Al Jazeera Ambush of Parazit

None of these brats really gets the reality of the situation Parazit is in


Al Jazeera Ambush of Parazit
by bahmani

On November 17, the Al Jazeera show the "Stream" (which I am not sure they get the urological metaphor) hosted Kambiz Hosseini and Saman Arbabi the co-creators of the top anti-government TV show Parazit in a seemingly harmless interview. Or so that's how it started.

Within a few minutes of the introduction though the real motives of the "Fox News of Arabia" came to the surface and the slick turdiness of sensationalist back-stabbing, jealousy-lined and Hannity-Limbaugh-Murdoch pick a subtle point and ambush it style of journalism that AJ is only known for, came through. And I don't seem to recall a single AJ story about the emir of Qatar and his coup d'etat and illegitimate rule over a merely former British protectorate. EVER! Apparently the people of Qatar at least, deserve freedom from inspection and any sort of probing analysis by AJ. But they most certainly don't deserve freedom from an Absolute Monarch. Apparently. According to the AJ charter and mission.

Saddest of all to see though, was the mistaken sway of veteran blogger Nima Shirazi whose innocent idealism and naive objections fed the point being so cheaply exploited by AJ, namely that the show is sponsored by the VOA.

Unfortunately or conveniently, Nima has lost the real point here. Maybe his music is better. Nima jan, I'm not so sure that actually labeling yourself as a political commentator/musician helps either career. I know it's America and unlike today's Iran you can be and say whatever you want, but jooneh man pick one. You're young, but not that young. Grow up. I'll go out on a limb and as an Uncle say, "Stick to your writing, put the guitar down."

First to the host of the stream Nimrod Garda or Imran or whatever his name is, since I cannot find the correct spelling anywhere on the AJ site (Got job security?), and given the ridiculously staged performance, I'm sticking with Nimrod. What a South African Indian Cricket reporter is doing on an Arabian TV network, and how that's in anyway credible, I can't begin to understand except apparently some Indians like to work anywhere for anyone they can except India. Sorry to all Indians who work for anyone anywhere except India. I just don't get it. I mean if India is free and all, why work anywhere else?

Nimrod said "Millions of Iranians watch Parazit", and that the show is produced by the VOA. The truth is that the show is produced by Saman Arbabi, who like many Iranians is a technically gifted and creative one-man machine. If you watch the show, you can see this in action. Pre-set stand alone cameras pointed at the host, Kambiz Hosseini, an actor by trade, an angry Iranian by birth, and a gifted comedian by God, performs his well-timed pointed schtick with the green screen, animated edits, and sound effects courtesy of whatever meal Arbabi intends to serve us each week.

The truth is that the show is merely BROADCAST by the VOA. In fact, the mission of the VOA, which is legally bound, is to do 3 things:

1- Broadcast (ONLY) Truthful News
2- Represent "significant American thought" and "not any single segment of American society"
3- AND MOST IMPORTANTLY "Present the policies of the United States clearly and effectively, and will also present responsible discussions and opinion on these policies. (Public Law 94-350)"

While it is the responsibility of the VOA to undertake this, this does not mean that PARAZIT HAS TO!!!!

In a sense though you could say PARAZIT represents America, if you care about freedom of speech at any cost. Especially your life.

Ahmed Shihab-eldin the digital producer of Stream, who himself got his own start on another US government paid for vehicle PBS, and essentially Arbabi's counterpart/nemesis on AJ, what I can only call STUPIDLY, suggested that under the Shah more political prisoners were tortured and killed than the current government. With retardedly uninformed comments like "[suppressing political dissent] But no, they're much less then they were back then." To set it straight for everyone, the factor is 10. Or this government has killed and tortured 10 times more than the Shah ever did. This is a statistically proven fact by anyone's numbers you care to use. Funnily enough most of those the Shah did, are the same ones this government is now after, or of the MEK ilk that everyone seems to hate these days.

But the absolute travesty of the lie that Shihab-eldin naively uttered in his obvious attempt to merely one up Arbabi, only betells the sheer youth on the show, who were by now going at it as if. As if any one of them is old enough to know anything really pointed about Iran in the past 30 years, worse as if any of them is competent to compare it to the past 50.

Saddest of all however was our own Nima Shirazi. Coddled by a comfortable politically free life in the US, that has afforded him the luxury and ability to learn and exercise his not insignificant beautiful Iranian mind to the point where he could intellectually and thoughtfully pose the obvious All-American argument he has posed. Which is that maybe Parazit would have more credibility if it was not under the arm of that other Cold War era VOA that everyone still dreams those sexy "Khoreshteh Espionage" dreams about. You know, the same one that BBC Farsi suffers from.

