Nightmare number 2

Nightmare number 2
by jamh

I was driving south
through the sandstorm,
very tired I should add,
when the car in front
slowed down in an empty lot.

Its driver was on the right.
On the passenger side,
even if the seat was bare,
the window was left aft
for the air was quite hot.

As I braked, I saw a lion
jump into that window.
Just like a car wash scene,
its mane pressed on the glass.
It was both agile and mad.

With an unbelievable power
It shook the car from side to side,
the whipping tail smearing
complex shapes in crimson red.
It made a mess of the man.

I woke up horrified, and not just
from the carnage inside.
There was a savageness
a fury I could not understand.
Then I noticed, left on,

the radio by my bedside
broadcasting news from Iran.



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