The Idea of Russia


The Idea of Russia
by jamh

Jim Jones says: to Russia?
You think Russia
is gonna want,
no, it's not gonna,
it's, it's, it's -
you think Russia
is gonna want us
with all this stigma?
We had some value,
but now we don't
have any value.

Jim Jones prepares.
In his head we hear
the cogs of despair.
He stumbles
on a few words.

He says: well, some,
everybody dies.
Some place that hope runs out
because everybody dies.
I haven't seen anybody yet
didn't die. And I'd like to choose
my own kind of death,
for a change.

He is tired
of being tormented to hell,
that's what he's tired of.
Tired of it.


Jim Jones says: I have
twelve hundred people's
lives in my hands,
and I certainly don't want
your life in my hands.
I'm going to tell you, Christine,
without me, life has no meaning.


Miller says: when you
when you
when we destroy ourselves,
we're defeated. We let them,
the enemies, defeat us.

Miller is not prepared to die.
He looks at all the babies:
I look about at the babies
and I think
they deserve to live, you know?

But Miller is not the leader.

Jim Jones says: I tried
to give it to you.
I've laid down my life, practically.
I've practically died every day
to give you peace.
And you still not have any peace.
You look better
than I've seen you in a long while,
but it's still not the kind of peace
that I want to give you.
A person's a fool
who continues to say
that they're winning
when you're losing.


How can you tell the leader
what to do if you live?
Jim Jones listened to you.
You asked him about Russia.

Jim Jones says: I'm right now
making a call to Russia.
What more do you suggest?
I'm listening to you.
You've yet to give me one slight bit
of encouragement.
I just now instructed her
to go there and do that.


Jim Jones says: lay down
your burden.
I'm gonna lay down my burden.
Down by the riverside.
Shall we lay them down
here by the side?

Voices: no, no, no, no.

Other voices: Take some.

Jim Jones says: take
our life from us.
We laid it down. We got tired.
We didn't commit suicide,
we committed an act
of revolutionary suicide
protesting the conditions
of an inhumane world.

(Voices singing.)

You can't argue
with the supernatural,
when it's larger than life,
when it's surrounded by women,
adoring women, who anoint
with Koolaid
their beautiful children.

Another line is drawn
on a different ground,
yet meeting
at the same sharp point.



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