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Listen Carefully, Digest, and then Pass Judgements!

by IranAzizam on

Many of the people who comment on this blog HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN TO IRAN for the last 30 years. IT IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COUNTRY THAN YOU WOULD KNOW! The same youths you are cheering were born and raised DURING THIS REGIME! When Ramazan comes, MOST ARE FASTING, as opposed to 30 years ago. During Ashura & Tasua, ALL OVER IRAN, and specially North of Tehran, there is mourning and food is distributed BY MOST STORE OWNERS (the same who are protesting), as opposed to 30 years ago when the Bazar only mourned. There is PUBLIC Sineh Zani from Tajrish to S. of Tehran (the same youths ALL PARTICIPATE). You are all talking about a country that YOU WISH and yet this is a country that YOU MUST UNDERSTAND! 

SIMIN ROOYANIAN UNDERSTANDS, and her arguments ARE STRAIGHT TO THE POINT! And indeed AHMADINEJAD HAS A LOT OF SUPPORTERS IN IRAN. Nevertheless the media here, for all political reasons, only promoted and fed to the public, those who were opposed. Of course usually, those who are opposed are usually louder, and more organized.  SHE IS CORRECT IN HER ASSESSMENTS, and HER ARGUMENTS CARRY A LOT OF WEIGHT!  

"When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took office in 2005, with the backing of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, he tried to wrest control of key ministries, especially oil and the government’s National Iranian Oil Company (NOIC), from the Rafsanjani/ Mousavi capitalist elite, replacing officials with his own choices -- primarily from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). It was not till 2007 that he was able to install his candidate for oil minister, also head of the NIOC, Gholamhossein Nozari. Like Chavez, he proceeded to use state oil revenues to consolidate his base among the poor, something which the so-called reformists under his predecessor Mohammed Khatami or earlier non-reformists under Rafsanjani/ Mousavi were not noted for."

"Ahmadinejad’s ascendancy in 2005 on a platform to fight and eliminate the “oil mafia” confirmed the IRGC as the underlying force confronting Rafsanjani and the reformists. Throughout the 2009 electoral campaign, Ahmadinejad attacked his opponents as leaders of the corrupt elite, now trying to claw back control."

"The elite had had enough, and the election ruckus last month was their last stand against the clearly populist, essentially leftist Ahmadinejad (in the West labelled a “hardliner”). Some pundits call Ahmadinejad’s decisive win a coup d’état by the IRGC, but the recent demonstrations in Teheran look eerily similar to those in Caracas in 2002-03 when Venezuelan society was paralysed by its economic elite, mobilising its own Gucci crowd, strongly backed by the US, protesting a populist president’s determination to use oil revenues to help the common people. Chavez risked his life in the process, but his careful planning foiled the plotters and he survived to carry out his agenda. Whether Ahmadinejad can do the same, and to what extent the IRGC is a vehicle for promoting social welfare is a drama which is only now unfolding." Quotations derived from: Venezuela & Iran: Whither the revolutions?
By Eric Walberg
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Kaveh Nouraee

The beginning of this video is PROOF!

by Kaveh Nouraee on

That this woman is nothing!

In the beginning of this video before she even utters her first syllable, her CV is on display!

She is no more qualified to speak on this matter than if she were to speak on the spawning habits of North Atlantic salmon.

Just another Irooni who is running her mouth to anyone who will listen.




by Iran_e_abad on

Haven't your parents taught you not to use abusive or sexist languages when you are referring  to a lady?

How do you feel if someone calls your sister big-breasted?

Like all the melted-in-Velayat, your thoughts never elevate above your waist line. So sad.


