Washington's Favorite Terrorists

Rajavi carrying U.S. down path of war yet again


Washington's Favorite Terrorists
by Trita Parsi

In the 10 years that I have lived in Washington, I have never seen lobbyists for al-Qaeda parade through the halls of Congress. I have not seen any events on Capitol Hill organized by Hamas. And I have not seen any American politicians take campaign contributions from the Islamic Jihad.

But the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), an organization with the blood of Americans and Iranians alike on its hands, freely does all of these things, despite being a designated foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

And in a matter of weeks, this terrorist group may succeed in getting removed from the terrorist list -- not as a result of any change of heart -- but as a result of an unprecedented multi-million dollar media and lobbying blitz.

If al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization were holding fundraisers in DC, lobbying Congress, or holding press conferences at the National Press Club, the FBI, Homeland Security, and local law enforcement would be all over it.

Not so with the MEK. There, law enforcement seems nowhere to be found. In fact, a prominent spokesperson for the MEK terrorist group was hired by Fox News in the mid-2000s to serve as their on-air terrorist analyst. Go figure.

Since early January 2011, the MEK has spent millions of dollars on lobbyists, PR agents and communications firms to build up pressure on Secretary Hillary Clinton to take the group off of the terrorist list. Their argument is that the MEK rejected violence and terrorism in 2001 and as a result should be de-listed.

But this is not true, according to the FBI. A recently disclosed FBI report from 2004 reveals that the group continued to plan terrorist acts at least three years after they claimed to renounce terrorism.

No one should be surprised -- not even DC's "unwitting members of Congress" -- as the FBI calls the group's supporters on Capitol Hill. The State Department has documented the MEK's disturbing record: killing Americans and Iranians in terrorist attacks; fighting for Saddam Hussein against Iran and assisting Saddam's brutal campaign against Iraq's Kurds and Shia; its "cult-like" behavior; the abuses and even torture it commits against its own members; and its support for the U.S. embassy takeover and calls for executing the hostages.

And let's not forget, the MEK suppresses and holds captive its own members - more than 70 percent of the MEK members in Camp Ashraf in Iraq are held there against their own wishes, according to a RAND Corporation study.

But even if the MEK could be believed, the reality is that they are currently on the terrorist list and, as a result, they must be subject to U.S. terrorism laws. Simply put, the laws must be enforced -- without exception.

The State Department's review of their terrorism status, which is due to be completed by August of this year, must be conducted without the essentially illegal pressure tactics the MEK currently is employing through lobbyists, lawmakers and hired former officials.

If the group is taken off the list, not as a result of an objective review, but by virtue of their lobbying prowess, several repercussions can be envisioned.

First, the desire to de-list them in Washington seems partially driven by gravitation towards covert military action against Iran. Neither sanctions nor diplomacy have yielded the desired results on the nuclear issue, and some in Washington are advocating using the MEK to conduct assassination and sabotage campaigns inside Iran.

As one former State Department official put it, the "paradox is that we may take them off the terror list in order for them to do more terror."

Much like Ahmad Chalabi of the Iraqi National Congress, the permanent leader of the MEK, Maryam Rajavi, seeks to return from decades of exile as the anointed President of Iran. And freed of the terrorist designation, there is little reason to believe the MEK won't turn its lobbying apparatus -- which puts Chalabi's to shame -- to obtain U.S. funding and to promote war with Iran. In fact, some members of Congress already refer to the MEK as the "real Green movement." Even more shocking is that top former U.S. officials have called on the U.S. to recognize Rajavi as the rightful President of Iran.

Second, de-listing the MEK would spell disaster for the Iranian pro-democracy movement. According to prominent Green movement figures Mohsen Kadivar and Ahmad Sadri:

Removing the MEK from the FTO at this juncture would embolden Iran's hardliners to intensify their repression and discredit the Green Movement by implying that it is somehow connected to the widely detested MEK terror group. Furthermore, supporting the MEK would provide the Iranian government with the specter of a foreign-based threat that could be exploited to heal key fractures within the system, increase the number of Iranians who would rally around the flag, and facilitate the suppression of the indigenous political opposition.

If you recognize the necessity of a non-violent campaign against the Iranian regime, the last thing you want is to have the U.S. government support and fund one of the most violent and undemocratic Iranian organizations -- and, to make matters worse, to do so in the name of the Iranian Green movement.

Third, de-listing will put the rising Iranian-American community in a state of shock. In the last decade, an impressive civic awakening has occurred in this successful but previously politically silent community, with dozens of new groups being formed with the aim of contributing to the American democracy and providing the Iranian Americans in the U.S. with a voice. A U.S. funded and supported MEK will ensure a return to the pre-1997 era. Back then, in the eyes of most U.S. lawmakers, the voice of Maryam Rajavi was the voice of the entire Iranian-American community.

