Chivalry in the age of greed

Chivalry in the age of greed
by jamh

Here it is. I offer you,
every single one of you,
my bent knee,
my kings and queens.

I solemnly do declare
that my unblemished honour
(not mockingly),
my death, my deeds

you shall have before your fake
Indian or Chinese blades
touch my shoulder
in heaps and heaps.

But I ask if you recall
who was it that was knighted last?
The young boy maimed
for his country?

Or the drug infused star?
The crooner of teen ballads,
the one who sold
one million copy?

Is it valor or power?
Or the purse trailing behind
the obscene number
that's posted daily?

We have lost our way.
We, the children who sell
in margins, in folds,
every thing and every day.

Truth. The air. The seeds of plants.
Justice. History. Dreams.
Contentment. Grace...
For a cold and damp spray.



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Darius Kadivar

Of Course he Isn't ... Only "Brett" Is Genuinely One ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Takes Two "t"'s in "Brett" to make a "Sir" ... 

Roger Moore as Lord Brett Sinclair 


Question of Class Mon Cher ...






Oh, it is Bob Sinclar alright

by Parham on

Now that you say it's an ad for Italian underwear, I'm even more certain. : )



by jamh on

To be honest, I don't think it is Bob Sinclair, and even if he is, I'm certain he's not a Sir.  But you get the idea. I took the picture from an ad for Yamamay, an Italian underwear chain.



by Parham on

Damn me for not guessing that and tracing the logic back to the poem above. I mean shoot, man.



by jamh on

He's being knighted.


What's the picture of...

by Parham on

... Bob Sinclar doin' ere?