The saddest of all however is none of these brats really gets the reality of the situation Parazit is in.

Faced with certain death by the Iranian government were the show produced in Iran, this show is un-producable without a safe haven that the US and it's free speech laws provides. It's not so much that the show is produced in the VOA studios as those studios actually protect the show physically. NO commercial sponsor is currently brave enough to weather the onslaught by the government of Iran. Simply, the show which even Shirazi will admit is absolutely necessary, would be impossible without the protection and sanctuary that the VOA and US offers.

Ironically the very same sanctuary of the US which allows wonderfully bright and shiny minds like Shirazi to object, very reasonably in fact. The conditions you live under however Nima jan, aren't actually real. The real conditions, which are always unfair and cheat, are that the show would be DOA without VOA.

Given ample historical precedent were the show produced commercially in LA or let's say out of Nima's house, the amount of time it would take to shut down the show with an "accident" or any of the other widely used "techniques" the government of Iran has used to assassinate over 800 documented opponents overseas, is about 2-days.

So, given the facts we know. And the conditions of the times we live in. Having a political satirical show that analyzes the realities of a fast failing Iranian government essentially sponsored by one sponsor, the VOA is entirely acceptable. With gratitude even. Is it perfect? Of course not. Is there any other possible option to criticize the crimes Iran commits on a daily basis? Same answer. Of course not.

Since the imported and hypocritical folks at Al Jazeera haven't bothered to read ANY history and seem incapable of the concept of perspectives and comparisons never mind right and wrong, let me at least clear it up for them. Today's Iran is oppressive, violently suppressive, murderous, and obligated to use any and all tactics to protect it's tyranny over a nation of people and their vast pre-islamic history, that it has nothing but the greatest ethnic disdain for. The fact that when you continually interview them and they appear polite and smile courteously, is a lie you've naively believed. You know the same one that makes you think the emir of Qatar is "benevolent" by funding you.

But it is today's real Iran we must live with. Not AJ's illusion of the smiling polite Iran. Not the Shah's Iran. Not the post Mossadegh 1953 Iran. But today's Iran.

What Al Jazeera has in essence suggested with this small example of a great pile of steaming naivete, is akin to saying, "Come on Saman, Hitler's Germany wasn't anywhere near as bad as the Kaiser's Germany of WWI, was it now? We interviewed the Gestapo last week and they seemed like fine fellows!"

NOTE: Apologies to all Jews for broaching the Hitler subject, but come on, you gotta give me something I can use here.

I had great hopes for Al Jazeera when it first arrived. I thought, "Yeah, a CNN for the region! Cool!". Sadly AJ has turned into nothing more than an un-entertaining TMZ without the visual selaciousness. Apparently AJ's idea of "sexy" is to show long shots of dead corpses. Well produced and slick, no doubt. But how Boring.

Finally in the words that Nima Shirazi so eloquently and idealistically (and ironically) writes under,

"Living is easy with eyes closed / misunderstanding all you see"

"This is no dream. This is really happening!"

"Humankind cannot bear much reality."

OK maybe that last one sucks. Kind of.


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Siavvash: Hass is not

by vildemose on

Siavvash: Hass is not Iranian. He is a infantile rebel against Imperilisam and zionist. He couldn't care less if the entire country of Iran was destroyed if it meant liberation of palestine or defeating the Great Satan. 

"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The sad thing happens to be that many nations helped Iraq with chemicals. Here is a link:



Hass's question

by Siavash300 on

"who was arming Saddam with chemical weapons used to kill over 60,000 Iranians," Hass