Now, by buying off officials to pry open the floodgates of U.S. financial and political support, Rajavi and her small but vocal minority threaten to simultaneously drown out the voices of the rest of the Iranian-American community, co-opt the voice of Iran's true opposition, and carry the U.S. down the path of war yet again.

First published in HuffingtonPost.com.

Dr. Trita Parsi is the 2010 recipient of the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order and the author of the forthcoming book "A Single Roll of the Dice – Obama's Diplomacy with Iran," by Yale University Press, February 2012.


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One Toe in the Water!

by Faramarz on

Trita Parsi showed up on the national scene when he wrote "Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the U.S."

In this book he argued that there has been a rivalry between Iran and Israel in the past several decades to be the "key" US ally in the Middle East. During the Shah's time, Iran was the main ally and Israel was the little brother. After the 1979 revolution, Israel became more prominent and during Clinton and W Bush's presidencies, Israel was elevated to the prominence that it enjoys today.

But somehow Trita Parsi believes that Iran (even with the IR Regime) could regain the key ally position again. That's why he has been lobbying and promoting "the Grand Bargain" policy with the IR Regime whereby through a series of bi-lateral agreements, the US and the IR Regime can resolve all their differences! These agreements include the opening of interest sections in both countries, lifting of the sanctions by the US, direct flights from US to Tehran, etc. And I think that in this context Trita Parsi took it upon himself to contact the IR Regime representatives and tried to help out!

His actions showed a complete lack of understanding of the true nature of the IR Regime. This is a Regime that is not reformable, it defines itself in terms of its hostilities towards the US and is committed to its Shia allies in Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and has grand plans for the region as a whole.

I would not call him a traitor because of his contacts with the Regime, but I do call him naive on one level and simple-minded towards Israel on another level. Anyone who thinks that the relationship between the Jewish community in this country (that wields a lot of power) and Israel can be wiped out over night is extremely naive. After all, how many Einsteins and Spillbergs, etc. have the Iranians contributed to America? We just got here and Chelo Kabob is our most recognizable contribution!

Trita Parsi and NIAC need to focus on the core issues that are facing Iran today and those are the gross violations of human rights and human dignity that are taking place daily in Iran.

Everything else can wait for another time.


Dear Shazdeh,Where do

by MM on

Dear Shazdeh,

Where do you see Trita asking the MKO to be prisoned?  Most of us here think that the MKO foot soldiers, who are in the MKO prisons, and being brain-washed, forced to marry, forced to divorce, whose children are removed by force and sent away to be brain-washed should be freed from the Rajavi bondage.

The trouble is that you ask for one instance where IRI and terror are used together in one sentence by Trita.  Once the reference is given to a now public email from, NOT OBSCURE, but from your professor's reference, you raise the bar and now ask for IRI and terror in a specific format.... So be it.


Show one spot where NIAC says something about IRI terror

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


Ham1328: your false statement affects your credibility & opinion

by Bavafa on

My records speak for itself, had you really looked at my blogs.

But my support for Palestinians to free themselves from an internationally recognized occupation while I recognize and support Israel right to exist with peace and security within 1967 boarders only proves my commitment to freedom for all based on justice. It is also worth noting that I have also consistantly supported the Egyptian, Syrian, Bahraini , Libyans but most of all Iranians uprising against their dictatorial regime.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


Shazde Asdola Mirza

در دیگ بازه ... حیای گربه کجاست؟

Shazde Asdola Mirza

چطور میشه که یه سازمان "مستقل" از یه طرف تقاضای زندان و مجازات برای یک گروه اپوزیشن بکنه ... ولی‌ سر بزرگ ترور حاج ملا‌ها و رژیم خونخوار اسلامی رو ندیده بگیره؟

چطور میشه که یه گروه "مستقل" خواهان رفع تحریم علیه جمهوری ترور اسلامی باشه، تا مزدور‌ها و آدم کش‌ها بتونن راحت حال کنند؟

حاجی: ما ایرونی جماعت خریم ... ولی‌ خریّت ما هم اندازه داره!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Show me where NIAC has once openly attacked IRI Terrorism

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

MM dear: NIAC has its own website, its many published articles ... you post me a link to some PDF file containing an alleged Email? I am dumb, but not that dumb.

Show me where NIAC once OPENLY attacked IRI terrorism, with respect to any of the following issues: 

According to the US Country Reports on Terrorism: August 5, 2010:

1- Iran remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism. Iran’s financial, material, and logistic support for terrorist and militant groups throughout the Middle East and Central Asia had a direct impact on international efforts to promote peace, threatened economic stability in the Persian Gulf and undermined the growth of democracy.

2- Iran remained the principal supporter of groups that are implacably opposed to the Middle East Peace Process. The Qods Force, the external operations branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), is the regime’s primary mechanism for cultivating and supporting terrorists abroad.

3- Iran’s Qods Force provided training to the Taliban in Afghanistan on small unit tactics, small arms, explosives, and indirect fire weapons. Since at least 2006, Iran has arranged arms shipments to select Taliban members, including small arms and associated ammunition, rocket propelled grenades, mortar rounds, 107mm rockets, and plastic explosives.

