Shahla Jahed

Last words before execution

AP: Iran on Wednesday hanged a former soccer player's mistress — known as a "temporary wife — who was convicted of murdering her love rival, the player's wife, the official IRNA news agency reported. Shahla Jahed was hanged at dawn, after spending more than eight years in jail, IRNA said, in a case that has captivated the Iranian public for several years. Jahed had become what is known as a "temporary wife" of former soccer star Nasser Mohammad Khani. She was charged in 2002 with stabbing to death Laleh Saharkhizan, the player's wife, and convicted of murder in 2004 and again in 2009, after her appeal was denied. >>>


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Was it fair?

by divaneh on

Knowing the Iranian justice system, we cannot even be sure of her guilt. According to BBC:

"The initial verdict was overturned in 2008 after the judiciary cited "procedural flaws", but Jahed was again sentenced to death in February 2009."

I know she made a confession and later retracted it (and still it was used against her), but how many other confessions we have heard recently?

In my view, if the only evidence was her confession, then she was not guilty. She is not a professional killer and must have left a lot of traces behind her. Does anyone know what evidence they had?

Hoshang Targol

مطلبی از هم بندی های شهلا جاهد پس از اعدام وی

Hoshang Targol

10آذر :مطلبی از هم بندی های شهلا جاهد پس از اعدام وی

کانون زنان ايرانی :"شهلا جاهد" متهم به قتل لاله سحرخيزان، همسر ناصر
محمدخانى ـ فوتباليست سابق ـ صبح امروز اعدام شد.يکی از هم بندی های شهلا
جاهد پس از اعدام وی مطلبی نوشته و در اختيار سايت کانون زنان ايرانی
گذاشته است که می خوانيد:

حالا ديگر راحت شده‌اى خانم جاهد، خاله شهلا، مامان! يا هر چيز ديگرى
كه زندانيان با آن نام صدايت مي‌كردند. بند 2 پايين امروز صحنه مراسم
عزادارى است. امروزهيچ‌كس حوصله‌ى هيچ‌چيز را در زندان ندارد. ديشب تا صبح
خواب به چشمان كسى نيامده كه شايد، در لحظه آخر هم كه شده، مادري، پدري،
رضايت دهد خون به ناحق ريخته‌شده‌ى دخترش را و تو بعد از 8 سال با خيال
راحت برگردى به بند و هر چهارشنبه كه مي‌آيد، تنت نلرزد كه شايد نامت در
ميان اعدامي‌ها باشد. چند چهارشنبه گذشت بر تو در اين 8 سال...؟

" عروس اوين" با آن دامن‌هاى شيك و صندل‌هاى پاشنه‌دار و موهاى بلند..
.راحت شدى بعد از 8 سال.. شنيدم كه گريه و التماس كرده‌اى.. باورم نمي‌شد،
شهلا با آن همه غرور، به كسى التماس كرده باشد. زندگى را دوست داشتى آخر..
چيزى نفهميده بودى از اين زندگى نكبتي، كه براى عشق به مردى نابود شد. از
من اگر بپرسند مي‌گويم تو عاشقترين زندگان بوده‌اى در تمام اين سالها..
هنوز هم ناصر را دوست داشتى.. مردى كه جواني‌ات را نابود كرد...

دلم نمي‌خواهد ديگر پايم را در هواخورى بند بگذارم. حالا حتى در ساعت
آمار هم، اگر جاى سوزن انداختن توى حياط نباشد. جاى تو وسط حياط، زير تور
واليبال. تا هميشه اين روزگار خالى است كه بنشينى روى صندلي‌ات و موهاى
بلندت را شانه كنى.

خاله شهلا، با من مهربان بودى در مدت زندانى بودنم. چند بار آمدى دم در
بند و صدايم كردى و سلام فاميل‌هايتان را رساندى برايم.. حالم خوش نيست
امروز.. حس مي‌كنم چيزى از اين زندگى كم شده است. چيزى از زيبايي‌هاى اين
دنيا كم شده است.

خانم جاهد. بخواب آرام. بعد از 8 سال، امشب را آرام بخواب. ديگر كابوس
طناب دار، نيمه شب از خواب بيدارت نمي‌كند. يادت باشد به رسم زندانيانى كه
آزاد مي‌شوند از ديوارهاى اوين "به شكوفه ها، به باران، برسان سلام ما را"



by Nahzi on

May she rest in peace.


Islam is full of forgiveness and kindness

by عموجان on

I am so glad we got read of that godless regime and put this life loving government.

They are getting smart now, They don’t even bother with Stoning any more, right to the hanging.

If I was living in IRI and doing wrong stuff I rather to kill than steal, I can’t live with out my hands.


Faramarz the whole process is phucked up

by Anonymouse on

I've seen few Iranian movies (some very good) when a person is on death row and they ask someone from victim's family to pull the chair.

There is a good movie Beautiful City (2004) or (2005) that won many movie awards and shows this whole phucked up system of justice in Iran.