Iran_e_abad: You are right, definitely a waste of time

by Mehdi on

I am happy with the answer you gave me. You are right. I am living in neverland and I see virtual reality. You see the actual reality. I just wish you had answered at least one of my question, even though my questions are so obviously wrong and can so easily be answered. But I understand that throwing slogans and name calling is a better way for you to respond. Why bother "waste" your valuable time when you could be spending it on fighting the "evil regime" that has does absolutely nothing all day long but kill, kill, kill. Makes sense to me. I see the reality now. I was just talking to my sister yesterday. She was explaining to me how EVERYTHING is the WORLD is Ahmadinejad's fault. If the Jewish people are being hounded around the world and have a terrible reputation, well, of course that is ALL because of Ahmadinejad, not because they are land thieves or anything like that. She also explained to me that she has not worked a day in her life since 15 years ago but that is also of course Ahmadinejad's fault for not giving her the oil money so that she could buy a house first and when she feels better she would of course go and work. I see the reality now. Thank you for opening my eyese. I was so blind! I was living in virtual reality where I thought people in Iran in general have a very low ethics level. I used to think that there were a lot of Iranians who were just thieves and cutthroats, killing their own brother if it served their purpose but you woke me up! I am awake now! I now see that EVERYTHING is government's fault. If people drive like idiots in Iran, it is government's fault for not giving everyoon a brand new Mercedes (from the oil money) and for not providing them with driving schools where beautiful big-breasted women teach them (so that they don't forget). i see it now. If the streets are dirty, of course it is Khamenei's fault, just like before his regime it was Shah's fault. Damn, this is so easy, EVERYTHING is government's fault. This murderous government just goes around and kills, kills, kills. Terrible! And Innocent angels in Iran jusrt have NO CHOICE. I am so thankful you woke me up! I don't know how to appreciate it.

If you get a chance, please pick a few more of millions of statements Ahmadinejad has made and show me how hi is the root of all eveil an donce he is gone, Iran will immediately turn into a heaven and democracy will be everywhere! Oh, this is so good. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 



by RezaKnowsAcu on

I see that everyone is on the uproar about this person, who happens to speak her mind regarding supporting Ahmadinejad and other comments about our fearless leader in Iran cheating the elections and how he also bought his way into the whitehouse in Tehran by buying votes and still came short and therefore he had to bluntly without any shame defying the whole entire nation by lying.......

But one thing and the only thing that remains unanswered, unchanged, underminded and unnoticed is the presemce and existence of this government. Our total efforts must be guided toward the removal of this regime and nothing less. Who cares what this woman has to say, she is welcomed to her opinion as much as the next person. That shouldnt be a topic of anyone's conversation, as she is entitled to her opinion. We must focus on One thing and One thing only......This regime must go!

Mousavi, Rafsanjani or Khatami are not the answers my friends. They all have, and had, a big part in some, or all of the horrific acts that the present government have committed in the past 30 years. Do not allow them to be considered any different from the rest, for they are all from the same breed. they Wil not be forgiven nor forgotten and each and every one of them will be tried and punished for their crimes against the people of our nation.



mrs.simin you should talk

by bahar on

mrs.simin you should talk to mrs. shirin abadi,may be help you with understing of word of freedom ,you are in america ,i suppose, becuase of it .

shame on you for backing of the man who kills and denies,who put pp in unmrked jails,without a trial.who executes ppl on public.

shame on you for backing a evil who denies ppl ,of first right ,the right to be .and let be



Mehdi, wake up and lighten up

by Iran_e_abad on


Lighten up!
Your logic resembles the logic of

Changing the subject, blaming people for the failure of
government, redefining the reality and believing in VIRTUAL reality ,
denying the obvious , fallacy and blaming US and west for all the problems. I see a lot of resemblence between your words and Ahmadinejad's 

اینها یک سری خس و خاشاک هستند

ما در ایران همجنسکرایی نداریم

نرخ تورم در ایران ١٣% است

هولوکاست یک افسانه است

ازادی در ایران مطلق است

هاله نور

امام زمان جهان را مدیریت میکند.


So Medhi, the uneducable, since you can not differentiate the difference between democracy and capitalism, and in your opinion they are both the same,I will not waste my breath on you.  As you nicely
pointed out yourself, your are uneducable. Being uneducable is a true
attribute of "Melted-in-Velayate-Vaghih".

