Perseus Rex

Perseus Rex
by jamh

As I daydreamed in class
I often wondered about the face
hung over the blackboard
above Ferdowsi's famous rhyme
on wisdom being power.

But power is a funny thing.
Never a mean to an end,
it permeates your core.
Accelerates your time
and forever fuels your hunger.

Kid yourselves not
we still have a king in the house
who makes whatever rules he likes
blending superstition and faith
into a mix of blood and slime
to weave the same crown of.

I want to partake in nothing.
Be free from another man's chain.
For once I want an empty frame
to fill with whatever I want,
something like a teenager
asking for a chance for love.



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by Peykan on

Kid yourselves not,
We still have a king in the house,
His crown is soft, made of black Karbaas,
He's full of flaws,
Rules with bloody claws,
With his holly plot,
The progress is on the pause.

Jahanshah Javid

Empty frame

by Jahanshah Javid on

... a wish we all share. Beautifully pit into words.

Thank you.