Canada closes embassy in Iran, expels Iranian diplomats

Views Iran "the most significant threat to global peace and security"

CBC: Canada has suspended diplomatic relations with Iran and is expelling Iranian diplomats from Canada, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced in a statement today. "Canada has closed its embassy in Iran, effective immediately, and declared personae non gratae all remaining Iranian diplomats in Canada," Baird said in a statement. Those diplomats must leave within five days. "Canada’s position on the regime in Iran is well known. Canada views the Government of Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today."

The statement cited Iran's support for the Assad regime in Syria and failure to comply with UN resolutions on its nuclear program, and its threats against Israel. The statement also makes reference to Iran's "blatant disregard" of the Vienna Convention that guarantees the protection of diplomatic personnel >>>



I love you khers. You are

by vildemose on

I love you khers. You are funny.


بسیار عالی. امیدوارم که باقی‌ کشورهای دنیا هم لانه‌های تروریستی جمهوری کثیف اسلامی را ببندند و مزدور‌های رژیم رو با تو سری از کشورهاشون بیرون کنند.

از اونهم عالی‌ تر واکنش مزدورهای رژیم در این سایت است. ما تحت خودشون رو جر دادند. این "مریم" است، کیه، پنجاه تا کامنت گذشته. دارم حال می‌کنم که دیوانه شدن این مزدور‌ها رو میبینم. دم کانادا و خانوم افشین جم گرم.

البته شاید هم که اینا‌ها همان کارمند‌های لانه تروریستی رژیم در کانادا هستند که اینقدر جوش آوردند. آخه پنج روز بیشتر وقت ندارند. میخواهند حد اکثر تبلیغات رو قبل از اینکه گورشون رو گم بکنند بنویسند.

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


pure propaganda!! by who? Dr what?

by مآمور on

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Mort Gilani

IRR Has Lost Sleep

by Mort Gilani on

It doesn't matter to the Iranian government whether there is an embassy (a little red brick building) in Canada.

MG: Not true. Iran via its embassy steals Alberta’s oil technology and transfers other American and Canadian technologies to Iran.

It matters to iranian-IMMIGRANTS whether they have access to an embassy and its services.

MG: Iranians living in Canada are immigrants and cannot and should not determine the course of Canadian foreign policy. The decision has been made by Canadian government to protect all Canadian citizens against Iranian adventurism; it was not made to serve the interests of any one group like Iranian-Canadians with dual passports. Besides, IRR can remove its VISA regime to let people visit Iran without hassles - That is a solution for you.

An embassy is of no use to Iranian-EXILES who have no chance of returning to Iran; doubt Mrs. Rajavi needs her Iranian passport renewed.

MG: I don’t expect an ugly Ninja to understand the dignity of Iranian exiles. Some Iranian exiles did not leave Iran with Islamic Republic passport and will not visit Islamic Iran for as long as Islamic savages are in power.

And it matters to Iranian citizens all over the world that EXILES are trying to exert pressure on IMMIGRANTS. It just reaffirms that if certain of these EXILES got back into Iran, the country would fill-up with people serving misguided factions, including the Jewish lobby, MEK, and whatever other ill-intentioned groups are out there.

MG: Let me put a mirror in front of you so you can see your reflections. Why should the exiles go back to Iran? If you think that the US and Canadian policies are driven by the Jewish lobbies, the Zionists and the Baha’is, and these infidels have corrupted the earth and put the West in moral decline, then you should go back to Iran or Gaza not Iranian exiles. Why is this so hard for you hypocrites to understand?

Now the Iranian government may do the same to Canada in some fashion - or to members of the EXILE groups that are the cheerleaders of these types of moves; something similar playing out with US embassy in '79 because of the CIA's involvement in propping-up puppet regimes. Rightly or wrongly - actions have reactions.

MG: Your hostage taking mind is stuck in 1979, but this ain’t 79. Let me remind you about IRR's sense of adventure with British sailors when Mr. Monkey was forced to dress up the sailors in nice suites for a photo op. The Islamic regime knew they were playing with fire that was gonna burn their ugly fat  asses. I trust you understand that bad things will happen if IRR misbehaves this time around.


