Paris Flashmob

Metro station performance to draw attention to human rights abuses

Paris Flashmob
by Ghormeh Sabzi

On June 12, 2011, to mark two years since Iran's disputed election, United4Iran and Move4Iran coordinated a flash mob in a Paris metro station to draw attention to the ongoing human rights abuses Iran's citizens continue to face. The flashmob's intent was to highlight sustained international support for the Iranian people and to encourage individuals worldwide, who are lucky enough to be afforded basic freedoms, to recommit support for Iran's civil rights movement.


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Once again hass-terical, the "in touch exile"

by AMIR1973 on

Needless, to say hass-terical is an IRI Groupie living either in N. America or Europe (most likely the U.S., though Canada or U.K. are also possible). IRI Groupies constantly propagandize on behalf of a regime that they cannot be bothered to actually live under, preferring instead to live in states that the IRI considers its enemies -- a bit hypocritical, no? As far as the IRI regime and its "elections", they are as free, fair, and democratic as those in Cuba, USSR, etc.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Votes in Iran

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Do not mean anything. While you get:  
  • Vetting of candidates
  • No opportunity to campaign and show your views
  • No chance for free speech
So don't tell me about how Iranians voted. It is a very bad joke and means nothing at all. 


Cost-of-progress question

by Siavash300 on

"why do these embracers of an alien religion and culture call themselves siavash and other Persian names" cost of progress 


My name is Siavash. It has been extracted from Avesta which is a holy book of Zorasterian faith. The book estimated to be written between 3800 to 4000 years ago. Long before Judism, Christian and Islam. The original name was Say-ya-vakh-sha or later on changed to Siavakhsh means khoshnoodi shah. My father was nationalist and fully aware of his "cultural" or "national identity" so he choosed my name and all my siblings' names Persians. He hated mullahs and his favor poet was Ahmad Kasravi who belittles all mullahs in his poems. He called them "free loaders" or"moft khore". He used to refer to them as a "parasite of society". My father died before mullahs took power in Iran. He never saw the group he hated so much were able to take power. 

 I never admire foreign religion. In fact, I always stated that foreign religion can not co-exist with our great Persian culture or spirit of Great Cyrus. We are witnessing the resistance of Persianism against foreign entity for last 32 years. I believe at the end of turban dynasty, the golden age of Aryan will prosper. Persianism or nationalism is on rise these days. I think everybody can see this historical fact.  

Payandeh our Aryan Land Iran.

salman farsi

آقا داریوش کوروش هم کم آدم نکشت

salman farsi


He wasn't exactly an anti war pacifist!! lol


Besides, our "poet" says aloud (watch 2:15 - 2:26):

"gar che Arab zad be haraami be ma"

"daad yeki din geraami be ma"

"gar che ze jour kholafa sookhtim"

"ze AAle ALI maerefat aamookhtim"

Do not cherry pick please!

 For an Islamic democracy

Darius Kadivar

مظهر آزادی ما کورش است آنکه نبی است نه (محمد) آدمکش است

Darius Kadivar


I ask again

by Cost-of-Progress on

why do these embracers of an alien religion and culture call themselves siavash and other Persian names? Who're they kidding?





SF, You're still an obtuse supporter of religious fascism

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Of course I could say: you're a ph..k, or, a peice of shitte, or, a Fundament. You know what, since you don't like obtuse I'll just call you fundamnent from now on. Look it up, it's an apt description of you. Some people here are allergic to fascism and thier shameless supporters.

salman farsi

Mash Hooshang!

by salman farsi on

You are obssessive with "obtuse"! I told you your English is limited :)

Look, I am seriosuly worried for your heart condition. At your age you shouldn't get so angry just because I asked you a simple question.


OK calm down my friend. You guys are so nazok narenji.

 For an Islamic democracy


Out of touch exiles.

by Siavash300 on

"the people in Iran DID vote for Ahmadinejad" hass

So why those people who DID vote for Ahmadinejad DO NOT stand behind him and support him against Ali Khaminie who is trying to dismiss him?


SF you obtuse, blind,... not sure where you've lived

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

for the past 32 years.BUT If you had lived in Iran, you wouldn't be asking such an utterly stupid question.

Your beloved IR has been nothing but a still-born child of history, it was dead on arrival, hence its premanently deadly appetite for blood, massacre, rape, mayhem, and all the other outrageous, unspeakable crimes that you and your hezzbollah buddies shamelessly defend in here.

No wonder every one here thinks all you shameless defenders of theocracy in Iran are posting your gibberish from Lebanon and Gaza.

