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DK, then 24 million Iranian majority are also Jaleho!

by Jaleho on

Not every reasonable Iranian who can speak with a clear head instead of following propaganda du jour of the west is Jaleho ;-)


Farah Rusta

Can someone help me with this?

by Farah Rusta on

How can anyone who is a first generation American immigrant and horbors an anti-Capitalist idealogy justify living as a tax-paying citizen on American soil?

Thanks in anticipation.



air head

by marymahtaj on

I can not beleive this airhead has PHD in economy

shame on you


errrrrm shouldn't she be the Toudehie-Mihan-Foroush of the day?

by fozolie on

Shurely shome mishtake.

Mr. Fozolie

PS: With regards to misguided Iranians, she is not the first and won't be the last. That is why we have the Persian saying:

عالم شدن چه آسان، آدم شدن جه مشکل

Poor translation: How easy to become learned yet how difficult to become human. It says it all!


by Benyamin on

I was LMAO when I heard her saying "these people(the people on the street) are for the interest of the USA" and yet she lives and pays taxes to the USA, infact she would be crucified if she would have lived in Iran since she is not wearing "hejab". I am surprised some people study and get education but their sense of reality depreciat instead! what a crack head.


David ET

می ترسید

David ET

 شما از سبز می ترسید/از سرخ می ترسید/از صدا می ترسید/از سکوت می ترسید/از سیاهی می ترسید /از روشنایی می ترسید/از گفته می ترسید/از نا گفته می ترسید/از شعر می ترسید/از فکر می ترسید/از نوشته می ترسید/از نا نوشته می ترسید/به راستی ما چرا باید از شما بترسیم؟ نترسیم، ما همه با هم هستیم


Darius Kadivar

Princess: Is this Jahelo? ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on






It is a match again

by B A H R A M on

Recently I have used my special search tool to see if I can match the clips of IRI supporters with any other clips on Youtube. The keyword for my search has been Blah Blah....zer zer, the below clip is the only match.



AN has a lot of support, maybe even more than Rahbar

by Anonymous8 on

she's not alone by any means in iran, no matter how unpopular in USA.


There r no perfect economic systems only frustrated economists

by shiringhobadi on

There are no perfect economic system only frustrated economist theorist suffering from mental-menopause.

She keeps repeating  that the demonstrators in Iran are misguided  and manipulated  "Rioters" burning properties disturbing lives of  life and security of  population. For God sake, did she look at the images coming out of Iran?  Did she see how the Basij and pro government forces ransacked the university dorms, beat up people, killed people destroyed properties, arrested and tortured people?  Perhaps we were all having a bad dreams and none of this happened?

The people were marching peacefully in silence. They were thousands on them in many cities around Iran.  I never heard them shout to overthrow the government.  

The idea that Ahmadinejad’s economic policies has made life for working and poor class better is a hoax. Just look at the rise in the number of unemployed, inflation and  in the number of people who live under poverty lines during Ahamadinejad’s presidency.   Our imports have risen, our exports have reduced. Our dependence on imports has increased especially petrol. This government was rolling in money generated from the sale of  $100-150 barrel of oil . Where are the infrastructure projects to put people back into workforce? Where are the projects to create Jobs?  In absence of economic plans, distributing money and cash and giving loans to poor people who cannot afford it is as irresponsible as what the banks did in the West.  This is a regime that has to buy royalty. It is not the educated or well to do class who is misguided, the poor and workers who depend on the government subsidies for basic survival are manipulate and misguided. The people who have become dependent on government handouts are the one driven to street to beat, torture and kill their fellow men.  

She wants us to believe all these people who marched are from a privileged class of the society and are not in favor of social and economic justice for all.  That these people should give up their constitutional rights to form assembly and free speech and just wait for dust to settle and at a proper time and place seek their goals via legal means?

