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Lack of Common Sense

by Iran_e_abad on

So you are living in the United States, who has given you the right to speak freely like this.

Question 1

If you believe that Americans have less freedom, and you love Ahmadinejad this much, would you kindly like us know why you live here and not in Iran under IR regime?

قربان برم خدا را یک بام ودو هوا را

Question 2

You are concerned about Capitalism and global market. Fine. How different would it be for Iran to be dependent on Russia/China or US? Or may be your belief system endorses the dependency to Russia, no matter what.

Question 3

So you think Ahmadinejad has done somthing that no other president has done before. Give me one reason to believe that Ahmadinejad has something to do with the high oil price. If it was not because of the high oil price, people of Iran would have been eating each other now. Why don't you talk about the employment rate? How much job opportunities has he created for youth? If you are confident about Ahmadinejad policies, why don't you send your children/loved one to Iran so they enjoy the prosperous economy and freedom!

قربان برم خدا را یک بام ودو هوا را

Question 4

So you are saying that to question the election, people should stop the protest and ask the government to validate the result! How can the government be trusted in re-election of itself?


To better serve Iran, you should educate Iranian people about how US avoids abuse of power through the checkes and balances. Unfortunately, the education that you have received has failed to give you the COMMON SENSE. You simply lack the common sense. Don't believe it?Just check what other people have to say about you here. Unless you are like Ahmadinejad who does not care about what other people think.


German Firm in Iran Bans

by vildemose on

German Firm in Iran Bans Staff Protests

A privately owned German company, Knauf Gips KG, warned its Iranian employees working in Iran that they would be immediately dismissed if caught in antigovernment protests, according to a document reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Iran's government pressured Knauf to issue the order after a senior executive was a-r res t ed during Friday prayer demonstrations two weeks ago, according to people familiar with the case.

The company, which has 22,000 employees around the world, was told that such a letter would be a condition for the executive's release............



Ey Khodaaaaaaa

by Khar on

Artificial Intelligence

She is so Sad

by Artificial Intelligence on

First, she talks about AN's economic policies and how she agrees with it.  Yeh, AN's policies was good for Iranians and Iranian economy. What planet is she from?

Second,  she approves of AN's forigne policy. Yeh AN's policy towards the West was exactly what we needed. Sanctions on Iran was the result of his arrogant policies. 

Third, She says that the young people in Iran are confused in Iran because of Western propaganda. Are they confused for wanting freedom? Millions pored into the street because of Western Propaganda? 

Fourth, she naivly states that she agrees with the "Social/Economic justice of the IRI" but not with the "Islamic Aspects of the IRI". How naive are these radical socialist can be? Its amazing!

Fifth, she talks about the Capitalist class in the US and Iran and Dubai and how its such an injustice and failure. Who gave her a phd? I can't believe this garbage.

Sixth, she compares first amendement rights in US to IRI and says that the limits on the protesters in Iran are legal because the US puts limits on protesters in the US. God help the Iranian nation with evil such as this person. Pure evil. 

Now I know were one particular person on this site gets their logic from. 




Hey JaleHo

by Khar on

This is not about the fraud election anymore, this about 90% of Iranian people don’t what this government of terror DOES THE LITTLE BRAIN OF YOURS GET THAT? PS. I suggest that you apply for permanent residency in the country you live in because you will needed.



Expressing such a strong

by varjavand on

Expressing such a strong support for such an unpopular government is the reflection of either biasness or naïveness, or in her case both. It seems that other commenters have done o good job refuting her points. I would like to focus on two:


1.      Blaming current financial turmoil in US totally on private sector, in an attempt to justify what you believe is a welfare state in Iran, is indeed erroneous. It is true that the crisis in US it was mainly the work of the greedy private companies, but it was implicitly sanctioned and even encouraged by US government. The previous administration deliberately kept the interest rates low to boost spending especially on housing and gave green light to the malicious practices of those companies by looking the other way. The government was complaisance if not the main cause. Government is not a solution to economic problem as you claim, government can be the problem. The economic crisis is US is as much the failure of government as it is the failure of private sector.

2.      Comparing the level of freedom here in the US with the level of freedom in Iran, and claiming that Iran under IRI is as democratic as US is really absurd. You are leveling all sorts of blame, accusation and criticism against the US government publicly on national media; you are protected by the law of this country, no one can prosecute or imprison you for doing that. Try to do that in Iran hamshireh if you dare. Even, your interview cannot be aired in Iran, by the same government you support do staunchly, because you have not complied with mandatory Islamic dress code. If you dare to appear like you have in this interview in streets of Tehran or any public place, you will be arrested and God knows what happens to you as a result. Don’t you are to compare and call the Iranian government as democratic as the US government

3.      You accused US and other democratic governments in the world of provoking the youth of Iran to demonstrate and siding with them. What do you expect them to do? To remain silent and the regime in Iran arrest, terrorized, and kills innocent people with impunity?




benyamin, 24 million according to interior ministry

by Jaleho on

in addition to my head. That's the only number that actually MEANS something. Anyone else can pull any number out of their hindside, you,  for example, can "hatak v tootaketo pareh koni," and shout all kinds of other numbers, but I am sorry, who gives a shit?! Will your number gets you a president that you want? Nah.


