Time of Death

New video of Neda Agha-Soltan's final moments

Time of Death
by greenrev88

This is the original which appeared on YouTube shortly after her death on June 20, 2009:


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by yolanda on

Hi! iranbrave,

    Thank you for the latest video.....wow! some of the images are very sad.....hopefully things will improve.......IC is blocked in Iran, but not you-tube......hopefully people in Iran can watch your poetry videos and feel comforted and inspired! Thank you for using poetry to support Iranians' fight for democracy! You are really good at making videos!

Thank you for the you-tube link. I will visit shortly!



Officer of Imperial Iran

by Javan on

My father was an Officer in the Shah's Army, my family are nationalists who happen to be Muslim.  

I grew up in the USA however I visit Iran a lot.  I hate these Islamophobes who bash Islam thinking that is the cause of their ill country.  

To me, being Iranian and Muslim is my identity as an Iranian.  I also practice my faith, I used to actually hate Muslims.  

However, now I am a practicing Muslim and I love being Iranian, American, and Muslim.  

There is no reason for me to be ashamed of being a Muslim.  I don't care about Arabs.  Islam is not an Arab faith, infact the Arabs were the first to reject Islam because of their retardation.

Iranians understood it and accepted it better than the Arabs.  However, I am not a racist, I will not bash the Arabs or Iranians.  Being of a particular race does not make you superior.  Unless your a Nazi and believe in that sort of thing.

Muslims don't want to remove anybody, they just want to live.  We just like others have our own beliefs and it does not contradict my nationality or race.  Islam is my faith while Persian is my race.  Until you understand this, you will never come to terms with being an Iranian.  99% of Iranians are Muslim, you have to understand that.  Just like in the USA most people are Christian...and everything is Christian culture.  Your Iranian culture has a lot of Islam in it.  When you remove it...then you can have a Persian Taco Bell culture.  




by bolbol on

man fekr nemikonam to irooni baashi...agar irooni bodi enghadar sang arab-haaro be sineh nemizady barathar. Baba tamam linkhaayee ke gozaashti ke raaje be gheir iroonihaast akheh!!!

Be har haal, kassi nagoft baayad eslaamo az risheh kand. Vali akheh chera shoma mosalmoonaye do aatisheh mikhaheed risheh harchi na-mosalmoon-do-aatisheh ast ro az rooye zamin bardaarid? Akheh in dorosteh agha?

Taazeh khod shoma mosalmoonaaye do atisheh az hameh bishtar mosalmoonaro mikoshid...(afghanistan, iran, aragh, ...) vali hamash chasbidid be felestin chon ke mikhaid ma havaasemoon az oon zolmhaayi ke be mardom khodetoon mikonnin part beshe.


♥♥ فریاد وطن - قصه ۳۰ سال ظلم و ستم ♥♥




هر چی‌ داشتیم از ما گرفتن 

واسه ما هیچی‌ نذاشتن

شادیامونو گرفتن

جای اون غمها رو کاشتن

To listen to the entire poem click on the link below                 




by iranbrave on

Hi yolanda 

Many thanks for your kind words! So far I have posted 15 of my poems on my YouTube channel. If you wish to see them all go to my YouTube Channel: "IranBrave".





by yolanda on

Thank you, iranbrave, for the "Setareh" poetry video! The nature photos are stunning; the violin & piano duet very refreshing; the words very touching......the Farsi poem recitation and English subtitles are sychronized perfectly...... it is a total package...job well-done!

Thank you so much for posting this video! I enjoyed watching it!


To Athiest Guy...

by Javan on

I am not an "Islamist" I am a Muslim.  Just like other people are Christian or Jewish.  I am not ashamed of my faith or my race.  Unlike you who are ashamed of your existence.  

If you want to help Iran, help Iranians (99% Muslims).  The Green Movement was inspired by Iranian Muslims such as Mousavi.  To deny that you have ALREADY FAILED.  Enjoy....


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


No one wants to go get killed. The only reason people might get killed is if IRI shoots them. No one is burning things. You don't know what you are talking about.

