Discrediting observers

Why U.S. media turned on Arab League this time


Discrediting observers
by Eleanor Ommani

Once again, we see the frightening collusion of the U.S. Imperial government with their war partner British colonialists, but this time not in Iraq but in Syria. Immediately upon the arrival of the UN sponsored Arab League Delegation (AL) into the Syrian capital and cities, the American media antagonists wasted not a second in discounting the AL's initial reporting, fearful that the 150+ observers in the delegation weren't going the way of their interventionist plans, and not siding with the opposition's claims, coming primarily from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). Anderson Cooper, the CNN poster boy popularized by the corporate media as "going beyond the headlines to tell stories from many points of view, so you can make up your own mind", (amazingly covering events in Haiti, Libya, Somalia, the Sudan, etc.) all reinforcing the dominant White House/British/French narrative, is now busy promoting the opposition in Syria. (Original Piece)


Over the past several days CNN via Cooper has presented on national TV a supposed 'independent journalist' who was 'smuggled into Homs' at 'great personal risk to his safety'. This brand of phony journalism: "reporters we can't name" and "videos we can't verify the authenticity of" is shamelessly presented by Cooper as "going behind the scenes and keeping them honest". Yet if we listen closely to the entire report by this so-called 'independent journalist' we have a shining example validating the Syrian government's assertion that these are 'armed terrorist groups' funded and armed by outside foreign forces. In the reporter's own words: "We are getting armed, we have the Free Syrian Army. We will have to fight." Where is his independence?

A White House statement directly interfering with the AL's mission and revealing Washington's clear interventionist goals and overt support for the London-based opposition, condemned what it called 'the Syrian military attack' on Homs, adding that "…if the violence continues, the international community (meaning NATO, Britain and the United States) will have to consider – quote – "other means to protect Syrian civilians." This was the same excuse used nine or ten months ago to unleash the brutal assault on Libya by the U.S. and NATO, in order to secure Libya's vast oil and gas reserves for the western 'democracies'. But since U.S.-NATO has the blood of close to 50,000 Libyans on its hands, it's going to be more difficult to pull this off in Syria.

A recent trip to Homs and Syria by eyewitness journalists and political analysts Webster Tarpley and Tierry Meyssan, both of whom spent time in Libya before and after the NATO attack, in November 2011 interviewed Syrian citizens and witnesses who attest to the presence of black hooded snipers appearing on rooftops in Homs who randomly kill innocent civilians on their way to work or school or shopping. The major difference is that the West and SOHR, not even inside the country proclaim these hooded criminals are Syrian police and military officials, while two genuinely independent (not hired or paid by foreign governments) reporters strongly suggest the hidden hand of extremist external Salafi and Al Qaeda elements whose job is to sow chaos and fear among the Syrian people in order to destabilize the Syrian government. We encourage readers to visit these two sites to listen for themselves: Tierry Meyssa here and Webster Tarpley on KPFA radio program "Guns and Butter".

If this sounds far-fetched, let's look back at a little history.

Let's recall a BBC's World news headline back in 1996: 'Middle East Unscom 'infiltrated by spies' when the United Nations' Special Commission known as Unscom was in Iraq monitoring Iraq's nuclear facilities. So many American and British Intelligence Spies were sent inside Iraq as to render Unscom's mission impotent, and this paved the way for the invasion of Iraq. Are we seeing a similarity of 1996 but now in Syria and with the United States trying to discredit an organization not entirely in its intelligence hands? Hearing these same two governments infamous for attacking Middle Eastern/African governments not toeing Washington's line bellowing against the AL's mandate is indeed a sorry replay of history.

Who can forget that it was the United States, under George W. Bush, in service to the Tel Aviv war machine, who killed the UN fact-finding mission to Jenin following Israel's massacre of civilians in April 2002, rendering an investigation of Israeli war crimes there meaningless? When it suits Western hegemonistic goals to destroy UN fact-finding missions, they will attempt to do so, but when they can USE them as in the case of Unscom in Iraq, we know the outcomes.

