U.S., Iran, Human Rights

Speech by U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Suzanne Nossel

National Iranian American Council (NIAC) human rights conference in Washington, DC, to discuss the international effort to establish a UN human rights monitor for Iran, an initiative championed by NIAC.


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Not Mola N. rather Mollah Trita Parsi

by Kashk on

Mollah Trita Parsi, Iranian Americans had to remind parsi regarding human rights in Iran. He was more into historical Persepolis tablts, when young Iranians were in jail and tortured ....

"One of NIAC’s top priorities is to protect the Persepolis Tablets"


Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on


I've been walking back and forth this nighborhood a few times.

I know where the hatemonger crowd is coming from. They are the slaves of their ideologies, hence what I wrote when I catagorized them as:

'Iranian Hating Iranians', NeemPahlavi supporters, Mojahedin supporters and Zionists. These groups have done nothing positive for Iran, Iranians or Iranian Americans.
What are they advocating here but Sanctions or war with Iran?
While National Iranian American Council has a track record of accomplishments as I stated.

My comment was not intended to hate them but to expose them for what they really are.  


Mola Nasredeen

by Shemirani on

"To the 'Iranian Hating Iranians', NeemPahlavi supporters, Mojahedin supporters and Zionists on this Iranian website:

Talk is cheap, What have you done for Iranian Americans?  "

Who is hating who ????????????? shoma ba in yek jomlatoon ke koli por az nefrat bood ....Mage etemad nakardan be NIAC barabar ba hateful zionist monarchist ya mojahede haast ????????????!!!!! if all Niac's fans think like you do its really scary :(

To answer your question  i did nothing for irooni amricayi i don't live in USA but this lobby doesn't sound trustful and your sentence is VERY SHOKING !!

Sir,even if this organization was the BEST on earth you can't say such things to your own compatriot !




Typical Ironi !!

by fkhatami on

Typical Ironi !!

زیر کرسی چرت میزنه، یا رو مبل با ریموت نشسته، هیچ کاری نمیکنه، فقط برچسب، توهین، یا اینکه در تخیلات یک توطئه بزرگ هست!


dear NIAC detractors, what's your alternative to NIAC ?

by bushtheliberator on

I remain your Least Informed About Iran American Jingo Visitor,but NIAC e-mails me just about daily .My drink is a straight-up,double shot,no ice,no water,no vermouth Regime Change,so NIAC doesn't quite satisfy me.

Perhaps I belabor a point I've made before,but when you're fighting for your life,you can't be too picky about who's in your cohort.Do the Royalists here recall the wailing from some Greens when they dared to show themselves, and the Royal flag ? Who else have you got ?


Despite their past being a

by Escape on

Despite their past being a league for IRI stooges it seems the NIAC is being torn away from the Ayatollah.So it seems.

It's just too bad the odds of success are not too good when they have to rely on liberal pinheads in charge of Human rights to 'succeed'.Soon they will be pacified.


You're missing the point

by patrickdisney on

All of you who hate the IRI so much that you can't stand the sight of NIAC -- because of whatever preconceived notions you have about the group -- are missing the point.  

This video shows a senior official in the United States government laying out a plan for strengthening the promotion of human rights in Iran.  She wouldn't have spoken at this event if the Obama administration weren't receptive to the calls -- by Iranian Americans, by the Iranian people, and yes, by NIAC -- for greater action on the human rights front.  

This video, and the content of her speech, are clear evidence that those who oppose the IRI are being listened to by the highest levels of the US government.  Opponents of the IRI are influencing US government policy.  

But I guarantee you: they're not listening to the spiteful hatred being spewed in the comments section of this website.  They're listening to the people who actually have something to contribute to a real conversation about Iran.


This should be added to list of accomplishments

by seannewyork on

Lobbied US Govt to cut a deal with those thugs and murderers who are killing Iranians and tried to make the US govt believe that this regime was worth dealing with and even if a deal was cut they would stand by it.  This is the same time people of Iran wanted pressure from intl community, NIAC was trying to take it off.

This is while people were working to overthrow the regime.

Great one to have on the list NIAC.

