Identifying Photos of Basijis

Identifying Photos of Basijis
by Zara

When the eyes of the living hold no more light than the dead
and ignorance makes sport of human dignity,

when the marksman lifts his weapon’s scope to hollow eye
and surrenders his soul to smoke and mirrors,

when a human body falters at the border, barbed,
between fragile meaning and momentary meat,

when tender sons at one stroke become men and no longer men,
then Sohrab dies again, and yet again for each new age.

There is no Rostam left to carry his weight from the field,
not one killer standing among you worthy to feel this shame.

-- Zara Houshmand


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Feb 03, 2010
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by Javan on

I enjoyed your comments, they are most impressive.  The only thing I can say is that Iran needs Iranian-American Muslims, Iranian Americans (name your faith), Iranian Muslims, Iranian (name your faith), etc. to unite against the EXTREMISTS OF EVERY FAITH, CREED, RACE.  

I am as Persian racially as you can get and I get mistaken for white people (ANGLO-SAXONS) all the time.  However, I love being Iranian and Muslim.  I put "Middle Eastern" instead of "Caucasian" on forms.  

I am not ashamed of my race or my faith. -  



by Zara on

I was inspired by Sohrab Arabi to write this poem, and I tried to say that the basijis are shameless, not worthy to play the role of Rostam.  I happen to believe that the monarchists and MKO are both equally irrelevant fossils right now, and I try not to hate anyone.  To assume all Iranian expats share the same beliefs makes about as much sense as assuming that all Iranian Muslims are basijis.



by Javan on

There are many Sohrabs and Rostams...

The thing that is disuniting Iranians is their lack of understanding for one another.  I like many Iranian Muslims do not agree with the coup that happened in Iran, infact we support Mousavi's Islamic Green Movement...however, when people try to disunite the movement and throw in their personal fossilized attitudes of a Monarchy or ideal Communist state like the Monarchists and Mujahedin, then you stop and wonder what is going on.  

Do you know that what has hurt the Iranian protesters more than anything is the scenes of Iranian expat Monarchists and Marxists holding up the Safavid Lion and Sun flag?  That is all it takes for the common Iranian to watch the news and see Ahmadinejad saying ....see look at this Khas o khoshak!  

If you really want to support our movement, then don't hate Iranian Muslims...we are the ones that are leading these protests!!  We are the ones getting hurt, arrested, and dying.  

A perfect example is Sohrab Arabi.....who was recently executed, he came from a religious Iranian Muslim family.  Mousavi even talked to his mom...

That could have been me on the street getting arrested and please do not put us down...we are Iranian Muslims not anything the government is saying that we are. Why are the Iranian expat "Rostams" killing us "Sohrabs"???? Ironically today's supposed Rostam's live outside of the country "Turan" while we today's Sohrabs are in "Iran".  

Please just help us, don't hurt us...Thanks! 

Reza Hiwa

O Dear Zara

by Reza Hiwa on

It's always a pleasur to read you, on and on.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Zara

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you for your poignant poem. I can see how affected you are with recent news and images out of Iran. I am glad to hear your voice added to the growing symphony of outrage, compassion, and love for Iran. "When tender sons at one stroke become men and no longer men," has had me sitting here crying.