Sahm e Man

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Sahm e Man
by mehrdadm

From Ardalan Payvar and Shadi Yousefian -- debut album, "Bord o Baakht" is a mix of many influences including Gypsy Jazz, Rock, Klezmer, Trad Jazz, Latin .... "Sahm e Man" vocals by Shadi Yousefian & Sanaz Zaresani; lyrics: Sanaz Zaresani; music: Ardalan Payvar, guitar: Siamak Sanai.


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Very soothing and refreshing!

by siminkhanum on


Loved everything about it.

persian westender

How poetically soft!

by persian westender on

The lyrics and the melody go smoothly with a Shiraz wine on Friday night.....



Jahanshah Javid

So lovely

by Jahanshah Javid on

Complete package: Great song, lyrics, video... memorable.