Voting in the Dark

Iranians want change but have not yet figured out a way to create change


Voting in the Dark
by Mohammad Alireza

In a few months Iran will hold presidential elections, which most likely will result in Ahmadinejad remaining as president. This will not be due to an expression of what the majority of Iranians want but due to the fact that there still remains a slight chance that Iran will be attacked.

After America invaded Iraq preparations were made within the Iranian power structure for war, and this included installing Revolutionary Guard hardliners throughout government organizations, with Ahmadinejad being the most visible.

Essentially a shadow military junta has been created so as to back up the theocracy in the event Iran has to go on a war footing.

However, given that the threat of an attack has greatly diminished over the past eight months this shadow government has not only become obsolete but has become an impediment given its inherent incompetence and dysfunctional nature.

Regrettably when power has been tasted it is very hard to give up which means the shadow of the military will continue to fall on Iran for some time to come.

Another danger is that when military men are in power they view the world in terms of military conflict, which means human rights, democratic governance, and peaceful co-existence are given lower priority.

At the moment most Iranians want change but have not yet figured out a way to create change as all the normal strategies have been blocked. Street protests, publications, and hunger strikes have proven to be ineffective.

Maybe with subsidies being lifted, and the likely economic protests, change can take place, but this is unlikely as the roots of the problem are not economic but the interpretation of Islam.

The day that Iranians are willing to die for freedom, democracy, and the separation of state and mosque is the day when change will take place given that the other side has whole armies brainwashed into worshiping martyrdom.

So until the day thinking Iranians find an effective way to enlighten the millions of confused and blinkered Iran will remain in the dark ages.


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I like to be free man but

by hajiagha on


I like to be free but not to be Gay
I like to be free but not to get drunk
I like to be free but not to sale sex
I like to be free but not porn on Internet or animal sex
I like to be free but not phonograph
I like to be free but not smoke hash

I like to be free but not my wife tell me what to do?
I like to be free but have control over my kids because is my kids.
I like to be free but I like to choice my life and not you tell me or teach me , some things is right for smart human


hassani. Go to the maktab and stay there.

by KouroshS (not verified) on

Anarchists such as yourself, with their most ridiculous and odd suggestions, should not only be banned from taking parts in the process of bringing democracy back to iran, they should be exiled and barred from entering iran FOREVER. There,in exile, Drop all the nails and flatten all the tires and glue all the doors as you wish.


Iranians want change..........

by Faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

......first of all and only in the western countries. Those 7ty million honorable Iranians who live in their islamic Republic of Iran want to protect their achievements in the last 30 years. Thry wish stability and permanenz for their System. They will do their best to be successfull. So far God helps. Greeting


Can't wait

by XerXes (not verified) on

Hope to have my candidate elected for a better Iran. These are certainly exciting times in Iran. I'll be there and can't wait.


Gun & Pen

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on

The best way to start change is to initiate legislation to give right to individual older than 21 to bear arm.

I think with this backing the "Pen" begins to hold its rightful place in Iranian consciousness and culture toward postive and constructive change...

"Over my cold body"


To anonymous8

by LOL (not verified) on

Of course you don't! you want the things just the way they are but maybe a bonus wouldn't be so bad.


Wrong Fred

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

You can take your material support and support yourself with it!

ma nakhastim


GLUE and NAILS are the best way

by Hassani (not verified) on

To remove this plague. throw nails in the street to puncture the cars tires and pour glue in the doors locks wherever you go. This will make people angry enough to rid their country of this regime.


Unwavering support

by Fred on

Iranians need material and unwavering moral support to break the logjam and rid the nation and the world of this Islamist plague. The sooner it is done the cheaper the final cost will be. This Islamist "election" show is stale  and except the willing ain't fooling that many others.


Encourage people to go and vote in millions for Khatami Again

by Solution (not verified) on

I am sure this time around we will have more temporary changes than before.