Ahmadinejad Arrives in Beirut

Set to tour villages on Lebanon's tense border with Israel

BBC: Crowds of cheering Lebanese have welcomed Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Beirut, on a visit likely to prove divisive in the region. Mr Ahmadinejad's motorcade was showered with rice and flowers on its way from the airport to the presidential palace. But many people are alarmed at the visit, as Iran backs the Hezbollah group, an avowed enemy of Israel. In a move likely to outrage critics, Mr Ahmadinejad is set to tour villages on Lebanon's tense border with Israel. The region was devastated during a 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel, and rebuilt partly with Iranian money. "Ahmadinejad has done a lot for Lebanon, we are here to thank him," 18-year-old engineering student Fatima Mazeh told the Associated Press. "He's not controlling Lebanon. Everyone has a mind and can think for himself. We are here to stand with him during the hardest times >>>

No shaking hands with Lebanese female official:

On streets of Beirut:


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Good for Iran and lebanon

by Q on

and unfortunately, also great for Ahmadi who will use this for maximum political advantage.

But this is the result of idiotic American policies.

When lebanon was being bombed for 34 days straight, men women and children dying, the US secretary of state was saying "there is no need to interfere."

Now the Americans dare to say "Iran may not have lebanon's best interest in mind"? LOL!!!!


mash ghanbar

by Majid on


I'm sure there's a beach front property somewhere in Arizona where he hangs out with his "Beaner" el gordos! 

If those beaners told him "this is a Beamer" I'm sure it is then...........LOL




mash Ghanbar


by mash Ghanbar on

I am not even sure if this guy really has one. I mean who knows??:)) he could be making all this up.

Yeah sure. I am riding my bike. aha,, wink, wink. Yeah. You expired, rejectee, half-accepted, mini-admitted, Iran-hating bunch, eat your heart out, i am riding my Beamer right in the middle of the Arizona desert...cluck your feathers...and keep rambling! You malcontents.


Israelis have wet their

by AmirKabir on

Israelis have wet their pants, thinking it is the wipeout time.


Where are the Israeli Air Planes?

by Vattan on

I guess that is explain who is he working for? If Israel wanted to kill him he had his chance today. I guess now it is real clear  whose Ahmadi Nejad works for????


mash ghanbar

by Majid on

Somewhere in the "HELL" .....LOL

mash Ghanbar


by mash Ghanbar on

The average temperature All over the states was 85 degrees. where in the hell did you take your bike for a ride in a 95 degree climate??

Oops. It just slipped right off your fingers there didn't it?

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Yeah, what a waste of time this is.

Just got back from a motorcycle ride. It's 95F degrees out. Think I'll go for a swim. 

Cluck all you want about how bad it is where you no longer belong. 


Dirty whatever, there's a simple unspoken rule on IC

by Onlyiran on

and that is that you cannot comment under the following circumstances: 1) when you're drunk, 2) when you're high, 3) when you have neglected to take your psychotropic medications.

Kindly follow these rules.  Thank you. 

Dirty Angel

Oh , ach was

by Dirty Angel on

jetzt geht's rum und rumherum mit 'ner "ewigen Widerkunft" der Psychopatie auf 'em Internet...


Alles so etwas von süss! Einwandfreie Schönheit selbst. Ehbah, vachement


"Ceci n'est pas a very dirty post"


The “Sargord” Deep Cry for Help

by Tavana on

and how now we have a chip on our soldier, having been socially demoted to a life spent in a semi-accepted, foreign land.” That sounds like the genuine common cry for help from alike sepahis, army soldiers, & basijiis who have been suffering from “post traumatic disorders” by serving the deep dark side of the regime. May the “International Rescue Mission” who is rescuing the “33 Chilean Miners” today, after being trapped for 69 days in more than half-a-mile (900 feet) deep dark mines, hear their agonies.