But MY 24 million got ME my man :-)


Shame on you Mrs. Royanian

by Khar on

Perhaps as her name suggest (Roya=Dream or Unreal) she must be one of three things: living in a dream, a liar or profiteer who has benefited from the profits of $150 barrel of oil through IRI lobby in U.S. The Bull Shit she is unloading is for international consumption a show and nothing but. But I wonder how can she with straight face support the terror government in Iran, and not seeing what the people of Iran has scarifies for cause of liberty and democracy in the last 40 day. Than it dawned on me that she is all of the above and more importantly the reason she is supporting the Government of Terror in Tehran is, BECUASE SHE IS A TRAITOR TO HER PEOPLE and IRAN. A MODERN DAY VERSION OF BENEDICT ARNOLD!




by moftaki on

Simin Royanian comes from a prominent family of land owners. Her family has owned land in Kermanshah as well as in Mazandaran. She has never suffered from lack of resouces, nor from psychological complexes.

Vaay be haale ma keh een tahsil kardamuneh.



by Benyamin on

Only in your head they are 24 millions!

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

You should like her mentality, she too is a conservative.

If I'm so conservative, I wonder why it is that I find myself agreeing with Iranian liberals so much more than I agree with people like you?



by Yashar_Tabriz on

This woman is really unbelievable.  she's blirting out the same B.S. and Khamenie and Ahmadinejad.  Oh my God.  Every one is the world should know that we Iranian people have raisen up and will will not sit down until we get what we want.  and the least we want is for IR to see our votes.  if they don't see our votes we want an end to the regime and we will fight and die for our cause. 

Tabriz be pa khiz agar nemikhahi ostukhanhaaye Sattar-khan tardat konad !!!!

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

U.S. Visa

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Damn those who granted her and people like her (Jaleho) a VISA to the U.S. and any other Free and Democratic country!!!

Why these Sociopaths with such beliefs and mentalities don't go back and live in the beautiful place they destroyed and turned to hell for over 60 million poor Iranians???

Of course, I know Why, but I can't say it here because I keep getting censored by the kind staff...


It's OK, carry on with your crimes against humanity and keep on creating more mess and do more destructions...

In the name of GOD almighty, one day very soon, All 60 million tortured Iranians will Rise Up again and defeat and recycle every single one of you Islamic Republic traitors ... You will be GONE........Mark my words!!!

 Free Iran and Iranians.


I propose

by MRX1 on

Ahamadi Nejad to put this woman under chadoor and Burka immideatley. I would have proposed sigheh too but she is too old for him.

Liberalism is a menthal disorder that's for sure........

che khabar e

It's difficult to listen to

by che khabar e on

It's difficult to listen to this with any sense of reality!!!  I think anyone who's been away for 40 years is the LAST person to be talking about propaganda.  I don't understand this Jaleho either.  If these two feel so strongly that AN is a success, why aren't they packing their bags for their happy home?

some of you are so funny... Khar...  you and Princess.  :-0


JaleHo funny you speak of Reality!

by Khar on

I doubt you are capable of knowing the reality. We have seen and experience your kind of TAALEBAAN "Reality" in the last 40 days. Yeah the reality is that this terror government clinching to power at all costs including shedding the blood of people. The reality is that this hated government is bankrupt socially and morally. AND YOU KNOW IT AS WELL AS ANYONE IF THEY HAVE HAD MASS SUPPORT THEY WOULD HAVE SHOWN IT ON THE STREETS, PERHAPS IS TOO EXPENSIVE TO IMPORT SUPPORTERS THESE DAYS! ARE YOU GOING TO ATTEND?



Khar, why should the 24 million come to streets

by Jaleho on

They already WON silly!

In few days when Ahmadinjad officially strats his second term (like all of hte previous Iranian presidents have done, even the less popular ones), and when the rest of the world starts business as ususal and as it should, maybe REALITY will hit you too FINALLY.

Even very slow creatures by then would get it.


Ex Programmer

by XerXes on

You should like her mentality, she too is a conservative. haven't you heard:"what you do not like on yourself don't like on others". And reverse is true too.
dont be a hypocrite


Hey JaleHo where are the ...

by Khar on

24 million majority? Why dont we see them in the streets in support of Ahmadinejad? isn't true that they don't exist and they only exist only in minds of people like you!!!


Showdown between Khamenei

by vildemose on

Showdown between Khamenei and IRGC? (0+ / 0-)

According to a second reliable source in Tehran, seven of Ahmadinejad’s ministers, including Saffar Harandi and Ejehei, wrote a letter to Ayatollah Khamenei last week complaining about their boss and supporting Khamenei to sack Mashaei. It is widely believed that Ahmadinejad intends to fire the remaining five after he begins his widely disputed second term. The author already reported on two of the five ministers to be fired.

That the IRGC high command may wish to purge the government of clerics is no surprise. In addition to the fact that the IRGC did the bulk of the fighting with Iraq and eliminated the internal opposition to the political establishment in the 1980s, the IRGC has also been guarding and protecting the high-ranking clerics for the past three decades. The IRGC is therefor privy to much of their secret wheeling and dealings. The IRGC holds information on cases of corruption and nepotism among clerics over their heads like the Sword of Damocles.

