Bakhtiar's America (2)

Photo essay: An Iranian's first U.S. trip

by AR Bakhtiar
Most of Abolghassem Bakhtiar's children (17 in all) emigrated to the United States. But the youngest, Abolghassem Rahmat Davar Bakhtiar, has always lived in Iran. Last fall he traveled to America for the first time. These photos are a visual diary of what he found interesting in the far away land he always dreamed to visit. He traveled to several cities including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Albuquerque and San Francisco. More photos will be posted in coming days
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Oh God, Mr. Bakhtiar or Abol

by sibil (not verified) on

Oh God,
Mr. Bakhtiar or Abol as your mom called you (and so did we)!! I was your neighbor in Saman and used to dozdaki watch you do weights in your little hayat joloyi! I had a bit of crush on you when I was nine or ten and I thought you were a real hero when you defended our third floor neighbor (you know the mother and daughter who were accused of being prostitutes and were asked to evacuate the apartment).
I heard that your mom, Turan khanoom, passed away. I loved her so much and I loved her stories even more. She was never too happy about marrying your dad, Dr. Bakhtiar, at such a young age, yet she always bragged about him being the “the first Dr.” and the “first everything.” It is so funny how this family of yours (the extended family of Abolghassem Bakhtiar) is all obsessed with the paternal figure in their family (his journey from Iran to US, his American wife Helen) but could care less about the young Bakhtiari bride he married after Helen!! I mean, you grow up with your mother and I am sure she played a much bigger role in your life than Dr. Bakhtiar could ever have.
I am not sure if you will ever read this comment but I also wanted to ask you of Rozhia’s whereabouts? He gave me my first smoke (as in smoke) ever and I am grateful for that!
Oh by the way my name is Nazli Kamvari and we lived one floor up from your place!