IRI's hate texts used in Canadian school - "Cultural" wrork

by IranFirst on



It was way overdue to throw out IRI from Canada and the rest of the civilized world

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on


All should follow............

Or is this another wishy washy order from the 10 Downing st.!



 کاناداِ با


کاناداِ با وفا علمدار لشگرم
ره سپارم به رهت
عزیز دلاورم
هم کافر هم بت پرستم
ابو  کانادا، ابو کانادا
بود پیرم کانادا علمدار
دارم به صد روز شب فکر کانادا
تپش، تپش تا پای دل کانادا

کانادا کشور خودم است
و خیلی هم دوستش دارم. این سیاستهای نژادپرستانه هیچ ربطی به مردم کانادا ندارد. هارپر یک فانتیک مذهبی است!!

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شب عزا


شب عزیز ی است ، شب عزا داری است توسط سرسپردگان رژیم در کانادا .   . .

عزا بر خود کنید ای خفتگان زانکه بد مرگیست این خواب گران



by مآمور on

Nazi jam joon is the wife of defense minister, Peter McKay

She would not have that kind of power to get the embassy closed, Harper is badly zionist on his own!!

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من هم امام جماعت کانادا


نماز هم کوتاه میخوانم چون مسافر هستم!! حالا که کانادا هم فهمیدم من مامور هستم و دستور اخراجم را داده من هم میرم جمکران آنقدر سر چاه میشینم که امام زمان خسته بشه و ظهور کند!! آنوقت روی بهایها هم کم میشود!!
به آن عزیزنی هم که فکر میکنند  با بالهای کفتار اسرائیل شدن میتوان ذهنیت مردم ایران را عوض کنند توصیه میکنم در سر چاه خودشان دست به دعا بردارند!!

I wear an Omega watch


خر و دُمش!


چه دم کانادا و خانوم افشین جم گرم (خانوم سنی ازشان گذشته و دم گرم خبری نیست!) و یا سرد فرقی نمیکند از برای خر و دُم دراز و عرعرش!


دم دولت کانادا گرم!!


بسیار عالی.  امیدوارم که باقی‌ کشورهای دنیا هم لانه‌های تروریستی جمهوری کثیف اسلامی را ببندند و مزدور‌های رژیم رو با تو سری از کشورهاشون بیرون کنند.  

از اونهم عالی‌ تر واکنش مزدورهای رژیم در این سایت است.  ما تحت خودشون رو جر دادند.  این "مریم" است، کیه، پنجاه تا کامنت گذشته.  دارم حال می‌کنم که دیوانه شدن این مزدور‌ها رو میبینم.  دم کانادا و خانوم افشین جم گرم.  

البته شاید هم که اینا‌ها همان کارمند‌های لانه تروریستی رژیم در کانادا هستند که اینقدر جوش آوردند.  آخه پنج روز بیشتر وقت ندارند.  میخواهند حد اکثر تبلیغات رو قبل از اینکه گورشون رو گم بکنند بنویسند.  


Iranians know IRI is Illigitimate and are happy that

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

IRI got the boot out of canada as they should out of all countries, because the people do not want the IRI.  The late shah was betrayed by those who stood for the IRI in cooperation with the media and now Iranians know they made a great mistake listening to those misrepresenting the shah as a despot, a dictator, his savak torturers, tyrant etc.  The hypocrits who leveled these acusatons against H.I.M. are either in power in Iran or In power in the USA  Dems/Repubs both.  And that is what is wrong with the world today and the reason the people of iran are suffering so badly today.




No sir King Cyrus loved Isaelis and vice versa! King Cyrus freed


freed the Jews from the camel joky A-rabs and for that we are ever indebted to the Persians! Israel loves Persians but despises these AIDS-virus infected IRR mullahs!

Shlomo loves to process the mullahs with a big fat long chomagh! 