No Iranian in their right mind would deny and 'question' the existence of a most corrupt, brutal medieval, theocracy in Iran. But not you , you're a shameless, justifier and apologist of theocracy and probably will defend it to the end of your obtuse life. You're an excellent examplar of Haif Noon.

Shame on you if you have any, but then again for Hezboaalh thugs ( under all their IDs in here) shame simply doesn't exis.

Tof be jad o abad harche IR apologists, here and anywhere else on this earth.

P.S. Since your ignorance and islamic arrogance have formed such a thick blockage in your barin, let me ask you just  one thing: have you ever in your life heard or read of a concept called Caste? Closely related to it is the fact of the rule of Clerical Caste, more precisely Shia Clerical Caste. How blind, obtuse , ignorant and arrogant can you be to "live"  in Iran and yet deny all this. Is it all that money they give your type, or you just love  and defend religious fascism for free? From the bottom of your heart.



by hirre on

I think this is the problem with the green movement as you mentioned... There are those who want reforms and there are those who want regime change... Democracy can only be achieved with the latter. The problem is that if reforms are to be made (which I do not think is the case), then will that lead to democracy or not... I personally am very sceptical to reforms in the case of Iran...

Right now the hottest big topic in Iran is who will win the power struggle eventually: the military people (AN with sepah influences) or the clergy. Normally Khamenei always tries to decrease the power of the president during the second term along with creating an atmosphere were people can't build up enough support to overthrow the establishment...

If AN (or people like him) win, then for a long period the islamic features of Iran will become less along with decreased clergy powers. This will perhaps give rise to some social reforms (perhaps the removal of chadors etc). The problem is that Iran will then be a totalitarian state ruled by the military...

Fortunately I think if AN's team manages this we have atleast gotten rid of the islamic aspects of the political power. I think it will become easier to deal with a military state than a religious state claiming power from god...

salman farsi

Ghasem (No not Hooshang, just Ghasem please)

by salman farsi on

Perhaps you can expalin how the "glorious insurrection against monarchy was replaced with a "theocracy". You are still hanging to this outdated cliche?

 For an Islamic democracy

Mash Ghasem

hassi JAN, contrary to you, we're all about reviving and

by Mash Ghasem on

reclaiming 1979. For the past 32 years  IR has been nothing but a still-born version of that revolution. The child was dead on arrival. Once the glorious insurrection against monarchy was replaced with a theocracy,  all the glory was gone. And instead of glory all we have is the still-born  Utopia also known as IR. Indeed time to update your resume. In case you can't find any jobs I still have some one way tickets to Siberia, let me know.


هاس جون، زیاد هم جوش نزن


Hass: People have long given up talking about "election results". 

In case you have been living in a different universe, For the past two years, people have been burning the pictures of khamenei, shouting death to dictator, asking for the entire islamist regime to go!   

Time for updating your resume if you ask (I hear assad in syria is hiring) :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mash Ghasem

hass: ديکتاتور ! به پايان سلام کن

Mash Ghasem

ديکتاتور ! به پايان سلام کن



Oghdeh bad cheezieh

by hass on

No one testified that they that they falsified anything. Every candidate -- including Mousavi -- had election monitors at the voting booths, and they each signed off on the election results count, and the results of each ballot box were publicly released. To date, Mousavi and others claiming fraud have not been able to say how this fraud supposedly happened. You people need to get over your OGHDEH. There are enough things to complain about for real instead of making up nonsense. Face it, Iranians have moved on and you're still trying to undo 1979


salman farsi


by salman farsi on


I bet IRI's top brass are shaking with fear!!

When do we learn to do something substantive?

 For an Islamic democracy

Darius Kadivar

Creative but Hey Meeghan it's a "Civil Rights Movement"

by Darius Kadivar on

Creative but Hey Meeghan it's a "Civil Rights Movement" just like the Melli Mazhabya.

Azizam It ain't a civil rights movement.


Civil rights movements actually  take place in countries where there is a democracy but where the rights of a given category of the people for example a minority ( race, sexual, ethnic) are denied. Like for the Black community in the US in the 60's or South Africa under Apartheid which both operated actually as democratic societies except for the Black people.


In Iran on the contrary it's the entire nation whose rights are denied.


The so called "greens" first tried to present this movement as a civil rights one by bringing up the issue of the Tchador or clothing by trying to draw parrallels with a kind of gender Apartheid.


Baba Who are You Fooling other than yourselves. Go watch Akbar Ganji's latest interview :




and you will find out what Icons you have made of these so called Opponents to the IRI who actually endorse this Republic and it's Constitution.

Revolutionaries hang Reza Shah's Bust at Paris Embassy (1979)




I can understand the goodwill and heartfelt Green Bands for what it symbolizes eversince the crackdown of 2009 but the message you are sending is wrong because by claiming that it is simply a civil rights movement all you are demanding is reform and not regime change.