Shifteh Ansari

Allegedly a "doctored video"

by Shifteh Ansari on

On the same day when this new video was released, IRIB ran a new "documentary" about Neda's death, alleging that a suspicious woman was Neda's murderer.  The clip above also shows the "suspicious woman" around whom the IRIB documentary is built.  In the video below, the additions/omissions of the new video are explained. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Islamist guy

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

You don't speak for 99% of Iranians. People will speak for themselves and do not need a boland goo. You should go listen to your parents. We are not extremists; we love Iran and what it stand for.

Maso vaho priozgar baad meynoye mehre Iran.

Dr. X


by Dr. X on

Who is talking about burning down the city and getting people killed? I think the vast majority support peaceful non violent protests, which is the right of every human on earth. Did Ghandi's followers burn down the city to gain independence? If it is the paid off vigilantes and thugs of the security forces which attacks the peacuful protesters, who is the one burning down the city and doing the killing? I certainly would protest if i felt my vote did not count, and was branded an enemy of God for questioning the authority of an unelected leader. Isnt a Republic supposed to represent the will of the majority of the people? There is no choice but opposition in this situation. To be silent is to be guilty as the ones attacking innocent people.


The cry of the innocent is a Star!

by iranbrave on



Say O fool! Do you but think, that you can extinguish the Stars?!

The Stars that burn bright candidly

The Stars that are luminous with love

And shine unreservedly till the coming of dawn


To listen to the entire poem click on the following link


The story must be told...

by iranbrave on

Hi yolanda,

You are more than welcome! I am glad you liked my poems and the videos. The story of Iranian people must be told in any way possible, poetry, video, photography and so on...


Put your money where your mouth is...

by Javan on

If all you want to "free Iran", why are you not there freeing it?

Here is the problem, either you are too much of a pansy or you just want to stir trouble because you hate Iranians.  

If you really want to make Iran a better place to live, help Iranians...especially Iranian Muslims and Iranian-American Muslims in order to make a change.  You can't attack 99% of Iranian's faith and then expect to be respected.  

That is like attacking Christianity in the USA and expect to have a platform...you would never be President in the USA if you are not a Christian...because the popular vote would not go to you!  

If you want to alienate 99% of Iranians, then keep pushing this anti-Islamic agenda instead of seeing the problem for what it is...a political power move by Iranian communists such as Ahmadinejad who really does not give a crap about Islam.  

These Hojatis were banned and now they are back...they are similar to the Mujahedin Khalq.  

Mousavi and the rest of the regular Iranian Muslims in Iran don't want these extremists...any of them.  

Extremists come in all forms...



Mujahedin Khalq



However, that does not change the fact that Iran is 99% Muslims and 90% of that is Shia Muslims.  9% is Sunni Muslim and 1% is everything else.  

If you want to help, then be nice to your fellow Iranian Muslims or Iranian-American Muslims.  Otherwise you have no other friends.   

maziar 58

reg. where's the pal....

by maziar 58 on

you meant the users like : N P,Q,nabarmard,crush on alex,gaw4 ...

And few others ? shame on them.

funny part I was directed to a site called parsineh from I.C and was reading a B.S documentary about Neda that got killed by her own acting and his 2 other friends.... what a bull craps ?         Maziar

Dariush The King

Doctor X

by Dariush The King on

Mahmoud is not saying you should be silent and do nothing. He wrote, more power to you with demonstrations, just don't burn down the city and get people killed.  That simply means, if it is not safe, don't do it.

On the other hand, some others were saying, You go out, You get killed, So we can be free; because freedom doesn't come cheap and we (meaning people of course, not them) must give blood. 

So here you have it.





by yolanda on

Hi! iranbrave
      Thank you for posting this beautiful poetry video with English subtitles! The words are very touching; the photos are very sad!

We won't forget Iranian people's sufferings!