Immortal Guard

Shlomo Israel will cease to exist before its 100th birthday!

by Immortal Guard on

Shlomo I wish you good health and a long life so that you can witness the end of Israel before its 100th birthday!

We Persians will stand there laughing when the Arabs start processing you guys!

King Cyrus curses all the Jews!


IRAJ KHAN ... you made a classic mistake

by MaryamJoon on

I said the Bahai LEADERS ... and yes, they are working hand in hand with Israel and so are many of their supporters. 


But that doesn't necessarily mean that all of the Bahai followers know this and certainly children that are Bahai are innocent.  


I want you to see for yourself that one of their leaders, and a veteran Bahai of 40 years, admits what I said on video:  Bahá'í Brainwashing Corporation 

iraj khan


iraj khan

امشب شب جمعه است

امشب حسینیه‌ها پره

منجمله حسینیه ایرانیان داتکام


Ship versus sheep! 50,000 IRR agents reside in CANADA...


based on recent estimates! Shipping 50,000 IRR agents to Israel via airplane can be expensive, dangerous, and difficult! Shipping these thugs via a ship can be a lot less costly. And, so what if they get sheeped by the ship crew! These thugs have experienced a lot worse in Boshkeh in HEQ>

Shlomo is for shipping IRR thugs to Israel for proper processing....! 


Time is up ... Mullahs supporters look for new job

by Shirzadegan on

Removing stinky mullahs and end of their tyrrany is getting closer. One bullet means the end of their lives. Mullahs have to go back to cemetaries to read koran for dead people. They belong to Mosques and cemetary, not to politic. Mullah's supporters who are on payroll are selling out our people for few bucks. They should look for new job in our new establishment. Transition to the new establishment will be very smooth because the number of Iranian dissents are millions, not a few. They are suppressed by mullahs brutality,but they will come out once "push come to the shove".

The funny part is that religion minorities such as Bahai, Jews, zorasterians......etc.  are less than 1% of our popolation and these idiots keep calling anyone who is oppose with mullahs as jews or Bahai. L.O.L


Canada 'aware' of Iranian embassy activities: Toews

by IranFirst on


"Iranian embassy is actively recruiting its nationals who are loyal to the regime.

"I don't comment on operational security issues but I can say that we
are very much aware of what Iran is doing around the world and indeed
in Canada," Toews said. "Certainly we do not approve of coercion of any
Canadians - whether of Iranian descent or otherwise - by the Iranian
embassy and any such coercion must be stopped."

Members of the Iranian-Canadian community rallied outside the embassy Monday and called for its closure.

"The recent activity of the embassy is especially troubling because
they are spying and doing other things under the banner of cultural
events," Shahram Golestaneh, an organizer of the rally, told QMI Agency."



Above is from 2 months ago. Thank you Canada  for doing the right thing and closing this safe house of IRI terrorists and their recruits in Canada


iraj khan

Maryam joon, pardon my ignorance

by iraj khan on

But is what you're saying about Bahai leaders true?

Are they really collaborating with Israel Lobby world wide?

I've known a few Bahahis in my life that include white Americans and Iranians nationals but I don't know.

Is Ms Nazanin the wife of the foreign minister of Canada a Bahai?


ADDITIONS IN BOLD Faramarz - I think that's what you meant

by MaryamJoon on

A correction to your comment:

"While the majority of the people [pretending to be Iranians, exiles, cultists, and the zionist lobby] are happy about the closure of the Embassy".... most Iranian-Immigrants who are not exiles will be affected by the closure while the government of Iran will not, and this will only further and permanently remind all Iranians who their enemies are.  



I assume me, me when you say "barking racist trash"

by MaryamJoon on

And that's fine. 

I think people should live in peace.  But I think a better headline would be Israel and the Bahai leadership beg 80 million Iranians to take stiff counter-measures from which they will never recover.

There's no doubt in my mind that when push comes to shove, it will be Iran sitting on top of Israel's throat and that not even nukes can do anything about it.  

These type of headlines, like the one here, only push that inevitability further.  And be certain that Iranian-IMMIGRANTS are learning to shun Iranian-EXILES, and the Jewish lobby.  

