Whose closet are you hiding in?

Reza Pahlavi’s campaign is gathering momentum rapidly


Whose closet are you hiding in?
by areyo barzan

During the past few months Reza Pahlavi has become more vocal about his intentions and the role he is considering for himself to play in post-Mullah Iran.

He has also conducted some clever maneuvers which not only have improved his credibility amongst the ordinary Iranians but also it has made him more popular and hence has forced the rest of world media to take him more seriously.

This has revoked the traditional opponents of monarchy to come out in full force and attack RP or anyone who could not help but to see some sense and order in the strategic patterns of his political maneuvers.

To these people, a person who is even willing to listen to what RP has to say or attempts to engage in a constructive and positive debate with the supporters of monarchy, is a closet monarchist.

Well! This term “closet monarchists”. I am not sure who invented it but at the moment there could not be a label more irrelevant and unsuitable with regards to the supporters of Monarchy.

If anything, in my experience, the supporters of monarchy are the most upfront, straight forward and transparent group opposing the IRI. Not to mention they are also the most confident bloggers on this and other sites.

To some of us this might seem a bit strange and even bizarre why these people are so confident and up front with their choice of leadership and future system of government for Iran. After a close observation and analysis of their rationale I could round the reason behind this confidence into two major factors.

But before getting into these factors I need to make one thing absolutely clear. As these are only my observations and do not necessarily reflect my own views on the suitable type of government for Iran (which I will try to explain by the end of this article).

In my observation the two major reasons behind the confidence of our monarchist countrymen can are as following:

Firstly RP is a squeaky clean, brand new, fresh, out-of-the-box, leader. He has no shadowy past to have to answer for and no political legacy to drag him down. Unlike other groups and former leaders who have once collaborated with the IRI and especially Khomeini. Some might even have the blood of many Iranians on their hands. But unlike them RP does not have such excess baggage and that makes his job and the job of his supporters that much easier.

Now! Some of you might argue that the legacy of his father and grandfather is the biggest excess baggage that one could wish for. Hence this should make RP’s job much more difficult than anyone might think. However I do not necessarily agree with that.

You see, depending on the angle which you look at, the reign of the previous two Pahlavi kings could be assessed both as an asset and as a liability, which brings me to my second point.

The second reason for these people’s confidence is the fact that the monarchists refer to the reign of previous Pahlavi kings as a period of progress that brought the country out of the dark ages. A period when the country’s infrastructure was built from ground up. When the Iranian nation was dragged from being a backward, superstitious illiterate, nation of nomads and mostly rural communities (just like today’s Afghanistan), into the 20th century. By 1979 we had railroads, many universities, hospitals, modern schools, hydro electrical dams, a modern road network, many airports and drove cars instead of riding donkeys. Overall there was a complete infrastructure. And so on and so forth.

One major issue that helps the case of this group immensely is the nostalgia factor of their previous generations (mothers and fathers) who still brag about the good old times of the Shah when their money went further, life was easier and society was safer to live. And many other advantages associated with that era.

Now! You and I could spend forever arguing against that nostalgic longing but I can assure you (as I have already tried and failed) that it not only won‘t have any effect but it might even backfire: we might end up being blamed for the current mess and be accused of trying to skip our responsibility for this disaster.

Unfortunately in spite of all the above factors, our republican comrades have yet failed in adapting a viable strategy to promote their argument in an effective and appealing manner and hence have left the road wide open for RP and his supporters to progress their case with head-spinning speed.

All the opponents of monarchy have done so far is resorting to negative campaigns of cheap insults and unfounded allegations, which is the trademark of IRI supporters. This has had a total opposite effect by making the supporters of RP even more determined and furthermore winning more sympathy for them from other undecided groups.

The people of the old revolutionary school have pulled out the corpse of Mosaddegh and other lefty opponents and instead of engaging in a constructive debate with RP and supporters of monarchy, they just engage in a cycle of mumbling and grumbling about the past. They do not like RP’s father and since he is the son of that father, they are not interested.

