Bakhtiar's America (3)

Photo essay: An Iranian's first U.S. trip

by AR Bakhtiar
Most of Abolghassem Bakhtiar's children (17 in all) emigrated to the United States. But the youngest, Abolghassem Rahmat Davar Bakhtiar, has always lived in Iran. Last fall he traveled to America for the first time. These photos are a visual diary of what he found interesting in the far away land he always dreamed to visit. He traveled to several cities including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Albuquerque and San Francisco. More photos will be posted in coming days
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Darandegi va Barazandegi

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on


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Who are you impressing?

by Heydar (not verified) on

I do not know who you are impressing or what? Staying in a luxsury hotel with room service and expensive menue!! excuse me but are not these our own stolen money you took with you to US?