منفور خلق و امت، مجذوب در ولایت

نفرین خلق ایران بر تو و بر امام ات

AFter all, believers in Velayate-Vaghih can not use their minds and need a custodian. Enjoy the negligence.

Long live Iran, down with the enemies of Iran,


Read the following poem. I have highlighted your category. 

آنکس که نداند و بداند که نداند ، لنگان خرک خویش به مقصد برساند
آنکس که نداند و نداند که نداند ، در جهل مرکب ابدالدهر بماند
آنکس که بداند و نداند که بداند، بیدارش نمایید که تا خفته نماند
آنکس که بداند و بداند که بداند، اسب شرف از گنبد گردون بجهاند


Iran_e_abad: very funny

by Mehdi on

You keep telling me I shouldn't tell Iranian people what to do andyou constantly tell me what Iranian people want and who they are. Since when have you been elected as their lawyer or representative? Why don't you just talk as yourself and admit that these are your own OPINIONS and nothing to dowith Iranian people?

You say Iranian people know exactly what they want. You also say Iranian people are smart. You say they are mostly very well educated (I guessthat's thanks to the "repressive" regime, isn't it?). Then you say they have no strategy and don't need one. Well, even the most advanced organizations on Earth have never claimed that they could accomplish anything without a strategy, with no organization or leader. But let's say, you are correct. Then explain to me what is stopping them exactly? You keep referring to this thing called "government" that is according to you stopping 70 million people. Who are these people? How many are they? How do they  exactly control 70 million people? Are the Iranian people, all and every one of them an angel who never does ANYTHING wrong and yet are somehow being repressed by a tiny group called government who do nothing but evil? The scenario you are presenting here, not only has NOTHING to do with the Iranian society, in fact only someone with a a very deranged mind could even imagine it. You need to slap yourself a few times, maybe you will wake up and see the reality. 

Are you telling me that all those who are currently addicted to drugs in Iran are pure and innocent angels who have been forced one by one by the regime to take drugs? Is there ANYTHING wrong with Iran that is the responsibility of people and NOT really the government? Who is this government,anyway? Is it just Khamenei and Ahmadinejad? Since when this government took over? Was it 1979? Was it 1989? When was it that innocent people of Iran had power and then they lost it? 

What you are saying is completely insane. Not even possible. 

And of course, oh yeah, the US is a true democracy. Where do you live, under a rock? In the White House? Have you ever heard of Rockefeller? Ever heard of AIPAC Lobby? Ever heard of all the mafia organizations that are manipulating the US government? You think this "economic disaster" was an accident or some mistakes? Have you noticed that the end result of this economic disaster has been the Rockefeller banks taking over other banks? You call this a democracy? You are quite something, that's for sure! And you want to educate me? Good luck!

Why don't you ACTUALLY watch these videos again and tell me what she says that is not correct? When did she advocate IRII or any regime? When did she say we should not try to improve things? Why are you making up things? 


Mehdi, I am not your friend, no real Iranian is

by Iran_e_abad on


I dare you not to call my fellow Iranians stupid, and
I dare you not to call me your friend unless you change your views. So don't call me your
friend. It seems like you got educated on who the real mobs are, since you had no response to it. Good. One
step forward toward achieving democracy.


Let me clarify one
more thing. Simin Royanian, is against democracy. Even though she waves
the flag
of feminism and activism, as long as she is promoting and supporting a
government that has oppressed youth, feminism and human right, she is
with the tyrants. Whoever supports an oppressive
ruler, even though he/she is not actively involved in it, is part of
anti-democratic government.

