The wheel

The wheel
by jamh

Now there's the buzz
the buzz I've been waiting for.
My feelings ebb and flow
with your measured words
following, on a rope taut
to this vertiginous height
from the old ballroom
revolving beneath our seat
dimly lit but still white.

To be honest, my nerves
shot years ago, reel from
your carefree firework.

The Ferris wheel creaks
and goes up, to the night
to the stars and the void.

I tell you what I like,
you hold my hand, both of us
mesmerized by the torque.

You point out that now
my frail body is being
lowered to the ground.

You wipe a tear with a little
address, a little sly
followed perhaps with a smile,
my angel of mercy, my luck,
my lover, my resilience.
I tremble all over but
I have already forgotten
how to make a sound.



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