It was Soviet Union who armed Saddam Hossaine with Mig13 which was exclusively manufactured in Russia and throwing bombs on Iran cities. Al-Baath party was a socialist party and had a close ties with communist brother party of Soviet Union during 70's. Saddam was prominent polical figure in Al-Baath party who was succesor of Hasan Al Backer. Saddam was making frequently trips to Moscow during 70's. He purchased many arms from USSR. In one of Saddam Maneuver on streets of Baghdad which was reflected on Kayhan newspaper in 1976 it was showing the aircrafts and other military equipments he purchased from Moscow. It was printed on the first page of our daily newspaper "Kayhan". It is common knowledge that Mig was dropping bombs on our people when the war broke out in sept. 1980. I am surprise Hass doesn't know this historical fact.  Immediately our brave Iranian homafars reacted to invasion. They were defending our country with U.S made weapons because shah purchased so many arms from U.S during late 60's and early 70's. He also sent our youths to U.S to be trained about operating those weapons and U.S aircrafts. Saddam miscalculated that our brave homafars were trained in U.S and they were able to defend our country against lizard eater Arabs. In a few weeks he realized what a big mistake he did, so he purposed the "Peace", but Mullahs wanted to take over the Iraq and expand their Islamic empire throughout middle east. Iran state control T.V by mullahs were showing to reach Al-ghodes is from Iraq. Therefore encourage the teenagers to go over the mine field and get killed in order to conquar Iraq and then Ghods. Mullahs didn't want the peace. Saudi made a purposal to mullahs to end the war and Saudi Authourities agreed to payback all the cost of war to Iran, but mullahs had big ambition in their mind and didn't want to end the war. They wanted to export their Islamic revolution. That was the time Ramsfiled had a meeting with Saddam to prevent Mullah's ambitiion to take over Iraq. That was our shah's smart vision who was able to see the future and purchased all those weapons and aircrafts from U.S and sent our youths to learn how to operate those aircraft in America. God bless his soul.

Payandeh Iran 


Anonymous Observer,

by hass on

Payback is indeed a bitch - but lets remember who was arming Saddam with chemical weapons used to kill over 60,000 Iranians, amongst a tall list of other things. It was your beloved US, same one you're so busy kissing up to.


Thanks for the info..

by Favela on

..I'm going to watch the inteview now, thanks. Have you written to this Nima? Surely you want him to put the pen down and play instead at this point?


Mondays 1.30pm GMT repeated Sundays 8.30pm

Most shows are podcast on the site:



well said Anonymous Observer

by Siavash300 on

Indeed. These puppets of stinky mullahs can not do anything about it. Yep. Soon they will get overthrown to the dumpster of history where they belong to.

Anonymous Observer

That's right Hass

by Anonymous Observer on

The United States does not have a program against Saudi Arabia, but it has one against the IR.  It also has plans to come in and kick akhoonds' behinds out of Iran and to put an end to their miserable existence.  And there is absolutely nothing that you or any other West residing two bit IR supporting malijak can do about it.  I guess the only thing left for you to do is to bang your head against the wall, post links or invade an embassy, or do all three.  

PS- if you're too stupid to realize it--or if you have blinders on--Saudi Arabia hasn't been burning American flags, invading U.S. embassies, taking Americans hostage, chanting "death to America," blowing up U.S. Marine bases, etc. for the past 32 years.  The IR has.  Payback is a bitch, and the IR will be paid back properly, trust me! 


Bahmani is a funny Joker

by hass on

Mohammad Ala

Please read my reply.

by Mohammad Ala on

Mr. Bahmani; Please look again at my reply.  I was one of 99.9%.

I agree about our millionaire community to fund programs such as Parazit.  I said this in my early reply also.  What was gained by going around the earth few times?!

USA court system has illegally given Iranian money in hundreds of millions of dollars to people who our people had nothing to do with them…. Not appearing in US courts caused Iranian hard earned money to disappear. 



Reply to Dr. Ala: Iran had a choice to be honorable

by bahmani on

The single most damaging act to Iran's national and international reputation has been the hostage taking.

Iran could have sent the Americans home and sued for the Shah and his assets in the world court like a civilized country.

And, before you say that this would have been tied up for years and stalled and so on and start to justify the hostage taking to shorten the process, be careful because that logic cuts both ways. Meaning that just as it may have made sense not to follow world court law by Iran, so it was reasonable to assume the US would NEVER adhere to ANY agreement it was forced to sign by lowly scum hostage takers smiling smugly during the negotiations with the Algerians.

Failure to recognize the ugliest act by Iran is where we are in this debate. I f you think it is EVER OK for Iranians to act in an ugly way, regardless of what ugliness is done to them, that is where you and I disagree.

To quote Gandhi, "An eye for an eye makes the world go blind."

We can be Iranian and still be honorable. But when we choose to be dishonorable, even in the face of great injustice, we lose much more than our dignity. We lose our entire soul as a people.

One could say that the failure of Iranians to stand up for their rights, and to fight for their dignity against this oppressive government is a result of this deep wound to our national psyche. Since the Iranian people have been taught that they are nothing more than opportunists waiting for that chance to take advantage and get away with the ultimate perfect screw job.

