What changed

What changed
by jamh

Never did I think
that with a single call
this paradise of mine
would so utterly sink.

I tried and failed
holding the handle, watching
my eyelids slowly close
to make me disappear.

The "Ey Vaay" too, finally,
faded with panache
from the top of the World
to the depth of my misery.

I had a house. A wife
who looked out to the ocean
as she baked her bread
that smelled so wonderfully.

I was to be a father.
I was to get lost
in a pair of clear eyes that
ironically sailed from the South.

With much time gone,
the Singularity (what I call)
appears less as an evil eye, or even
blasphemy from my wrinkled mouth

and more as the fate of all.
How often do I recognize the same
expression of shock
in my fellow and fallen dignitaries.

It is at the height of Ease
that we are judged the most.
That we need to steady our soul,
let it flutter, and guide us through our storm.



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