Guatemala's Mossadegh

And you thought bananas were just a fun to eat

Guatemala's Mossadegh
by bahmani

After the Oil company funded US coup in Iran in 1953, and the successful overthrow of Mossadegh by the CIA, another coup was carried out in Guatemala in 1954.

This time under the funding and encouragement of the American United Fruit Company, later named Chiquita, as it became clear that under freely elected President Jacobo Arbenz, land that was unused by Chiquita would be given to peasants and farmers in order to develop additional and alternative agriculture to the dominant single crop banana plantations that Chiquita had built in Guatemala for decades. He instituted other land reforms, much to the growing dismay of Chiquita.

Sound familiar?

Bananas, contrary to popular belief don't actually grow naturally in Guatemala, but the conditions were ideal for this fruit and industry. And US companies desiring to compete with Apples, brought the banana and their extensive political might and intentions to bear on Guatemala leading to the now popular Mall clothing store, Banana Republic.

Following on the success of Iran, the exact same tactics of framing Arbenz as a commie, and using the media and propaganda to paint him as a godless leftist during the height of the anti-Soviet sentiment and era, Chiquita and the CIA overthrew Arbenz with 400 Guatemalan fighters loyal to another Col. Castillo Armas, and the rumors of a US invasion caused the Guatemalan Army to defect and Arbenz to eventually resign.

Historians agree that this was the biggest setback to Guatemala's young Central American democracy, and led to 4 decades of ruthless dictatorships and various military junta-led coups and the greater oppression of the Guatemalan people.

And you thought bananas were just a fun to eat good source of potassium!


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They admitted paying off paramilitary groups so they could harvest.  What they did and possibly still doing is really crimes against humanity.

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They've already paid $25M but that is just peanuts compared to what they've profited of paid those terrorists. 

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