The first major flaw in this argument is that these people are not willing to have a unbiased look at the history and examine the evidence before issuing a verdict. They conveniently highlight all the mistakes made by Shah while failing to mention any of errors by the other parties. That is what makes their argument invalid and unappealing to the younger generation who had no stake in the reasons for 1979 revolution and have no axe to grind with regards to Dr Mosaddegh’s argument with the late Shah.

Even with regard to the 1979 disaster, these people are trying to have it both ways by on the one hand presenting that event as a necessary, great struggle of the people for freedom, with them at the helm and claiming that it was their hard work and vision that made that glorious event a reality. But when it comes to the disastrous outcome of that very same misadventure, they tend to wash their hand completely of all responsibility and either blame the previous regime or blame Khomeini for being a deceitful person. It is exactly this type of hypocritical double standard that is corroding the credibility of these guys.

Well guys! If you were not responsible for the disaster of 1979, and if it happened in spite of your efforts, then make it clear to all of us: are you willing to condemn the 1979 disaster as a mistake and an error of judgment in the part of anybody who participated in that collective national suicide or not?

On the other hand if you were responsible for supporting Khomeini and making it all happen, are you willing to apologize for your gross error of judgment?

Furthermore as long as we are talking about sitting on the fence, are you guys willing to get down from the fence of either approving or condemning the 1979 disaster and declare your position on that mistake one way or another?

Like it or not, your current strategy will not wash with the new generation. They put the blame squarely on the so called “intellectuals”, for following and supporting Khomeini without knowing who he was, what he stood for, or even what he was saying.

To be frank, these groups (such as MKO, communists, Jebhe-ye Melli and many others) are themselves well aware of such a fact and that is why they have not yet dared to come clean and openly announce their selection of leader and inviting others to follow him/her.

This is because they know very well that whoever they present as a leader needs to be transparent and upfront with the new generation of Iranians and explain their actions of 1979. It is no good to just circle ones hands, telling that it had noting to do with us and it was all Shah’s or Khomeini’s fault. No one is interested in following some powerless nobody who could not even be responsible for what happened under his watch in the battle he is taking pride in.

But having said that, it is my personal belief that our revolutionary friends have finally recognized the fatal error that they made with regards to dealing with Khomeini in 1979 and although they do not want to admit it, they are desperately trying to avoid making the same mistake with regards to Reza Pahlavi.

But given the extremist nature of our mindset this time round these people are resorting to the other extreme end of the spectrum without even realising it. That is why they are attempting to dismiss RP point blank as irrelevant, or are desperately trying to ignore him.

You see? The last time round they all rallied around Khomeini declaring him as “The Leader”, not allowing anyone to challenge him or question his goals and motives for Iran. This was because Khomeini had the weapon of religion at his disposal and that could mobilise the ordinary people behind him. Their error was allowing Khomeini to go on unchallenged until the Shah was deposed, thinking that they could marginalize and get rid of him once the main adversary (Shah’s regime) was out of the equation.

But Khomeini was more devious than all of them put together. He turned the table on them by using them to gain power and then getting rid of them when no longer needed. This is why this time round our friends are so hesitant about uniting with RP: they fear that he may try the same trick on them. So they resort to blind dismissal and no engagement.

What this group do not realise however is the fact that one can not make up for one extreme by resorting to the opposite extreme. Furthermore time has changed dramatically since 33 years ago and strategically RP does not need them as much as Khomeini once did.

All those years ago Khomeini might have needed Dr Ibrahim Yazdi to introduce him to the world media by arranging his first international press interview in Paris. He definitely needed an organizations like MKO to publish his messages on leaflets and endorse it by putting their logo on the top of it and then circulate them in universities, offices and homes all around the country. He might have needed people like Sadegh Ghotbzadeh and Mehdi Bazargan to appeal to secular moderate section of Iranian society. But today RP does not need any of those types.

The international media already know him and by making smart strategic moves such as applying to refer Khamenei to the International Human Rights Tribunal, he is making himself known to the world and becoming more popular amongst the young Iranians inside the country.

