Close the Strait of Hormuz

I say it's a gamble worth taking


Close the Strait of Hormuz
by bahmani

While it will never happen, nevertheless if not here, and if not now, then where the hell else is this going to be said?

Yes, I said it. The US should block the Straits.

Not for all oil, just Iran's oil.

Not to put pressure on the top elite, that would never happen. That theory is about the same as the effect the Occupy 99% have had on the conscience of the 1%. Or 0%.

No, I mean to exactly put pressure on the middle and lower class of Iran with a sanction so deep, it effectively angers the average Iranian into action.

Because Iranians (in spite of the other theory) still need to take action against their government. By their own hand. We've tried all the other ways, and they totally have sucked.

So enough of this finesse idea. That the US will do all the surgical embargoing, NIAC will try to oppose that, which will make it happen anyway, and the Iranian people will magically wake up to gloriously sunny day. Full of flowers, naked blond women dancing about with Martinis in their hands, and a shiny new Democracy 3000 parked in every garage.

Sorry, fate doesn't work like that. Iranians actually do not work like that. And Iranians have not been working correctly for a very long time. Iranians are broken.

So back to the Straits (and Narrows). So I say, the US should stop all Iranian oil leaving the Gulf. Any other oil especially Iraqi and Saudi oil should be allowed out.

In advance of this, the US should arrange to sell whatever oil China needs, from either increased capacity of Saudi oil, or however it can arrange to replace Iran's oil to China.

This will hurt everyone inside Iran even more. which if you would stop getting angry for a second and allow me, is actually a good thing.

Next, I would shut down all Coca Cola and Pepsi products inside Iran. They are violating the current embargo anyway. OK, so you are probably foaming at the mouth at the ridiculousness of what I just said. Keep it together and give me one more second.

Absence of Coke or Pepsi, will affect the average Iranian far more significantly than anyone cares to admit, and that should really do it. To fully enrage an already exhausted populace to the point of utter fury.

I know you think that Iranians are smart and would vent it on the US. But they can't do anything to the US, and so will beat the next best thing, which is their own government. Especially if any Mollah is seen drinking a Coke with his Soltani. And we all know how the Mollahs love their Soltani.

Of course this pushes Iran to the next logical desperate step, which would be to threaten the huge Saudi oil platform with it's Russian missiles. As well as a similar attack on the huge ARAMCO refinery.

I say, it's a gamble worth taking. The gamble is that Iran, faced with the complete shutdown of the only thing it has ever had for sale, that anyone has ever been willing to actually pay for, will have to now deal with significant internal unrest. It will also internally discuss reconsidering it's nuclear program. And pretty quickly realize that attacking Saudi or ARAMCO out of desperation will only worsen an already bad position.

Because everyone knows, when it comes to war, the US likes to play good Defense by playing better Offense. And really nothing has been more Offensive in the history of the world, than the US military with a hard on.

All of this, will hurt Iran's already crumbling internal rhetoric, and further weaken the resolve of all the toady apparat"chinks in the system".

The cascade should start at that point, leading to a slow but steady collapse, the usual predictable vacation by the rich, super elite, and top leaders in advance of another 3-days of minor city-wide chaos.

Followed by a series of mysteriously coincidental quiet, covert, various "automobile, showering, shaving, and freak toilet accidents" for the top tippy toppy tops.

Until someone finds the keys, and unlocks the TV station and broadcasts the words that we have all been dying to hear for the past 32 years,

"That's All Folks!".

Of course I intend to invest in Chevron stock while all of you sit with your mouths open and watch this happen live in HD3D on CNN!


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Reply to Rashid

by bahmani on

Ghorboonet ham miram, vali beh nazareh man, chizikeh hala emtahanesho nakardim ineh keh feshar rooyeh bozorgtarin bakhsheh mamlekat (yaani kelaseh mianeh va paeen) vaghti keh tahrimat beheshoon bereseh va bebinand keh hamash taghseereh dowlateh, va hamash barayeh majerajooyi ba esraeel va gereftan emtiazeh pookeh bomb atomieh, oon mogheh, oon mogheh, dast be gardaneh dowlat mizannand, va oon mogheh, Iran avaz misheh.

Vaghti keh nooneh mollaha dar mian va be khatar andakhteh besheh, mesleh moosh, mirand to goosheh va mishinand va adam mishand.

donyayeh Iran dasteh mollaha nist.

Dasteh mardomeh, keh motasefaneh, nemidanand keh ghodrateh bish ro darand, va zireh bareh khar shodaneshoon, beh dasteh mollaha gool khordand.