Using their twisted logic they say they'll wait and give the victim's family a chance to let the prisoner stay in jail forever or pay blood money - great choice for rich murderers by the way.

Then after a long time they'll make the victim's family to pull the chair to give them a last chance to stop the execution.  These Mullahs are some crazy and ruthless bastards we're dealing with in Iran. 

Anyway, it's a good movie if you come across it.  I post 3 links for it:

Beautiful City at Neshane

Beautiful City at Blockbuster

Beautiful City at Fil Forum

Everything is sacred



by hirre on

I wonder what her penalty would have been in Texas...


Well said Faramarz, but...

by Souri on

I think exactly the same way....and about the adultery, I just said that there's no Honor to give here.

If I am an adulterer and also somehow (to any degree) involved in a murder, then there's maybe a "regret" sentiment regarding my execution, but surely not an honor!

At least this is how I see this.


The Real Victim

by Faramarz on

For me, the real victim in this sad and tragic story is the wife whose husband had an affair and the mother of two who got stabbed to death. The rest is about crime and punishment and one’s personal beliefs.

If this case had happened, let’s say in the US, the end result may have been exactly the same; with one important difference, the victim’s son would not be pulling the chair. That is so barbaric. I also believe that capital punishment is barbaric as well.

But please remember that having an affair by a married person, although morally wrong and repugnant is not a crime in the western societies. And isn’t this what Carla Bruni was saying in Sekineh Ashtiani’s case? However, killing a mother of two is a heinous crime in any society.


They killed'r ASAP b4 she became another international sensation

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred



by Souri on

Read the whole news, both in English (here above) and in Persian. You will get the answer to your question.


The victim's family could have pardoned her

by kazem0574 on

An extract from the Guardian:

"Jahed was hanged at 5am, in the presence of the murdered wife's family.
According to Iranian law, her life could have been spared if the family
of the murdered woman pardoned her. Iran executes those sentenced to
death before the Islamic morning call for prayer.
" The Guardian.

She had already spent 9 years in prison, but the family of the dead woman still wanted to see her hanged after such a long time. 

9 years would lighten the burden on most hearts but not this family.

Don't know what to think as I can't put myself in their shoes.



Agreed with Maast o Deevaane

by Souri on

Great comment!

Shame on hypocrisy! 

You should bash the "capital punishment". It was the same at the time of Shah, it is the same in US. Why people don't try to be just and responsible but they want everything from their government?

BTW, my most frustration here is about the man, who is the first responsible for all this, but he could run away! What a shame, he even dared to be present at her execution! 


May her soul rest in

by Arthimis on

May her soul rest in peace... Her poor physical body could not be spared from so much injustice!!! Laanat Khoda bar Jomhori Eslami eshghalgar Iran.


And Nasser Mohamadkhani

by statira on

should be spayed! Een marde heez dota zane javoono be koshtan dad.

KamRan Farzan

آیا شهلا جاهد واقعا قاتل بود؟ـ

KamRan Farzan

برای باز شدن پرونده مرموز شهلا این لینک را باز کنید




by Doctor mohandes on

Dont worry about him.

he is probably getting ready to get another innocent girl in trouble, if he has not done that already.




by yolanda on


It's done

by azadi5 on



by yolanda on

According to this thread.......the execution has been carried out(?):


 I checked on-line.......there is no confirmation yet!


Anti feministic regime

by statira on

It's always women's fault. I wonder what's gonna happen to  that pervert footablist who seduced this beautiful girl. This girl obviously had some degree of mental problem and does not deserve the death penalty.


Sad and Inhumane

by Maast o Deevaane on

It feels good to blame IRI and Islamic evil government, but in reality she was tried (with flaws) and sentenced (too harsh) for murdering the wife of the football player, mother of two children (the victims). Living in Canada, there is no capital punishment, although common mobs and idiots would like to see it back! For those living in US of A's, I suggest them to take off their Armani glasses, get off their BMW's and simply join the protests on STOPPING CAPITAL PUNISHMENT in their own city, state and/or country. Guess which civilized country is among the top (perhaps the only one!) executioners in the West? Shame on both savage, sick societies, on both sites of globe, but more shame on hypocrites....
That's was my 2 cents, I have to go now, "Victoria's Secret Show" starts shortly :(


It could have been stopped!

by Abarmard on

I wonder if there was any amount of money that the family of the murdered one by the hands of Shahla would have accepted to stop this punishment taking place. Why wasn't this known earlier and why wasn't any organization trying to contact the victim's family to stop this punishment? 

If I am not mistaking, the law would have allowed reversing the death penalty if the family of the victim had agreed. This is one step a head of US capital punishment laws.

Shifteh Ansari

شهلا جاهد به دار آويخته شد

Shifteh Ansari

Capital punishment is state-sponsored murder.



death penalty is state sanctioned murder and it must be stopped

by Bavafa on

in Iran and else where in the world.



khoda hafez

by rtayebi1 on

khoda hafez

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Absolutely heartbreaking. Capital punishment is worse than murder!