by jamh

On my way back home,
ignoring the palmate pink
underneath the green,

I carelessly stepped
on the most intricate leaf
I had ever seen.

For a few seconds
I held on to the belief
that all will be well..

That you will descend
carrying your silver scale,
your broom and your pail

to sweep me again
from these animal motifs,
this geometry

of the ornate rug
that once covered the whole World
or at least the one

of my sunlit room.
I was hallucinating,
sick from dysentery.

I remember well
when you tapped the sliding door.
I was hot and cold.

You were so agile!
You jumped from the high brick wall
to my balcony,

your Egyptian eyes
cast to my naked body,
white and juvenile.

I wasn't thinking
that I didn't die that day
or the one after

I didn't see you.
I heard later that you slept
on our speckled tiles.



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"Porcelain" is a strong poem with a delicate atmosphere

by Mehrban on

Thank you for the explanation.  



by jamh on

I would love to explain.

So I will tell you the allusion but I don't want you to think that it is all about Death. I wrote this for a real person that means a lot to me, but the image of Anubis gets superimposed to hers in my delirium.

Anubis weighs your heart against an ostrich feather after your die, and if it is found heavier than the feather you are denied ethereal life, and your soul gets put back into a huge cauldron of souls where new life comes from. The idea isn't good or evil, rather how much baggage you're carrying. Only the ones that have left everything behind may proceed in the Book of the Dead.

The subject of this poem carries the least weight out of every person that I have ever met.


With this rich poem

by Mehrban on

I don't know who the poor is here :). 

Btw,  dear Jamh what is the silver scale reference?   If I may.  


Dear Mehrban

by jamh on

Thank you for your kind word. It is alm for the poor!


This is an impressive poem

by Mehrban on

Thank you Jamh.