Remembering Roshanzadeh and Team Melli

by ahvazi

I use to love Roshanzadeh and his enthusiasm for our team melli. These two short clips are for those who remember those exciting times when Mohajerani, Parvin, Hejazi, Roshan, Nazari, Sadeghi, Ghasempour, Jahani, Adelkhani, Eskandarian, Abdollahi, Kazerouni, Mazloumi, Faraki, Mohammad Booghi and others took our nation to our first world cup and for so many years made us the masters of Asian football.

Iran vs Kuwait

Iran vs South Korea

Thanks for the memories!


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Iran football

by nader11 (not verified) on

I loved these. Thank you. Brings back so many memories.
As I remember it nobody realy liked Ghafoor Jahani. we called him Lashkhor. his home team was Malavan. We used to sing: ghafoor ma shire ,,,shire ke rashti nemishe
On the other hand Hasan Roshan was God. I remember that game with south korea like it was yesterday. His two goals were great.
thanx again


Do Not Forget

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

Let us not forget Ataollah Behmanesh whose radio broadcast of the games was as exhilirating as Roashanzadeh's TV commentary. He could give the location of the ball in the field like a GPS and you always had a picture of the game eventhough you listened to it on the radio. He also wrote the first book on the history of football in Iran

Abbas Zeineddin

Thank you for bringing back those moments...

by Abbas Zeineddin on

...I don't remember much about either game, except the South Koreans kneeling after scoring each goal!  I remember thinking how odd that was - I was only seven years old.  Oh, I also remember how disappointed I was with the 2-2 tie.


ebi amirhosseini

Enthusiastic commentator!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

I always used to think that any minute he was going to have a heart attack while reporting the games!

tnx for your post.