Mr. Khamenei, Is the Arab Revolution Also Being Organized by the American and the British?

by ahvazi

What do you think of the Arab population from Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen? Are they being told by the "West" to come out and take back their rights as citizens of the country. Like the Iranian people they are tired of being ruled by men who have sat on the throne of power for twenty, thirty years, imposing their will on them.  

Please think about it... 



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Yes he will say that

by Cost-of-Progress on

Of course the Islamist occupiers will dismiss these movements as merely a plot for the domination of the muslim world by the evil West.

Just think now that El Baradei says he's with the Egyptian people and wants to march with them, they can defintely make that argument.

Never underestimate the audacity of the mullahs or the gullible nature of those who sit and listen to these cockroaches and heed their calls.