To my beloved America

To my beloved America
by jamh

It's been a while
since your beliefs are gone,
since this apathy
made you spend your way
to your last home,
a refugee, now in heaven
now in hell.

Does it make any more sense?
Like musicals, like wars
that you watched projected
on your living room wall
now yellowed by lies,
now that you fell.

It's for a reason
that the sufis of old
call it a circle.

It can be clear,
the gamut of lives
of emotions, pride
homelessness, wealth,
hunger in the south,
or the succubus of cold
all of this you will see.

And the humility
will finally
set you free.




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I agree completely.  Oh, I

by jamh on

I agree completely.  Oh, I have so much to say on this subject that it could fill books.

You will notice that the older a country is, or more precisely, the older is its collective memory, the more it is aware of the bad things that can happen that are outside of its control.  It's like the experiences of a young man, first full of energy, full of the belief that nothing could stop him from his goals, convinced of his invincibility. Little by little, life teaches its lessons. By the time he is old, he is cautious.

I, like most, would like nothing more than the success of the US, because it is right now, for better or worse, the leading nation. When it is at its ideological best, it inspires us all.  Remember the space age? When it misbehaves, it gives ammonition to rogue countries (or individuals) to do the same.

With my best wishes..


The bell in the mountain.

by Francesco Sinibaldi (not verified) on

behaviour, recalling
the sunshine of
a positive sign
that now fades
away, discover
the sadness
in a beautiful

Francesco Sinibaldi

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Great poem Jam. Great wisdom. I hope and pray humility arrives sooner than later -- and with less death and destruction.