4- Despite its pledge to support the stabilization of Iraq, Iranian authorities continued to provide lethal support, including weapons, training, funding, and guidance, to Iraqi Shia militant groups that targeted U.S. and Iraqi forces. The Qods Force continued to supply Iraqi militants with Iranian-produced advanced rockets, sniper rifles, automatic weapons, and mortars that have killed Iraqi and Coalition Forces, as well as civilians. Iran was responsible for the increased lethality of some attacks on U.S. forces by providing militants with the capability to assemble explosively formed penetrators that were designed to defeat armored vehicles. The Qods Force, in concert with Lebanese Hizballah, provided training outside of Iraq and advisors inside Iraq for Shia militants in the construction and use of sophisticated improvised explosive device technology and other advanced weaponry.

5- Iran remained unwilling to bring to justice senior al-Qa’ida (AQ) members it continued to detain, and refused to publicly identify those senior members in its custody. Iran has repeatedly resisted numerous calls to transfer custody of its AQ detainees to their countries of origin or third countries for trial; it is reportedly holding Usama bin Ladin’s family members under house arrest.

6- Senior IRGC, IRGC Qods Force, and Iranian government officials were indicted by the Government of Argentina for their alleged roles in the 1994 terrorist bombing of the Argentine-Jewish Mutual Association (AMIA); according to the Argentine State Prosecutor’s report, the attack was initially proposed by the Qods Force. In 2007, INTERPOL issued a “red notice” for six individuals wanted in connection to the bombing. One of the individuals, Ahmad Vahidi, was named as Iran’s Defense Minister in August 2009.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Thank you Anahid

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It seems like some people here want a race to the bottom. To see who can make the most inaccurate statements. At this rate they will blame the attack on Kuwait on IRI as well!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: enemy of my enemy is my friend

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Wrong! That is what people opposed to Shah thought. Until Khomeini came along. Many were Marxists. Khomeini was a real good friend wasn't he? Lined them up and shot them.

You want to be friends with MKO: be my guest. You are no friend of mine. Go right to the tender mercies of Rajavi. I am sure they will treat you as Khomeini treated his "friends". And good luck you will need it!

Anahid Hojjati

Let's not rewrite history

by Anahid Hojjati on

Some bloggers on this thread write about IRI starting Iran-Iraq war.  IRI has done enough crimes that we really don't need to attribute to them those which they have not done. IRI did not finish war as early as they could have but starting it was Iraq's doing. Is that so difficult to believe? Couple years after end of Iran-Iraq war, Iraq attacked Kuwait. so guys, please don't use IC blogs for rewriting history. Some of us don't have as much time as some of you but we know what happened.

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Myth: NIAC is a lobby for the Islamic Republic of Iran

Fact: NIAC is not a lobby for the Islamic Republic.

NIAC (National Iranian American Council) is an American organization that represents the majority viewpoints of Americans of Iranian descent, as reflected in numerous polls. NIAC is funded exclusively by the Iranian-American community and grants from major US foundations, such as the Ploughshares Fund and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

NIAC has repeatedly criticized the Iranian government's human rights abuses and called for greater freedoms. During the June Iranian Presidential elections, NIAC played a key role in educating the US public and decision-makers on developments in Iran and the Iranian people's demands for their votes to be counted and their rights to be respected.

NIAC has also been on the forefront calling for Washington to address Iran's human rights record in its diplomatic engagement with Tehran.

Those accusing NIAC of supporting the Iranian government do so not on the basis of any evidence, but due to their disagreement with our support for diplomacy with Tehran, opposition to war, and support for a negotiated resolution to the nuclear stand-off.

As Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic has said, "The implication that [Trita Parsi] is somehow a tool of the regime is unfair, untrue and malicious."

Conclusion: NO WAR WITH IRAN!


Bavafa, I read you previous blog....

by ham1328 on

Bavafa, I read your previous blog..... It seems to me that you and NIAC are more interested in the plight of Palestinians in Gaza than the rights of Iranians in Iran. What does NIAC stand for? Nnational Islamists American Council? If so, I rest my case. But if you or your organization (witch I was a part of before) has any interest in democracy in Iran, should dedicate some time and efforts to free Iran from these fascists, murderers, rapists, looters and many more adjectives that you can and I can think of.

MEK has no chance in hell to win a free and transparent election in Iran, only Mullahs are afraid of them. I see that you or Dr. Parsi hiding behind you, has made it clear to all Iranians that you are NOT
for democracy in Iran and prefer this anti West, anti Israel, anti all
minorities, anti human rights and anti civilized world regime.