What makes the Western media coverage of events in Syria eerily similar to the scenario orchestrated at the United Nations about Libya is that all the spokespersons of the opposition speak NOT from inside Syria, but from London, Cairo and New York, as the British-US-NATO funded opposition in Libya did for months preceding NATO's assault. Asserting that Bashar Ashad is "killing his own people" are the West's code words for the U.S.-British SCRIPT about governments they want overthrown. Why not make cases against Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Bahrain? They ARE "KILLING THEIR OWN PEOPLE" in front of the eyes of the world, but how is it that there is no outcry from the self-appointed 'international community' calling for investigation and an end to those governments' violence against truly peaceful protestors? We're not talking about a double standard here: we're talking about a crime of war and destabilization against sovereign governments!

Eleanor Ommani is Co-founder of American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC) and a Board Member of WESPAC, a peace and justice coalition active in her community on the East Coast, USA. She can be reached at: aifc@optonline.net Web: www.iranaifc.com



FG Something to think about

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

"the American media antagonists wasted not a second" 

  • Since the American media is accepted as biased by most viewers themselves, and since studies of their viewers have consistently rated the viewers as misinformed by independent market research polls.  Studies have shon that viewers of CNN & Fox have entirely different views on the same news subject.

"...the delegation weren't going the way of their interventionist
plans'  (interventionist plans = unproven premise stated as fact--a tactic known as begging the question.  Since the opposition has literally been begging for a no fly zone, how does Eleanor explain the West's reluctance to date?)

  • Both Russia and China have a veto and have stated they would veto such a proposal and already did a double veto om even condemning Syria. 

...A supposed independent journalist ("Supposed" suggests, without proof, the accused is faking it.  We know this is so having been so informed by Eleanor who is clearly truly independent and represents no special interest) 

  • plenty of truth can be discovered by listening to people with a bias, the issue is, is the journalist independent or not?, not whether Eleanor is or not, If she helps us discover non-independent jouranalists (as a result of her bias opposition to their work) all the better. 
  • Eleanor hasn't proven it, but she may or may not be right on, the reader can decide to fnd out if she has a point or not.

"videos we can't verify the authenticity of..."

  • statement of fact 



Syria is a brutal dictatorship mass killing its own citizens (based on its history, this did happen before), but there are also terrorist groups likely working to overthrown regime, with help from outside (weapons have been used to kill many police & security forces.) unless regime killed its own forces to be able to use excuse to kill civilians.  (unlikely) Due to the motive of the USA/UK/France wrt the assad regime.  It is their enemy and why it is getting help from those that are the wests enemies.  The USA already did plenty of unlawful dirty work in Libya, in violation to the law. Aiming to kill a leader & killing him, supplying arms to one side of civil war, while banning weapon sales to the otherside and bombing its forces 24/7.  All this amounts to unlawful interference with other counties sovereignties, using the people to achieve short term political goals of regime changes, while not necessarily having a goal of actually helping the people in terms of human rights ad democracy.

For the Love of God, have some Iranians Not yet figured out yet based on our own experience with US involvement in Iran, and that Iranians enjoyed more Peace, Prosperity & Human Rights before 1979 than after the USA supported Khomeini and betrayed the Shah.

It isn't human rights and democracy that matters to the West based on their results, to think that would be to fall for a manipulation.


anyone wishing the IRI's destruction must learn to enjoy the

by bushtheliberator on

pathetic  sqeaking of its apologists,enablers, and clients ; the rats' squeals tell us that the rotten hull is sinking/


Eleanor left out "Running dog capitalist lackeys!" FUNNY!

by FG on

I was under the impression that it was the Syrian opposition who complained about the head of the Arab Mission, and--more recently--Arabs who sent him there. (To Eleanor, leaving out such facts = old half truth trick.  Most  readers here are better read than to fall for that one).

Ideologues love cliches.  I think Eleanor set a world's record.  Did she miss any?  Let's look at some gems:

..."the American media antagonists wasted not a second"

"...the delegation weren't going the way of their interventionist plans'  (interventionist plans = unproven premise stated as fact--a tactic known as begging the question.  Since the opposition has literally been begging for a no fly zone, how does Eleanor explain the West's reluctance to date?)

... the CNN poster boy popularized by the corporate media (ad hominem fallacy.  Look that up too, Eleanor).

...A supposed independent journalist ("Supposed" suggests, without proof, the accused is faking it.  We know this is so having been so informed by Eleanor who is clearly truly independent and represents no special interest)

... "videos we can't verify the authenticity of..." (Isn't that's an odd thing for an alleged "opposion propagandist" to say abut an opposition video.  He could have said "This is a dead accurate video."). 

