I, The Prostitute

At that moment it reminded me of the phrase Velvet Revoultion and I started to laugh


I, The Prostitute
by Shana Yazdi

Last week I fucked a complete stranger and I paid for it. No, he was not a gigolo, because he paid for it too. This is a new fuck-service in the Iranian developing sex industry. In a moment I will tell you all about it, but it has left such a sweet taste of novelty in my mouth that I still feel distraught and I don't know how to begin. Novelty because I had never needed to pay for sex.

I am a sexually overactive woman and there are many sexy men who are attracted to me. But the excitement of paying for sex gave me goose-bumps since the moment I heard the idea. This made my partner a gigolo in my eyes, although he received nothing and paid for his share of having fun too. Another aspect of the novelty was the fact that a man paid for having sex with me which in reality made me a prostitute in his eyes. God knows, it is really interesting to have sex with a CUSTOMER! So the story goes this way:

My friend in the gym told me about a fucking system in Tehran. She told me about a woman, whom I would like to call Z, in the center of this business. Nobody knows Z's real name but she frequents places like boutiques, galleries and movie houses to have contact with her customers, both male and female. Her customers are well-to-do men and women, mostly married, who want to have discreet sex and would pay good money for it. Then she would find men for women or vice-versa and after taking hefty amount of money, will take them to some apartments in different parts of the city for a few hours of passionate sex. No identity asked from any sides of the deal.

During the days following this conversation I felt this sweet shiver of excitement under my skin and the very next time I saw my friend in the gym I asked to see Z. She gave me a knowing smile and blinked her eyes, looking me from head to toe and promised to make contacts with her friend who has a friend who is a customer of Z. This loop led me to believe that she was a customer herself!

So the contact was made and I was supposed to meet her in a new plush clothing store in Tehran. I can't tell you about my sense of anticipation in the days before our meeting. Like small children I was impatient and nervous and frequently dropped things. That day I met her in the lingerie section and recognized her immediately. But I did not expect her to be such a magnificent woman. She was a lady in her late fifties, maybe from a good family, wearing an expensive cotton jacket over her black dress and had very expensive shoes on. The layer of well-applied make up did not cover the fact that she was once a beauty. She did not fail to show off her diamond studded Rolex and big pearl ring while she was fumbling with some expensive bras. She looked up and hailed me like she knew me since my childhood. I was nervous and did not know what to say to this fashionable lady pimp of mine and answered her casual questions in mumbles. She paid for her things, I could see her taste in undergarment was superb too.

She led me to her nice black car and got behind the wheel and after a few moments started to talk business. She told me since I am a beautiful woman it would be very easy to find my partner and she would try to find a suitable one for me. Her fee was 300,000 Toman on my side, and God knows how much from the other side. Of course she had to pay for her luxurious lifestyle one way or another, I thought.

Then she asked me what sort of man I had in mind and I became a school girl and stammered something but I don't remember what. I just wanted to tell her about my pubic hair fetish but I suddenly felt shy. I just told her I cannot stand bad breath! She had such a strong personality who could make an experienced bitch like me feel ashamed! So I paid her then and there and got out the car.

Two days later she called me and gave me an address to an apartment in the north-west of the city. When I hung up I felt jittery and fidgety all over again and I felt occasional quiver in my hands and burning on my face and a strange sensation of longing in my loins. I also felt a little fear of the unexpected. I thought about those horrible places where they rape and photograph women and take hush money from them for the rest of their lives. So I decided to take my Taser with me. I had bought it from the black market for nightly driving in the unsafe city of Tehran.

That day at 11 sharp I was at the address and waited for her in my car. She came and cued me to follow her into a building. She was wearing another expensive suit with different jewels. We went inside and she took off her channel scarf to show her well done blonde hair. She told me I had to pay another 50,000 Toman for the rent of this house and I paid without argument. Ten minutes later her cell phone rang and she had to repeat the address to someone on the phone. Then we waited for another ten minutes, talking about the elections and demonstrations and then the bell rang. She went to open the door and talked to someone and then got back to the sitting room and my partner, or customer if you like, followed her.

He was a tall man in his early fifties with receding chestnut hair and light big moustache in a dark brown jacket and a beautiful necktie. Everything was so big about him. His upper body, shoulders, thighs and even his feet. He was a little shy too, taking my slender hand in his big palm, pumping it slowly. Z told us to stay there until three in the afternoon and then we had to clear out. Then she took his rent of the share in front of me, which left a bad feeling on me, and left with the her usual coquettes.