Nobody should worry that US is about to bomb or invade Iran. It's not
going to happen this month or this year and it may never happen. If and
only if, MEK is taken off the list of terrorist groups by US, by no means it would guaranty them as a replacement for IRI. Like I said before, only paranoid IRI official think like that. But I believe change is coming to Iran and IRI's days are numbered.
this critical moment in Iran's history, we as Iranians, must support a
government in exile. To start with, there must be a meeting of all OPPOSITION groups to IRI, bound by transparency and democratic rules. they must all compromise to achieve a common and acceptable ground to move forward from. A blogger suggested this great idea.


It must include all IRI's opponents, from Monarchists, MEK, democracy supporters,
green movement, National front, socialists and all the others who
oppose these thugs. There is no need to rewrite the history of 1980-1988
war. Khomeini has the blood of a million Iranians on his hand. He
challenged Saddam, took American diplomats hostage and expected no
recourse. Well, there is a rule if you didn't know " you burn, if you
play with fire"

It is time for NIAC to come clean and openly support a forum of opponents of IRI, accept the formation of an exile government that supports democracy, it's secular and respects individual rights of EVERY IRANIAN regardless of gender, race religion or ethnic background.


enemy of my enemy is my friend

by statira on

Even if MKO are not  a very appealing group, they are still better than nothing. I think this group are the only one can cause a huge blow on IRI. IRI keeps killing innocent people, what all these human rights advocates living abroad have done so far? Nothing. 

Mr. Parsi needs to highlight Islamic regime crimes, instead of bashing their enemies. And if he is not willing to do it, just make us wonder if he's really against the Iranian regime.


VPK jaan: Agreed, I am done with it

by Bavafa on

My last comment was really to recap what I have learned about Masoud's logic, ethics and mindset. It is certainly very revealing about his position, affiliation and priorities vise a vie Iran and Iranians.

Now only if one could get Fred to engage in a debate as he is much savvier and seasoned to reveal any of his/her true motives.

Also, appreciate every one's support, thoughts and opinions.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Leave MK alone he needs to think of his grants. They do not come cheap and sometimes cost ones' soul.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Aryo

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


My problem is not with MKO ideology. It is with its leadership. I am very open to all ideologies like Capitalism; Marxism; Socialism and whatever. I am not open to Rajavi and their cult.

Yes, it would be wrong to compare Rajavi to Jack the Ripper. Because Rajavi have far more victims than Jack the Ripper did. So my profound apologies to Mr Ripper. 

Democratic right do not include letting criminals run amock. No country I know lets murders and terrorists run free. They are put to trial and if found guilty punished. That is what Rajavi deserve. As for low level MKO I have said many times they should be let go to do whatever they want. If they want to run for office fine. If not fine. But MKO under Rajavi is not an "ideological" entity. It is a cult and I am sick of hearing apologies for them. 


Masoud: what I have learned about your ethics and logic

by Bavafa on

First, I want to thank you for making your character known to me. Here is what I have learned about you, much of it in your own words.

Regarding the Iran-Iraq war:

You blame the war on hawkish IRI speeches, here are a couple of quotes from you:

"Actually Khomeini provoked the war"

"If the moron Khomeini did not make his calls for the overthrow of Saddam's regime (and did not provide help to al Dawah), there would be no war."

Following your account and logic, should many nations around the world attack US, the blame and responsibility is on the US hawkish politicians who often call for regime change in those nation. Likewise a rapist raping a woman while dressing proactively is justified and the woman should be responsible for that act.


Regarding sanction:

You support full (air-tight) sanction while there is no objection or effort against their (US and allies) full dealing in buy the oil form Iran.  Again, in my opinion this is hypocrisy at best. If sanction is promoted against Iran, the West MUST first stop purchasing OIL from Iran. Only then full sanction can be viewed as justified.


Regarding democracy and supporting democratically minded opposition:

"The difference is that day in and day out the monarchists attack Dr. Mossadegh and JM on this site and elsewhere (on their TV programs). "

"If tomorrow Reza Pahlavi established a lobby group and began undermining and countering NIAC. I would be very very happy"

You support PMOI who we have already established that is an absolute authoritarian, Islamist and treacherous group with blood on their hand, yet shun & attack RP who has no personal responsibility to any crimes against Iran or Iranian, have proven its patriotic commitments to Iran and secular solely because some TV station who are supporter of RP have been attacking JM and he does not attack NIAC?

Do you see the logic here?

Regarding NIAC:

You discredit NIAC, mind you only a lobbing group, for lack of elections for its presidency despite the fact that it has a structure which is based on vast majority of US lobbing or otherwise organizations, yet support PMOI which advocates to be a political group yet with no structure to change its president of nearly 30 years.

You also credit NIAC for millions of millions dollars of dealing with IRI, yet those companies are all Western and are benefiting from such dealings.  Shouldn't the blame go to those companies?

If in fact NIAC is so powerful to be the responsible party for such hefty dealings, then we need to congratulate them for its raise and success and no wonder is drawing AIPAC scare tactics so strongly.

My conclusion,

You may profess to be a JM member but the fact is that every single position you have taken is of AIPAC group.

