Shirin Ebadi

Speech at Maryland University human rights conference


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Darius Kadivar

Indeed RG Jaan I am one of those prescribing to the idea ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

that the entire ( or Majority if you will ...) Iranian nation went crazy during the 1979 devolution ...

And apparently I am not alone to think that 30 years later ... Specifically the  "amaleh" who unlike you or me or our Mohtaram Mrs. Ebadi doesn't have the luxury of leaving for a fairly comfortable (if not happy or satisfying)  exile:


Or like Our Household Sargord to hypocritically Enjoy drinking his beer ( See Iranian beer ) and playboy magazines in the Decadence of the West while Praising the Islamic Republic ...while arrogantly demanding accountability from other fellow exiled compatriots whom he lables as being Anti Iranian.

Indeed Our Gomrah Nation at large instead refused to take the Middle Ground of a Minor but Vocal Few who did not get carried away by simplistic Pahlavi Hating shoars ...



Which could have led to a far more constructive outcome than the one prescribed by the majority of the people in our country at the time including it's educated elite:

HISTORY FORUM: Mashallah Ajoudani on Intellectuals and the Revolution

But if it's a consolation Iranians are not alone in going crazy and committing similar fatal mistakes ... That often happens in history as it did for an equally cultured, civilized and educated people : the Germans back in 1933 when they democratically elected a hate mongering demagogue called ... Adolf Hitler ...


who shared much common traits with his short lived ally Stalin ...


Oh But then maybe I should Not be Stepping into another sensitive Territory which may prove offensive to your liking ... ;0)


But I congratulate You guys for finally waking up and acknowledging only since last Summer's Uprising 
that the Regime you or your parents hailed to power was indeed nothing else but an even more brutal dictatorship Not to say a Totalitarian State ...

Something that the Shah's Regime never was ... a Totalitarian State That is ...


Dariush, I agree, lots of Iranains got educated at top western..

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Colleges during the Shah. But so did many more, including myself and lots of people on this site, during the islamist regime. Now am I a "namak nashnas" for condemning and opposing the islamist regime for it's crimes against Iran and it's people? Whose "namak" are you talking about anyway? The namak of the brutal dictator? I am proud to tell you I have taken no namak from Shah or Sheikh. The only namak I recognise and respect is the dried up namak on the forehead of the Iranain "amaleh" working down to dusk under brutal dictatorship of the islamist regime, to feed his family and put a roof over their head.

As for the revolution, if ecverything was so nice and rosy in 1979 under late Shah, why did millions came up on to the streets asking for his removal? I hope you are not one of those prescribing to the idea that the entire Iranian nation went crazy during the 1979!


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Dear Hoshang! Your FACTS are WRONG!!

by pas-e-pardeh on

To take one example:

Dr. Fatemi was tried and sentenced to death and was executed 0n 19 Aban, 1333 in Tehran.  It is true that he had been stabbed by "Fadayan-e Islam" at some point earlier.  But he survived that assassination attempt.

You pick and choose bits of reality and sew them together to make a STORY about SAVAK having stabbed Dr. Fatemi to death!!!  Is this an outrageous lie or not? Then when I point it out to you, you reply with condescending facetiousness.

really. A little research once in a while would't hurt. 


Hoshang Targol

pas-e-pardeh jan, your absolutely right!

by Hoshang Targol on

KarimPour Shirazi put himself on fire, because of his devotion to Ashraf Pahalvi, just to get her attention, right after 53' Coup.

Dr. Fatemi, hureld himself to knives of Shaban Be Mokh and his friends, just to test how sharp Shaban's knife was.

Morteza Kayvan, was the most dangerous man in Iran and surly deserved to be executed by a firing squad.

Jaznai and friends went outside of Evin Prison, for a Pik Nic,  without the permission of their jailers, thus they were surley asking to be machine gunned to death.

SAVAK was really an association for promotion of Animal Rights and Vegetariansim in Iran, all these nasty rumors about them being involved in tortures and such is just that , rumors.

Hezbe Rastakhiz was, is and will be a figment of MY IMAGINATION.

Pahlavi Era was most outstanding in transparency and accountability, without any corruption and theft, millions and millions of dollar just evaporated into thin air, all by themselves.

I'm emotional and biased, all your claims are based on historical fact.

