Bakhtiar's America (4)

Photo essay: An Iranian's first U.S. trip

by AR Bakhtiar
Most of Abolghassem Bakhtiar's children (17 in all) emigrated to the United States. But the youngest, Abolghassem Rahmat Davar Bakhtiar, has always lived in Iran. Last fall he traveled to America for the first time. These photos are a visual diary of what he found interesting in the far away land he always dreamed to visit. He traveled to several cities including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Albuquerque and San Francisco. More photos will be posted in coming days
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What the F...?

by HotHotHot (not verified) on

Waz sup with that?


Terrible pictures!

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

These pictures are terrible. I do not understand why this site allows such idiots to posts such photos. I am bored. JJ needs to raise the standards on this site. I am beginning to believe I should have stayed in Iran, but for a little issue with "registration."

Ben Madadi

Nice BMW X5 ;)

by Ben Madadi on

But you need to get a new one if you wanna publish more photos. It's kinda old model already :P

Kaveh Nouraee

Back off............

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I guess some of you have completely forgotten when you first arrived in the Yoonited Esstates.

The man is obviously genuinely happy to be here. He is taking pictures of things that all of us have been taking for granted. If they aren't of any interest to you, then so be it. He's not harming anyone, he's just enjoying being free to do whatever he wants without having to answer to anyone.

Last time I checked, that's what we all came here for.


this guy and his pic's

by lam-c (not verified) on

this guy and his first visit and all that is plum waste of time.
36 years in this country...i don't need, or shall i say i don't care to see this guy's pic's.


How many parts?

by E Nuf (not verified) on

I'm so glad he's having fun...really. But is this episodic journey ever going to end? I'm starting to wish this "Iranian's first u.s. trip" becomes his last.