Will you tell us, are you a member, affiliated, supported or work for AIPAC?

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


areyo barzan

Dear VPK

by areyo barzan on

Please read my comments carfully one more and THINK AGAIN before replying.

No one said anything about embracing or even agreeing with the MKO.

What I am talking about here is DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS.


I do not have to agree with or even like MKO or any other group  to feel obliged as a democratic person to respect their right to be able to speak their minds and be represented in Iran’s future democracy.


Now comparing MKO to Jack the Ripper is another extreme that I and many others like me are trying to avoid. This is exactly the mentality that IRI have been peduling for over many years and I see that it has worked very well on you.


Many perception and scare mongering that the West and IRI have performed against MKO and other opposition groups are noting but pure lies and deception.


Now! Does this mean that I believe these people are saints? Of course not! In Fact far from it mate. They are one opposition group just like any other opposition groups with rights that has to be respected.

Respected not only for their sake, but also for the sake of our own integrity and our own rights.


Now if any of the members of MKO or other organizations have committed crimes such as rape, genocide, murder, trison, suppression and fraud then those individuals are responsible for their own actions and should be trialled and sentenced in a fair transparent court of law. But I do not dare to take the role of Judge juror and executioner 

As I told you before I do not like what MKO stands for and I believe their leaders and some members have a lot to answer for. But the majority of members and supporters are ordinary Iranian who love Iran and have good intensions, but for what ever weird reason chose to support this organization.


The last thing I want to do is to alienate them by claiming to be a democrat and then trying to impose my opinion upon them without listening to their side of argument.


If we have problems with MOK’s ideology then the only way to defeat it is to engage in a dialog with its members and to put across our side of argument in the hope of winning over many of their supporters.


Otherwise there are no differences between us and IRI or any other dictator who suffocated any voice they do not agree with


And finally you might afford to pretend being Peter Pan and escape from the real world into the never never land especially as you live in US and  are away from struggles of Iranian people for democracy.


But the rest of us do not have that luxury. We onf the other hand see the need to acknowledge the fact that we are living in an imperfect real world and life is about reconciliations, coexistence, mutual respect and making piece with those with whom we are in disagreement and finally recognising the prime principals which can not me compromised in any case such as "Democratic Pprocess" and right to choose,and priorotise them over the ones that can and should be compromised for the bigger good, such as ones self interest and arrogant egar


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


With your logic then Jack the Ripper should have been a part of England. Should they have elected him PM? Yes diseases exist but we don't have to embrace them. MEK are traitors and this has nothing to do with NIAC. I am all for opposition. Yes we can have Capitalists and Marxists but not murderers and traitors. You know what America did to traitors? Read about the Rosenbergs. I am not even sure if they were really guilty. But the point is a democracy is not required to tolerate treason.


This whole MEK thing is showing me who is a real patriot and who is not. It also shows me who is in league with AIPAC. This blog more than anything has convinced me to support NIAC. It is not what Parsi wrote but what MK and others who support MKE wrote that alerts me of the danger. I am going to send them as much as I can just so they stand up to AIPAC. F*** AIPAC and its cronies who want to keep Iran backwards so they may rule ME.

If you are really a Shah supporter why are you arguing for MEK and not RP. I don't need your permission to "grow up". If that means hugging terrorists; traitors and murderers: no thank you I will stay a kid like Peter Pan..

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Disenchanted Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Using Polish citizens in Rajavi

Well I always thought MEK was well polished or was it Polished !! They will use whatever they may to look good. But no matter how much lipstick they put on Massoud and Maryam they are still pigs. Don't worry anyone with a brain knows AIPC is behind MEK. They will fail and will alienate people like me. As I said: I used to be very sympathetic to Israel. But if this is their way then *** them. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Let them duke it out with the Pals and I hope they both lose.

areyo barzan

Grow up

by areyo barzan on

Oh come come people, for F sake Grow the hell up. At least try to live up to your words even if in theory.


Now before going on any further and allowing some of you to jumt into premature conclusions, I would like to say that I am a proud constitutional monarchist. The fact of the matter is when every one else was so busy  ffing up their own and their children’s future by orchestrating and engaging that cock up of a revolution in 1979 I and my Family were one of the very few lonely (Infidel) voices who were opposing the idea and when every body else was looking at the moon for Khomeini’s picture or was searching for his pubic hairs between Quran’s pages I was one of the very lonely voices who mistrusted him totally and questioned his intentions and integrity and I have the records to prove it.


However those days are now behind us and today we need to face up to the facts and go forward. One of the indisputable facts of our era is the MKO.

It does not matter how much you and I disagree with them and doubt their integrity and intentions. At the end of the day they have some (even if very few) supporters and this will give them the indisputable right to be a part of the democratic process should they choose to do so.


As for our “friend” Trita who is so concerned about other terrorist organizations like Hamas Islamic Jihad and so on, not being able to have any lobbies on Capital hill, may I remind him that I am an Iranian and I only care about Iran and my fellow countrymen regardless of their race ethnicity or political orientation?

