Parazit: With Saman Minus Kambiz

New show is called "Parazit ba T dasteh dar"


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Esfand Aashena

So far No Kambiz = show goes on!

by Esfand Aashena on

I'm sure Parazit will be better off without Kambiz and the show can use a fresh outlook. 

Mr. Javid is not funny and he knows it so he won't volunteer.  He is also shy and can't talk in public.  Besides he is busy travelling the world and wouldn't want to be tied down to VOA.

Everything is sacred


"So if this is a permanent change..."

by cheshmetroshan on

If it is Jahanshah-khan, than the show is as good as dead. Which would make sense because, as the old proverb reminds us, "Dying is easy, Comedy is hard." Or in terms that VOA can understand, "No Kambiz = No Show."

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

نقش داشتن ،شومن بودن در یک برنامه تلویزیونی استعداد خود را طلب می‌کند که هیچ ربطی به هنرمند بودن و دیگر قدرتهایِ اکتسابی ندارد،دنیایِ تلویزیون شوخی‌ بردار نیست،تماشاچی بی‌ حوصله است و بهانه‌گیر وگرنه هر کسی‌ با یک دوربینِ خانگی این قسم برنامه می‌‌ساخت و اسمش بر سرِ زبانها . . .

ایرانیان مثلِ آمریکائیها نیستند که به هر تق و توقی بخندند و طرف را سلطانِ کمدی بنامند،ما سلیقه خودمان داریم،به سختی با هر چیز راضی‌ می‌شویم،به سختی به شوخیهایِ مختلف میخندیم .

امیدواریم آقا سامان در این راهِ سخت طاقت فرسا موفق باشد.


Esfand Aashena

I agree with Faramarz. Saman is the talent.

by Esfand Aashena on

 It's obvious that Saman is the talent.  looks like Kambiz's head was getting too big.

Saman's Farsi could be better but hopefully they can find someone with humility who doesn't have a sense of entitlement.  A humble person and I can already think of a person and it's a woman whom JJJ would know!

 Saman's body of work on is already proof of his talent.  I used one of his cartoons in one of my blogs


Everything is sacred



Saman outdid himself

by jasonrobardas on

Yet ...I hope Kambiz returns to the show .......Both together would make the show more effective

Dirty Angel

Akhey! They got rid of that screaching pleb!

by Dirty Angel on

 Now, it's beginning to look like a programme, instead of that horror of permanent idiocy of ugly deformaty


SAVAK used to torture and murder people. They used to flog, gauge
eyes out, nails out and that was on 14 year olds. But hey, that's OK on
IC. Because if I call the chief of SAVAK "kesafat", I get my account
deleted , by some horror of a personage bigotry-jealousy-lalaland.

Saman Ahmadi

since no one has brought it up yet, maybe

by Saman Ahmadi on

it's part of their "shtick" (an act in which we are all playing along). conspiring minds want to know.

Anahid Hojjati

Saman's. Farsi

by Anahid Hojjati on

i don't watch this show but someone who has watched it, told me that saman's farsi is not that good. is this true?


Bravo Saman

by Albaloo on

So far so good.  We shall soon see more from both of them if not together.

I am looking forward to seeing kamiz in his new show as well. 


Lets see if Saman can bring some fresh air to this program...

by Bavafa on

I may be in minority but Parazit' raise followed with a quick fall for me as I found it to be boring and repetitive.   Let's see if Saman can bring a bit of fresh air to this program. 

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



There is more to this story

by Faramarz on

Just looking at VoA's interview with Kambiz and Saman (thanks Shifteh), you can tell that there is a lot of tension there and they are not quite saying what had happened

Here is a blog that states that there was some serious problems that resulted in Kambiz's firing. Maybe JJ knows more about this

آقای حسینی از طریق بخش پرسنلی به دلیل رفتار خشونت‌آمیز، پرت کردن صندلی و فحاشی در محل تحریریه از محل کار اخراج شده است.



Thank you dear Shifteh

by Souri on

That video was interesting. It shows how much the VOA is khar to khar now. I wish them good luck.


Not as good

by kazem0574 on

Unless it evolves quickly.  

I like both Kambiz and Saman.

For me though, this show did not hit it off as well as the old equation which we are used to and worked.  

Yes as shows go on, you make gradual changes to keep them fresh, but this was too much of a sudden big change for my liking personally.

Also bringing Cartoonist friends who were throwing in a lot of western terms will be off putting for the main audience which is the people in Iran.

While watching Parzit I find myself constantly thinking about the Iranian audience’s reaction to each bit, which is key as far as I see it.  Parazit was an excellent tool to keep people in Iran aware of all angles against what the regime wants them to see and think.

Keep it simple, fun and funny,  think of Iran audiences only.

Shifteh Ansari

Kambiz and Saman on Rooye Khatt

by Shifteh Ansari on

They explain their different programs on this program. Fast forward to 52:00.