Thank you for making this video!




by yolanda on

CNN's article on Neda's documentary and the trailer with Neda's stunning photos:




♥♥نگاهت کردم، که نگاهم را فراموش نکنی‌ ♥♥




نگاهت کردم، که نگاهم را فراموش نکنی‌

نگاهت کردم برای آخرین بار 

و در آن نگاه کوتاهم

همه چیز را به تو گفتم

  To listen to the entire poem (Neda's Message) click on the following link    


Hey You

by Ensan on

You are an idiot or as we used to say in Iran you are Ahmag.

Dr. X


by Dr. X on

So just because the west and Israel are using propaganda against IRI...what do you suggest? Should we sit back and let the crimes of this regime go unnoticed? Should we pretend like its not happening and not do anything about it? Does western propaganda justify the use of torture, rape, and murder against protesters? In fact that is what this group of criminals ruling IRI want...to distract people by laying blame elsewhere. They are even saying the green movement was something organized by the west. Seems like there is some kind of Paranoia in Iran about conspiracy theories...perhaps not unjustified....that is being exploited by the gov't....one cannot even challenge the rule of Velayat Faghih without being accused of being an enemy of God or a spy for the west.


Mickey Mouse shot Neda

by عموجان on

Regardless of Neda being killed by UFO, ArtificialIntelligent, Mother Teresa, CIA, MI5, Mossad or maybe, maybe by very small change IRI had something to do with it (it was under their watch anyway). There is one thing for sure, her death stand as a symbol for the movement against blood sucking Mullahs and their bodyguards (Paasdarha) and their supporters. We saw many videos of young Iranians were shot and killed on the streets of Tehran and other cities but none were more moving that of Neda because for the first time I saw how life could leave somebody’s body. That Life which Ahmady and Khameni enjoy to watch go away because instead of going after their murderers they continue to order hanging others and in public (they probably watch couple of these videos before they go to bed).

Her death and others will be remembered forever in Iran history as how evil this regime was and 30 years of their ruling was darkest time in modern Iran.


hopeless AO

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

you can call me every name in the book, however, the practice of calling name will not help you to over-throw IRI. 

ram jams



by minadadvar on

Mahmoud AN did not write "CYCOLOGICAL".  He wrote "CHYCLOGICALY".  LOL.


Basijis of Iran

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

In past 32 years, the basijis-the social class-have lost a million, killed in war or other conflicts(some 14 of died at the hands of green protesters just last june), The question is how many of green, blue, yellow.... would be willing to sacrifie their lives for their cause? 

ram jams


Wheres the Palestinians?

by TheEnemyHateMe on

Iranians participate on their blogs,it seems the least they could do is come and say something about Neda.But no,,no Palestine,nothing to say I guess unless it involves hyping you up with bombing talk..


AO Jan

by minadadvar on

You think this is bad?  Look, what, mahmoud AN has done to the word "PSYCHOLOGICAL" !!!  "CYCOLOGICAL"!!! 

I am still laughing. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thank you for the ray of hope you bring. The one thing  that happened in 1976: Jimmy Carter. The blood of Neda and many millions is on the hands of that grinning idiot. See how those yelling about Gaza post his picture and his gang of "elders". No wonder the Islamists love him. 

Anonymous Observer

IVA the illiterate

by Anonymous Observer on

The presence of so-called Dr Hejazi who worked for BBC was not a co-incident.

That's right.  It wasn't a "co-incident", but it was certainly a coincidence.

PS// is it a requirement for you IRI lackeys to be illiterate?    


To: "Phony" Guy

by Azada on

To: "Phony" Guy -

 I Voted Ahmadinejad on

 NajafVisitor on
Azarin Sadegh

 MahmoudAhmadinejad on



Were the murders of 5 political prisoners in Evin, the rapes and tortures in Kahrizak, and enormous atrocities by IR in last 30 years were staged by foreigners too? – You are either naïve or paid to write these. The truth is that people want IR to go now. Is anyone surprised that IR won’t permit peaceful protests. It knows how unpopular it is. It is just the matter of time. The day of Free Iran is near.