I may be deluded, but I cannot accept that Iranians are ever justified to take hostages. No amount of any Shah's wealth is worth that.

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Reply to: HASS: deny MOST Saudis don't protest?

by bahmani on

Since you think it's funny but didn't prove your comment, I'll say it again clearer. Compared to the trademark "Arab Spring" protests we have become used to vis a vis, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, (and yes Bahrain) where hundreds of thousands and in Iran's 2009 case too, poured into the streets, SA is relatively calm.

My whole point is that this calm is why you don't see a PARAZIT equivalent for SA.

If things change as you have outlined they may well be simmering to a boil, but until they do, and when tat happens and a PARAZIT for SA appears, it only proves my point and justification for why it is OK for PARAZIT to be backed by the VOA.

The alternative though is probably as you and many other Iranians I have come to recognize, want it. You seem to prefer to cock-block PARAZIT, but still want to have the criticisms against the government, just not from VOA.

Which is naive and an easy cop out. It is naive because without the support of the VOA, a show like PARAZIT is impossible. A cop out because by cock-blocking the show, you can conveniently excuse and feign your inability to formally and loudly object to the failures and flaws of the Iranian government.

At some point, Iranians are going to have to accept that getting what you want and deserve in life is difficult and you cannot escape the hard work required to object or oppose evil, and oppression.

The saddest of all is that with all of this talent for objection that we have among us all, the millionaires among us, think that their flights into outer space are inspiring us to greatness, when in fact for just the space-fare spent would have sponsored many shows like PARAZIT, and more.

Thanks for the comment. But your suggestion that there is any such significant "Saudi Arabian Opposition" is an utter oxymoron at this time in history, and an invalid comparison to Iran's need for a critical satirical political commentary comedy TV show.

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BAHMAN: "most of the Saudi

by hass on

BAHMAN: "most of the Saudi people are therefore currently OK with their government as is"


You're such a funny joker in making excuses for the VOA/Parazit propaganda agency.


PS: I bet you think most Bahrainis are happy with their government too? 

Mohammad Ala

"just war" doctorine

by Mohammad Ala on

When one gets emotional, objectivity is lost.  99.9% of Iranians had nothing to do with hostage crisis and wanted to end it as soon as possible.  As a person who suffered from it while studying in the USA, I can contend that both sides benefited from the ordeal. 

There are plenty of materials to read on international law and it goes like this… if an agreement is conducted in “good faith” ...and both sides have lawyers... it is fully enforceable.

There is also a doctrine called “just war,” which boils down to which side violated international law first… it can be argued that Iran’s action was retaliation.  The UK and USA violated international laws against Iran in several occasions before Alger Accord.  Therefore the treaty is defensible and can be enforced.

LOL about Saudi people are happy... //



by Rea on

The first time I've been able to understand what Parazits are saying, thx to English translation. 

Al Jazeera is good in it's own ways. When one knows the agenda behind, one appreciates the news behind.

Artificial Intelligence

Great Analysis Bahmani!

by Artificial Intelligence on



  مشاور عالی



مشاور عالی خامنه‌ای: ما باید جنگ را آغاز کنیم



Where are NIAC and CASMI??


PARAZIT for Israel? or Saudi Arabia?

by bahmani on

The reason there is no PARAZIT for Israel is that Israelis are free to criticize their government. And do. There is no need for the VOA to sponsor such a program. The VOA would not have an audience for it.

The reason there is no PARAZIT for Saudi Arabia is that to a large extent, apparently, based on the complete lack if Arab Spring -style demonstrations and any opposition movement to speak of, most of the Saudi people are therefore currently OK with their government as is. Since that is the case, there is no large audience for a Saudi Arabian PARAZIT either.

If there were Israeli Arbabis and Hosseinis, with millions of followers, there would be a PARAZIT for Israel.

If there were Saudi Arbabis and Hosseinis, with millions of followers, there would be a PARAZIT for Saudi Arabia.

Your argument though, has nothing to do with the FACT that there are millions of followers and in fact millions of Arbabis and Hosseinis, and this is why there is a PARAZIT for Iran. Because PARAZIT Broadcast by Iranians would be stifled and (literally) choked anywhere else, is why the VOA broadcasts it.

Someone has to. If no one can, or is too afraid to, then it is great, comforting and logical that the VOA will.