I guess in the end in comes to the blood running in ones vane. I have Persian blood in mine and I only care about Iran and Iranians. Now if someone else has Arab bloods in theirs and care more about the inferior Arabs that is their problem and not mine.


The MKO might be a bunch of Bustards but they are our bunch of Bustards and I much rather having them inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in


And finally a general point to all of you.


Now be honest with yourselves guys and girls. Are really interested in democracy or do you just play with the slogans because this is the fashion of the day and you are doing so only to make yourself feel important. If you are only playing with the idea to amaze yourselves then I have noting to say to you.


Otherwise if you are real advocate of democracy then you have some serious growing up to do. Democracy means FREEDOM OF THE OPPOSITION, especially those whose ideology you do not agree with or even can not stand.


You do not have agree with someone or even like them in order to tolerate and respect their right to speak their mind and as far as having a dirty hand is concerned you show me a government or opposition who have not made a mistake or do not have blood their hands one way or another and I show you a perfect political party.


The important thing here is that if they recognized the need to change their way and agreed to engage in a none violent political process and most importantly to respect the right of others to disagree and in the end the right of people to choose and respect the outcome of that selection. At the end of the day if IRA and Sin Fein were allowed to do it in northern Irland, then why not MKO in Iranand who am I to deny them their right


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear ELS

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I misunderstood you and we are fine. Sorry to harp on you. I am getting a bit short tempered mostly with MK and apologize for taking it out on you.

Shake hands and we are good; right! I hope so.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Glad to hear you debunk the BS out or MK. I am also glad to hear you tell truth about RP. You are right he has no blood of any kind on his hands. He was not even around when Mossadegh was overthrown.

But MK hates him and rather get in bed with Rajavi! Why? Is this because of some hatred of Pahlavi or because of AIPAC money. Just wondering. I like some research into the money as they say "follow the money". I bet you will find AIPAC somewhere.


OOPS! Using Polish citizens in Rajavi's pompous meetings!

by Disenchanted on


Radio France 24: Scandal. Mojahedin used Polish citizens as extras in the background of Rajavi's meeting to exaggerate the number of their supporters!   


     Opportunism, that's what we have come to expect from this group for 4 decades! 

      Iranians, Americans, The world: Beware!



Disenchanted: This is an excellent resume of MEK

by Bavafa on

And all concern and patriotic Iranian ought to be vigilant about this cultish & treacherous group.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 



MEK a disaster in Ideology, practice & history!

by Disenchanted on


         Ideology: Don't forget these folks are extremely religious and believe a good bunch of what Mollas believe. So much for ,modernism. Oh did I forgot the Marxist twist on that?! Shah called them Islamist-Marxists. That's about the only thing his majesty got right! 

         Practice: Brainwashing the members and policing the opinions. It is a practice of the cult that members have to discuss what ideas, dreams has gone through their minds in front of a committee. They need to know what goes in your mind even in your most intimate moments. So much for freedom of opinion and expression! Would you wanna turn the whole Iran to a camp Ashraf that no one can escape from and no one can express their opinion?

         History: Terror of American citizens in Iran and staunch anti-imperialism to becoming Guliani's pals as of late! Wreaking havec and executing indiscriminate terror in Teharn other Iranian cities during 80's Treason, aiding and abetting Saddam Hossien in his crime against Iranian people and their homeland. Aiding and abetting saddam in massacre of his Kordish and Shia opponents in 90's. 

           A flawed & misguided ideology, a draconian practice and a shameful history: MEK


Masoud Kazemzadeh

Bavafa on Who Provoked the War

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

B: Iran was attacked and occupied unprovoked


MK: What you wrote is false. Actually Khomeini provoked the war. Many scholars including the late Fred Halliday have said this.

After coming to power in February 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini repeatedly called upon the people of Iraq to rise up and overthrow the secular Baathi regime, despite the fact that the Iraqi government had officially expressed its desire to have friendly relations with the new regime in Iran.


The Iraqi regime regarded as casus belli the attempted assassination of Tariq Aziz, the Deputy Prime Minister, by the Islamic Dawa Party in April 1980. //www.guardian.co.uk/world/2003/apr/25/iraq.brianwhitaker

The Islamic Dawa Party was a Shia Islamist party with close connections with the Iranian government. The current prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, is the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party.

Apparently, you simply do not know these facts.

We have to condemn Saddam for staring the war. But we have to also condemn Khomeini’s irresponsible and war-mongering expansionist policy of exporting his fundamentalist revolution. Khomeini even put his expansionist policy of exporting the fundamentalist revolution into the VF constitution!!!!!!!

If the moron Khomeini did not make his calls for the overthrow of Saddam's regime (and did not provide help to al Dawah), there would be no war.  BOTH Saddam and Khomeini were war mongers.  We have to be honest and condemn BOTH Saddam and Khomeini. 