Vaghti befahmand keh zoor dasteh mollaha nist, va vaghti mollaha natoonand, ba shameh namaz jomeh, sireshoon bekoneh, oon vaght Iran avaz misheh.

Man bishtar ino mikham, keh tahreema bbeh in bakhs bokohreh, chon keh har chi bishtar vaysim, Amrika, bishtar vaseyeh Iran shagh misheh (mibakhshid!).

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بهمنی عزیز


بهمنی عزیز   لازم نیست شما طرح بدی ، خود بخود خراب میشه خیلی خراب تر از اینکه هست . ولی ما به عنوان ایرانی خوب نیست که بگیم خاجی بیا بکوب و بکش تا مردم عاصی شوند . خارجی در آینده دست از سر ایران نمیکشد ، اگر بنفعش بود بمب هم میزند هزار هزار ایرانی هم میکشد . این جوری که شما میگید میشود مثل بعضی فرقه های امام زمانی که میگویند باید فساد را بیشتر کنیم تا شرایط حضور حضرت فراهم شود . به خاطر گل روی تو ایندفعه شعر ننوشتم . خوب شد ؟




بهمنی عزی   لازم نیست شما طرح بدی ، خود بخود خراب میشه خیلی خراب تر از اینکه هست . ولی ما به عنوان ایرانی خوب نیست که بگیم خاجی بیا بکوب و بکش تا مردم عاصی شوند . خارجی در آینده دست از سر ایران نمیکشد ، اگر بنفعش بود بمب هم میزند هزار هزار ایرانی هم میکشد . این جوری که شما میگید میشود مثل بعضی فرقه های امام زمانی که میگویند باید فساد را بیشتر کنیم تا شرایط حضور حضرت فراهم شود . به خاطر گل روی تو ایندفعه شعر ننوشتم . خوب شد ؟


Reply to: rashid

by bahmani on

Estefadeh va taakeed rooyeh sherhayeh ghadimi mesleh Saadi, kamelan harfeh man ro saabet mikoneh.

Akheh joonehman, khejalat bekesh, baz do bareh sher hayeh 900 salehyeh pisho miari vaseyeh ma keh ghameh emroozeto dava koneh?

Jeddi? Agar Saadi hamechi ro midooneh, lottery ticket bahash bekhar. baghiyasho bezar vaseyeh parastesheh bastanet.

Vali jooneh man, fadayeh oon saret, toro khoda vaseyeh man sher digeh nayar keh dardesareh vaaziateh emroozeh irano bahash mishe hall kard.

manzooereh man in bood keh nemishe ba sher o taarifhayeh "Chighadr ma bahal boodim", az asleh inkeh Iroony dar in donya, dar in vaghteh hal, (na gozashteh) shekastast. Ma mardomeh shekasteh hastim.

Nemigam shekast khordim. Migam mardom shekoondeh hastim. bayad dorost beshim, bayad khodemoon, khodemoono dorost bekonim, keh be oon royayie keh shere saadi vasat mikhooneh, beresim.

Az inja vali, ba sher or ghorooreh be parcham o az in chert o pert, motasefaneh, digeh shodani nist.

Man migam, iran va makhsoosan kelasseh motevasset and paieen (keh jam beshand az hame bishtar hastand) bayad kami bishtar beshkaneh, ta be jaie bereseh keh tahammolleh in dowlato nakoneh.

Ta vaghti keh in baksheh mardom assabani nashand, hichi avaz nemisheh.

magar inkeh amrika biad o az sar be ma yek dictatoreh digehi bedeh.

oon o mikhaie, ya azadi?


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Reply to: Harpi-Eagle

by bahmani on

Wow! Talk about cherry picking to prove your point!

If you think we have not been Arabized, I would direct your attention to the constitution of Iran. There is a lot of Arabic in it. Also every child in Iran, including the children in parliament and the councils, begin each day, meeting, and sentence with Arabic.

If you are referring to when the Saffavis, decided like the western royalty they needed an official court religion to be cool too, and chose the cooler shiite version of eslam over the sunni branch, that is the real truth, rather than the theory and convenient excuse that Iran was attacked and conquered by eslam.

I agree 100% with your list of heroes and betrayers, but the responsibility comes back on us for where we are today. For allowing us to be where we are today.

Come on, you sound smart enough to know what we need to do. What mistakes we should not make. Right?

So why do we make them?

I say it is because we are broken. We need to fix ourselves first.

Then we can all celebrate our heritage.

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Reply to: Jirandoust

by bahmani on

History is on the side of the broken ones.

Look at our history and show me one ray of hope in which we prevailed? Temporary victories like the 3 days Mossadegh won, and the 3 days before the Mollahs took everything from us doesn't cut it.