P.S. "Trash"  to me a is a zionist that calls for "civil war' in my country, and most Iranians will agree. 

Mort Gilani

To the Barking Racist Trash

by Mort Gilani on

Perhaps you should ask yourself why the government of a nation with 7,000 years in its footprint sends its goons to climb up other nations’ embassies like monkeys and pretends there wouldn’t be any consequences.
The only thing the Islamists could dish out are made-in-China plastic keys to teenagers to blow themselves, and marriage certificate to ugly mullahs to rape underage girls. As we used to say in Farsi, that’s your art!
You can keep your meager investment, stolen from starving Iranians, in Iran or Dubai; Canada or US doesn't need your blood money.

Oon Yaroo

Dear ILI, do you know the difference between a ship and a sheep?

by Oon Yaroo on

One floats on the water and the other one has 4 legs and a big donbeh behind it? To ship someone means to send/transfer that person. To sheep someone may have various connotations: a) idiotize someone; b) sexually abuse someone; c) fool someone, etc.

Please elaborate.


Faramarz you are wrong again!

by Souri on

You said "While the majority of the Iranians are happy about the closure of the "Embassy".....

Wrong dear! Not the majority of the Iranians! You don't know what the majority of the Iranians think about that. You can only say this about the "majority of the Iranians who post 24/7  in this site........

And believe me, they don't represent the "majority of the Iranians"

For your information, the Iranian Embassy  in Ottawa, was no more a true Embassy , but it was only doing the small tasks as a Consulate, as the passport renewal and some other offical documents. Since 2007, they are doing nothing really important. All those important papers were issued in Tehran, not Ottawa. And also as much as I am informed, they don't intimidate the Iranian opposition. The staff are very polite and courteous.

On the other hand, the closure of the Canadian Consulate in Tehran, has a very negative effect on the life of the Iranian students and their parents. I really don't know what is the benefit of cutting all the political relationship between the two countries, but what I know very well, is that none of the Western countries would bother to cut off all their relations with a country, only for the beautiful eyes of the countrymen. I hope you could open your eyes and look at the real picture, with all your mind and your intelligece. Why they did it now? Why they have waited 33 years to do this? They have been witnessing all the atrocites of the IRI during all this time (especially in 2009) then why they have waited so long to do this? Why they are doing it now?

Well, I really don't care what you think about me or what you call me, I just wanted to enlight you more about that matter.

Good luck my friend.


 ok. fesenjoon...i'll try

by vildemose on

 ok. fesenjoon...i'll try to resurrect the kitty...only for you ;-)


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir



by Fesenjoon2 on

I miss the kitty avatar. It was very enlivening. :-)


Jihadist recruiters of IRI are heartbroken

by vildemose on

 Maryamjoon sounds too perturbed by the closing of Islamists embassy in Canada..What do you stand to lose?? You can't recruit more suicide bombers in Canada? Major loss of logistics and assets for our jihadist recruiters.

Maryamjoon's lust for blood exceeds those of war profiteers on both sides of the isle; it's sounds very personal to our jihadist's recruiter on IC.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Keep Pretending

by MaryamJoon on

Keep Pretending it's 1967

Keep Pretending the farmers and sheep herders you defeated with European weapons were an organized army

Keep Pretending you didn't lose 50 tanks in the 2006 war with Lebanon (a tiny little militia - not an army).

Keep Pretending Iranians don't harbour grudges for centuries.  

Just Keep Pretending Pal.  

Any nation that can 7,000 years in its own footprint and vanquish the most fearsome invaders - even if when it took time to do - will have no problems dishing out justice to Israel; and should be forewarned of the Iranian peoples' proven track record of determination.



Thanks faramarz

by مآمور on

Yes brother, I m leaving too!! I have just been given more times than the rest of crew!! before I leave, I will write a blog and say fare well to every body!!

take it as joke or feel my heart, I will come and get u if I know u r in trouble any where in the world, specially in Iran!!!

I wear an Omega watch