We sat on the sofa and shared a cigarette. The moment we started to talk all my worries vanished and I knew I didn't have any use for my Taser. He said his name was Houshang and I knew he was lying. I told him my name was Sima. I told him it was my first time to be with a man in this way. Then we got closer and touched hands and then kissed. His lovely moustache brushed against my upper lip when we exchanged tongues. Then he nibbled on the soft spots of my neck and ear and back to my lips again.

We went to the bleak bedroom with a big bed and a simple clean counterpane thrown over very good mattress. No sheets, no pillows. We undressed slowly which left both of us in awe. He was mesmerized by my big shapely breasts and he showed his surprise with a big sigh. My jaws fell apart at the sight of his nice chest, sprinkled by very nice brown hair here and there, surrounded by nice biceps. He came forward and attacked my tits with both hands, mouth and teeth. I ran my hands up and down his torso and felt the bump around his belly button. He threw me on the bed and took off my pants with  a swift motion of his big hands. I was completely exposed and he stared at me for a few moments before putting his tongue over my pussy running it up and down my clit. Then he stood up by the side of the bed and dropped his black boxer shorts, exposing his fully erect shaft. He stood there for a few moment fully erect and beautifully chiseled as if waiting for well-deserved admirations. There was nice thatch of light brown hair all around it and all over his big hanging balls. I sat up to touch his instrument. I took it in my hand and it felt so soft and nice like velvet in my hand. I don't know why but at that moment it reminded me of the phrase Velvet Revoultion and I started to laugh. I had to tell him my personal joke and it left him in a guffaw too.

I bent my head and put my mouth on his big warhead and stuck my tongue to touch it but he stopped me. He said this would make him finish soon and he wanted to enjoy it the first time and I can suck it afterwards. I begged him not to wear a condom and he accepted with a little hesitation. I told him I like my man to make me wet.

In a moment he was inside me. Expertly with one hand he gushed open my tight clit and with the other hand he put it in there. The big rod slid inside and found its way to the hilt. He fell on top of me and joined me in a marathon of gyrations of hips and movement of loins. He was kissing my lips and face and neck all the time. His raspy voice and noisy breath added to the building sensation and his hands were crushing my back in his powerful embrace. I could feel his long pubic hair brushing against my body each time our loins joined. After a few minutes of rising and mounting to the summits of pleasure we both fell and released our built-up energy in a very noisy and critical moment which left both of us in a state of total satisfaction. With a few final thrust of his powerful hip he exploded inside my body and I felt the sweet sensation of  his warm liquid pouring into my insides. Then he dropped on me and crushed my nipples with his massive hairy chest and fell asleep. He did not move for another five minutes and wouldn't budge. His cum was finding its way from my pussy and was tricking down my opening and dropping onto the bed. I asked him to get up but he didn’t respond. With a little push on my part he rolled over and I could feel his massive tool was coming out of my cunt. He fell asleep on the bed and I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself.

I had brought towels and tissues and then I applied some perfume and got back. He was still lying like a child. He squinted his eyes to look at me tiredly. I bent on him and told him it was time to fulfill a promise. So I took his big exhausted cock in my hands and kissed it. Some fresh drops of cum came out which I licked quickly. I sucked his shaft and licked his balls and the insides of his thighs for half an hour before he was again ready for me to sit on him.

We made love until 3 o'clock. We had totally shed our embarrassment and tried several positions in the bed, on the floor, standing up, … At one moment I desperately wanted him in my ass but I couldn't bring myself to say it and he never took the hint.

Around three we took our baths together and I let him dry himself with my towel.  Then we got dressed and left in separate cars to a restaurant where he bought me a nice lunch. I really felt like a common whore and it was not an awful feeling . Then we simply said goodbye. He didn't even offer to give his real name or a phone number. I bet he was married to a dull wife and I felt sorry for him. I wanted to see this lovely creature again but my pride didn't let me say it. Finally he told me he would be in touch with me through Z.

I went home, satisfied and exhausted. I also felt a pang of pain in my chest. With all my sophistication I was still a dumb woman who would fall for a man with a nice cock. And as for my whoring around, once was definitely enough.


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Hoshang Targol

On the not so fictional side

by Hoshang Targol on

for a look at prostitution in IR you might want to check out this short documentary by Moslem Mansouri:


Iran-USA 2002/33 minutes

Prostitution in Iran sounds like an anomaly, but is a significant social problem for those pushed to the poverty line through fate, social structures and gender related discrimination. Distressingly, prostitution has become an option for women on all sides of the societal spectrum and “ Epitaph” leads a frank discussion on the desperation that pushes these Islamic women beyond the boundary. Startlingly we learn that prostitution has transcended its traditional frontiers and married women, as well as, divorcees, widows, children and university students, see it as their only option for survival.




