The Day of the Last Judgment

Visual storytelling by Shoja Azari

The Day of the Last Judgment
by Elin Najmi

Reem Alalusi ( Shoja Azari is an artist who sidesteps no issue. His works have ranged from scathingly critical to mildly blasphemous, offering provocation to political regimes in East and West alike. Azari’s The Day of the Last Judgment is the re-envisioned epilogue of the time-honored artistic tradition of visual storytelling in Iran and in Shi’ism, developed late in the Qajar period (1794-1925). Azari presents a mural-sized blu-ray projection of The Day of the Last Judgment by Mohammad Modabber, a revered painter in the ‘coffeehouse’ genre around the turn of the century in Iran. Epic battle scenes and visual eulogies to heroism were painted as backdrops for traveling storytellers, similar to the medieval tradition of the bard, who related Shiite myths and legends >>>

* هیچ گناه کاری در جهنم نیست



Liked it

by عموجان on

it remind me of story teller and illustration behind him but in this actually the action is happening in the illustration. 


Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on