Let me educate you about the new
wave ofdemocracy, since you have not updated your political views for
30 years, due to this dogma that you are entrapped in. This freedom
movement does not need Mr. or Mrs. NOBODY. Period. This is the beauty of
modern democracy. You want know who the real leader is? The real
leader are people that are frustrated, as you nicely stated, from this tyranny. As opposed to
your archaic school of thought that requires SOMEBODY to lead the
people, this time people are following their own judgment and common sense,
the two factors that are missing in your argument and Simin Royanian's. And by the way, people are not searching for a leader,
people do not need any leader. They may needed a leader in the previous
revolution because the literacy rate of people was about 30%. With 50%
of Iranian below the age of 30 and with literacy rate of 77% among the
Iranians, who and why do we need a leader? Every Iranian is a leader. The
most successful democracies on the face of planet do not rely on their
leaders. Open the constitution of the United States and read the
opening statement

"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish
justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote
the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our
posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States
of America."

don't search for a leader. All Iranians need to do, and rest assured
they will do, is to take the US constitution and replace the term united
states with Iran. This is inevitable despite your, or Simin Royanian
desperate attempts, to legitimize this government and portray the people
as "Mobs" or "Those people", as the "those-people" have come from Mars
or Nepton.

People of Iran are smart enough. They do not need
direction from people like you to educate them what the smart move is.
They are very determined, they are not going to step back, they know
exactly what they need and they will get it. 

Let me educate you about the ways that people have tried to reach the democracy. They have practiced in the following

Electing a reformist government and asking for a freedom of speech,
freedom of thought and political development. This act was blocked by
the oppressive Khamenei who blocked the press bill. He was scared to
death to see an open and democratic media.

2. Coming to the
streets and demanding, in the most humaine and non-violant way, their
rights. Again Khamenei responded by ordering the Sepah to shoot the
people on the streets.

3. People have participated in an
election, voted like all democratic citizens of this world. Again,
their attempt to claim their rights was blocked by Khamenei through rigging the

To summarize my statements, the Iranian people don't
need a leader. You may not, but we, the Iranian people, are very clear
as far as what we want. We do have a clear strategy and we are
successfully moving towatd it. The fact that NONE of the leaders of the
moderm world, the Eurpean countries, Canada, US and the rest of
civilized world have  accepted Ahmadinejad as the elected
president of Iran is sufficient enough. The whole world is respecting
the new Iranian leader; and that leader is no one other than the people.
It is never late to admit to your mistakes. Come and stay on people
side. We people of Iran are kind and they always welcome individuals
like you and Simin Royanian among them. All you need to do is to stop
your support for oppressive regime.

Long live Iran, down with the enemies of Iran


Iran_e_abad: stupid is the right adjective

by Mehdi on

This person here in these videos makes a LOT of very good points. She is NOT against more democracy or more freedom. Of course people can claim anything. But she does make it very clear that she is FOR more freedom and democracy. So am I. But what she says is that it is not enough to just have a vague idea about freedom and democracy or to follow the pattern laid out by Marx, Lenin, Che Guevara or whoever. What she says is that Iranians must be smarter and must work towards democracy and freedom. Democracy and freedom do NOT come from chaos and destruction and aimless and purposeless demonstrations and mob activity. Neither this lady nor I are saying that the government of Iran is perfect or has no flaws. But both of us are saying that there are by FAR better ways to ask for freedom and democracy than to lead the way to what is most likely a take-over by the US or other foreign forces. Empty, raw emotions and revolutionary slogans and chanting will NOT bring about more freedom. This was tried in 1979, was it not? Khamenei or Ahmadinejad are not NEARLY as bad as they have been advertised to be. In this time NOBODY could do better than them - NOBODY! If there was a person who could even vaguely be better than them, then why is it that between 3-10 million Iranians who live outside of Iran are not finding him/her? You say the IRI is so repressive that only bloodshed can resolve this issue but millions of Iranians are OUTSIDE of those walls, so how is it that they also have no clear view of what they want to accomplish and why is it that they also have no real leader or plan or anything whatsoever? So what is the point of demostrations, even if we assume they are peaceful, when nobody has a better leader or even a better plan in mind? It is easy to blame EVERYTHING on some vague and undefined entity named "government" and ask for destruction and bloodshed. It is not that easy to say something rational and sane and work hard and actually build something valuable that lasts. No, my friend, those people who are jumping into the streets today are stupid and irrational. There is no doubt about it.