... The major difference is that the West and SOHR, not even inside the country ("thanks to whom? asks FG) proclaim these hooded criminals (rooftop snipers shooting anti-Assad demonstrating) are Syrian police and military officials

(FG observes: Security force thugs aren't going to take off their masks and hold up IDs are they, Eleanor?  Who else has so much MOTIVE, means and opportunities to shoot at anti-Assad demonstrators?  You say other anti-Assad forces would want to shoot those who share their views?  Didn't Iran's mullahs make similar claims after shooting Neda and other victims?)

..."What makes the Western media coverage of events in Syria (suspicious) is that
all the spokespersons of the opposition speak NOT from inside Syria, but
from London, Cairo and New York..."

(Cheating by omission is a technique known as the half truth.   May I ask readers, "What important fact did Eleanor intentionally omit in order to lead you to her preferred explanation--that the journalist voluntarily chose to report from more than a thousand miles distant?")



Message to IR: Kiss your #1 ally goodby.

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Kiss you currency goodby. Kiss your economy goodby,...just keep on kissing...


Syrian Baathist regime is IRI's #1 Arab ally

by AMIR1973 on

How any decent Iranian can defend or minimize or try to divert attention away from the Syrian regime or Russia's backing of that regime is beyond me....



by iamfine on

You are a true Iranian. You clearly see what west had done to our country


Rea okay I hate the west over shah and khomeini/VF, so what?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Can I forgive west?  No, their actions and values, manipulation, coercion and deceit were above reasonable and totally unforgivable.  The point is that is past, even if i can't forgive them and we have to look at life from here, and  sadly the manipulations of the past are still present in some today.  Many have not learned and this whole Russia our friend, USA our friend, China our friend, nonsense is not going to help us one bit.  Iran is a major Power Potential, so really we're on our own.  We can make some deals, but based on being independent andstanding up on our own feet.  Iran is 100% ours.  If we choose to negotiate alliances it is from there we start.  We also may as well let it be know, we have aspirations for restoration of Greater Iran and will work with anyone who respects our rights and aims.  UK/USA/France have a problem with it, up theirs. That is where we will need alliances.  Either way middle east being filled with their bases is totally unacceptable, so if they negotiate for an alliance with us over others all foreign forces must get out of our region, period.



Syria, amirparviz

by Rea on

..... is at the point of no return.

As for the rest. I don't quite understand whether you're really infatuated with Russians, or you simply hold grudges against the West for the revolution, IRI and so n so.  

Late here, nite.


Rea as you may know Syrians are not free to get weapons in shops

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

On "And the civil unrest wouldn't have turned into armed rebelion that none can stop anymore."  Of course it can be stopped, no weapons & funding, no capability for rebellion to succeed it ends and a political process has to take place with changes. 

This is about Russia Versus USA/UK/France, Wests Policies are far more Harmful to Iranians today and during our life times than Russia's, are you aware of it?  I would like to see the geopolitics get to the point that sooner rather than later the USA/UK/France literally have to stop supporting Mullahs in Iran and are forced to make some changes in policies.


Bachushka has been playing dirty

by Rea on

.... in Syria from the very start. 

Protecting their interests OK (arms sales, naval base, influence they've always had in the region, etc), every country does it. But if they had been only a little bit more cooperative, the Syrian bloodshed could have been prevented. And the civil unrest wouldn't have turned into armed rebelion that none can stop anymore.

Now, it's too late. If it turns into a ful scale civil war, you can thank Russian contribution.


My last response to you Amir Parviz

by divaneh on

I hate hugging a discussion forum especially when someone keeps posting irrelevant information to divert the discussion to something else. I am sorry but I have little patience for nonsense these days.



by Rea on

The name of T. Meyssan, the great admirer (in his own words) of H. Nasrallah and an employee of Hezbollah' al-Manar TV channel as well as a darling of several IRI channels and Russian media, is sufficient for me. It is a fine example of the IRI-Russia-Syria-Hezbollah workings, that's what this article is.

Having said the above, am perfectly aware that the West is not innocent in what's happening in Syria.

PS. am sure you'd appreciate knowing about "great social advancement" that the Iranians accomplished with the revolution, as T. Meyssan put it in one of his interviews. How about that ?