But I'll grant you those 6 days of freedom in 2500 + years.

The rest was given to us ungraciously by outsiders, or our own tyrants. Mostly our own tyrants. Even the shah who was given to us by the US, was our own.

At some point, you and your ilk are going to have to stop parading the same hopeful wish and inshallah-ridden mantra and actually face the fact that "by our own hands" is the key ingredient missing piece, that makes the machine "unbroken".

I advocate that to makes us unbroken, might require us to break a bit more first. BY focusing the sanctions directly on the middle and worker class, we are also getting the majority pissed off. If they get pissed off enough and direct that at the Iranian government, I suggest things can change.

If anyone is hoping that the us will do the dirty work surgically, and no one will get hurt, and magically Inshallah, everything will work out and Uncle Sam will suddenly lovingly hand us a pristine, freshly sanitized de-mollahfied democratic free country, you are right to support Joubin, for you are in denial too.

Uncle Sam is a messy roommate and NEVER gives you anything for free.

Please wake up. Trust me, I love your dream too, but you're dreaming again.

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Reply to Joubin

by bahmani on

Dude, You are proving everything I said. I don't deny our greatness, but now now I will not accept we are perfect Iranians. We are broken precisely by virtue of you and I having this conversation here on a site banned by the Iranian government. A conversation the government does not want us to have. since the ultimate permission to do this, is granted by us to them government, I hope you can see mu point. We are broken.

Heritage, pride in 2500 years ago fantasies, and what you think you have as a legacy of the old days, is best left in the past. I know it hurts to hear this, but constantly looking in the rear view mirror doesn't bode well for our future. The present sucks, and so does our future from this vantage point.

You are in classic denial if you think that by simply saying I'm wrong and everything is great, it makes everything great and worse, tolerable. It isn't. Things are shit right now.

Using Inshallah and hoping they will change by themselves, and marching around naked, beaten, and bleeding, carrying the parcham is precisely the problem. Put the parcham down my friend, and pick up something more useful.

By the way, which parcham do you carry?

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از روان شکسته و


از روان شکسته و بیمار گروهی از هموطنان عزیزمان انتظاری بیش از این نمیرود .
این گونه مثلآ نظریه پردازی یا خواب های آشفته از قمار بازان نا بلد تازگی ندارد ، همیشه بوده و خواهد بود .
چه لزومی دارد در اینجا از بزرگی های ملت ایران بنویسیم به مثل ، چیزی که عیان است چه حاجت به بیان است . ببینیم سعدی چه میگوید :

کرا زشتخوئی بود در سرشت
نبیند ز طاووس جز پای زشت
بود خار و گل با هم ای هوشمند
چه در بند خاری تو گل دسته بند

سخندان پرورده پیر کهن
بیندیشد آنگه بگوید سخن
مزن تا توانی به گفتار دم
نکو گوی  گر دیر گوئی چه غم


You are out of touch and completely ignorant ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

of your own country's history when you say "Iranians are broken.".  FYI, we are one of the few nations in the world who were able to come out of the Savage Arab Hords attacks with our nationality, culture, and to some degree language intact.  Meaning we did not get Arabized as many other nations that were assimilated into the "Cult of Zahhak" and did not cease to exist completely as other cultures like Egyptians, Iraqis, Syrians, Lebanese, Sudanese, etc.

Instances of our people rising up against tyranny are many as listed by other bloggers here, but let's touch on the 1979 example a bit more.  After many sacrifices, and perseverence, our nation was able to change a very well established and entrenched government (For good or bad). 

If you have studied the history of all the "Revolutions" that have happened in the world, you will find that the American Revolution was the only truely successful one so far.  Do you think that's because the Colonialists of the 18th century were real sepcial or not "Broken People" as you put it, no, the entire destiny of this nation hung in the thread of one man's integrity, the Americans were fortunate, they ended up with George Washington who refused to become "King" as the colonialists offered, we in 1979 Iran ended up with Khomeini, Russians with Lenin, and the French with Roubes Pierre.

So, we've had our share of heroes and men of honor such as Babak Khorramdin, Abu Moslem, Ferdowsi, Yaghoub Leis, and Rostam Farrokhzad, but we also had traitors like Afshin, Salman Farsi, and Khomeini and all the other Rozeh Khoon, Yazdi, Ghotbzadeh, Bani Sadr, and morons like Shariati and Aleh Ahmad who at several critical junctions of our history either intentionally or by shear stupidity led this great nation astray. 