پایان نزدیک است


فکر می‌کنم متأسفانه کار برنامه پارازیت تمام است و از مدتی‌ پیش اختلاف شدیدی در میان آنها است مخصوصا از همان زمان که نیروی دریایی آمریکا جزو بد‌ها شد.مدیریت صدای آمریکا هم مثل صدا و سیما اسلامی تحمل انتقاد را اصلا ندارد.


آقا چسبید!...


البته جای کامبیز خالی بود،
ولی انصافا سامان هم برنامه و اجرای بسیار خوبی ارائه داد.
چُخ چسبید!...


As much fun as Luarel without Hardy

by JavoonDeerooz on

or cheecho without franco


this split is a good thing....

by pedramx on


the old parazit was getting boring and repetitious... I think this split is good... it will motivate them to compete for creating two awesome shows rather than rehashing the same thing over and over...

I think saman did great on the first episode of his new show... I am looking forward to the next episode



Dear Saman

by masoudA on

You did great - you and the other proved Parazit is nothing without you....but Parazit without Kambiz is not Parazit.   I am sorry to see you guys siding with power/management instead of Kambiz. 

Jahanshah Javid

before the show

by Jahanshah Javid on

before this segment, Saman and Kambiz explained what was going on. I have not seen it. I hope someone finds the clip.

Soosan Khanoom

Darius jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

Reza Pahlavi is more like Tickle Me Elmo than a Lion

sorry ... i couldn't help it ..... 

: )  

Nader Vanaki

پرواز سولوی سامان اربابی

Nader Vanaki

عالی بود.  خوب اوج گرفت و توی آسمون چرخید و آرام روی باند نشست و توی دست انداز نینداخت. خیلی خیلی لذّت بردم..عین سیّد علی!

Darius Kadivar

That said Regarding Kowsar & Neystan's Crowd Pleasing Responses

by Darius Kadivar on

I'd like to know how you two folks can explain the contradiction in your responses:


Who do you prefer Mossadegh or Shah ?


Both Answer: Mossadegh.


Was Revolution a Mistake ?


Both Answer: Yes !


Should we conclude that one of the two answers by these self indulgent “Liberal” cartoonists is purely aimed at their stupid audience?


If so then they are not alone …




I’ve got news for you Nikahang Your as ‘funny’ as it gets !




Take Care Smart Ass !

I miss Kambiz already !

Sigh ! 


An Unapologetic Monarchist ! 

Paris, FRANCE 

“I would rather obey a fine lion, much stronger than myself, than two hundred rats of my own species.” 
― Voltaire on Monarchy



Of split......

by پندارنیک on

They tried to be the voice of the opposition, but ended up by being its mirror image :))

Nazanin karvar


by Nazanin karvar on

اجرای بسیار ضعیفی دارن در همین چند دقیقه کلی نظر منفی در مورد این برنامه خواندم. صطح برنامه هم واقعا ایینه؟؟؟... متاسفم که باز توی یه بر نامه خوب با چندین میلیون بیننده دودستگی و انشعاب پیش آمده... در هر صورت جلوی ضرر را از هر جا بگیرن منفعت هستش

پس به قول ردواین جان باز باید بیننده صبوری کنه تا یک نفر که می‌خواد مطرح‌تر باشه بتونه کارش رو از پیش ببره ولی نمیشد ایشون همان پشت صحنه خاک صحنه بخورن و کار را عجالتا به کاردان‌ترش بسپارن؟؟؟  

 برم سر رادیو و مجله‌ام که من هر بار که به این تلویزیون برمیگردم خیلی زود ازش دلسرد میشم  :(


برنامه ی اینجانب به زودی از نیویورک پخش خواهد شد


From Kambiz Hosseini on his Facebook page

از این هفته برنامه ی جدیدی به اسم « پارازیط با ت دسته دار» به تهیه کنندگی و اجرای سامان اربابی به جای پارازیت پخش میشه. بنده ی حقیر مسئولیتی در محتوی این برنامه ندارم. برنامه ی «پارازیت» به نویسندگی و اجرای اینجانب به زودی! یعنی حدود چند ماه دیگه از نیویورک پخش خواهد شد. اینم از این

Darius Kadivar

Sorry to hear about the split

by Darius Kadivar on

Good luck to both in their solo careers !

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

I do not share his political & social ideas  but I recognize he is a good artist .Working in TV is very difficult and not everyone can do it,Needs a lot of karisma and a special connection with TV viewers,He does not have these but we have to wait  !


Not Easy to Watch!

by Faramarz on

The material was really good as always and you can tell that Saman is the brain behind Parasit's material. But the delivery was not as sharp. Only Kambiz can deliver the way he does. I hope that that these guys can get back together soon.

That was such a great show.

In a way it was like taking Simon out of Simon and Garfunkel or John Lennon out of the Beatles.


so what happened?

by BacheShirazi on

What happened to Kambiz?