Name me one democratic elected body of the Islamic Republic that follows the law and is interested to provide people with greater role in their future?  Name one office in this huge apparatus where people can go and voice their concerns and propose their plans without being thrown in jail, beaten or killed?  Name me one free newspaper or one agency that investigates corruption, voices one opinion contrary to that of the regime’s?

In a country where all representative bodies are hand-picked along one party line, how could there be social, political  justice for anyone?  How could social, political and economic policies be freely debated or evaluated?  Name me one leader in this heinous Islamic republic who would give up their position, their seat of power and privilege and risk it all to seek justice for everyone with disregard to their class, religion or ethnicity?

The economic justice that this disturbed woman imagines that is prevalent in Iran, is not in existence.  What we have a minority ruling body imposing its economic, political and social will upon others.  And they do it via intimidation, arrest, torture, killing, news manipulation and as Ahamadineajd has done by buying votes and distributing cash with no planning.  This is not economic policy, planning. Go ask the poor if they are better off
As a result of Ahamadinejat policies? How long do you think these cash handouts to the poor last?  They should teach them how to fish not give them a fish.

It is you who is disturbed, manipulated and misguided and take the rest of us for fool. Go back to Iran. Once you taste a baton on your head, once you are raped in the prison, once your son or daughter is tortured and killed, once your are denied permission to travel without your husband or male relative’s approval, once you are beaten because you speak your mind, then talk about social and economic justice,; then and only then you have the right to defend this government.  You talk a good game hiding behind you books.

Dear all, please do not give this vatan-forosh a podium to defend Islamic republic’s  policies and to legitimize their heinous actions under the false umbrella of social and economic justice.  . This is a disturbing interview to watch.  The economic justice she speaks of is a hoax.

If you defend lies and close your eyes to the truth, you are no feminist, no secularist and no friend of Iran and Iranian people.  

Ali Akbar

Simin Royanian = Neville Chamberlain

by Ali Akbar on

need I say more???


She's a freak!

by mirza on

Her resume says: "PhD WORK in blah blah ..." This means she didn't finish her degree. More than that, usually people who finish all their course work but fail to finish all the requirements for the degree, refer to themselves as ABD; meaning, 'All But Dissertation'. She didn't even do that apparently!! I wonder what her grades were in the courses she did finish, assuming she did finish any successfully! Maybe she got kicked out ... Por-roo'ie ham haddi daareh, baba! 

In part one (couldn't take any more than that; nearly threw my computer out the window from khoone jigar-khordan): "The young people in Iran are confused." I only wish SHE was as 'confused'. What a despicable character.

Like Parviz said, why doesn't she go back and live in Iran if she loves Ahamaghinejad so much and thinks he is such a beacon of socialism and social justice? 

Also, like Princess said, Who indeed is doing the 'interview'?

Ishoon hatman mozdoore. No other explanation. Otherwise, she's really stupid to be doing fascistic propaganda for free!!

Zendeh baad mardome Iran! Marg bar hokoomate fasheesti!  

ex programmer craig

Setareh Cheshmakzan

by ex programmer craig on

I don't agree. I'm not Iranian, I'm just American, and maybe I only see it because I'm an outsider, but I've seen this pattern before. Not everyone who wants to avert hostilities between IRI and the US is a regime apologist, but some of them are. And the "tells" are in the arguments they use. If somebody is arguing in the US to Americans that it isn't in America's interests to be on a hostile footing with Iran, that is a respectable argument. An Argument that has some merit.

However, when they instead try to claim that the US is *wrong* about the IRI and that the IRI is not guilty of the things that Americans believe it is guilty of, that's a different story. This is the group that Simin Royanian belongs to.

The worst of the bunch are like some of the people on this website. They try to minimize misconduct by the Islamic Republic while at the same time they attempt to exagerrate American misconduct. IRI = good guy, US = bad guy. What American is going to buy into that? Noam Chomsky and who else?

Setareh Cheshmakzan

Princess, you are so right, and Programmer you are so wrong!

