he’d be a shoe in to the White House.

I understand, completely, denouncement of those who deny the Holocaust or don’t recognize the statehood of Israel. I cannot stand bigots, racists, and ignorant asses who use adjectives and words to describe a nationality or religion, but to chase a guy and make him say uncle, c’mon.

In the meanwhile, I would love the Iranian government to tell Israel, “you show yours, and I’ll show you mine”, when it comes to nuclear capabilities.


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by Jamaleto (not verified) on

Are you for real? lol


The title of your article is

by Anonymousxyz (not verified) on

The title of your article is misleading. This was an anti-semitic tirade and had nothing substantive on the election or Obama for that matter.

"We will only have peace with the Arabs when they will love their children more than they hate us"...Goldwien Meir


The inclusiveness of ignorance

by Fred on

It is said that the Islamist Republic has gotten some people fooled with its nuclear catch twenty two argument by playing up the nationalist card and more mischievously by fanning the Anti-Semitic tendencies of the Islamists. It is sad to see ignorance has no boundaries and is all inclusive.