Kronos & Sahba Aminikia

"A Threnody for Those Who Remain"

With the revival of George Crumb's Black Angel, Kronos Quartet last Thursday at San Francisco's Yerba Buena arts center revisits its roots and creative inspiration, completing an almost 40-year cycle, which started in 1973, when Kronos founder, musical director and violist David Harrington heard the 1970 avant-garde piece. Harrington tells VOA Persian TV's Behnam Nateghi that the ensemble's entire experience is in keeping with that inspiration. Crumb's re-staging of Black Angels is bundled with a selection of socially aware historical mix-media chamber pieces by Ingram Marshal, Bob Ostertag and the Serbian composer Alexandra Vrebalov. The evening begins with the premiere of Iranian composer Sahba Aminikia's third quartet, A Threnody for Those Who Remain, which according to Sahba, was composed in honor of his departed father, and is accompanied by a soundtrack of Tehran, where he visited last year.


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