P.S. Tweedy Bird, that was funny, cheers



We need protection to make

by JoshBlue on

We need protection to make sure that we live in a good place. But having this airsraft doesn’t mean that we have enemy and have to go for a war. We need this in case something happen. Who klnows right?? Adults Love To Shop


All Mullahs are pimps/gay anyhow

by goozidi on

مرگ بر اسلام - مرگ بر اسرائیل - مرگ بر آمریکا - زنده با د سرزمین زرتشت

Very interesting,I like Z She must be one of those mullah's wife.  

اخوندم و اخوندم - من مال مردم خوردم

آخوند به طاس ریده - کشک خورده ماست ریده


funny thing is

by capt_ayhab on

Funny thing is that when a pronogaraphic piece like this is written, whether fiction or not, the usual horde are awaiting to extrapolate a fantasy story of fuck and suck to entire society.

Guys and Gals, this is a fantasy porn piece much similar to Penthouse Forum stories, don't get too excited and relate it to IR, they have enough atrocities and brutalities themselves. Only thing exaggerations like some of comment here do is to discredit you, nothing more. 

Just read it for what it is, a pron ;-)



Put this in a Porno website!

by NiloIrani on

Well, This is a public website in which anybody can easily access including kids. I am amazed that we are ahead of even American's in profanity and posting things that do not belong to public websites. I am sure you can find other websites to go to enjoy sickening thoughts.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Iranian.Cum ?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

"So I took his big exhausted cock in my hands and kissed it. Some fresh drops of cum came out which I licked quickly. I sucked his shaft and licked his balls and the insides of his thighs for half an hour ... "

Yep, what woman does not love to do all that !?  Oh wait a minute, perhaps that's the perverted fantasy of a sex-crazed, lonely penis-jerker!


Put this somewhere else

by KhorshidKhanoom on

Honestly, to me I don't care what type of sex atmosphere the IRI has created but these type of stories have no place on this website.

They should be  AT LEAST protected by some over 18 control OR allowed to be put on a personal blog...or on some sexual fantasy/story website but not here.

This is a public, open website- ie. any one of any age/background/etc can access this website, therefore DETAILS provided in this story shouldn't be open for ALL to see.

These are blatantly erotica stories and whether they are true or not isn't the issue here its the fact thats it so OPENLY displayed.

I don't have a problem with people writing these stories or sharing them (thats their own private life/opinion/will), but everything has its own place and this isn't the place for these stories.

shahram G


by shahram G on

Unfortunetly a sick goverment will create a sick society and that is excatly what has happened in Iran.....I feel sorry for ourselves.....

Ahmed from Bahrain


by Ahmed from Bahrain on

with no questions asked, no condoms and in any sleazy place.

Welcome AIDS in post IRI republic of Iran.

May be the mullahs know one or two things about horny and deprived Iranian women??

Next thing they will all be flying to UAE and Saudi for a free lunch or Gucci bags? That would be an Iran to be proud of.

By the way: You guys at Iranian.co, if I want hard core porn, I can visit other sites.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Fiction or Not

by Cost-of-Progress on

This is a testament on how our country has evolved in the past 30 years. We have basically turned the entire country into a Share-Nou, or jendeh khooneh with IRI. Extremly Ironic.


Thank you gitdoun

by KhorshidKhanoom on

Honestly, what place does this have on Iranian.com? Is it because you mention the word Tehran? I'm sorry but this really has absolutely no place on this website. Sickening


Then we waited for

by Anonymouse on

Then we waited for another ten minutes, talking about the elections and demonstrations and then the bell rang.  

All politics, all Monica, all the time! 

Even when you're doing your deed, politics should not be forgotten!

... it reminded me of the phrase Velvet Revoultion ...

Everything is sacred.

Anonymous Observer

Easy JJ...

by Anonymous Observer on

get a grip dude...it's fiction...

but since your in Spain...I heard this kind of stuff is legal there... :-)



by B A H R A M on

This blog reminded me of the early 80's. Sitting in my dorm with a brand new Hustler, reading the letters to the Editor and wondering who is going to be the Beaver of the month for August, god I feel so nostalgic. 


you made JJ'S day

by darius on


Jahanshah Javid

Never dull

by Jahanshah Javid on

Your stories are always fascinating. Everyone has sex. But your encounters are so... different, or so they seem. I wonder what you will come up with next :o)


Beerjin Jendeh LOL

by AK69 on

- "With all my sophistication I was still a dumb woman who would fall for man with a nice cock. "

Yes; as are all women!



Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan

gitdoun ver.2.0

wtf is this???

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

are u kidding me? is this some kind of erotica story? what is wrong with u?

Little Tweet


by Little Tweet on

wouldn't it be funny if Z matched you up with your own husband? poor guy would have had to pay twice for one session!  ;-)