You can harp all you want about motives, tactics, sneaky plans and ulteriors, but in the end, if Iran was a democracy and free, and focused on it's own affairs, bettering it's own people, economy, and standing in the world, and spreading that, instead of obsolete worker class theatrically hypnotic Arabic Poetry, I doubt we would be having this paranoid schizophrenic one-sided discussion about the motives of the US.

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RE: Algiers Accord

by bahmani on

While it is true that the US signed the Algiers Accord, the honoring of such a document in the face of the greater higher dishonorable conditions of holding 52 hostages to secure such an agreement is justified. Morally, and especially Islamically.

Islam allows you to lie and cheat if necessary to get your way, if your way is right. In the AA, the US was in fact acting more like good moslems than Iran was.

To hold 52 Americans hostage and then trade them insultingly like chattel for mere money, (Iranian assets that were frozen in response to the hostage taking, and then asking for the Shah's money as well.) is the height of low, cowardly, and dishonorable behavior that is neither Iranian, nor human.

The greater label that has befallen Iran and smeared Iranians, as sneaky, back stabbing, conniving thieves and cowards that only throw barbs always from the safety of a haven and are afraid to stand and fight in the open and let their principles shield them from injustice, is the greater cost of this act of taking 52 hostages.

In the face of this kind of cowardice, the US was in my opinion justified in signing the agreement to free the hostages, and once freed, proceed to immediately violate the terms of such an agreement signed under these cowardly conditions.

To expect the US to play fair as a result of Iran not playing fair, is the height of hypocrisy and exemplified in the past 32 years of similar continued ridiculous and highly arrogant behaviors that has all but eliminated the true concept of what it means to be an Iranian, from the vast cooling to a frozen state soul of our country.

To defend Iran now, after all of the destructive acts we cannot begin to number, is the height of ignorance and a perfect example of the what the goals of this government is, and has been from the beginning. Which is to re-set the social order and concept of norms and national pride, from being an honored active member of the world civilization, culture and humanity, to being a timid, fearful, obedient hated slave to what is merely the latest in a long line and series of pagan idol worshipry, and witchcraft, modified and adjusted to look like a cool Elvis version of "Modern Islam".

There is a reason why Mollahs look like warlocks. We had all better start recognizing this, and object collectively before it is too late and we are all washed into this variation of a obvious islamic-marxist ploy that is being placed into position. with fast hardening cement.

If this happens, even if God exists, he can't help us.

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Aljazeera is funded by whom ?!

by Troneg on

If saying reality about what is hapenning in Iran is Propaganda, I'm fine with Propaganda.

I would ask Stream guy who paid his check and what is relationship between his Boss's country and Iran ? Is his questions come from Sheikh ?


Mohammad Ala

The 1955 Treaty of Amity and the Alger Accord

by Mohammad Ala on

VOA violates the Alger Accord that the USA signed.

Several members compared VOA with PressTV.  I do not watch PressTV nor follow VOA.  However, one easily can observe that their functions are totally different.

The US signed the Alger Accord.  But it has violated the agreement from day one.  In 1980, under the Carter administration, the United States began clandestine radio broadcasts into Iran from Egypt, at a cost of some $20-30,000 per month. The broadcasts called for Khomeini's overthrow and urged support for Bakhtiar. This continued.  Starting in 1982 the CIA provided $100,000 a month to a group in Paris called the Front for the Liberation of Iran. The US also provided support to two Iranian paramilitary groups based in Turkey, one of them headed by General Bahram Aryana, the Shah's army chief with close ties to Bakhtiar while also transmitting messages from the Shah's son indicating "he would return" (Stephen Shalom citing Leslie H. Gelb, "US Said to Aid Iranian Exiles in Combat and Political Units," New York Times, 7 Mar. 1982, pp. A1, A12; and Tower Commission, p. 398; Farhang, "Iran-Israel Connection," p. 95.). 

What is more important is that a more powerful Agreement exists between the two countries:  The 1955 Treaty of Amity.   I suggest you look it up. 



by hass on

Only a moron would think that VOA is not propaganda, intended to overthrow the IRI. Do you think that it is accidental that there is no equivalent of "Parazit" for Saudi Arabia or Israel? Do you think it is accidental that the US Congress, when allocating funds for VOA, regularly discusses its effect on overthrowing the IRI?



by Fesenjoon2 on

that somebody is called Imam Zaman.


People are crazy

by hirre on

Either way we look at this, people of the third world will never buy this. They have been brought up with the mentality that you cannot do anything by yourself and behind everything is a master with a hidden agenda, this is especially true in Iran because everybody is waiting for someone to change everything in the country...