This is a wrong strategy and sooner or later you will realize the unauthentic nature of the messages.

How YOUR "Green" Color Was Chosen & By WHOME !


There may be a "Green Generation" but we are not a "Green Nation".

I want my Identity Back :

Googoosh & Mehrdad :Shenasnameh Man

Personally I would have liked to see One or two Shiro Khorshid Flags too along with the numerous Green Bands.

Demanding your genuine identity back is the first step towards demanding your rights back (much of which you already had prior to this Republic of yours).



That said this is creative, well intentioned and such initiatives should be encouraged but you could do better in terms of the type of message you are delivering.


My Humble Opinion,





Thanks Hooshang

by ramintork on

I like Adbusters. I had come across it before. I like the current article "Preaching High morality to the Powerless".


Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear hirre and Maryam

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear hirre,





Dear Maryam,






by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

ramin jan, your artwork by itself always amazes me, your activism makes you one of a kind. There are a few art magazines published in Iran, thought maybe you haven't seen them. I'll post them at your site.Meanwhile when you get a chance take a look at this magazine called AdBuster, me thinks you'll like it.

J.D. Talking about good examples of protest against IR , Iranians in Sweden actually took over the IR embassy for a short while, before the police forced them out. Now, that's what I'm talking about. Planning, preparation and execution, as simple as that, cheers


Hooshang Aziz

by ramintork on

What can I say, can someone with the good taste to live in Barcelona (my favourite city) be wrong ;-) I say not!

I think you are right about the Partisona option, this regime doesn't understand any other language and getting to do civil disobedience at this stage is beginning to look like putting out a fire of a burning house by filling up coffee mugs! The problem is that most people still do not see how badly this house is burning, and still act on their second nature, the nature nurtured in office cubicles and post office queues! I guess if we don't wake up from this, it could be Bella Ciao, Iran, and we'll watch like Aztecs escaping to the forest and recall how lovely our country once was!

As for society of spectacles, you are right on that too, as long as we are doing these actions in an incoherent manner then our actions become only proxy for real action.

A friend of mine had a childhood memory of a wise crack someone threw at his father when he wasn't shifting the car behind a traffic light in Isfahan, and the Isfahani next to him said: The light will not get greener than this!

35 years later I use his recollection and say to people in our Iranian community the same thing:

The light will not get greener than this. What are we all waiting for?

Zende Bad Har Irani be Fekre Vatan. 

Chaker va, Mokhlesam etc.






بدرود ای زیبا/ Bella ciao

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

On the 2nd anniversary, with an eye towards the 'partisano' option.

Ramin: that was a valiant effort on your part, kudos. Was wonderign if you like the Situationists ideas of protest and 'spectacle' (soceity of spectacles), also AdBuster?


Bella ciao, Iran


بدرود ای زیبا

یک روز صبح از خواب برخواستم
آه: بدرود زیبا، بدرود زیبا، بدرود زیبا، بدرود، بدرود.
یک روز صبح وقتی از خواب برخواستم
دشمن همه جا را گرفته بود

ای مبارز، ای پارتیزان
من را با خود ببر
بدرود زیبا،  بدرود زیبا، بدرود زیبا، بدرود، بدرود.

ای مبارز، ای پارتیزان
من را با خود ببر
زیرا که من آماده جان باختنم
گر به مانند مبارز در جنگ جان باختم

ای مبارز 
بدرود زیبا،  بدرود زیبا، بدرود زیبا، بدرود، بدرود.

ای مبارز
اگر در جنگ جان باختم
تو میباید مرا به خاک بسپاری
در کوهستانها
با گلی روی قبرم

Sheila K

Iranians must make financial investments to change the regime

by Sheila K on

I guess flashmobs are a good way to bring awareness. But for a real change, while we are abroad, we should put our money where our mouths are. We need to elect qualified individuals to lobby for Iran's cause instead of having NIAC support Obama's sanctions against its own people: What a shame!


I organized a protest flashmob in London back in Jan 2010

by ramintork on

Our flashmob in London 2010 was not as successful because the timing coincided with London being on a very high security alert and we were interrupted by the British Police. 

Our intention was to get the fight for Iranian Human rights out to a wider community and not just amongst Iranians. From that point of view we were successful and many non-Iranians turned up.

I still strongly believe that such events need to be globally coordinated and involve a wider community of Iranians and non-Iranians working together, to have the proper impact, otherwise they get forgotten.

The mood in the West is right for getting support from the Western community in turning the Iranian Human rights issues to a campaign similar to for South Africa, specially after people witnessing the uprising in the Arab spring.