Tis exchange is over and out from my side , cheers


وقتی‌ نستالژیک میشم از خودم بدم میاد

آدمی‌ که فردا نداره با هاس فقط دیروز یادش بیاد


Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey the question was whether or not I'd seen sunup. I answered. So now you owe it to us:



Darius Kadivar

by norooz on

You wrote,    To Date I have never seen Ebadi pay her respects for instance to the Former Shahbanou now that she is in exile. After all if she became the First female Judge in Iran it's partially thanks to that Dynasty ... at least she is indebted to that Judiciary created under the Shah.

She is indebted to Shah the dictator, thief and butcher? She should pay respect to Shahbanoo the thief? You just don't get it, do you? Unlike you who is about bones/namak, she is about justice. 


dear DK: if you do get my point ...

by pas-e-pardeh on

Then why not just say you're not now proud of having rejoiced at anotger iranian becoming an exile? That was not a classy thing to do.

As for your other point: it doesnt matter what so-called supporters of Ebadi want for her. Has anybody wonders what she wants? If you ask her, she ll say she just wants her human rights NGOs and her law career back. She is a lawyer first and foremost.
I m glad to see her quote Ferdosi.
One more thing i respectfully remind you of: using terms like "nanak nashnas", or expecting her to be "thankful" to pahlavis for her accomplishments and Pahlavis providing opportunities for likes of her, is a relic of fuedal times. A leader does not own his people, nor does he do something nationwide to engender individual loyalties. If this is your idea of kingship in twenty first century, i m afraid you might be out of steps with shahzadeh and shahbanou.
By the way, i respect you a lot. This is just a friendly argument

Darius Kadivar

pas-e-pardeh Jaan I get your point

by Darius Kadivar on

But look at the views of those who rush in to defend this eminent lady when slightly criticized. None are genuine Secular Minded Intellectuals:

Hamid Dabashi, Seminar on Iran's 2009 Election      

Ahmad SadriSeminar on Iran's 2009 Election



Shirin EbadiSeminar on Iran's 2009 Election

DabashiKadivar & Haghighatjoo: Khordad 1388 - June 2009: Part 1



Maybe this NEW conference on the contrary involves a larger spectrum of people with a wider range of personalities, intellectuals and activists and it can indeed be the beginning of a profound reexamination of her own views but also of ours ... maybe not. 

I welcome Dialogue and exchanges on ALL Matters But more importantly I welcome political and ideological COHERENCE and VISION.

As Such I do Not see her display such qualities.

In addition Why do those who support her present her as a Potential Future President ? Why Not Prime Minister ? If they claim to be so open minded why are they so exclusive then ? I thought that the pre requisite for a Future Democratic Iran was National Reconciliation. When have the Republicans lent a Friendly hand towards us Constitutionalists ? 

To Date I have never seen Ebadi pay her respects for instance to the Former Shahbanou now that she is in exile. After all if she became the First female Judge in Iran it's partially thanks to that Dynasty ... at least she is indepted to that Judiciary created under the Shah.

Both The Shahbanou and the Crown Prince contrary to some die hard monarchists have always extended their hands and even respectful congratulations when she earned the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet She never made a positive comment or acknowledgement towards them.

And Now she has the hypocrisy to quote from the Shahnameh ? ... Who are we kidding here ? 

The Reason is that they want to use her to promote another Idea of Iran or as De Gaulle Would say "Une Autre Idée de La France".

Well I don't share That Vision.

Besides I KNOW the political loyalties of many of her Likeminds and close associates some of whom are presented at this conference such as the lawyer Lahiji who basically drafted the Constitution of the Islamic Republic but who has left Iran after Bazargan and his government collapsed. Same thing  for one of the other people at this conference who is the First UN Ambassador of the Islamic Republic.

Many of These Fellows Simply Want to SAFEGUARD THE REPUBLIC !

Without the Slightest accountability for their OWN POOR CHOICE 30 Years ago. 

Well I don't consider Their Republic as Legitimate.

Naturally anyone is free to think otherwise.  



Dear Hooshang

by pas-e-pardeh on

What your post reminded me of was the same emotional innuendos that excited Iranians back in 1979, got rid of a patriotic, progressive leader, and gave us the Islamic Republic.  Your post smelled so 1978.

The instances you mentioned would not qualify as "MOST" in my opinion, EVEN if they were true.  Unfortunately, we live in a cruel world with likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Saddam, Pol Pot, etc. etc., that the Shah's regime wouldn't rank in the top 100 either, let alone "most" brutal.   

