Enta ya Ghali

Iranian-Lebanese musical collaboration

Enta ya Ghali
by Ghormeh Sabzi

Performed by Iranian-Lebanese singer Legha Yusif, and Lebanese Ragheb Alama:


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nice work

by alireza on

Nice work, I have to admit the man singer sounds better. But good job. Cinematography of this reminds me of French TV production. Specifically the work done by Nagui Fam. 

hope to see more of this 


آفرین قرمه سبزی


بنگر چگونه یک "تازی!!" و یک "آریائی!!" چه زیبا به زبان عشق سخن می‌گویند.


Great piece of television production altogether!

by farrad02 on

This clip is a great and innovative piece of TV production. The videography techniques, lighting, music, the babnd and both singers performances are all great! Thanks!


The best part of this clip

by Arthimis on

The best part of this clip is our Iranian "Angelina Jolie" ! :-))


so so

by MRX1 on

you could put this music have some one sing it in japaenese and french together and it will still sound crappy.

Anonymous Observer

Very nice - enjoyed it quite a bit

by Anonymous Observer on

I agree with Divaneh that her singing may not be the best, but she does great otherwise.  Best of luck to her.  She looks a bit like Jessica Alba.

And Ragheb Alama is aging well too.  Good luck to him as well in his future projects.  

Jonny Dollar

I didn't know Angelina Jolie was iranian-lebanese! Red Wine....

by Jonny Dollar on

is this her old tape when she was younger? Isn't she gorgeous? Now this is a persian woman, not AN's wife who is AABROORIZI! I didn't even listen to what she was singing. Just enjoying her beauty! Let me go look at her again! Gosh she is gorgeous all around! isn't she? Where is shah to marry her?

Red Wine,

your question to PTBA should have been: Do you read english? I guess he could read your persian post, not the english one, or was it that he just zar zad, and his answer to all of your question was NO!

"God is love!"

Anahid Hojjati

Nice Video, Ghormeh

by Anahid Hojjati on

Thanks for sharing.



by oktaby on


And good picks divaneh. I suspect you are familiar with sahara music, elements of which Taha uses. Some cool stylescan be heard in Marrakesh/Atlas mountains. I recall a great comment from Taha post start of Iraq war. To interviewer question on what he thought of Bush war on Bin Laden, he responded: 'They are both religious fanatics from very rich families, used to getting what they want. Not that different.'



Stop Complaing

by jmyt17 on

Would you please stop complaing.

When we are going to learn some-things in our life.

They are just musican.

Thank to both of you.



Who was the Yobsali that deleted my comment?

by SALTY on

JJ what the hell is going on here? why is my comment  being deleted?

bajenaghe naghi

Ghormeh Sabzi jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Another great video. Thank you.

I love it because it sounds great, everyone looks lovely, and listening to this song after dinner will definitely help the digestion.  


Divaneh, you said it.

by Princess on

You elaborated much better, what I was trying to say in my "encripted" comment. I am glad you said it. 


Good music

by divaneh on

He is a good singer, the band is excellent and the music is good. She is very good visually and may be a good musician but has to work on her singing. Also the Persian lyrics (if you can call that lyrics) did not do it for me. They must have had the Arab audience in mind.

I like Lebanese music but put it second to North African music (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) . One of my favourite singers by far is Rachid Taha. Here is one of his gems.

And here is the link to another gem "Ya Rayah"





by KingReza on

I fell in love with this girl at 3:08min

Dirty Angel

at 2.30min, is the good bit

by Dirty Angel on

when his clothes  ask: "Is this a pyramid in my pants or am I just pleased to see you?"

"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Dear P_T_B_A

Of course it's a beautiful and well made song.

You Know the arabic music?how about the new singers which to try to change the rhythm of Arabic music? you have traveled to arabic countries and including countries of northern Africa ? has met the singers or musicians, producing music (arab and iranian) lately? you know how to play a musical instrument? you know how to read iranian music notes ? or European music? know jazz? R & B ?

 Still confused?


Look and Talents

by comments on

Good for them.  They both have the look and kind of talents.  In this world you need a kind of attractiveness or beauty to be survived.  Iranians are not unfortunate in this case.  


Reminds me of

by Princess on

"She's got the looks, he's got the voice, let's make lots of money" :)

Thanks for sharing!

Arabic music is indeed beautiful, so is Lebanon. 


Red wine...

by P_T_B_A on

One of the best?  You are joking, right?

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I'm just going to shut up!


Two of my favorite music, Iranian and Arabic (Lebanese/Egyptian)

by Bavafa on

This is a concert I would really like to go to and see/hear them up close. Really enjoyed it and best of luck and success to them.


P.S. Lebenon is one of my wish list destination and hope it will happen soon.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

یکی‌ از بهترین آهنگ هایی‌ که به دو زبان فارسی‌ و عربی‌ خوانده شده است.

این اولین باری نیست که آقای راغب بدین شیوه ۲ زبانه آهنگ خوانده است،حدود ۱۰ سال قبل ایشان با آقای اندی مددیان هم همکاری داشت و آهنگ یا الله،یا شباب را خواندند که در زمان خودش یک نامبر وان بود و شماره یک جدول فروش کشورهای عربی‌ را به خود اختصاص داده بود.(Yalla (Ya Chabab

این آهنگی که در اینجا راغب با لقأ همکاری کرده است یک شیوه جدیدی است که چند سالیست در بین موسیقی‌ مدرن،پاپ عربی‌ بسیار طرفدار پیدا کرده است،صنعت موسیقی‌ قدیمی‌ عربی‌،به همراه پاپ غربی،تلفیق اسباب موسیقی‌ هر دو فرهنگ دست به دست هم داده است و در حال حاضر شاهد بهترین خواننده گانی هستیم که از این شیوه و سبک پیروی میکنند و به زیبایی آهنگ سازی میکنند.(Arabic R&B)

نکته جالب این است که بسیاری از خواننده گان عرب،به خصوص خواننده گان کشور عزیز لبنان خواستار همکاری بیشتر با هنرمندان ایرانی هستند،زبان پارسی در این کشور شنونده و طرفدار دارد و خود شاهد این جریان در بیروت بوده‌ام که در بسیاری از بهترین کلوب‌ها و دیسکوهای بیروت زیبا از آهنگهای پاپ ایرانی استفاده میکنند و بنده در تعجب !

امیدوارم که آینده بیشتر شاهد دیدن این قبیل همکاریها باشیم.