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Photo essay: Visiting Afghanistan's ancient city of Herat

by ahvazi
These are the pictures of my recent trip to Afghanistan’s ancient city of Herat. Herat is a beautiful city, and in every place and corner you go, you see history. It is the city of Shah Abbas the Great, Jami, Ansari, Kamaludin Behzad and Goharshad. The people are friendly and kind. I have to say I was moved by their hospitality. While all you might hear about Afghanistan is war and destruction, I wanted to share with you these photos to see that there is still life and beauty in this ancient land.

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Nice pictures. I better understand each time I see these pics

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


دست شما درد نکند


در حسرت دیدار تو آواره‌ترینم


thank you

by ahvazi on

Abarmard: thank you for your comment, Ghorboonet.

Monda: Thank you so much for sharing that precious story. Please convey my regards to your friend and tell him maybe one day i will come and visit his shop and we can all drink some green tea together. The people of Herat are wonderful.

I love some of the words they use in Afghanistan. The word for Toilet? Tashnaab :-)


ahvazi jan: Fantastic shots of Herat!

by Monda on

The owner of this tobacco shop nearby has a son living in Herat. He has been talking about this son for years and that no matter how much his family supports him in leaving Afghanistan for US, he would not. The son is in love and married to a woman who would not leave her old parents behind.

Anyhow, I gave my tobacco friend your link when you posted your photos. Last night when I stopped by his little store, he said he was watching your photos again, this time more closely trying to find any trace of his son's relatives. He thanked me for the link with tears in his eyes and treated me to nice hot tea. Life Is beautiful.

p.s. golsaazi rather than golforooshi :o) 



Thanks for these great pictures

by Abarmard on

This is great. I am proud of Iranians that travel and care to share their experiences with the rest of us.

Herat is perhaps the closes to Iran culturally and the Islamic Republic did a great job in helping them to rebuild and take control of their city.
Thanks again and happy thanksgiving.



by ahvazi on

Thank you all for your comments. Herat is cleaner and doing better than Kabul. Kabul has had a tremdous growth in population over past 8 years and the city is not equiped to handle it. Also Kabul was devastated by the civil-war and still today the security situation is not stable. Herat on the other was spared what Kabul had to deal with, the security situation is better (chesh nazanam). Herat is doing well comparing to the other cities but the people believe that their city can do 100 times better.

By the way the food/taftoon is damn khoshmazeh...Jatoon khaali. The couple of days I was in Herat one of the Radio stations had a Bandari marathon, maybe someone told them an Ahvazi was visiting :-)



by yolanda on

Thank you for sharing with us your photo collection. I like the beautiful colors from the fruit stands, flower shop, and paint shop. I also like your title photo and #12 and #13. it is so is very interesting that 2 triangle-shaped signs have Chinese characters.


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


It is very far yet near

by Zal on

After seeing #47 I remembered we have a bread called Taftoon.


Jahanshah Javid

Great eye

by Jahanshah Javid on

You've captured fascinating people, things and moments. Well done. Looks like Herat may be faring a little better than Kabul.

hamsade ghadimi

thanks for sharing the

by hamsade ghadimi on

thanks for sharing the photos.  based on your pictures and princess's, it seems that herat is cleaner.  or were you more selective in your shots?


Thank you...

by ahvazi on

for your beautiful pictures too. Herat is wonderful. i go there anytime i get a chance. Heratis have a different accent and a different attitude than other places in Afghanistan. I hope you get chance to visit it.



Thanks for sharing these images of Herat

by Princess on

I agree with you completely. I have been touched with the warmth and hospitality of a the Afghan people. My understanding is that Herat is a lot more Irani than Kabul, perhaps because of its proximity to the border with Iran. I enjoyed your photo essay a lot. Thank you.