The concept of elections in a theocracy

by Cost-of-Progress on

is laughable because there can be no such thing as democracy in a "system" that filters its candidates to ensure their islamic pew pew purity down to the size their abaa.
The religious monarhcy that is now Iran is responsible for one of the most brutal and opressive dictatroships that the recent history has seen.

This is true regardless of what the chest beaters and chomaghdars of the regime claim, or believe in their tiny hannah'd heads.





Reply to hass

by bahmani on

I agree. A majority of the people who voted in the Iranian election probably voted for Ahmadinejad.

However, according to the very loosest standards of what an election is, you have no choice (other than continuing to delude yourself) but to concede that the election was also a fraudulent one.

When the government counts ballots, that is fraudulent.

When the sector of the government that controls the secret service does it, that is fraudulent.

When thugs that work for the secret service and the ministry of interior testify they falsified voting records, that is hilarious, and fraudulent.

That's 3 reasons proving Iran's election was fraudulent. Need more? No problem:

When the Supreme Leader who is unelected (even by God) controls the military, the secret police, and a thug army, chooses the 2 candidates for President, and then tells the people to pick one. That's fraudulent.

When the people are intimidated by the secret police and the thug army, they will wisely vote for their safety and security over their desire to be free. This makes the Iranian election not only fraudulent, but by ANY standard that you choose to apply, cruel, and also now criminal.

So, again, you are right, the Iranian election was not (just) fraudulent. It was cruel, criminal AND fraudulent.

But you already knew that.


hass, and Taraneh Musavai was killed in a traffick accident, (1)

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

and for the past two years hundreds and thousands of people have been arrested, raped and tortured  only because they have nothing better to do than to go in the streets and get beaten up, and all the crimes of the IR for the past 32 years have been only a bad nightmare.

Just close you eyes really tight, and it'll just go away all by itself.

What planet are you writing you most obtuse, obscene, insulting comment from. I want  to live there?

I hears it was called the IR's lying lackeys planet. Is that true?

1) Taraneh Musavy was arrested only because she was wearing  a green  outfit, while walking through a demonstarion. And because her last name was Mussavy, she was gang-raped, with her half burned body left in the outskirts of Tehran.She's the case we know about, god know how many other cases that we still don't know anything about.

Tof be jad o abad har che mozdor IR, including all of them here on IC. 


Paris Flash Mob: great but with problems

by bahmani on

Not to discount the wonderful demonstration of support for Iranian freedom but...

I have several criticisms to hopefully improve the next one, and by the way when is the next one please?

1- Why wasn't this promoted more? No one knew about it until just now. Part of a demonstration is making sure above all the authority you are protesting against knows you are doing it. Guerilla protesting that no one sees, is fun to be sure, but simply not as effective.

2- Just Paris? Why wasn't this coordinated across ALL the major European and US cities in the world? Is Paris the ONLY place this would happen?

3- Why so few? Are there only 50 odd Iranians in Paris who would join a Flash mob?

4- Why no press? Did anyone call the press to let them know there would be a flash mob and what it was about? The passersby seemed curious but I'm not sure if anyone cared to find out why, even if they did, it would be a few, and the whole point of an attention getting stunt is to reach a lot of people, not a few. A more Global PR effort would have gotten CNN's attention. The point is to show those inside Iran we are still here, still care, and still support them.

5- What exactly does the V sign stand for? I know it;s cool next to a green wristband and all but I could not find any info on it on either website. The V sign face out, is traditionally used as the consummate anti-Viet-Nam war peace sign. Do we really want Peace or do we want Freedom? The other meaning V traditionally has is Victory. Does victory mean a reversal of the fraudulent election so that Moussavi is the hapless, hopeless and power-less president of an overwhelmingly corrupt and anti-freedom of choice based dictatorship? Is that what we want?

I think what everyone wants is Freedom. Freedom to speak, think, believe (or not) and above all freedom to choose. As far as I have seen, V does not traditionally ever stand for freedom. Suggesting it now means freedom in Iran is confusing to the outside, whose support we are supposed to be getting with a Flash Mob like this.

Based on the Iranian Government's continued repeated and institutionalized contempt and disdain for Iranians, I would prefer from now on, we all use the standard British meaning of the V sign, which when turned in stands for "Fuck You" or according to Wikipedia (my personal new testament) " frequently used to signify defiance (especially to authority)..."

After all, they started it.

Great job, next time let the rest of us know too, so we can all participate.


Out of touch exiles.

by hass on

Sorry, but the people in Iran DID vote for Ahmadinejad. There was no election fraud, and all your fancy "flash mobs" only show how far out of touch you are with Iranians inside Iran. Get over it.