I miss

I miss
by anna402

I miss the view of a snow-covered mountain wherever I am
I miss homemade yoghurt
I miss putting ketchup on pizza
I miss holding onto my headscarf on the back of a motorcycle
I miss the clock always at 10.30 in my granddad’s bedroom
I miss the smell of the earth after a rain shower
I miss fresh bread and Tabrizi cheese in the mornings
I miss the sound of horns and formula one driving
I miss over the top makeup and hair
I miss finding everything in the bazaar
I miss the chandelier in the metro station
I miss the taxi drivers’ stories
I miss sugar cubes in different shapes and sizes
I miss clearing the lunch things and then taking a nap
I miss reading the blue street signs
I miss sunshine everyday
I miss striped watermelons
I miss hearing the call to prayer
I miss family late night debates
I miss the sound of the door buzzer
I miss the smell of a confectioner
I miss not being able to get up and go see my aunt or uncle
I miss tea made from tealeaves
I miss fitting 6 or 7 people in a car
I miss the artwork beside roads and motorways
I miss the lovely villas and apartments of north Tehran
I miss being told I look like my grandmother
I miss my grandmother
I miss the familiarity and wonderful foreignness of it all
I miss my beautiful family and friends
Until next year...




by anna402 on

thanks yolanda and nazy jan for your lovely comments x



by yolanda on

Thank you for the line:

I miss finding everything in the bazaar

I am very jealous/envious 'cause I have never been to a bazaar in my life. One of my dreams is to visit a bazaar and buy some Persian handicrafts there!

thank you for your nostalgic piece! 

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

This is beautiful imagery. It feels so tangible and close to my heart, I can smell the smell in the confectionery shop and the dirt after the rain. I share your longing dear Anna.

One thing I loved about Tehran backstreets was walking under different windows at mid-day and smelling what people were going to have for lunch! You cannot find that anywhere else in the world!

Thank you for the memories.