Thanks for the explanation Amir

by Onlyiran on

I didn't know that  the dead "scholar" was Khomeini.  Scholar?!!!!  LOL!!!  Really LOL!!!!


But when his misinterprated

by AMIR1973 on

But when his misinterprated paraphrase of an old second hand saying of a dead scholar circulated all over the world instantenousely then he is a big deal

The "dead scholar", of course, is Khomeini, i.e the Number One killer of Iranians in recent history. The "misinterprated (sic) paraphrase" is "vanish from the pages of time" rather than "wipe from the map" -- what a big difference (LOL). Besides being a killer and thug, Khomeini's "scholarship" extended to the proper way for an adult to have sex with a minor and other such "scholarly" issues with which some "akhoondha-yeh shepeshoo" concern themselves. What a joke.


I don't know what "us people" should forget about an

by Onlyiran on

"old scholar"'s misinterpretation of whatever...really, I don't give a crapollah about that (really, I don't even know what you're talking about).  Nor do I care about what he said about 9/11 or the Holocaust (aside from the entertainment value, of course).  The only thing that I care about is what he does to Iran, its people and its money.  

And as far as the American news media is concerned, I gave you reasonable explanations.  This is not the type of thing that their viewers are looking for.  They don't even cover Obama's trips that often.  Now, if you want to carry on with this "naneh man ghareebam" about why AN is being "dissed", go right ahead.

Incidentally, AN's wild statements about 9/11 and the Holocaust are sensational comments.  That's why they get coverage, which I assume is what he's looking for himself.  


So, now he is not a big deal?

by Midwesty on

But when his misinterprated paraphrase of an old second hand saying of a dead scholar circulated all over the world instantenousely then he is a big deal!One day he is the Hitler and another day is not a big deal. Can you people make up your mind about him?



by Onlyiran on

First, we can't say for sure that the mic was "cut off."  It may have been a technical glitch.  Not everything is a conspiracy against the great Islamic Republic!

But, regardless of the mic being lost, if you recall, the translator said (after the sound was gone) that she was reading from the "prepared speech", which means that it was available beforehand.  So, in reality, there really was no interruption in the delivery of Mr. Sibourjian's (a/k/a Ahmadinejad) oral diarrhea..sorry, I meant to say "speech." The world had the pleasure of hearing it in "real time."  

Plus, no one is ignoring this trip.  It's on the front page of MSNBC's world news page, here:


CNN has a report onit:


Here's a report from ABC News:



What else do you want?  I'm sorry, but AN is not as big a deal as you want him to be.  


Only Iran,

by Midwesty on

I know that dear. But I am amazed how synchronized they are to ignore the big elephant in the room simultaneously.

Can you say the same thing about cutting off his mic during his speech in the very UN perimeter? How about not making his speech script available until hours later?


Thanks HG - Very revealing

by Onlyiran on

That Wiki entry is very funny. :-))

And I note that his [pretend] great grandfather is wearing a hat with an insignia that the tahgord quite frequently refers to as "lion & puss".  So, I guess that makes his [pretend] great grandfather a "lion & puss head"...no?



Plenty of olive trees

by Parthian on

There are plenty of cypress and olive trees in Lebanon for the monkey to climb up.

 Harchee meimoon zesht tare bazish bishtar-e


عجب خنده داره!


The second video is really funny!

Ahmadi sticking his head out of the round whole like a gopher in the movie Caddyshack! And his secret service entourage with dark glasses trying to look professionally at the sky as if they are scared of birds' droppings!