When last year, Abbas Palizdar, an ally of Ahmadinejad, spoke of 123 cases of corruption among the clerics and their families, many interpreted that as a clear attempt by Ahmadinejad and his supporters to push most of the clerics out of power. Palizdar was later jailed and Ahmadinejad disowned him. But he was recently released from prison after posting a $300,000 bail. My sources in Tehran told me that the joke there was that after Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s Friday Prayer sermon of July 17, calling for the release of political prisoners, the hardliners released Palizadar!

Ayatollah Khamenei himself has played a major role in the rise of the IRGC. When Mohammad Khatami won the presidential election in 1997 by a landslide, a group of reformist leaders met with the supreme leader and asked him to heed the nation’s message of such a victory. In order to leave a credible legacy behind and save a political system in which had had played an important role, they advised the supreme leader to personally take a lead in the reform of the system. Not only did Ayatollah Khamenei refuse to do so, he more closely sided with the hardliners who were trying to gut the Khatami administration. It got to the point that when Khatami was president, he complained that the hardliners were creating a crisis for the country every nine days.


Even when Rafsanjani wrote a letter to Ayatollah Khamenei a few days before the election and warned him about possible fraud, the Ayatollah did not take any significant action. It is widely rumored that he told Rafsanjani that "Ahmadinejad’s defeat is my defeat."

On Tuesday June 16, four days after the election, when the country was in deep crisis due to the huge demonstrations that had erupted, Ayatollah Khamenei summoned to his office representatives of all the presidential candidates, as well as members of the Expediency Council and the staff of the Interior Ministry, which supervises the election, in order to seek a solution to the crisis. Two people in that meeting, former Tehran Mayor Morteza Alviri (representing Mahdi Karroubi, one of the two reformist candidates), and former Oil Minister, Bijan Namdar Zangeneh, proposed that the problem be referred to the Expediency Council. But, Ayatollah Khamenei refused.Instead, on June 19, during his Friday Prayer sermon, the Ayatollah threatened the Iranian nation and the reformists. When the next day demonstrations erupted again and many young people were killed, many Iranians held the Ayatollah responsible for the bloodshed. According to the author’s sources in Tehran, the high command of the IRGC recognized that the responsibility for the bloodshed would be squarely on the Ayatollah and therefore persuaded him to take a hard line. According to the same sources, the thinking of the high command of the IRGC is that, among conservative voters, Ahmadinejad is far more popular than Ayatollah Khamenei, and that therefore, the Ayatollah has trapped himself and has no clear way out of the difficult situation that he himself has created. This allows the IRGC high command to marginalize him.

What is not clear is the role of Mojtaba Khamenei, the Ayatollah’s son. Mojtaba is believed to be close to the high command of the IRGC. Will he be purged as well? Will the IRGC consider him as irrelevant, now that they have achieved their goal of "re-electing" Ahmadinejad? Or, does he have a role in any of this?

Ahmadinejad’s "re-election" is supposed to be confirmed by Ayatollah Khamenei on August 4, and he will take the oath of office in the Majles the next day. The next 10 days will as critical as they will be intriguing.

Update: Yaa Lessaraat, the mouthpiece of Ansaar-e Hezbollah, harshly criticized Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his delay in firing Mashaei and firing his ministers — another sign of straining relations between IRGC-backed Ahmadinejad and the clerics.


 The people who push this

by vildemose on

 The people who push this crap do more damage to the Islamic Republic by showing how out of touch with reality their base is, how their tinfoil wingnuttery disqualifies them from any description as serious people intending to do live peacefully with the rest of the world. Her kind would lead Iran and Iranians to the slaughter (internaly and external slaughterhouses) in the name of their ideology.

Keep'm coming Simin Jan. You're documenting your own demise; this is called compulsion to confess; If you catch my drift, eh? 



No permit is needed according to the constitution!

by Irooni on

Mam! With all due respect, you even did not take the time to read the
Iranian constitution. According to article 27 of the constitution, TO


اصل 27 قانون اساسی

تشكيل‏ اجتماعات‏ و راه‏ پيمايي‏ ها

بدون‏ حمل‏ سلاح‏

به‏ شرط آن‏ كه‏ مخل‏‏ مباني‏ اسلام‏ نباشد آزاد است


Who has made this video??

by vildemose on

Who has made this video??


Irooni: I always knew she

by vildemose on

Irooni: I always knew she was deeply vested in this regime.


Princess: Good call!

by vildemose on

Princess: Good call!


Those who believe that gem of a 24 million lie

by fozolie on

are jaheloooo, boro baba, jamesh kon, nobody is fooled by that nonsense.

Mr. Fozolie


نکنه این خانم فامیل سردار رویانیان هستند؟


نکنه این خانم فامیل سردار رویانیان هستند؟ همون سردار نیروی انتظامی که گفت مخالفان ولایت یکه مشت آشغال هسنتد


She is an affront to 

by vildemose on

She is an affront to  humanity and any sense of decency. Disgraceful toudehi.