Also given the advances in the technology and tools like the internet and satellite TV. RP has no difficulty getting his message to the people inside Iran and appealing to the ordinary man and woman in the streets of our towns and cities. People's main concern is the economy, inflation, unemployment, low wages, and insecurity -- not what happened between Mosaddegh and Shah over 50 years ago or the utopian society that communism or Islamist leftist ideology can promise.

What they want most of all is improvement of their livelihood and punishments for those who have made their lives so miserable over the past 33 years. By making all the right moves with regards to the current situation in Iran and banking on the nostalgia of the previous generation, RP’s campaign is gathering momentum rapidly.

Also the fact is that the stage has been left vacant by all other opposition leaders and we have no face for another potential leader to challenge RP or negotiate with him. This has made the situation even easier and more desirable for monarchists.

Now if I was a sort of monarchist who wanted the return of monarchy at whatever price, I would not have even bothered to write such an article and engage in an argument with other opposition groups. As far as I'm concerned they could sit in their offices in exile forever and either mourn about the past or resort to insults and baseless accusations. They do not really pose a threat or even a credible challenge to my aims

But since my first and foremost desire for Iran is democracy, I need to warn these opposition groups that their approach toward the RP phenomenon sn not only wrong but is bound to end up in disaster.

Given the current state that IRI is in and the strategy that the rest of the world has adapted toward it, the collapse of this regime is immanent. The only question now is when and how many victims it will claim.

After the IRI is out of the way, RP might very well get his referendum. However the absence of an effective participation from all other opposition groups during current critical times and the fact that instead of directing their energy in getting rid of IRI these groups spent all their time and effort in fighting among themselves or even acting as an obstacle on the way of those (like RP) who were actually trying to do something, will erode whatever credibility or popularity they might have left amongst the ordinary Iranians.

As a result they would not have any real mandate form the ordinary man/woman in the streets of Iran to argue for the type of governing system that they want for Iran and hence would not be taken seriously on that referendum. This could easily result in the next referendum becoming (just like the one in 1979) another farcical show of Yes/No votes for monarchy, instead of giving the people the chance of an informed selection between constitutional monarchy and republic or any other type of government

So I am afraid you guys do not have much choice or even much time left. You can either sit around the same table with RP to negotiate with him as equal partners in order to come up with a sensible deal which first and foremost serves the interests of our nation or you would be marginalised as irrelevant and hence we all might have to embrace ourselves for another 30 years of dictatorship.

Your choice!


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A Wonderful Fantasy!

by bahmani on

The very first paragraph sets the stage for this fantasy. "Post-Mullah". Iran has NEVER been post Mullah. Well, maybe during the Cyrus The Great times.

By definition and the very function of being the son of The Shah, Reza Pahlavi has no choice but to re-qualify himself for the job of King of Iran, Pre, Post, or in-Cognito.

And I'm a Monarchist! I should qualify that, I'm a Monarchy Aficionado.

I believe that Iran has a very rich and long tradition of being a Kingdom. We simply work better that way. When we don't have a king, things like Mossadegh and the Islamic revolution happen.

One could say that the overthrow of the Ghajars by Reza Khan in a common 20th century military coup (how gauche!), was the result of Ahmad Shah's total lack of interest in being king of Iran.

For Reza Pahlavi to re-claim the throne would have to acknowledge his father and the succession of that legacy.

For him to claim it anew, would require a step of re-qualification.

Since we are fantasizing, this could be done via the US putting him on the throne, followed by a period of ruling by force.

The less interesting and highly unlikely option is to wait for Iran to moderate, lose it's faith, and stop this nonsense of insisting you can rule a 21st century country with a 7th century book of mildly acceptable Arabic poetry.

Either way, it's a tough road for Reza Pahlavi to hoe. And I don't see him ever willing to become a farmer.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //brucebahmani.blogspot.com/



by Joubin on

Who told you that the Shah of Iran is to be the "executive" and a political "leader"?  That is the task of the government of Iran.  