But, your cases are not TRUE either.  Nobody burned anybody alive.  Dr. Fatemi was not stabbed to death. Etc.  If corruption was as big as you say it was, we would've certainly seen some evidence of it after the revolutionaries took over.  We haven't.  I don't know where you get your facts but it is filled with blind hatred.   Admit it: you are more emotional about what you consider Shah's crimes, than factual.

I agree with you that we need to move forward, but you can't throw the wildest accusations, and injure people you will have to live with in the future, and expect them to take it in stride.   

Hoshang Targol

pas-e-pardeh jan who was responsible for burning alive of

by Hoshang Targol on

Karimi Shirazi the Iranian journalist  who opposed  Pahlavis, after the '53 Coup?

Who was responsible for stabbing to death of Dr.Fatemi, while he was arrested , unarmed and unable to defend himself,after the Coup?

Who was responsible for execution of Jazani and others, while they were defensless prisoners of Shah?

Who executed Morteza Kayvan, a poet, who had never harmed a living thing in his life?

Does any of these crimes qualify for superlatives like "most"?

How many hundereds of Iraninas were subjected to most brutal tortures by SAVAK. I could go on a long while listing all the physical indignities Iranians endured during the rule of Pahlavi.

As for corruption, anyone who has ever worked in Sherkat Naft, Sazeman Barnameh Rizi, or almost anyother ministry of that era, has a vivid memeory of all the theft and corruption that became M.O. of that time. Who introduced the idea of Hezbe Rastakhiz, to turn Iran into a single-party state?

Our focus at the moment should be on overthrowing Islamic Republic of Hell, but such a priority shall not make us forgetfull of our past.

Those who forget mistakes of the past, are liable to repeat it.

Sorry if I made you remember things you would rather forget, but history is an obstinate entity.

Wishing you a nice day, cheers


REPEAT: Dear DK: I only had one point:

by pas-e-pardeh on

I wish you would admit you were wrong in being gleeful that Ebadi is now an exile.  

It takes a man to admit he is wrong but you chose to ignore my point. 


dear hooshang

by pas-e-pardeh on

When you call the pahlavis "most brutal, corrupt despotic monarchy", you make it sound like its common knowledge. In fact its just your biased opinion
You either are blind with hatred, or dont know what superlatives like "most" really mean. Its just baseless exaggeration
You should also know that im outraged and insulted by your opinions.


A true "sheer zane Irani"

by Bavafa on

Only if we had a few men just as brave and intelligent as her, perhaps we would have been in a better situation.

With women being half as a man in the IRI regime, she has accomplished a lot more then many of the men "sitting kenar zor khone o meegan lengesh kon"

When you take time to criticize her, take time to look in the mirror and see what you have done.



stop spamming Darius Kadivar


Agha Emam Reza Pahlavi would not appreciate his minions force feeding iranians with propaganda. the regime is doing that to many people. people are sick and tired of one sided nonsense.

Hoshang Targol

Iranian civil society,the source of Iran's progress and cultural

by Hoshang Targol on

advancement was not created by the "Pahlavi Era," but existed and thrived despite of, and in opposition to the Monarchial state.

The oil wealth, the material source of Iran economic progress, as well was not created, discovered, or produced by the Pahalavis, but was actually nationalized by a nationalist movement, as we all know the painfull history of that chapter in Iranian history, and the most negative role ( to put it diplomatically!) played by Pahalvis.

With all due respect for our monarchists compatriots,what would you call a society deprived of its independence, democracy and social justice ( think of Hezbe Rasatkhiz, SAVAK,...)?

Last but not least, what is the source of this misplaced nostalgia for a most brutal, corrupt despotic monarchy?


وقتی‌ نستالژیک میشم از خودم بدم میاد

آدمی‌ که فردا نداره با هاس فقط دیروز یادش بیاد



Darius Kadivar

Khasteed IRan Felesteen Besheh ...Aghebat Felesteen ham Shod ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Khasteed IRan Felesteen Besheh ...Aghebat Ham Felesteen ham Shod ...   Arafat Hails Iranian Revolution:
Yasser Arafat Hails Iranian Revolution (Video)

  Mohsen Kadivar: Ham Gazeh, Ham Lobnan Janam Fedayeh Iran
محسن کدیور، آخوند پست و دروغگو(video)

Darius Kadivar

RG Didn't know a "Miserable" Nation could also be Abad ?

by Darius Kadivar on

As for a "Miserable" People you are not doing bad in America :


Thanks to the educational, cultural and economic opportunities and window on the West and Specifically America during the Cold War which was offered by the Pahlavi Era to several generations :



Thanks to whom many of you ended up studying in the best universities abroad including these Namak Nashnas Stooges:


COLUMBIA PRESENTS: Academic Excellence With Hamid Dabashi & Sadri Bros


and which now the first generation of Iranian Americans are also benefiting from:


Including our very own household and clueless Sargord ...