Everything is copied, borrowed and stolen from the West and Hollywood!

hamsade ghadimi

onlyiran, are you a

by hamsade ghadimi on

onlyiran, are you a psychaiatrist?  you just made tahgord mark describe to you why he enjoys being this evil regime's chearleader and hate iranians so much? 

he reveals it all in his last paragraph: "I mean, that's what this all boils down to: resentment of a social class lost, as well as resentment over the loss of status found in your new digs.

that's why he always rants about his important relatives long ago in iran and their special status in the society.  here's a wiki entry that he and his aunt made up on unsubstantiated information regarding his "maternal grandfather" he likes to talk about: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ismail_Mumtaz

i think the part that makes him especially anti iranian is the turkish (from turkey) influence of his family.  you know some turks are not particulary fond of iranians.  it's all making sense.  good job onlyiran. it's all too funny.  :)


You know tahgord, you're not even worth my time

by Onlyiran on

your "cut and run" nonsense is kind of like your "detective" work on "Fred writing type A or C", which translates into tahgord writing  type BS.

You're not even worthy of a response.  Why am I even wasting my time arguing with a pretender non-Iranian who has never been to my country, doesn't speak the language and wants to see a war in Iran just so that he can see what an Iranian F-14 can do against an Israeli F-16!!!  Pathetic.   


He badly needed a confidence boost …

by reader1 on

… and Lebanon obliged.

Sargord Pirouz

Well good for you,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well good for you, onlyIran. You belong to that class I was referring to- you know, the one that sucked a bunch of money out of the country before you cut and run.

So you go back once in a while. So do we. But we're into advocating peace between the two nations. Not the bitching and moaning about how an underclass undercut our social position in the old country, and how now we have a chip on our soldier, having been socially demoted to a life spent in a semi-accepted, foreign land.

I mean, that's what this all boils down to: resentment of a social class lost, as well as resentment over the loss of status found in your new digs.



by Tavana on

Does not the "Chilean Miners" rescue have a message for all the ignorant ones? What if you & me had been buried 68 days deep underground? Think also of 8 years Iran-Iraq war? What are those young dead from both sides are going to tell us about their experiences with their "underground" lives  if they come out of their graves? What if the young killed last year in the streets come out of their underground place & see all your he-ha's with Mahmoud's trip? We all better wake up since we never know whether tomorrow is our turn to go underground or not.  


احمدی با زبون


احمدی با زبون بی‌زبونی به خانوم داره میگه اگه باهش تنها بود تو استخر عشقش شیرجه میزد.  مواظب این محمودی باشین خیلی‌ کلکه.


Anonymous Observer

by Tavana on

Thanks much for your moving note. Please do not waste your precious time with “Annoying Sargold” any more. He for sure has been wrapped all his life in gold & has no understanding of poverty, homelessness, hardship, and etc. Just one reminder. As you might know Beirut/Lebanon was the “Las Vegas” of the Middle East before the civil wars began there in 1973. IRI is investing heavily there to bring those “glorious” days of earning easy “tourists” money back. Have you have read about their investments amount in building the most luxurious resorts in Caspian Sea cities, Keesh Island, Dubai, etc. while 60% of Iranians live below the “poverty line.”

God save us from “Jahl” & “Jahell Inn ??”     


Not really tahgord joon

by Onlyiran on

onlyiran, you mean like when you people got the boot? :)

First of all, we left for a better life and we go back regularly.  We even have a home in Iran where we spent a good chunk of time every year. But at least we are Iranians and are from there, unlike you, who are a stateless lost soul.   



by Onlyiran on

I wouldn't really say that this is unqiue to the Ahmadi trip.  The US media is viewer driven, and we have to face facts.  Most Americans wouldn't know where Iran is on the map, let alone talk about AN's trip to Lebanon.

The mine rescue is sensational news and that drives the American news market.  If you remember, a few weeks ago, all that was talked about on American news channels was Lindsy Lohan's court appearance, with minute to minute updates, etc.  There were many more important things happening that day as well.   


Yes Sargord we saw it. It was AMAZING. The Lebanese

by Onlyiran on

cheering Ahmadinejad just makes up for everything that has happened in Iran for the past 31 years.  The murders, tortures, executions by the thousands, anything and everything now makes sense and is justified.  After all, this is what the IRI has always been about, right: brutality against its own citizens and popularity on the "Arab street"!!!