Look at Syria & the Assad Dictatorship closely

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Next look at the policies of the Dictaorships of the USA/UK/France.

Which Dictators are more harmful and why?  Come to your own independent conclusions, not those fed to you and you will see more of the truth.  Reflecting on these governments, its hard to imagine how anyone could compare a law abiding king, like the late shah with a dictatorship, unless they personally have an anti-monarchist Agenda and are intentionally using lies and manipulation. I have news for you Divaneh, the USA/UK/France/Russia/China want neither freedom nor justice, not democracy or human rights for Iran or Syria. 

Urgently get the message, since iran can't afford another generation of Patsys.  We have to remove the IRI, not wish the west would help us, they have opposed us for 33 years, while change happens, not in how the USA/UK/France/Russia/China behave, change happens to their position in the world based on their Alliances and guess what it isn't with any group of Iranians.


Time is precious Amir Parviz

by divaneh on

Pleas stay relevant and don't ask me to read any junk in any publication. This blog is about Syria and Assad's dictatorship. If you think he is not a dictator then please stop beating about the bush and say so.


Another question you could answer Divaneh.....

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Do you honestly think and feel that governments that act like this towards elected leaders in the world are really seeking human rights and democracy? //rt.com/usa/news/chavez-cancer-care-troops-8... Seeing how they portrayed the King of Iran as a Dictator (even if you can't see the manipulation and you have little capacity to think for yourself and make independent judgements or know the difference between a lawful king and a dictator, you should at least be able to acknowledge what and who they did fully support to replace the Shah and how they benefitted economically with this policy at Irans expense via Iran/Iraq etc).

When I read the comments of many others, it makes me truly wonder how human rights and democracy can have any hope in Iran, its so called defenders are worse than its enemies as 1979 proved for anyone wth the desire to pay attention.


Are you for real Amir Parviz?

by divaneh on

We could discuss all the problems of the world if we had time. For now this is about Syria and Assad. With respect to Russia who supports the Syrian dictator against its people, just do what I said and check its internal problems with democracy and history of the countries that it has ever controlled.


Divaneh, I don't expect you to change your feelings.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Yet you can become aware of the details of the "dictator" manipulation and how it has worked on you and is the basis for you taking sides.  So why are you so selective when you identify dictators?  Do you really not see them in the USA/UK/France?  And still no answer to why you don't oppose, USA/UK/Frances neo-colonalism, militarism and backing fundamentalist terrorsm. Surely spreading corruption, tyranny, despotism, injustice & installing & supporting dictators in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain isn't what you stand for.

When you were discussing Russia. "It is run by Mafia and any country that they ever influenced has stayed backward and dictatorial."  I thought you were talking about the USA/UK/France as well if not more so.  So can you see how your statement is no less true for the USA/UK/France?

Regarding Tanks in the city, were you referring to the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles when the US military Rolled in its Tanks in or Syria? 


Dear Amir Parviz

by divaneh on

I don't understand that why every time that a dictator is threatened we have to draw a parallel with the Shah. I don't care if Russia is communist or a capitalist country. It is run by Mafia and any country that they ever influenced has stayed backward and dictatorial. You can blame it on the West if you wish but I suggest that you examine the Russian government approach to the democracy in the Russia itself. I don't think fear of a worse government and Islamists power is an excuse for supporting a dictatorial regime.

I am sorry that I cannot give any credit to the author of this article as she does not deserve it. Even if we went ahead with her claim that the snipers are the extremists Salafists and Al Queda, could she explain what are the tanks doing in the city. How can a tank target an individual? There is no excuse to support a dictatorial regime, especially when it is an aid to the dictatorship in Iran.

G. Rahmanian

Selective Memory!

by G. Rahmanian on

She writes about making cases against Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Bahrain, but forgets to mentioned her beloved IR!!! Not funny at all when it comes to staunch IR supporters!


Divaneh/Rea, The truth comes out through sides

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

opposing one another, unfortunately as sides conceal truth, RT and others are not neutral yes, but they are no better or worse than BBC, CNN, Fox etc  Since the west loaded with BS and is concealling info also, its good to see true info that damages them and also allows is to get more truth. 

You say, "The sooner the Syrian dictatorship is toppled, the better." 

For Whom? You don't mean the majority of Syrians surely.....