But maybe you (PS: By You I don't mean YOU in particular) would have prefered like Poor Old Dabashi to study in some East European Communist country or Cuba ? If so why did you all end up in the "Imperialist" America ( as a fictional character in a badly imitated novel of Graham Green's Ugly American) ? ...


Which miserable nation has immigrants  as successful in the US or elsewhere in the World starting with it's Very First Generation ? (Special thanks to Hamseda ghadimi for sharing the info)

Business Associations Coalition of Iranian Entrepreneurs (LA)Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce (LA)Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce (Bay Area)Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce Central FloridaIranian American Technology Council, IATC (Maryland)Iranian Trade Association (San Diego)NIPOC (Orange County)SiliconIran (Bay Area) Civic & Political GroupsAlliance of Iranian Americans, AIA (Southern California) American Iranian Council (New Jersey)American Iranian Friendship Council (Portland)Iranian American Political Action Committee (Washington D.C.)Iranian American Voter and Candidate Portal (Bay Area)Bay Area Iranian American Voter AssociationCalifornia Society for Democracy in IranCivil Society, Mihan Foundation (Maryland) Democracy for America in Orange CountyIranian-American Democrats of New YorkBay Area Iranian-American Democrats (BAIAD)Iranian American Democrats of IrvineIranian American Democrats of Los AngelesIranian American Democrats of San DiegoIranian American Republican Council (Los Angeles)The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, IHRDC (Connecticut)National Iranian American Council, NIAC (Washington D.C.)Network of Iranian American Society, NIAS (Orange County)Iranian-American Youth (Washington D.C.)Pars Equality Center (Bay Area)Persian Gulf online (worldwide)The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans, PAAIA (Washington D.C.)Project Connection (Massachusett) Political ParticipationIranian-American Participation in Political Campaigns - Iranian Studies Group at MIT (January 2004) Political PartiesGreen Party (Irvine)Iran National Front (Washington D.C.)Iran National Front (Bay Area)Marze Por-Gohar (Los Angeles) Professional Associations Anjoman (Bay Area)Association of Iranian American Professionals in San Diego (AIAP)Association of Iranian Professionals of AustinAssociation of Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage (APSIH)The Association of Iranian American WritersIranian Academic Association, IAA (New York)Iranian Academic Association (Washington D.C.)Iranian American Bar Association (Washington D.C.)Iranian Librarians Association of America (LA)Iranian/American Professional Society of OregonIranian American Society of Civil Engineers (Irvine)Professional Iranian Networking Society (Washington D.C.)Society of Iranian Architects & Planners (Los Angeles)Society of Iranian Professionals of TexasSociety of Iranian Professionals (Washington D.C.) Health AssociationsAcademy of Persian Physicians (Southren California)Beverly Hills Iranian-American Doctors (BHIAD)Iranian Dental Association of California (IDAC)Iranian American Dental Association (LA)Iranian Dental Club (Washington D.C.)Iranian American Medical Association (New Jersey)Iranian American Mental Health Society (Irvine) Iranian-American Life Science Network (San Diego)Iranian Psychological Association of America (LA)Iranian American Nurses Association (Texas)Iranian Society of Ophthalmologists & Vision Scientists (Kentucky)Iranian American Psychological Association (Los Angeles)Iranian Medical Society of Greater WashingtonPersian American Society for Health Advancement (Southern California) Iranian StudiesThe American Institute of Iranian Studies (New York)The Association for the Study of Persianate Societies (Chicago)Center for Iranian Studies (Columbia U.)Encyclopedia Iranica - Center for Iranian Studies (New York)Foundation for Iranian Studies, FIS (Maryland)The International Society for Iranian StudiesIranian Studies (UCLA)Iranian and Persian Studies (Harvard)Iranian Studies (Stanford)The Iranian Studies Initiative (Yale)Persian Studies (UT Austin)Persian Studies (UC Irvine)Persian Studies (U. Maryland)Persian and Iranian Studies (U. Washington)    Art American Foundation for Contemporary Iranian Art (S. California)Art of Iran (Virginia)Beyond Persia (Bay Area)Iranian Art Foundation (New York)Persian Arts Festival (New York)Iranian Visual Artist (LA)Rumi Art Society (Austin) Cultural & Educational Organizations Andisheh (Oregon)Bahar Society (Los Angeles)Boarders across Alliances (Boston)Center for Iranian Research and Analysis, CIRA (Connecticut)Cupertino Iranian Community (Bay Area)Evecina Cultural & Educational Foundation (Irvine)Farhang Foundation (S. California)Ferdosi Society (Bay Area)House of Iran (San Diego)Inter Cultural Center , ICC (Virginia)International Soceity for Iranian Culture, ISIC (New York)Iramerican Civic Society of America (Washington D.C.)Iranian Alliances Across Borders, IAAB (Virginia)Iranian American Society of New York (IAS)Iranian Association of BostonIranian Community Center (Irvine)Iranian Cultural Center of Orange County (ICCOC)Iranian Cultural Society of America (Pennsylvania)Iranhouse (Chicago)Iranian American Society of Greater Daytona BeachIranian Cultural Foundation (Houston)Iranian Cultural Society (Illinois)Iranian Cultural Society of PhiladelphiaIranian-American Comunity of Utah (IACU)Iranian-American Cultural Society of MarylandIranian Cultural Center (Flordia)Iran Cultural and Educational Center (Maryland)Iranian Cultural Society of New MexicoIranian American Society of New YorkIranian American Cultural Association (Washington DC)Iranian American Community Alliance (Seattle)Iranian American MeetupIranian American Parents Association of Beverly HillsIranian-American Volunteer Alliance, IAVA (Virginia)Iran Heritage (Southern California)Iranian Women's Studies Foundation, IWSF (Massachusetts)Jewel of Persia (Irvine)Kamal Cultural Foundation (San Diego)Kanoon Iran (Virginia)Mehrgan Foundation (San Diego)Mehregan: Iranian Teachers Association (Washington D.C.)Mshab (New York)Organization of Iranian Scholars (San Diego)Palos Verdes Iranian Youth Cultural SocietyPars Educational and Cultural Society (Chicago)Persian American Society (San Mateo)Persian Center (Berkeley)Persian Chorus (Berkeley)Persian Cultural Center of the Carolinas (Charllote)Persian Cultural Center (Virginia)Central Virginia Iranian American SocietyPersian Cultural Center (San Diego)Persian Cultural Foundation (New Jersey)Persian Comunity Center of AtlantaPersian Cultural & Humanitarian Association (New Jersey)Persian Parade (NY)Persian Studies and Persia House at PSU (Portland)Philadelphia Persian SocietyRoshan Cultural Heritage Institute (Washington D.C.)Shabeh Jomeh Society for Promotion of Persian Culture (Indiana)The Translation Project (Bay Area)Wisconsin Persians     Religious-SpiritualIMAN (Los Angeles)Islamic Institute of New YorkIranian Christians International (Colorado Springs)Iranian American Jewish Association (Political)Iranian American Jewish Federation (S. California)The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the US (Illinois)Islamic Center LocatorSABA (Bay Area)The Zarathushtrian Assembly (Anaheim)Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America, FEZANA (Illinois)California Zoroastrian CenterZoroastrian Association of North Texas Educational Foundations (Scholarships)Bita Daryabari Scholarship for Women in EconomicsThe Dabiri FoundationThe Hand FoundationHoutan Scholarship Foundation (New Jersey)IABA ScholarshipIranian-American Scholarship Fund (San Diego)Iranian Artist Scholarship, EP (Washington D.C.) IAB Scholarship (Boston)IFWC Scholarships (Bay Area)Dr. M.A. Modjtahedi Foundation (Student Loan Fund)Momeni Foundation (Oregon)Nahal Scholarship Foundation (Bay Area)Society of Iranian American Women for Education, SIAWE (Texas) Persian SchoolsEftekhar Persian School (Milwaukee)Ferdowsi Persian Language School (New York)Golestan Kids (Berkeley)GWC Huntington BeachIEC (Houston)Iranian Community School (Virginia)Iranian School of San DiegoKharazmi Persian School (New Jersey)Khayam Educational Group (Orange County)Persian Academy (Washington DC)Persian School of SeattlePayvand School (Bay Area)New York City Classes  Persian CoursesCollege & Universities offering Persian courses Student OrganizationsIranian Student Alliance in America (Berkeley)Iranian Studies Group at MIT (Cambridge) Support GroupsHomanIRC  WomenIranian Women's Studies Foundation (IWSF)Iranian Women's Society (S. Califronia)The Women's Center (Maryland)Irandokht (S. California)More..  Charities & Relief OrganizationsAlavi Foundation (New York)Ashiané (New York)Alborz Humanitarian Foundation (Southern California) (New Jersey)Bonyad Norooz (North Carolina)Boroumand Foundation (New York)Child Foundation (Oregon)Children's Hope International Literacy & Development (California)Children of Persia (Maryland)Earthquake Relief Funds for Orphans (Massachusetts)Iranian Children (Southern California)Iranian Refugees Alliance Inc. (New York)Kahrizak Charity Foundation (Los Angeles)Komak (Virginia)Omeed (Massachusetts)MahdiehMassiah Foundation (Boston)Mehr Humanitarian Society (New Jersey)Omid Foundation (Maryland)PARSA Community FoundationPersian American Cancer InstituteRahmat Foundation (New York)Razi Health Foundation (New Jersey) Human Rights OrganizationsThe Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC)Iranian Society for Human Rights (California)Gozaar (Washington, DC)Society for Human Rights in Iran (S. California) 