According to Rafsanjani's memoirs even in 1982, Khomeini refused the cease fire because a pre-condition of cease fire was that Khomeini could not support the anti-Saddam forces!!!!!!!



B: Absent of a boycott of Iranian oil sector first, I DO NOT support such thing as I believe it is a sham and a folly. If West was serious about sanctioning Iran, it MUST start by boycotting its oil sector first. Only then I will support full sanction.


MK: The question is do you promote the policy of asking the world to stop buying oil from the terrorist regime. I read your response several times and I could not figure out what you believe.

It is very simple. Either various entities (UN, EU, national governments) should stop buying oil from the terrorist regime, or various entities should buy oil from the terrorist regime.



B: on RP and PMOI.


MK: My feelings on monarchists and PMOI is the same. Both are non-democratic entities. The difference is that day in and day out the monarchists attack Dr. Mossadegh and JM on this site and elsewhere (on their TV programs). But I do not see the PMOI attack us on this site or on their Tv programs. Many many times I have asked the monarchists to change their behaviors. When the monarchists attack the pro-democracy forces, and then we retaliate, the main beneficiary is the vf regime. Unfortunately, the monarchists do not understand this and they keep repeating their bad attitude.

If tomorrow Reza Pahlavi established a lobby group and began undermining and countering NIAC. I would be very very happy.




Masoud: you will not give your position any more credibility &

by Bavafa on

you will not give your position any more credibility and validity merely by repeating the same none-sense. Your repeated attempt in making excuses for MEK for siding with Saddam only emphasizes your struggle in some how white washing it. Your lack of knowledge in territorial dispute during the war only illuminates your ignorance in this area . Iran was attacked and occupied unprovoked all the while Saddam used many illegal weapons including chemical with the supply and knowledge of the West. In a fair and just world, those nations and leaders would need to be held accountable for their criminal actions and no matter how you want to twist it, it will not change the history.

I will simply not respond any more to any of this nonsense trying to justify MEK treacherous action druing the war.

MK: 1. Do YOU support full sanctions on all oil sales by the terrorist regime? Please either "yes," or "no"?

Absent of a boycott of Iranian oil sector first, I DO NOT support such thing as I believe it is a sham and a folly. If West was serious about sanctioning Iran, it MUST start by boycotting its oil sector first. Only then I will support full sanction.

To say that I will buy your oil gladly but will not sell you goods, is the action of a hypocrite.

Whether you are truly part of JM or not, your wisdom and position certainly begs many questions, one of which:

Among opposition groups, RP certainly has no blood on his hand (Iranian or otherwise), rumors has it that he volunteered to serve his country when it was attacked unlawfully by Saddam, this is despite the fact that his family was just ran out of Iran, he is certainly not an Islamist and a secular person and at least on the book express great desire for a democratic Iran, yet encounter your strong opposition and ill thought.

On the other hand, MEK has blood on their hand (both Iranian and American), sided with enemy in a most treacherous way, they are an Islamist cult with NO regards for democratic way of governance, yet enjoys your support as opposition.

I am not a monarchist by a long shot (zilch, zero, nada) yet I have far far greater respect for RP as an Iranian opposition then MEK.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


Masoud Kazemzadeh

Mola is Wrong

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


The de-listing of the PMOI will put to shock the supporters of NIAC and IRI.    :-)

The de-listing of the PMOI will not put to shock the pro-democracy Iranians. The responses to this blog clearly confirm this. 17 posters opposed NIAC and 13 supported NIAC. Almost all of the 13 are already NIAC supporters. There were very few exceptions. The 17 who opposed NIAC included democrats, socialists, monarchists, and independents.


Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


"MK:"But it would be wrong to say that they did so while Iran was "occupied by Iraqi forces." "

B: Not only it is FACTUALLY correct to say MEK aided and sided with Saddam while Iran was occupied by Iraqi forces, to deny or reject it, is to deny history and what took place and therefore FACTUALLY incorrect.

If you have already not got the answer to your questions, it may very well be that you don't intend to listen to the answers.




MK: In 1982, Iranian forces kicked Saddam out of most of Iranian territories. By late 1982, Khomeini invaded Iraqi territories in order to overthrow Saddam and impose a puppet fundamentalist regime in Iran and then invade Israel. As far as I know the PMOI moved to Iraq in 1986 or so. I think Rajavi began his discussions with Saddam sometimes in 1985 or so. By the time the PMOI began its collaboration with Saddam, it was Khomeini who was in Iraqi territories. Small parts of Iranian territories remained in Iraqi control but after 1982, it was Khomeini who was the main force fo the continuation of the war and he sent Iranians to go inside Iraq for his own political ambitions. One more time, I have no problems calling the PMOI traitors, but we should ALSO call Khomeini, and the Islamic Republican Party (Beheshti, Bahonar, Mir-Hussein Mousavi, Khatami, Rafsanjani, Rajaii, etc) traitors.