Mehdi, don't dare to call my countrymen/women stupid

by Iran_e_abad on


Don't dare to call my country men/women mobs. You wanna know who the mobs are. The real mob is Ahmadinejad who orders the closure of budgetry and planning organization, so he can use 1 billion dollar from the treasury without being accountable.

You wanna know who the real mob is. The real mob is Sadegh-Mahsouli, the  corrupted interior  minister who has built his fortune out of financial corruption.


Let me educate you who the real mobs are. The real mobs are the vigilante group called Basijis who destroy public properties and blame it on the protestors. May be watching this video educates you who the real mobs are


Thank you for your honesty in using the term frustration. Yes people are frustrated to their noise from hypocratic people like Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.

One last thing. Don't dare to call my country men/women stupid. Neda, Sohrab have died for the same cause that Bagher-khans, Sattar-khans, Golesorkhis and all the martyrs of country died for; Freedom. Let me assure you onething, that this new generation is not scared of bullets. So the stincky policies of the hypocratic regime, the desperate attempts of individuals like you or simin royanian, would not change their determination. This movement would go on full speed and full power until the democracy and freedom is spread across our  beloved land, Iran.


Long live Iran, down with the betrayers of Iran



Great interview! Finally someone relatively sane

by Mehdi on

Of course, the bunch of people who have the mob mentality that people should just go on the srteets and throw rockas at the police or Basiji and create massive chaos will not like this lady. She speaks of reason and sanity. Mobs are insane and want destruction (disguised as a "positive" movement). I hope more Iranians will realize that certain elements in the world are trying to use their frustration and achieve something evil in Iran. Everyone will regret it, if they don't take action against it. These stupid, aimless and chaotic demonstrations must stop now! 


این عوعو سگان شما نیز بگذرد


شعری از سيف الدين محمد فرغانی شاعر معاصر سعدی، خطاب به سپاهيان مغول

هم مرگ بر جهان شما نیز بگذرد
هم رونق زمان شما نیز بگذرد

باد خزان نکبت ایام، ناگهان
برباغ و بوستان شما نیز بگذرد

ای تیغتان چو نیزه برای ستم دراز
این تیزی سنان شما نیز بگذرد

چون داد عادلان به جهان در،بقا نکرد
بیداد ظالمان شما نیز بگذرد

در مملکت چو غرش شیران گذشت و رفت

این عوعو سگان شما نیز بگذرد




Video: Mousavi c on de m ns

by vildemose on

Video: Mousavi c on de m ns 'medieval-era t or tu re' co nf e ss ions



Ms Royanian

by minadadvar on

This does not seem like an interview.   



Ms. Royanian I wrote the

by Iran_e_abad on

Ms. Royanian

I wrote the following poem in response to Ahmadinejad's hypocratic actions and deeds. You
inspired me so much, that I would like to dedicate this poem to you. Please replace the Mahmoud with Simin and feel free to recite it as much as you can. After all, upon listening to your speech, I don't see much difference between you two.

در پاسخ به محمود احمدی نژاد که رئیس قوه قضائیه را در برخورد با ازادگان وطن به رافت دعوت نمود.