nobody listens to ebadi or cares what she says? joke of the day. very funny.  on which planet do you live? you hate what she has to say thats fine but she is far from a nobody.

as a matter of fact, she is one of the more influential iranians today. 

Darius Kadivar

Oh yeah When did he Shah call You Microbes? Or Belittle Your Rev

by Darius Kadivar on

Shah Speach acknowledges Voice of the Revolution but refuses to abdicate and promises to Respect the Constitution once Calm and Order is Restored:




Sorry Jomhurykhah Folks Political maturity has never been your Fort ...

But I commend you for your recurrent Lack Of Vision ...

To paraphrase the French:

"Prendre Ces Désirs pour des Réalités" 

Well we Saw where that led to ...







Ebadi and The salt appreciation society.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Here is a different view of 1979 revolution:

Revolutions happen not by design. Revolutions happen because the masses, "microbes" as called by arrogant, detached from reality dictators, reach a point in their miserable lives where they see no other choice but to get rid of their brutal ruler (be it shah or ayatollah) by use of violent force. However, Revolutions can be Hijacked, diverted and eventually destroyed by the enemies of people, as happened in Iran.

So Ebadi was not responsible for 1979 revolution, nor will she be responsible for the forthcoming one.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Dear DK: I only had one point:

by pas-e-pardeh on

My point to a classy guy like you was this:  it is not classy to show  joy about a fellow Iranian being forced into exile.  If I were jailed and tortured by IRI, I would also say it would not be classy for someone who had already been jailed by IRI to taunt me by saying "now you know what torture tastes."

We who have been in exile all these years should not show happiness at seeing another joining us, just as those who have lived & fought IRI within Iran should not resent us for being in exile.  

In Yiddish it is called: Schadenfreude (pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.) It's a nasty human trait. 

Darius Kadivar

ANONYMOUS norooz Go Fetch Your Eidy But avoid Persepolis

by Darius Kadivar on

Where The Persian New Year was First Celebrated ...



The Local Mosque is Probably More Fit for the type of ceremonies you take pride in  ...





Darius Kadivar

by norooz on

Just because you attach bunch of links from YouTube doesn't make you right.  Your belief is based on self interest.  The problem is not as much the Monarchy as it is the Kings such as Pahlavis.  That is what makes people to change the system to avoid being ruled for decades by an incompetents family. This is what you don't want to understand due to the bones you receive and you call Namak Shenasi. 



Wasted energy Shirin Khanom

by masoudA on

When the whole world was listening to you, you said: Islam has no conflicts with Democracy!!!!!!   now that nobody cares about you or listens to you, you are saying all the right things??!!  who are you trying to fool this time - your own concience? 

Besides - Never mind Abbaadi - what are you going to do about the death of morality in Iran?  what about the broken soul of several generations? 

Darius Kadivar

Gimme a Break choghok Jaan Jomhurykhahy Arguments are Obsolete

by Darius Kadivar on

For As far as Accountability is concerned I believe Your Political Jomhurykhah Family has a Great Deal to Catch Up on ...