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

Princess, I agree with all you said and in a nutshell: "any type of tyranny is OK, as long as it is against Capitalism. What a logic!! Lady, enghadr chapee, keh cheshat digeh chap mibineh!" 

X Programmer Craig:  The fact that she spent many years trying to establish dialogue between the US and Iran, does not make her an apologist, it is to her credit.  She is an IR apologist but not because of her efforts to establish dialogue, but because of her efforts to deny the authenticity of a genuine mass movement and her efforts to justify crimes against peaceful protests and innocent civilians demanding basic rights, starting from the right for one's votes to be counted but extending to rights to peacefully protest, demand accountability, and .....

 Establishing dialogue reduces the threat of war and allows space for democratic movements to flourish.  The reduction in the threat of war which followed the economic crisis and the presidency of Obama, in fact mobilized the Green movement to direct their attention on the devils at home.



Mark your calendars

by Fred on

Those who like what they hear are in luck. The friendly American Iranian Friendship Comittee has a fun packed event on Aug 11th.

The luminaries include the infallible Mr. PhD, Our beloved Ardeshir Ommani who seems to have had enough of the Islamist cutthroats republic, aka, worker’s paradise, and is now back in the Capitalist hellhole, NY, and of course the one and only Simin baanoo, the pride of Capitalist living Stalinist talking the world over.  

  Ps. Since Kaveh Afrasiabi has on numerous occasions admonished those who leave out his PhD. designation, in deference to his wish he is only referred to as Mr. PhD.



She makes me sick!

by PArviz on

Just goes to show that no amount of university education or paper diplomas (PhDs, MScs and such) can make you intelligent or an intellect.

I do not know where to start.But here is a few points:

- Millions of Iranaians believe elections were a sham and this woman thinks they were carried out without any wrong doings.

- Millions of Iranians poured into the streets protesting against this barbaric regime. She is calling them the puppets of foreign powers.

- Millions of Iranians believe Ahmadinejad ruined an already ruined economy, plundered nations riches and further reduced people's purchasing power, and this "naneh sakineh" talks about successful management of the economy and social justice in Iran under Ahmadinejad.

- She claims Khamenei and Co want to carry out their social welfare programmes to the end and they will not allow any interruptions. Well if the first 30 years were any indication then I think these murderers should be stopped before they do more irreparable damage to the country.

- She says: "You can't force a revolution"? Then how the hell a revolution is supposed to happen, with Khamenei's permission?

These were just a few of the points raised by her, I leave it to others to comment on other issues raised by her. I know, it would be a waste of time but these "burnt cards" should know that people can read them like open books.

I would like to see her go and live in Iran and then conduct this interview again. I think the answers would be quite different to the ones given during this interview.

She is yet another IRI apologist who is so revolting!


Here is a prime example of how ideologies blind people.

by Princess on

So in a nutshell, this 30 minutes of "balaye mambar raftan" essentially says any type of tyranny is OK, as long as it is against Capitalism. What a logic!! Lady, enghadr chapee, keh cheshat digeh chap mibineh! 

Never mind the contradiction of being a Khamenei and Ahmadinejad supporter and being a "women's right's activists". With friends like this woman who needs enemies? Good thing Iranian women are not holding their breath for the result of her "activism".

Who is conducting the interview anyway? Has she set up a camera and is asking and answering the questions herself? I am asking because the most important question was left out, namely what do you think about the killings of the Nedas and Ashkans and the Sohrabs? Not that we don't know the answer already.

And finally, how can somebody who claims to have been living in the US for the past 40 years still speak English like she just stepped off the plane from Tehran?

ex programmer craig

Not surprising

by ex programmer craig on

Reading her bio, it seems that although she calls herself a feminist most of her activities in recent years have been dedicated to trying to reduce hostilities between the US and Iran. In other words, being a regime apologist.


Is this Jahelo?

by Princess on

What a coming out!