The Shah of Iran's job is to be the Shah of Iran:

The Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces; the responsible Guardian of Iranian People's Rights; the Chairman of the Board of the Iranian Institution; the Chief Advocate of the National Interests before the National Assembly; and the Representative Head of State of Iran before the International Community.

& Salaam

Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.

areyo barzan

Thank you All

by areyo barzan on

First of all I would like to thank all those who put time to read and reflect on this article.

I do also apologize if it became a bit too long of an article as I had a lot to put into this one article to get my message across

 Ms Maryam Hojjat.

I would like to say an especial thank you for taking to time to follow all my articles and supporting my position. I am deeply honoured to have your approval.


I have read the Keyhan article by Mrs. Boghraat. Very good article and here is a link to complementary article which completes the message in that article

//parsdailynews.com/95651.htm .


 Dear long live Iran.

If any one has taken a sum of money out of Iran that does not belong to him/her and as long as it could be proved beyond a shadow of doubt, then they should be answerable in court of law. If we really want a democracy for future Iran then no one can be above the law, regardless of the services that they have done to this country and its people. That is the only guaranty for the survival and stability of out future democracy.



Very good point! That is exactly the point I am making here! But really, whose fault do you think that is.

In my view it is the faults of other opposition groups who have not yet taken a grown up attitude towards the situation and have not adapted a viable strategy to engage with RP productively and seriously.

 Sadegh Bozorgmehr.

I do actually live in Iran and you will be surprised to know how many Iranian young under 30 years know and admire RP. Furthermore I can assure you that his message is getting across into Iran loud and clear without any problem. Also the logistical problems that you have highlighter in your response effects all the opposition groups abroad and that with cause monarchists no particular disadvantage comparing to the others.

But their main advantage is that they have a face and a known leader behind their agenda. Unlike other groups and leaders who are still leaking in the shadows and hesitate to come out of their closet.

However for me personally the only important factor that I want to see in a post IRI government is DEMOCRACY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY. Other than that I can not care less if it the system is called Parliamentary Monarchy or Democratic Republic, as for me it is the people’s conduct and the essence of the system that matters and NOT the name or ceremonial formalities.    





Again you are describing the problem in details without offering any viable solution.I have no problem with your analogy or high standard. But you can not live you life in dreams of a totally perfect leader (Imam Zaman or uncle Lennon) while in the mean time our country is being destroyed our nation wealth and assets being stolen and our young people are being killed, tortured and raped in the IRI dungeons. On the other hand if you know of a group or person who is more worthy that RP and can take him on in a civilised democratic debate or is man enough to set his/her personal and party interests aside and sit around the same table to negotiate with him, then by all mean bring it on. We would love to know the visions and more importantly actions of a leader who would make RP look like an immature choice. As long as he/she could face us an provide straight answers to our straight questions. But Until that time I am afraid RP seems to be the best choice for  leader and that's life    

Sadegh Bozorgmehr

The Problem with Pahlavi's Supporters...

by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

First, you are correct to say that they are active online and in Farsi expat media. That is their biggest advantage.

Beyond that, they have little going for them.

- The overwhelming majority appear to be over 60. How many will even be alive in 10 years?

- The overwhelming majority appear to have been outside of Iran for 30+ years. For that reason, they are extremely out of touch and the Iran they know is a fantasy one.

- No significant base inside Iran. Partly because of Shahi tv stations, Iranians in Iran see them as a joke.  

- Superficiality. Supporters of Pahlavi have given monarchy a bad name. When your supporters only seem to care about using ancient Farsi words, looking Western, and hating Arabs--then Iranians look at that and say we have serious problems and these are not it.

When the IRI falls, I'd like to see a democratic monarchy replace it, but to think that that has any chance of happening is a sign of being out of touch with the Iranian people.  