HISTORY FORUM: Mashallah Ajoudani on Intellectuals and the Revolution


Mehdi Bazargan and the controversial legacy of Iran's Islamic intellectual movement

Which Another Great Constitutionalist did not fail to notice:

pictory: Bakhtiar Denounces Bazargan's Provisionary Government in exile (1979)

And before going any futher My assessment is nothing personal, by YOU I mean it in the generic term and not YOU the individual ( Or even Mrs. Ebadi although she given her Nobel Peace Prize speaks on behalf of Muslims worldwide and not merely Iranians ) who is entitled to an Opinion be it Republican or Not ...

But we Constitutionalists have been accountable:

ROYAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Crown Prince Reza on Torture During His Father's Rule


But to reduce the existence of the SAVAK and the Shah's dictatorial rule to his would be sadism is Ridiculous not to say laughable ... 

REPUBLICAN OFFSPRING: Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in Savak Prison (1970's)

REPUBLICAN OFFSPRING: Massoud Rajavi at Tehran University during Presidential Campaign (1980)

Feel Free to call the Shah, a Week King, a Megalomaniac or even as Abbas Milani ( whose book I am sure will Now become your new Bible like William Shawcross' Book on the Shah or Alam's Memoires have become in recent years for many Jomhurykhah's as a substitute for the abscence of a genuine critical thinking of their own) would even claim a Reluctant King with a Hamlet Like Hesitation and inner contradictions  ... But a Sadist, stupid, irresponsible or unpatriotic ? ... 

Definitively Not !

pictory: David Frost's documentary on Iran's Shah in Power (1974)



I fully understand your frustrations as people who despise the very notion of the Monarchy in our country which you see as an enduring symbol of Tyranny Or like This eminent Gentleman see everything through the distorted lens of your Anti Pahlavi Stance:

MOSHIRI's COLD HAND's: Bahram Moshiri Slams Pahlavi Era Gun Ban Policies

Or Confused knowledge of History:

HISTORY FORUM: Bahram Moshiri's Take on The French Revolution and Why He Misses The Point ;0) 


by often overlooking it's necessity in a country like Iran:

SEPARATIST TEMPTATIONS: Don't Let It Fool You ... Treason Exists ...


Where the Crown whether you want to deny it or not for better or for worse has been a Symbol of Unity and a Cement of National Co-existance under a variety of ethnic , religious and linguistic entities :

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Greeted by "Bandari" People of Persian Gulf (1970's)


ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shahbanou Farah visits Persian Gulf Compatriots (1974)


ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Pays Respect to Baloutch Sunni Minority (1970's)


ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah meets Kurdish Representatives (1948)



ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah and Quashgai Kids (1976)



ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah and Soraya Share meal with worksman's family (1956)  



in trying to present the Iranian Revolution ( mind you I don't even use the word "Islamic" to describe it) as something glorious as the so called Glorious French Revolution because that makes you feel better ...Alas the only common feature between the two has been their considering that Terror is Virtuous:

VIRTUE IN TERROR: Maximilien Robespierre and the Reign of Terror (BBC)



But Even There ... The French Revolution gave the World the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

GOOD READ: All You Need to Know About The Enlightment Philosophers

Much of which was already developed by the progressive ideas of Constitutionalists Like Voltaire ( exiled in Britain):

HISTORY OF IDEAS: Ian Davidson on Voltaire's "English Exile"

What have Our Revolutionaries given the World in terms of ideas ? The Tozihol Massael :

Farrokhzad explains Khomeiny's Green Book:

Copy & Paste in your browser to watch:





But I am afraid that no matter how hard you try to justify it that Your Glorious Revolution and the Republic which resulted will not go down in history as a reference focal point of social and political progress in the long history of our nation.

It will only be seen be it in 10, 20, 50 or a 100 years time as a regression or devolution if you will not to say an interruption of what started a century ago and which will most probably resurrect in the form of a Persian Rennaissance in our collective mindset and psyche as a nation : The Constitutional Revolution of 1906:

HISTORY FORUM: Nader Naderpour on Iran's Constitutional Revolution and European Rennaissance (1996)

A Revolution whose Goal very much like the Constitutionalist movements of it's time in Europe and England in particular seeked not to topple the Monarchy but implement a democratic constitution be it by Forcing the Monarch to accept it's terms:

RESTORATION: Britain's 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688 and the 'Bill of Rights'

and which it ultimately did in many countries which adopted a similar approach:

HISTORY FORUM: How Truly Democratic is The British Monarchy ?