B: The part that you seem to be very confused about is that as if the choice is between MEK and IRI


MK: I have never ever said that. That would be tragedy. We in the JM struggle to provide a DEMOCRATIC alternative for the Iranian people. We should overthrow the terrorist regime and establish a democratic secular republic. With free and democratic elections, we in JM are confident that the wonderful people of Iran will vote for the pro-democracy forces. To bring democracy, freedom, and human rights has been the historical responsibility of JM and we will continue our struggle until we achieve success.




B: Regarding sanction, if the West was really interested in sanction and choking Iranian economy, the easiest way would be simply to boycott Iranian Oil, the single real revenue IRI has.




1. Do YOU support full sanctions on all oil sales by the terrorist regime? Please either "yes," or "no"?

2. Why NIAC lobbies against full sanctions against the terrorist regime?




B: De-listing of MEK only sets back the pro-democracy movement in Iran, giving the IRI thugs one more excuse to imprison and murder any opposition in the name of MEK.


MK: This is utter nonsense. The terrorist regime knows for 100% certitude that Mousavi, Karrubi, Khatami, and their supporters are part of the regime and 100% opposed to the PMOI. But the terrorist regime has also imprisoned them and many of their supporters have been tortured, raped, and murdered by the vf regime.

The IRI thugs under the control of Khamenei would go after Ahmadinejad and Mashaei and their supporters if Khamenei gave the order.

Khamenei and his goons will attack anyone. They do not need excuses. They are a bunch of extremist fascistic terrorists.  They even attacked Rafsanjani's son and daughter.  Are Rafsanjani's son and daughter members of the PMOI????

The de-listing of the PMOI will frighten Khamenei. This might actually make him think and reduce his repression of other forces such as the reformist members of the fundamentalist oligarchy (Mousavi, Karrubi, Khatami, etc).

In my opinion, the biggest losers in the de-listing of the PMOI will be the vf regime and NIAC.

I think the pro-democracy movement in Iran will NOT be a loser of the de-listing. You do not see the pro-democracy groups be upset about this.


TP’s argument is based on a quote from Mohsen Kadivar and Ahmad Sadri. Neither Kadivar nor Sadri is a member of any democratic Iranian political party or organization. Both have a history of being part of anti-democratic groups. Kadivar was a Khomeinist fundamentalist who became supporter of Ayatollah Uzma Montazeri. Montazeri was a decent man, but he was NOT a democrat. Dr. Ahmad Sadri was reportedly a member of Hojjatieh Society a group of extremist, intensely anti-Bahai bigots, Sadri was close to Ahmad Fardid. Fardid was a mentor to Dr. Sadri. Fardid was an anti-Jewish racist, anti-liberal, anti-democrat, and a strong supporter of violence. Many regard Fardid as a philosopher of fascism and violence. After the revolution, Sadri was close to Abdolkarim Soroush (one of those responsible for the cultural revolution). Dr. Sadri also participated in work with Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi in the 1990s.

Now Mohsen Kadivar and Dr. Sadri are part of the reformist wing of the Green Movement. The reformist wing of the Green Movement wants to restore the Golden Era of the Imam’s rule. I think it was Akbar Ganji who wrote a very good criticism of the article by Kadivar and Sadri.

Kadivar and Sadri are NOT members of any pro-democracy party. Kadivar and Sadri do NOT have a history of belonging to a pro-democracy party. They have a history of belonging to extremist fanatic anti-democratic groups.

Kadivar and Sadri have the right to speak on behalf of some of the forces in the reformist wing of the fundamentalist oligarchy and the reformist wing of the Green Movement. Neither of which is for democracy.



Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Mr Parsi's letter is written for Iranian Americans.

It's not written for those who live in Canada, Britain or Bahrain.

Mr Parsi's letter is like a warning, a wake up call to Iranian Americans.

"Third, de-listing will put the rising Iranian-American community in a state of shock. In the last decade, an impressive civic awakening has occurred in this successful but previously politically silent community, with dozens of new groups being formed with the aim of contributing to the American democracy and providing the Iranian Americans in the U.S. with a voice. A U.S. funded and supported MEK will ensure a return to the pre-1997 era. Back then, in the eyes of most U.S. lawmakers, the voice of Maryam Rajavi was the voice of the entire Iranian-American community."


Mojahedeen did sell their souls to th Devil once, to Saddam.

Question: Was Saddam building Iran or destroying Iran?

For the same reason We the majority of Iranian Americans would hate to be presented by Mojahedeen.

We much prefer organizations such as National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and others to Mojadedeen.

We know where they are coming from and where they want to go.

Mojahedin are being pushed into the American political Process by the Israeli lobby (AIPAC) at this time.

And we know that Israel is no friend of Iran or Iranians. 


Unfair comparison

by statira on

Many Iranian families during 80's lost their teenagers who supporting MKO and their crime was just attending the organization gathering or selling leaflets. So are all those young victims of the Islamic regime terrorist?