Setting the bar!

by Arj on

Unfortunately, IRI's abject failure in every aspect of governance has set the bar so low that anyone who is not a serial-murderer/rapist who does not hold a fake Ph.D would seem overqualified for leasdership in comparison! By the same token, this has given the SHahollahi crowd the audacity to gloat over the "credentials" of a person (RP) who has not even held a job in his life, let alone an executive position, and who has lived his entire life off a trust fund (which he BTW has not even managed successfully) as a "leader!" At least others (albeit with imperfect pasts) have had leadership experience! One can not help but wonder what kind of "leadership" experience does RP have! 


a well known opposition leader

by rain bow movment on

Reza Pahlavi is the only Iranian opposition leader that is well known at least by 80% of the political leaders around the world and Iranian population.

they are not only knows his parents they even know his grand father(REZA Shah ) all he needs to do to form a shadow government with real educated secular patriotic Iranain (non chaploos) ,then he got my vote.

There is no limit to stupidity & ignorance of IR suporter

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Yes indeed and i hope to god ...of Humanity and decency that these words will fall on ears that are not euipped with the Your-advocating-war-and-killing of iranian people / you -are -pro israeli Filter. I wish they could be engraved in Gold or something.

Agree with you 100000%.

And i for one pray for that day.

Aryo barzan jan:

Good article ostad. butcould you please keep it a little shorter next time around?:)



RP has every right to have

by Khebedin on

RP has every right to have his words aired. I have no objection to any system accepted and voted by people so long as the rules of the game are fully observed and respected. It is no so much what sytem you have, but respecting the rules and laws. Let us not forget that Every presidential ellection is noting but a short term monarchy. UK, as wellas, many other countries have kings or Queens and are far better in every way than many with president or Prime Minister.


Never been challenged in a hot hostile debate!

by WeAreBlessed on

He has never been challenged in a hot hostile debate!


اگر این


اگر این ( all Iranian stolen money ) راسته ، دستشون درد نکنه ،
حقشون بوده ، هرچه بیشتر بهتر . در برابر خدمتی که به ایران کردند هیچ بوده .
پس اون ارازلی که دزدیدند و مملکت راهم به بیگانه فروختند چی ؟

long live Iran

He should first cleared what he has done with all Iranian money!

by long live Iran on

First think that Reza must clear, is about what he has done with all Iranian stolen money that he  and his family took from Iran. As far as I know this guy has never needed to work and never done. So first he should return Iranian money to get cleaned. But it seems this guy is still imagining himself as a king although try to deny it. I would like to know without Iranian stolen money, how many follower he will have.

Long Live IRAN for EVER.

By the way, does any one knows if and Ghajar decendent also claiming the crown? How about Zandieh decendents? ;) How long we, Iranin, should suffer from these kingdoms? We need only DEMOCRACY not KINGS!!

areyo barzan

Dear Simorgh5555

by areyo barzan on

I agree with you on one point and that is the fact that actions speaks louder than any word and. At the end of the day we need a leader who is able to mobilise people behind him.


At the moment all the indications show that our people are ready for another revolt. Also as our history shows they have never shied form facing danger in order to achieve their goals. However what is currently missing from the equation is a viable trustworthy leadership with a clear mandate. A leader who not only says what they want to hear but shows clearly where he is standing with regards to the direction that he want to take the country.


Two years ago our people showed that they will never shy away from sacrificing their lives and livelihood in the road to freedom. But what was missing  from that event was clear leadership from Mosavi and Karoobi who wanted to take the country back to Khomeini’s “golden era”.This was in spite of the fact that those who took into the street did not want to go back to Khomeini’s  dark age of repression. As a result people lost trust in their leaders and hence the movement lost  its momentum and IRI was able to stop it in its track.


This time round RP or any other leader could not afford to repeat the same mistake.


That is why he is currently trying to establish where he stands with regards to the IRI and is trying to gain the trust of our nation and especially the younger generation


At the end of the day it will not be RP who will take to the streets of Iran and fights IRI’s suppression machine and  face up to murderer Basijees and rapist Pasdars. It would be the ordinary Iranians who just as they have many times in the, will bravely take on this suppression machine.


However in order to do that first they need to know that they can trust their leader and believe on what he is standing. Then and only then any leader would have the legitimacy to ask the people to risk their lives.