Remember Irans 1979 experience at least when you speak, removing the shah was the worst thing that happened to Iranians in terms of suffering. Iranians have received nothing but betrayal from a path of Peace, Progress & Human Rights towards a Neo-colonial Path based on injustice, tyranny, poverty, regression & suppression and everything Islamic Fundamentalism produces all at the hands of the USA/UK/France.  As for the Russians, they are no longer Communists, they did not betray iran or the shah or bring the mullahs and are clearly not keeping the mullahs, but busy making money and undermining US/UK/French Power & Influence.

The minute this article started with, "U.S. Imperial government with their war partner British colonialists", it was clear it was going to takes sides against imperialism, neo-colonialism & militarism, no matter what your political ideolgy, you should recognize these realities and be opposed to them also.  So my question to you is why aren't you???????

The big error Iranians make is regarding not seeing the importance of the actions of the Russians after 1950's w.r.t. Iran, it is very complex & I'm not saying trustworthy/friendship either, yet more beneficial than Shah's relationship with the West.  Information is key to getting to the truth on who the real dictators of the world are.  Is it ones that act like this towards elected leaders? //rt.com/usa/news/chavez-cancer-care-troops-8... or our shah are these the people who are really seeking democracy and human rights for humanity?  

Arezu Samani

Thanks, Fred for the Reference to Aljazeera, British Mouthpiece

by Arezu Samani on

This is quoted from AlJazeera: it corraborates Eleanor's viewpoint: 

Contradictory statements

In yet another sign of cracks among the observer mission, disputes emerged on Sunday over the reported appearance of government snipers across Syria.

Activists say more than 150 people have died since the observers began their mission five days ago.

Protesters have accused the government of posting snipers on rooftops as part of their brutal crackdown on dissent, in which government forces have also been accused of firing tear gas, stun grenades and on Friday "nail bombs".

In a video released by activists, a man wearing an orange vest with the Arab League logo said in Deraa: "There are snipers; we have seen them with our own eyes."

"We ask the authorities to remove them immediately; if they don't remove them within 24 hours there will be other measures," the unnamed speaker in the video, which was dated Friday, told a crowd of people.

But veteran Sudanese military intelligence officer General Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi, who is heading the observer mission, said the official seen in the video was making a hypothetical remark.

"This man said that if he saw - by his own eyes - those snipers he will report immediately," Dabi told the BBC's Newshour programme. "But he didn't see (snipers)."

Divisions within opposition

Amid the controversy, divisions within Syria’s opposition hoping to topple Assad hampered efforts towards a transitional plan for a new Syria.

The Syrian National Council (SNC), the leading opposition group in exile, on Sunday quashed reports that it signed a deal with the National Co-ordination Committee (NCC), a group whose majority is inside Syria and which had disagreed with the SNC's earlier calls for foreign intervention.

G. Rahmanian

As For Iranians!

by G. Rahmanian on

Here's what I wrote yesterday under a different blog: "Think Objectively And Globally, and you'll get a different perspective! Perceive US's policies in isolation and you'll get stuck wondering about and attacking those policies. Are Americans acting out of self-interest? Absolutely! Do America's interests coincide with the interests of every country in the world? Hardly! Do we need to agree with what the US does in the rest of the world? That is opening a Pandora's box. Should we, as Iranians be more concerned about our country's interests, first and foremost? Most certainly. It is when we start seeing things in such terms that we can understand where the US government is coming from."


Thierry Meyssan "proved" that the Pentagon was hit by a missile

by AMIR1973 on

on 9/11:



BTW Divaneh jan, at least 10,000 would be a conservative estimate for the number killed in Hama by Assad's father in 1982. 


One-sided indeed

by divaneh on

What this article forgets to mention about this fake sovereign republic is that it is controlled by Russia. It completely has forgotten the 1982 massacre of between 5000-10000 people in the hand of the unelected president of the republic, king Hafez Al-Assad, the father of the existing unelected president of the sovereign republic King Bashar Al-Assad. This is a struggle between West and Russia and not West and Syrians.

Syria is a close ally of the fascist Iranian regime and helps its survival against the interests of Iranian people. The sooner the Syrian dictatorship is toppled, the better. 


Rather one-sided

by Rea on

When it comes to information, RT is not a neutral player either. And T. Meyssan can hardly qualify as a reference.



by Fred on

US based comrade Eleanor needs to take a look at the coverage by aljazeera.