Deltangi-ha (Nostalgies/دلتنگی ها), San Francisco, September 23rd

Deltangi-ha (Nostalgies/دلتنگی ها), San Francisco, September 23rd
by Sahba Aminikia

Deltangi-ha is a collection of my memories from my homeland, Iran, where I have spent most of my life. Tehran, the capital, where the essence of my Persian identity has formed, is the city of light, warmth and spirit and has always had a special place in my heart. The first section "Tehran; first encounter" looks at Tehran, as I imagined, from the top of a hill or a mountain and sees the capital as a polluted, chaotic but deeply epic and cultural landscape. Second movement portrays my childhood during the infamous 1980's U.S.-sponsered Iran-Iraq war in which hundred of thousands Iranian and Iraqi lives were lost. However we lived a different life during this period having no clue what was going on as our parents tried to keep us unaware of what surrounded us including mass-executions, Tehran bombardment and kids being recruited for war. The third movement simply talks about my first love under the snow in Tehran which I never found the courage to express to my loved one. The fourth movement is a rendition of a well-known theme that is used at the moment of countdown for every Persian new year I have been present for in Iran. Being a folk tune originally played by "Sorna" (Trumpet-shaped instrument) and "Dohol" (drum-typed instrument) the theme perfectly reminds every Iranian of the happiest moment of the year. The last movement is for those who are gone and it simply portrays my memories of them flying over the oceans trying to reach me.



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