Whether to wither or not

Whether to wither or not
by jamh

You don't want to
hear my sob story.
Believe me, you don't.
But here I am,
under the phosphorous
and pretty lights
more helpless than afraid
more afraid than enraged.

Below me, in the street
the crowd runs in a circle
because, after all
where can you run to
in this newly walled city?
to the sea? to the boats
waiting with their guns?

No, you run to and fro
holding the hands
of your last children,
waiting for a shred
of decency from this
so called merciful God.

If you didn't know
you'd think a celebration,
you'd try to catch
the confetti falling from
brightly colored biplanes
urging you to buy.



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Jamh..the picture and poem

by Miny (not verified) on

Jamh..the picture and poem made me very sad...and i am like many other millions of people i guess who feel sad but helpless that they cant do much more than being sad....i just wish hope and pray....this grave situation should end....


Now they are all sitting around the table

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on

Hot Bread
Roasted chicken
Grilled fish
Coca cola
Water please
Craburry juice
----- Q.Professor Danesh what would you like?
----- A. Sweet hot kisses in slow motion without rush please


Dear Jamh

by Professor Danesh (not verified) on

Now that you have brought question of Israel and Palestine I must say I have already said that in my view the best way to secure peace in this region and ensure prosperity is to demilitarize the entire area--whether hammas, or plo or israeli army or what make no difference. They must all abolish their military capbilities immediately. This is the only way I see in my view Jews could be saved from themselves both and palestinians from the palestinians.

"What do we have for dinner" now should be the prime item on isreali and palestinian agenda negotiation table--

Old business
New business


Abol The Abolish


Mr Danesh

by jamh on

I am sorry, I didn't say it right in my reply to you. I should have said that this poem is not about accusing. If you read it again you'll see that it is not about the rights of Israel or Palestine (or their wrongs). Humans have always been in one war or another with the ensuing atrocities.  Perhaps the guilty (as you'd say terrorist, or uneducated, or mentally challenged) should be punished.  Who am I to say?  Women and children might be a different story, unless you are a seer. More than anything though, I meant this as a sort of question to God.

There was a serial killer in the US by the name of "Ice Man" who was finally caught after many years of service to the Mafia. I saw a documentary where they were interviewing him in prison, he would describe non-challantly, and without guilt, the hits with all of their detail. He was obviously good at it and proud of that fact. Finally the interviewer asked him if he had any regrets. He said this: "There was a man who owed money and wouldn't pay up, finally they sent me to take him out. When I got to him he got on his knees and started to pray. I told him fine, I give you an hour, if in this hour there are any signs that I should not kill you, I won't.  I waited the entire hour before killing him.  I should not have done that."

I have often thought about this. Why would that be his only regret? Did his luck change from then on? Why was there no intervention? Just so that the strong is judged? I honestly don't know the answer to these questions, but I would err to the side of caution.

Stay safe.



Dear Jamh

by Hassan Danesh (not verified) on

...how about if I revise the poem by saying...

Particularly when you can not afford the psychiatrist hefty office visit fees...

Any better this way at all?


Jamh Jann Dooroost meefarmaa-een

by Hassan (lall) Danesh (not verified) on

Balleh shoma dorost meegeen. man eshtebah sheretoon ro fahmeedam. balleh sahih mefarmeen ... man eshtebah kardam...meekosham ke sheramo tasheeh konam baa tavajoh be peeshnehad shoma

Movafagh baasheen...

Hassan Danesh


Mr. Danesh, I don't think

by jamh on

Mr. Danesh,

I don't think you understand the gist of this poem. As far as I can tell, you're not God, are you? Isn't self-righteous the one who says "I don't care as long as you" or "have faith, it is good for you"? Isn't it a bit condescending to say "have faith particularly when you can't afford school"? And more importantly, do you really think the God of Judea is not the God of Palestine?



Very touching

by mina2 (not verified) on

Thank you for this poem.


Don't Cry...

by Mr. Abol Hassan Danesh (not verified) on

Don't cry...
Don't worry
Don't cover your face
I am not going to burn it
For it is your faith
And I don't care
How many imams you worship
Beside your god and your prophet
6, 7 or 12 or 13
I don't care... trust me...
As long as you learn
To not burn the face of others
With your unwavering self righteousness
In self suicide explosive bombing

Have faith!
It is good for you
Particularly ...
When you can't going to schoo
For not being able to afford paying
The hefty university tuition and fees

Show your face!
Show your faith!