Back to the Torture (Part II)

Back to the Torture (Part II)
by jamh

"They pulled out my toenail
then clubbed me until I fell."

"I asked why am I in jail?
in answer, they fractured my head."

"In solidary confinement
for weeks I thought I was dead."

"The ticking was the worse ailment.
I was scared I would stop, or it."

"I got surrounded at the shop
They never showed me their ID."

"In that big empty apartment
I pleaded that I told you already."

"A guard entered my cell.
He raped me until I bled."

"Two guards with a bottle
filled me and my skin turned red."

"The amperage was set too high,
I would do anything. And I did."

"Every time I fell asleep,
a light shone in my good eye."

"Finally I said kill me.
They laughed and said goodbye."

As we debate the pros and cons
of liberty, democracy or king
let's hear these wretched voices
from their unnatural grave
every one a true account
of its surreal and sad ordeal.

Let's not forget that their crime
was that they were the brave
who stood up to the slime
for the love of their country.



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