Mola Nasredeen

Talk is cheap

by Mola Nasredeen on

  NIAC's Accomplishments:


  • Helped remove sanctions on vital online communication tools like MSN Messenger, Facebook, and Youtube to ensure the free flow of information in Iran.
  • Spurred President Obama to condemn the Iranian government's brutal crackdown on peaceful demonstrators after Iran's disputed election, while refraining from endorsing any political faction.
  • Obtained an apology from Fox sportscasters for racially discriminatory remarks against NBA player Hamed Haddadi. 
  • Compelled a retraction from Rep. Jane Harman for her statement regarding the "separation" of Iran's ethnic groups. 
  • Elicited an apology from MSNBC's Don Imus for a derogatory comment about an Iranian airliner crash that killed 43 passengers.
  • Removed offensive and inaccurate portrayals of Iranian Americans in the film Crossing Over.
  • Published the first-ever Census of the Iranian-American community.


To the 'Iranian Hating Iranians', NeemPahlavi supporters, Mojahedin supporters and Zionists on this Iranian website:

Talk is cheap, What have you done for Iranian Americans?

James D.

how exactly are you helping Iranians by attacking NIAC?

by James D. on

an Iranian-American organization that is actually doing something productive to help protect human rights in Iran...and all we hear on Iranian.com is the same bystanders cutting eachother down from the safety of their computers. 

NIAC brings top officials from the US govt and the Swedish govt to speak at a Congressional event that it looks like will result in UN action help to protect the people of Iran...and a handful of nuts would rather settle their silly political beefs and weave together strange conspiracy theories that defy logic.

may I ask--what are all of you commentors doing to help people in Iran?  other than of course demonstrating how clever you are at posting comments on blogs?  

who is behind these attacks against NIAC, which as far as I can tell is one of the very few groups with any influence in the US that is actually doing something positive to actually support the Iranian people?



Video Makmalbaf saying Trita is a Lobby of IRI

by seannewyork on

just had this sent to me, look at 34:30 mark when Makmalbaf one of the spokesmen for the green movement says NIAC is a lobby of IRI:

34:30 mark


Its over NIAC stop wasting time and acting like you care about the Iranian people when your whole effort was for Obama to give IRI the grand bargin. 

The people of Iran in the streets said game over!!


pass ... just a show ... too little too late mr. parsi

by Kashk on

pass ...

pass ...


hamsade ghadimi

shotore namadmali mikard

by hamsade ghadimi on

mola has been ignoring human rights in iran, makes fun of the opposition, denies atrocities committed against iranian people by the islamic republic and now is applauding niac's human rights effort?  what does that say about niac?

Darius Kadivar

Authentic NIAC Frontier Gibberish ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on



by Shemirani on

Who is member of NIAC ? how many member they have ? how they allow themself to talk on behalf of Iranians ??? Helloooo who do you think you are ?!

Why Iranian-American don't stop this silly Lobby who always protected Mullah's policy ....

It's not very clear from europe.....but they sound like big hypocrits with double face !!! not trustful at all !

( i just heard trita Parsi (in parazit) ke migoft lobbying is informing and he helped facebook from being filtered .....so ridiculous he was thinking we are bench of idiots!!! )


Dariush Kabir

NIAC is an agent of IRI.

by Dariush Kabir on

These people at NIAC really think that they can fool Iranian-Americans, they have no shame!

They ignored human rights violation by IRI for 32 years. they all of a sudden found out that there has been stoning, tortures, and executions of citizens in IRI?!

Iranian women demonstrated against this regime on the first year on its existence. NIAC has been silence from its inception on women rights under IRI.

Iranian opposition have been jailed , tortured and executed in some cases in a group setting (the 67 genocide) NIAC has been silence.

IRI mullahs even chased out an elected president (Banisader) from Iran, NIAC has been silent. IRI have even turned on some of their own founders such as Montazeri, and NIAC  was promoting normal relations with this illegitimate regime.

Khomeini's documented order of execution of prisoners, have been completely ignored by NIAC.