ROYAL RHINOPLASTY: Stephen Fry On The Imperfections of the Monarchy and Why It Should Be Preserved

And Not just in Great Britain:

HISTORY FORUM: Franco's Ghost- Spain's Painful Road Towards National Reconciliation

RESTORATION: Belgium King Baudouin takes Oath Amidst Republican Animosity (31st July ,1950)

Even if it pisses off some of their Royal Subjects:

GALLOWAY's REPUBLIC: George Galloway on the Decline of the British Monarchy



Something that we as a nation have alas missed the opportunity time and again by getting our PRIORITIES WRONG :

THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?



Now you fellows can go an endlessly try and misrepresent the Pahlavi Era as one similar to that of Louis XVI in France or See that great lady our Shahbanou as some kind of Marie Antoinette ... You will Fall Short on both accounts.


Sorry but until further Notice the likes of Mrs. Shirine Ebadi, Hamid Dabashi or Mohsen Kadivar or Akbar Ganji wish to Saveguard their Republic however reformed and which remains legitimate in their eyes.  


Well I Don't Share that Vision of Iran's century old struggle for democracy but I share theirs:

Bakhtiar very last public appearance in Hamburg, Germany in 1989 on Regime Changed based on the Restoration of the 1906 Constitution :


Crown Prince Reza on the Anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution 2008:



And You or Shirin Ebadi and her likeminds are Most Welcome to Join His Majesty in that Common Struggle for the Restoration of Our Rights and Freedom. 

If Not then please refrain from quoting from the Shahnameh be it to remain coherent with your Republican Stance ...



My Humble Opinion,


PS: I am open to debate on ALL the issues I brought up and am ready to exchange views with you here on this thread or elsewhere in the future. But may not have to time today. So forgive me in advance if I don't get back to you immediately. 

PSS: Again Sorry for my Editing which Sucks for reasons that are related to MAC Users.




Darius kadivar

by norooz on

The link you attached showed that the majority were voting for IRI to change fifty years of dictatorship and being robed by Pahlavi and his circle of thieves in hope of a better, a fair and a just system.  

Iran belongs to all Iranians not just Shah or Khomeini. People own the Namak and Namakdoon.  On the contrary to what you believe, not people, but the rulers are Namak Nashnaas for betraying people.  Specially, Pahlavis who came to power illegally. If anything, namak nashnaas is more fit to be used on whom are anti Mosaddegh than on others for being anti Pahlavi.

The idea should be believing is what is right and just and not Namak. Namak or pie is precisely why we are so divided and have had so many traitors throughout our history.  


I don't get it !?!

by kazem0574 on

By saying 31 years ago you received Iran in an “Abad” state, is she not making an inherently pro shah comment? 

So I don’t understand why she is being attacked by as far as I have seen on this site, a very pro shah individual !!!

31 years is a life time, if only the super-powers had let us have a real secular Iran, instead of passing one dictatorship for another, the “Tajdar king” replaced with “Amameh king”.

With all the fiscal and human wealth potential we have, our country would have been equal to any of today’s strong European countries if not better.  


Darius think again

by choghok on

Your logic sounds like a basiji logic, that the opponents of Khamenei are namak nashnas and too greedy and want too much freedom.

Sooner or later Khamenei and his stooges will have the same fate since it is not up to a group to decide what is right and wrong for a country. If 90 % of Iranians were namak nashnas like you say, there was something wrong with the system running the country.

Also why would shah be a sadist and lead a country that did not wanted him and he was embarressed of calling its pms for donkeys and the parliament for stable. He was better of skiing in Switzerland.

Darius Kadivar

SPink Jaan @ IRI Nope You Didn't ...

by Darius Kadivar on

But Go Ahead Enjoy your beer ...

Woman resists arrest



But Hey Folks @ IRI Just Get Some Sleep  ... One of your Posters is Posting 24 / 24 hrs and desperately needs a replacement. And Guess What ? Despite his considerable efforts to make us think otherwise ... He is Not Even close to Funny :





Sargord Pirouz

Come on, Darius, I answered

by Sargord Pirouz on

Come on, Darius, I answered your question. Where's your explanation? And be sure to put some feeling into it! lol