نه رافت، نه الفت، تیری به جان ملت
شرمت بباد محمود (سیمین)  از این همه جنایت
منفور خلق و امت، مجذوب در ولایت
نفرین خلق ایران بر تو و بر امام ات
خلف و دروغ و تزویر می بارد از کلامت
دولت ندیده هرگز با اینهمه فضاحت
یاوه سرای گشتی بی شرم و با وقاحت
فصلی نوین گشودی در وادی حماقت
سهراب را تو کشتی، تف بر رخ سیاهت
روزی کشند بیرون پیر از پس دمارت
کشتی ندای ملت با انهمه شقاوت
دور تو هم سر اید مزدور بی کفایت


The ideas presented by Ms.

by aghaemi on

The ideas presented by Ms. Royanian are similar to those put forth by the "royal left" (Tudeh and the Fadaian-majority) at the beginning of the 1979 revolution. At that time the Mujahedin and the Fadaian-minority, “revolting left”, revolted against the valayet faghih provision in the IR constitution and received no backing from the "royal left".  The revolting left was decimated and for a myriad of reasons has not since been able to win the trust of the Iranian people.  The basic argument of the royal left is (rather "was" since they were mostly either imprisoned, killed or forced to recant in late 80s a few years after the mass killings and imprisonments of the revolting left) that the Islamic revolution is going through an anti-imperialist phase as a prelude to the upcoming full fledge workers revolution (Marxist Leninist).  It is unfortunate how there are some on the left with the same ideas that the IR is a "progressive" state (see Hamid Dabashi's article on the left and the Iranian revolt criticizing these so called leftist progressives).  These so called progressives attribute the recent upheavals in Iran as the work of the American and the British governments at dismantling the sole independent state in the world, Iran.  Thankfully they constitute a very small fraction of the Iranian intelligentsia.  The Iranian people are not revolting because they are a bunch of kids that only want "social freedoms".  They are revolting because they want democracy: freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of religion....True that Mousavi was/is a part of the establishment but so were Gorbachev and Yeltsin.  In this day and age of the internet and satellite dishes, you have to be deaf and blind not to notice the relative backwardness of Iran.  How does one explain that the size of the Iranian economy is half of that of Turkey’s or a fraction of South Korea’s, when both of these countries were not too far off from Iran economically 30 years ago?  Perhaps a president who leaves an extra dish on his dinner table for the 12th Imam is representative of the short comings of this regime?  He is interested not in this world but the next.  The good news here is that the change is inevitable and is happening from within the regime and it comprises some of the founding fathers of this republic.  For that reason it is very unlikely that it will lead to a civil war a la Iraq.  Do keep in mind that 70% of the revolutionary guards voted for Khatami in 1997.


Confused woman

by persianwoman on

Who the hell this woman is?    I am wondering how much cash she received from Islamic Republic.  I never seen anybody that stupid by saying people are confused.  Don't you think you are confused?  Don't you think you should be living in Russia to blame US goverment.  How did you get US visa?

Russian butt kisser "IRANIAN POEPLE ARE HEROES" and you are a stupid woman.




by minadadvar on

I only watched a portion of the first part of this so called "interview".  Lost interest very quickly.  You are right.  She seems to be reciting rather than interviewing. 

You sound familiar with NLP.  Interesting stuff.


Who is she anyway?

by javaneh29 on

I dont understand why her views are important. Why is she in US?  And what  a cheek she has!  Firstly she disassociates herself from the people in Iran by calling them 'those people'. I dont believe this is about language as she is clearly excellent in the english language. She clearly understands herself to be  different from 'those people'.

Then her voice and facial expression is devoid of any emotion. She is not engaged with the subject she is talking about on any emotional level. She also doesnt use gesturing when she talks.... this could indicate many things, its difficult to know. A guess would be that she's reciting. There is a flicker of a smile in the 2nd video when she talks about the '79 revolution.... was she there then? 

Eye language is difficult to interprept. We don't know whether she is left or right handed. Usually for right handed people when they look left they are constructing a sound, left and up means constructing an image. Right is about memory, right and down is about talking to oneself.

As for her looks, I don't think she is so ugly. What is unattractive about her is what she says.  




by Suomynona on

I don't like the hapless Shahollahi's who seem to infest this site and are seemingly living perpetually in the past, nor do I care for any Hezbollahi's who value only their religious beliefs above and beyond nationality or even human rights.