NIAC could not continue promoting good (profitable) relation with IRI and not get on the "human Right" band wagon, NIAC is bought and paid for by IRI, this is such a superficial and phony act on IRI and NIAC part.

Mash Ghasem

Khebedin "jan" , I'm really saddened by your sadness,

by Mash Ghasem on

In your most insightful IR's apologist view of the world ,exactly  how should Iranian people  go on about their rights? Shameless apologists who can't even speak the language, but have plenty of time to teach others, seem a far more superior candidate for an idiot. I wouldn't even say an idiot savant, just an idiot, with a colorful mouth.


How sad

by Khebedin on

How sad to see Iranians in US asking America to monitor human rights in Iran. America has over 1% of its people imprisoned, America's human right records in Iraq and what happened in ABUGHARIB was only consided to be 25% of crimes committed by Ameriacns in Iraq, their records is clear arround the world. How stupid and how sad to see NIAC and other Iranians asking this dangerous animal to look after their people. I am schocked there was no One decent person to tell this woman to get lost, except the guy who just very politly mentioned America's way of dealing with Israel. Shame on NIAC and shame on all those who tollorated this bitch to consider you a bounch of idiots.


America & Human right demand in Iran?

by Khebedin on

This bitch and her government are killing people in Bahrain right this moment and she is talking about Human right in IRan?. Tell her to get lost


nice talk Suzanne - thanks NIAC

by MM on


Jeesh Daram

هروقت این "حقوق بشر" بگوش ما میخوره

Jeesh Daram

هر وقت این "حقوق بشر"  بگوش ما میخوره یاد جیمی کارتر میافتم و اون ریش خمینی بت شکن که واسه ما حقوق بشر آورد. آدم موهای تنش سیخ میشه والالله.  آخه نوکرتم، دارین نفت و گاز، مس، طلا و فرش زیر پای ملت مارا  میبرین بازم میخواین دوباره مارو فیلم کنین و انگشت بدهان؟ بابا ما حقوق بشر نمیخواهیم،  فقط یک دیکتاتور جدید بما بدین که ریش صاحبمرده اش را بزند، خوش تیپ باشد و اولین کاری که انجام دهد بستن سفارت انگلیس باشد.  همین و بس 


NIAC desperatley trying to save face

by mahmoudg on

Now that the regime is on its dying bed. I guess not too late for people to see through this organization and its "appointed for life" president.

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

question to all the commentators on this thread:

Did anyone of you watched the video clip before making your comments?

If you did not then your comments are based on ignorace and prejudice.  

Ignorance is not a bliss and prejudice is not a virtue. 

Why you may ask?

Because ignorance is the condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

Prejudice is an opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts.


What a joke NIAC is: initiative championed by NIAC

by seannewyork on

are they stupid at NIAC or what.  they are the same group that championed a deal w us to keep the IRI in power and have a grand deal.

NIAC is so discredited that they know that have to switch sides and they are just trying to save face.

they stood against the iranian people and now they think they can switch sides and people will forget.

NIAC get lost you are a part of the green movement like makmaalbaff said.


Islamic Republic Lobby ... champion of Human rights ... ?!!!!!!

by ruhany on




who the hell was that guy

by afshinazad on

What the hell is Palestinians issue got to do with Iran and what the hell is this moron basiji doing there, seems every shithead of Regime are dispached to the world to make a Israel subject to every problem. Who cares about Palstains and this guy with lousy Iranian accent trying to change the subject?UN or the Human rights Groups, they could pass any crap they want to but is this IRI anti Iranian doesn’t cares about what they pass. For example look at the foreign minister that has been under sanction and should be arrested but what happens is EU changes the sanction, so what good is this UN resolution, why this lady State Secretary didn't answer the question about communication sanction and not helping Iranian freedom fighters with that. So when would American could help Iranian with internet problem and jamming problem, I guess never because they have different agenda and their goal is thousand mile away with our goal.


Artificial Intelligence

human rights monitor for Iran, an initiative championed by NIAC?

by Artificial Intelligence on

Yeh right! NIAC is the champion of Human rights for Iranians. Please! We are not that stupid. Try again NIAC.