This is why so far no other leader has dared to ask Iranians for such sacrifice as they know very well that our people have many issues with them and their past association with Khomeini and do not trust them enough to risk their life or livelihood for these “opposition leaders”.


To get the momentum going this is the first obstacle that RP or any other potential leader needs to overcome and to my observations thus far he has done a marvellous job


Missing point...

by Siavash300 on

Thanks Areyo for this informative literature. The most important factor that brings confident to pro monarchy system is the "familiarity" of Iranians to the system of "Padeshahi" for over 5000 years versus people never experienced with Republic or democratic such as what pro mosaddeq once promising. They already exprienced Republic for last 32 years. Democratic is also vague notion with no clear indication. D.D.R was democratic and it's secret police STACI was the most corrupted and devious organization in such so called democratic system. Therefore, the name doesn't stand for anything and doesn't warrant any freedom in the future. On the other hand, monarchy could be very democratic as we have seen in U.K or Netherland or Sweden. It could also easily turned to be in form of dictatorship. It depends on the level of people's education and tolerance of each other opinions. So there is no guaranttee for the name. But for sure there is something for sure we can depend on that route and that is familiarilty of our people to Padeshahi system for many centuries.

                                 GOAL : RESTORING MONARCHY


Of Hippocrates

by پندارنیک on


از چه می ترسید؟! آمدن پادشاهی یا رفتن جمهوری اسلامی؟!


  See Elahe Boghrat's excellent article in London's Kayhan.    //www.kayhanpublishing.uk.com/Pages/archive/weekly/sale1390/1390/Boghrat_1390.htm

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Thanks Areyo

that term apparently invented by Inside Iran's basijis

To where they know who to get to if they come out and ask for the return of monarchy.

some mollahs themselves also wish for the return so the islam can be saved for a while .

In tommorow free and secular no sane iranian will turn to mollah for any advise.



His heart is in the right

by Simorgh5555 on

His heart is in the right place and he is intelligent. However, no referendum will take place or even a monarchy or secular republic until a proper strategy is put in place to remove the IR from power. This is not going to happen with civil disobedience. This will not happen by wearing a green wrist band or empty slogans about democracy and sending to the UN a document denouncing the human rights condition in Iran. The only issue which Reza Pahlavi is not addressing, and infact, none of the opposition movement is, is how to bring regime change. Talk is cheap and action is louder. The more you buy into this non-violence clap trap the greater the delay in stopping the IR. For every 8 hours the IR continues to exist one innocent Iranian is 'officially' executed. By adgocating non-violent methods you are only fooling yourselves and the Iranian people. This is the greatest disservice towards Iranians.
Any one who believes that the IR leadership can be reasoned with are shameless liers.

Maryam Hojjat

RP is The Best Alternative for IRAN

by Maryam Hojjat on

Currently.  Great arguement to prove your case.  Thanks for writing. 


رهبران دنباله رو مردمند نه بعکس


به نقل از آریو(So I am afraid you guys do not have much choice or even much time left.
You can either sit around the same table with RP to negotiate with him
as equal partners in order to come up with a sensible deal which first
and foremost serves the interests of our nation or you would be
marginalised as irrelevant and hence we all might have to embrace
ourselves for another 30 years of dictatorship.) واقعیت از بالا به پائین نیست بلکه این پائین یعنی گرایش و اراده عمومی مردم است که جا و آینده رهبران و گروه های سیاسی را معلوم میکند .مردم راه خود را میروند و منتظر نمنشینند که ببینند اشخاص و گروهک های مدعی سیاست با هم توافق میکنند یا نه . آنها نه میتوانند سرنوشت مردم را تعیین کنند و نه دیکتاتوری را طولانی تر یا کوتاه تر سازند ، مردم سرنوشت آنها را هم تعیین میکنند . بنابر این هیچ جای نگرانی نیست ، زندگی آنطور که باید پیش میرود و نه آنطور که هوس این و آن باشد . 


The choice is his

by Joubin on

Declaration of The Irrevocable Rights of The Iranian People is non-negotiable.

& Salaam 

Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.