BUT, the views expressed here by this lady, and the comments by Jaleho below are an afront to human decency, and perhaps even dillusional.

Wake up and smell your favorite-morning-bevergae folks, we are witnessing nothing less than a nation rising up to slap tyranny on its ugly face.


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Simin, Jaleho and remaining I.R. ...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on


The only thing that separates LIFE and DEATH is TIME !!!!

And TIME is definitely NOT on your side anymore, use the remaining wisely!!!!

Do NOT doubt that TIME is on the side of intelligent and wise young IRANIANS. Time is on the side of Truth, Love and Justice.

Do NOT doubt,

With or Without you,  IRAN and Iranians will be FREE and HAPPY again.


WOW! How I hate this woman's guts!

by farrokhzad on

You said she is a feminist? BY what yardstick?  What kind of a sick soul is she?

Why is she in this country?

We'll remember you when the day comes.  


As Bani Sadr  points out in

by vildemose on

As Bani Sadr  points out in his excellent analsysi, there is a fissure in the superstructure of Iranian politics that goes to the very heart of the Iranian Constitution, challenging the basis of the principle of Velayat-e Faqih (the rule of the imamate) and the rule of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. he is saying in effect, that Mousavi, and Ammedanijad, for that matter, are bit players in a slowly swelling political undercurrent that may well bring about a regime change as fundamental and consequential as the one in 1979 when the Shah was deposed and the clergy (and only part of the clergy at that) two stepped into the vacuum.

Mousavi is merely a symptom of a growing discontent within the body politic with a clerical rule that has lost its "ability to manage state affairs (and thus the people's consent), its official religious authority, its commitment to Iran's independence, and a stable base of social support." Mousavi is hardly the issue here.


Irooni jan

by capt_ayhab on

Your expectation is way too hight from stupid morons like this woman. Did you really expect her to know those stuff? All she can do is to memorize a script that has been handed to her.



ای خدا رحمی .........به فریادم برس


Why is this woman is not wearing chador? How is Ahmadinejad going to kiss her ugly butt[or the other way around] now that she is not conforming to the dress code? But I bet if she gets some of Ahmadinejad's [Islamic Mercy - the type political prisoners are getting]! she would have second thoughts about the [Justice] that they have bestowed upon Iranians.

But, who the hell is she anyways?


Go put on your chador zanikeh, Islam ro be bad dadi ;-) 


Are you guys missing the point?

by shahabshahab on

We shouldn't care if this lady is pro or anti Ahmadinezad or "stooge? or not. There are many many people who in fact like and admire Ahmadinezhad as there are those who adore Mousavi. THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!

 The point is whether Ahmadinezhad cheated in the elections. Nobody  seems to be talking about that. This lady for whatever reason, genuine or not,, for money or for other reasons supports Ahmadinezhad. Good for her!! Good luck to her! Not our problem. The problem is he cheated! That... we will not forget or forgive!

ex programmer craig


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I just watched the last one again to evaluate her alleged ugliness, and I couldn't help but notice she comes across as "shifty". I'm not a body language expert, but if she was sitting across from me and kept looking away and shaking her head from side to side while she was making her points, I'd think she was lying to me... as in, she doesn't really believe what she's saying.

Roshan Pourabdollah

IRI and American left stooges

by Roshan Pourabdollah on

I'm not surprised by her responses. She’s just repeating the talking points of anti democratic anti human rights "left" organizations like ANSWER. The logic is faulty on so many levels it doesn’t merit response, but let me say this: her call for a movement? For the various grassroots efforts that have been brewing underground in support of basic human rights to at some later date organize to demand change? Well this is it and the time is now.
Here is what a real analysis of this situation looks like:


and wouldn’t it have been great if we in the us had taken to the streets when Bush stole the election? Iraq and Afghanistan sure as hell wouldn’t be like they are now.

zende baad azadi!


Ahmadinejad's Economic Accomplishments:

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