I for one, am very proud of my people, and their national survival skills.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


This is how it is

by Joubin on

"AN is allowed to walk on US soil"


("OT/aside": whenever you are not 100% sure of having secure communication lines, take a meeting ...)

> "enemies"

Write to your representative and demand PressTV is shutdown in USA unless VOA gets an office in Tehran.



by jirandoust on

Good reply Joubin! Thank you!

Let's forget the 2500 year history for now (even though it is full of iranians struggle against tyrrany and foreign occupation) and look at the last 100 years of Iranians struggle for democracy. From Sattar Khan to Mossadegh's election by the people to 79 revolution, it all happened by the "broken" people of Iran. And it all happened while there were no democratic movements in other ME countries. It wasn't until last year when Arabs finally woke up and started fighting for their freedom. Up to that point any changes in Arab world had been from the top through military coups.

I know lots of people on this site (I refeer to them as Key Board Warriors (KBW) have been praising Arabs for their "bravery" and critisizing Iranians for their lack of courage to stand up to mullahs. These peole don't realize that "Arab Spring"is a brand new phenomenon while Iranians have been fighting for freedom and democracy for at least a century now. 

And now KBW Bahmani comes here and goes even beyond critisizing Iranians, he calls them "broken" too. Never mind that he is advocating a disastrous war with Iran in which the only big loosers of this "gamble" as he calls it, would be ordinary Iraninas. History has shown in situation like the one Bahmani prescribes, people rally around central government. They do not try to toppel it. So this theory is fundementall wrong.

Some history lessons would do you good Mr. Bahmani!


This is how it is going to happen

by amirkabear4u on

There will be a situation where both Iran and US will come out victorious, such as a deal in nuclear issue.

They had far better moments to take of IRI why NOW?

It is hard to believe anything happens on this issue. If they are enemies why AN is allowed to walk on US soil???



Reply to Bahamani

by Joubin on

"I am. If you think you're not broken, you're in denial. Knowing that we are broken is bad enough. But not knowing it is worse.

I am not "broken" in the least.  Please refrain from projecting the sorry state of your own spirit upon the collective self of the Iranian peoples.  We are here, present, upright, and ready.  If you are broken, please refrain from posting on blogs and seek a mender to address your personal condition and do not cast your afflictions on the Iranian Nation.

I further do not subscribe to your litany of "2500" years of "tyranny".  Speak of that which you know first hand.  You did not live "2500" years ago, so kindly ferme la bouche about subjects of which you do not know of 1st hand, if you wish to be taken seriously.

"You probably think we are "unique"."

You are probably wrong.  I am a Human Being of Iranian origin.  I love my nation and am proud of the heritage that has been gifted to me by such an accomplished array of men and women that lived and loved before me.  I am humbled, mostly, by their example and their accomplishments. Unique?  Who knows, but certainly not insignificant by any measure.

"Wake up and stop arguing just to take on a different side. Seriously? You think everything is OK, and we are not defective? You are OK with the way we are?"

I value precision in thought and speech.  The essence of the Iranian heritage is distilled in: Neek () f(x) {Pendar, Goftar, Kerdar"}.

You did not say "everything is not OK".  You, Mr. Bahmani, said "Iranians are broken".  You are wrong, and we shall prove you wrong, inshallah, in your own lifetime.  We are not broken.  If you are broken, seek help.

"If you do, you must have a lot more "faith" than I do. If so, then God Bless you and according to your faith, you will just have to "forgive" me."

I do forgive you.  When you are ready to stand up as a man among the rest of the us who carry the Parcham of Iran Zameen, let us know.  

Light shall overcome darkness.  It is written and it shall be done, so help us God.

& Salaam. 






B: do you know about the oil

by alimostofi on

B: do you know about the oil bypass canal opening in march?

Ali Mostofi




Reply to Joubin

by bahmani on

I am. If you think you're not broken, you're in denial. Knowing that we are broken is bad enough. But not knowing it is worse.

Proof is where we are today. A people who have been repeatedly taken hostage by their rulers. Not once in 2500 years have we ever stood up against tyranny against us and defied it to gain our own freedom, at our own hands. even though we far outnumber our oppressors. The Lemming-like behavior is indicative that we are a broken people. we simply don;t work right or normally.

Since no one else in the world (name one other people who are stuck under oppression like we are), including the Indians, is like this, I'd say that qualifies us as broken.

You probably think we are "unique".

Wake up and stop arguing just to take on a different side. Seriously? You think everything is OK, and we are not defective? You are OK with the way we are?

If you do, you must have a lot more "faith" than I do. If so, then God Bless you and according to your faith, you will just have to "forgive" me.

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"Iranians are broken."

by Joubin on

Speak for yourself.